It's Official!



By Heather Lendway (HeatherLendway.com)

I don’t think it was any secret that I was planning to race professionally in the coming year, but it is now official!...


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Toast Puller-Outers & Marlin Hooks......

fudgetunnelfb-648x650.gifHAPPY HOLIDAYS - Yesterday we blew our imaginary wad on imaginary gifts for the women of Team Minnesota '14. We don't have much imaginary cash left for the men of TM, so the gifts that they won't be receiving will be inexpensive ones.

1. MATTHEW PAYNE - As a Sludge Metal aficionado, we got head-banger Matt Fudge Tunnel's 1989 debut album (on vinyl) entitled "Hate Songs in E Minor," featuring our favorite FT tune, "Bed Crumbs." ($22.71 on Amazon)Mike-holmes.gif

2. MARCUS STROMBERG - Marcus is the Owner/Operator of Stromberg Built, LLC specializing in custom homes and remodeling. We therefore thought it would be cool to get him a paperback copy ($14.92 on Amazon) of Mike Holmes' "Make It Right: Expert Advice on Home Renovations" and an autographed glossy photo of Nicole Curtis. (Yes, the MTN Guys binge-watch HGTV shows.)

3. BROOKS GROSSINGER - We don't know Brooksie very well, but we like him a lot. We'll go traditional here, and get him a card and a fruitcake. Hopefully the fruitcake will have extra "green things." We don't know what they are, but a fruitcake isn't a fruitcake without the green things....

Hoodie Pillows & Zebra Cakes...

plaid-pillow.gifThe MTN Guys would like to buy every tri and du-athlete in Minnesota a new car. But we can't because we've spent most of our Christmas money on candy. Just know that if we could buy everyone some stuff, we totally would.

In years' past we have revealed the gifts that we'd like to get for Team Minnesota members. Here, in addition to the cars we won't be giving them, are some personal gifts from us that Team MN '14 will NOT be receiving. Ladies first:

1. HEATHER LENDWAY - Heather has done a lot of international traveling in her young life and will do a lot more in the coming years because she'll be a vagabond pro triathlete. Therefore, we want to give her an airplane neck pillow; you know, the kind that look like a padded toilet seat. Because she is a loyal Macalester alum, we'd like to get her a plaid...

59 bucks includes free coaching

Capitol City Tri June 14Capitol City Tri has teamed up with elite coaches to help you get ready for Minnesota's coolest new Sprint Race. Good through December 31 or until the last 5 slots are filled, the multi-faceted coaching and training program is included with your entry fee at the lowest, "early bird" rate of just $59....

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