Heather's 2015 Pro Schedule...

HL-Elysian.gifPhoto - From Heather Lendway's first triathlon at Elysian in 2012. L - R - Cheryl Johnson(5th) , HL (4th), winner Sarah Haskins and April Morgan (2nd).

By Heather Lendway (gearwestbike.wordpress.com/blog)

With my move to the professional ranks in 2015 I still plan to concentrate on Olympic Distance non-draft racing as I have done in the past. Having that said, with an always changing racing environment, i.e. the announcement of 5i50 Championships no longer occurring, I’ll likely fill in my schedule with some draft legal races along with more local sprint and Olympic distance events.
I’m planning to start out my season during early March racing back to back weekends in Clermont and Sarasota, Florida, both draft legal sprint distance races.  These races typically draw a couple top pro athletes and many up and coming professionals.  I was excited to see I will be racing Sarah Haskins for my first race in Clermont.  She happened to be racing at my very first triathlon back in July 2012 at Elysian’s...

Jen Wilson

Going Off Course -


Name? Jen Wilson

Age? 32

Where you live now? Forest Lake

Where were you born? St. Paul

Education? Where? Degrees? BS in Animal Science from University of Wisconsin, River Falls

AAS in Veterinary Technology from Argosy University

Occupation? Veterinary Technologist

Dream Job if you could do anything you want? Anesthesiologist. For humans. I’m already an anesthetist for animals.

Former Occupations? (Anything weird or embarrassing here?) My first job was cleaning horse stalls at a boarding stable, followed by a job cleaning stalls at the U of M Large Animal Hospital. So I guess you could say my jobs were full of crap… J

Family? Wife? Husband? Kids? An amazing and talented husband, Aaron. We only have fur-kids.

Pets? Names? The fur-kids; hold on this will take a while:

5 horses – Justin, Skipper, Brody, Marley and Apollo

2 Siberian Huskies – Meeko and Loki

2 cats – Sassy and Sidney

1 cantankerous rabbit - Tallulah

Tattoos? Other cool mutilations? 2 tattoos of my 2 favorite things – one is a horse on my back and the other is a triathlon tat (with an M-Dot, of course) on my left calf. I have my belly button pierced, too, but no one ever sees that on account of my year-round embarrassing tri-suit tan lines. (Seriously, why won’t they go away? It’s winter…)

Best physical feature? My husband. J Kidding. Sort of. But if I had to pick something on my person, my swim coach is always raving how I have beautiful eyebrows, so I’m going to go with that. Eyebrows.

Anything you wish you could change about yourself? I wish I could be faster! I want to podium this year!

Pet Peeves? The sound of people eating, especially crunchy things. I’m cringing right now thinking about it.

Bad Habits? I pick at things; scabs, nail polish, cuticles, beer bottle labels, other people’s scabs… I can’t stop.

Embarrassing Moments? When I was first getting used to clip-in pedals. I came to a stop sign, clipped one foot out, and tipped over to the opposite side. Of course there were other cyclists on the trail and cars at the intersection to witness my gracefulness.


Movies? The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, and the Hunger Games.

Actors/Actresses? Right now it’s Chris Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence.

TV Shows? Big Bang Theory and American Ninja Warrior. I’d really like to go on Ninja Warrior, if I ever get any biceps.

TV Stars? I don’t watch much TV, except for the Big Bang Theory. So all of those guys.

Books?The Hunger Games; I couldn’t put it down!

Authors? No favorites in particular, I read such random things and like all of them.

Musicians/bands? I like a lot of different music, from Imagine Dragons to Taylor Swift and Jason Aldean. My all-time favorite is Maroon 5.

Songs? Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive always gets me pumped up!

Restaurants? We don’t eat out very often, but my favorites are Benihana’s and Texas Roadhouse. Best. Steak. Ever. And it’s fun to try to use chopsticks at Benihana’s; I’m not very good at it.

Meals? I like to cook simple, heathy things so lots of fish and turkey. My favorite dish is turkey stuffed peppers.

Junk Food? Chocolate. All things chocolate.

Favorite Crunchy Snack Food? Almonds, as long as I don’t have to listen to someone else eating them. Bonus if they are covered in cocoa or chocolate.

Favorite Pizza?Pepperoni. Cossetta’s in St. Paul has the best pizza ever.

Favorite Ice Cream? Chocolate. With chunks of chocolate, covered by more chocolate.

Favorite Hamburger? I prefer a teriyaki chicken with swiss cheese and pineapple instead of a hamburger. Ok, why all the food questions?? I’m getting hungry…

Favorite Alcoholic Beverages? Strawberry Margarita. Great, now I want one of those, too.

Non-tri hobbies? Horseback riding, camping with the horses, trail riding with the horses, and my husband shows his horses.

Unique abilities? I like to draw, mostly animals, and I also woodburn. I made stall name plates for a lot of the horses at our stable with my woodburner.

Dream vacation destination I LOVE animals, and I think it would be AWESOME to go to Africa and do a horseback Safari. I want to ride next to giraffes!

Dream Car? A Tesla Model S would be pretty cool.

Anything you’d like to add about yourself? I have dedicated this year of triathlon training to raising money for the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association. I’m also trying to raise awareness about the diseases, warning signs, and prevention. This cause is very close to the heart (no pun intended), as I have several family members who have been affected by cardiovascular disease or stroke. If anyone would like to join me in the fight against heart disease and stroke, please visit my webpage https://www.crowdrise.com/ironmanwisconsin2015/fundraiser/jenniferwilson13 and like my Facebook page IronJen For A Cause. www.facebook.com/IronJenForACause

Keys to Your Best Season...

cool-runners.gifGain fitness and have fun doing it this year

By Jason Gootman and Will Kirousis (usatriathlon.org)

Are you using awesome training principles? Or just logging lots of miles? These are the ways the best triathletes in the world train. And you can adopt them today! Are you ready to stop just logging miles and really get fast?

Swim, ride and run enough to stimulate adaptation, not to fill all available time.

One of the first areas we investigate with a new athlete we’re starting to coach, and that we monitor in an ongoing sense for the athletes we coach, is how much time they have available for workouts. Highly motivated athletes often look at their day and suspect that any time not taken up by work, chores and family/friends can and should be used for swimming, riding and running.

This approach results in no down time, no real rest and greatly impedes recovery. Without strong recovery, plateaus are inevitable. You will train and train and train — and stay the same. Poor recovery also makes you more susceptible to injuries. And when you’re injured, you can’t do any of this fun stuff. And not taking any downtime is a road paved to burnout. When you are always pushing forward and always need to be...




Cheese, Chocolate & Matterhorns...

apt-cy.gifBy Cathy Yndestad (trigirlcathy.blogspot.com)

Unfortunately I don’t have much for creative story telling or inspiring words, but I wanted to share a few random updates from our first few weeks. I promised to post often so here’s the latest rundown:

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost four weeks since we moved to Switzerland. The days and weeks are flying by as we’ve been busy figuring out how to live thrive in our new world.  

We love our new apartment - We’re in a modern high rise nested in the heart of the city and I’m loving the proximity to the daily essentials.  Walking to the market, gym, train station etc. is such a delightful novelty since I was deep in suburbia the last few years. When the sky is clear, I have mountain views from my apt/office windows which always brings me joy. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m so grateful for the power and beauty of the mountains.

As you can imagine, the food has been pretty delightful. There’s been no shortage of cheese and chocolate consumed, and of course, the breads… ummm, delicious! Let’s just say this is not the place to be gluten, dairy and/or sugar free....

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