Ironman Closure...



By Angela Kidd (willtrainforcreamcheeseicing.blogspot.ca)


IRONMAN LOUISVILLE RACE REPORT - Many times on the run I had this thought: Ironman was breaking up with me and this time it was going to stick. I kept comparing Ironman to that boyfriend that keeps telling the girl that he doesn't love her and they break up and then he gets bored and feigns interest and they get back together because the girl just can't give up hope. Eventually friends and family stop supporting the girl because they see how destructive the cycle is and they don't want to be a part of it.This was my fifth attempt at Ironman and for the fifth time Ironman was telling me it didn't love me and this time the message was being delivered brutally enough that it is getting through to me.

It was the closure I needed to move on.

Leading up to the race I was physically pretty fit. I actually loved the training this summer because I got to spend a lot of time with Kelli and I joined a great masters group and was able to ride and run with friends frequently. I didn't race very often and that was because I didn't really want to. But at some point right after Chattanooga I was just over IM training. I didn't want to get up at a number that started with a 4 in front of it. I didn't want to jump in a cold pool. I didn't want to subject my crotch to more time on a bike seat. I still wanted to run but I wanted to run fresh and not ...

2017 Triathlete of the Year: Men...



2017 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Here are the four official male nominees for 2017 TRIATHLETE OF THE YEAR:


- NATHAN ANSBAUGH, 30, Minneapolis (photo below)

Tri Highlights:

1st @ Lake Minnetonka Triathlon

1st @ Lake Waconia Triathlon

2nd @ Liberty Half IM

3rd @ Minneapolis Olympic

3rd @ Heart of the Lakes

5th @ Superior Man Half IM


- JOSH BLANKENHEIM, 37, Duluth (photo L)

Tri Highlights:

1st @ Brewhouse Olympic

2nd @ Liberty Olympic

2nd @ Lake Waconia....

2017 Triathlete of the Year: Women



2017 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Here are the women who are the offical nominees for 2017 TRIATHLETE OF THE YEAR:


- GABY BUNTEN, 25, Forest Lake

Tri Highlights:

1st @ Life Time South Beach Olympic

1st amateur / 2nd overall @ Trinona Olympic

1st overall @ Minneapolis Triathlon - POY Nominee

5th overall @ USAT Olympic Nationals


- KORTNEY HAAG, 38, Maple Grove

Tri Highlights:

1st @ Liberty Half IM

1st @ Graniteman Clearwater Olympic - CR

1st @ Graniteman Big Lake Olympic - CR

2nd @ Chisago Half IM - 4:39:50

2nd @ Maple Grove Olympic ...

2017 Performance of the Year: Men...



2017 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Yesterday we revealed the nominations for female PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR. Today we do likewise for the men. Once again, reducing the number of performances to just four wasn't easy.

Here are the POY nominations:


- SEAN COOLEY's win at Chisago Lakes Half IM - Sean's 4:06:52 was the fastest 70.3 time by an amateur Minnesota male in 2017.


- SEAN COOLEY's 2nd at Minneapolis  (photo) - Cooley's 1:55:29 was the fastest Olympic distance performance by a Minnesota male last season. He finished 24-seconds behind Iowa's Evan Culbert, who placed 6th overall at Nationals and is a likely US AOY nominee.


- WADE CRUSER's victory at Apple - Wade beat a stellar men's field in Sartell, including two decorated pros.


- MATTHEW PAYNE's win at Buffalo Olympic. The Payne Train outraced one of the deepest men's field of the year at Buff.

Also considered:  ...


2017 POYs: Women...



2017 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - FEMALE PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR -  It took a while to whittle the number of great performances to the four that would receive nominations. This process included the use of  "The Matt Payne Rule,"  wherein no athlete can have more than two nominated performance. A four-time Triathlete of the Year, Matt, on more than one occasion, had three or more worthy performances. The desire to include the performances of several athletes, not just one, or even two, prompted the institution of the MPR.

Gaby Bunten (photo) was affected by this rule this year, thus Selectors had to determine which two of her three nomination-worthy performances to choose.

Here are the the official F-POY nominees:


- GABY BUNTEN - Victory @ Minneapolis Triathlon - 2:08:34 - Gaby outraced an outstanding field, including two-time Duathlon National champ Danielle Dingman (MO) and 2016 Minnesota Triathlete of the Year Hanna Grinaker.


- GABY BUNTEN - 5th overall woman at USAT Olympic Nationals - Cracking the overall Top 5 at Nationals is a big deal. Gaby joins Cathy Yndestad (2008, 2009) and Heather Lendway (2013, 2014) as the only Minnesota women to reach the Top 5 at Nationals since the millennial turn...

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