Why Dani?



2017 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - The men's POY category was highly controversial. (We'll post Wade Cruser's disagreeing comments later this week.) So was the women's. A great case could be made for all of the nominated performances:


- GABY BUNTEN - Victory at Minneapolis. Gaby's 2:08:34 was the fastest Olympic(ish) time by a Minnesota woman this year. Beating Missouri's Danielle Dingman, now a pro, 2016 Minnesota Triathlete of the Year Hanna Grinaker (who Deked herself because of a lost chip), future pro Maeghan Easler (IA), Elaine Nelson, Suzie Fox, Kristina Swenson and others added to the magnitude of her effort.


- GABY BUNTEN - 5th overall at Nationals. How many Minnesota women have, during this millennium, cracked the overall Top 5 at Nationals? Three: Cathy Yndestad, Heather Lendway and Gaby Bunten. That's amazing company to be in. Hopefully USAT will evaluate her 2017 resume and award her an AOY HM.


- CHRISTINA ROBERTS - Win at Superior Man. Her 4:37:04 was the fastest 70.3 time by a Minnesota woman in 2017. The fact that she did this without being pushed--her margin of victory was 27:33--made it even more special.


- DANI VSETECKA - Win at Madison 70.3 - Beating former pro Dani Fischer, who would go on to reset the amateur women's CR at Ironman Wisconsin, was a big deal. Adding more bigness to the deal, she also beat Hanna Grinaker, and former pros Morgan Chaffin and Jessica Jacobs. ...

Let the Controversy Commence...



2017 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Most of the MMA explanation posts have dealt with categories that weren't especially controversial. Taylor, Keeghan, Jan, Matt, Diane, Gaby, Nathan and Sean were basically clear-cut choices.

Three of the next four categories, however, are extremely disputable. 

Today we'll attempt to justify the controversial selection of WADE CRUSER's victory at Apple Duathlon as the male PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR.

Matt Payne was the Emma Bingo winner at this year's MMA Party. He correctly guessed 11 of the 14 categories, for which he pocketed $50. One that he missed was male POY. After the event he explained to two members of the MMA Committee why he believed that though Wade's selection was reasonable, Sean Cooley's victory at Chisago Half was a better choice. He explained that Sean's 4:06 was the fastest 70.3 time by a Minnesota male in 2017, AND that he was able to outrace decorated pro Daniel Bretscher, who is best known for his long  course prowess. Daniel is a 3:52 half, and 8:19 full, guy....

Women Should Do Triathlons....



By Susan Grant Legacki (active.com)

Despite triathlon's growing popularity around the world, USA Triathlon reported in 2014 that female participation numbers still hovered around 37 percent. Triathlon offers a fun, sociable and pretty addicting way of staying in shape—so why do so many women continue to stay on the sidelines?

Factors like expensive barriers to entry, a lack of time and fears about open water swimming are the most common complaints, but here are some pretty good reasons for ladies to get on a bike and give multisport a try.

1. For Your Heart

Many people think of heart attacks as a men's health issue, buth the truth is that heart disease is the  number on killer of both men and women. Being regularly active (at least 30 minutes of...

Why Sean?



2017 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - With respect to the LONG DISTANCE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR, 2017 was an odd year. Athletes nominated in prior seasons were generally more prolific, i.e. they had more than the minimum two nomination-worthy efforts. 

Let's compare the top two finalists from 2016, to this year's nominees:

2016 - 

 - DIANE HANKEE's LD highlights

1st @ Liberty (4:42:30)

2nd at Muncie 70.3 (4:38:51)

3rd @ Steelhead 70.3 (4:41)


- ERIN FARREN's LD highlights:

1st @ Toughman (4:49:07)

3rd @ Timberman 70.3 (NH) - 4:43:13

3rd @ Ironman Louisville - 10:02:29


Now look at the LD highlights of the athletes nominated in 2017:  ...

Goodbye Blaine, RochesterFest and Gear West...

blaine swimThe MTN Guys get totally bummed out whenever a race leaves the calendar. Losing Capitol City, Minneman, Manitou, Chaska and St. Croix Valley hit us particularly hard, as did Turtleman when it left the scene in 2011. We are grateful to Tri Fitness Events for resurrecting T-Man in 2015.

The reasons for cancellation are varied. Dwindling lake volume cursed Turtleman and Manitou. Ubitquitous construction took down Chaska. City government decided against St. Croix Valley, which would have celebrated it's 18th anniversary in 2017. The urgency to replace body parts spelled the demise of Capitol City.

At the peak of Triathlon's popularity in Minnesote (2007 - 2011), our calendar grew to 70 events. During the initial slide, however, that roster grew to 83. Race directors did not know that race attendance had peaked.

These days, shrinking attendance and financial unfeasability are the primary causes of event cancellation. And races are dropping like flies. Less than 55 races are scheduled for 2018.

Here are three of the races that will not return next season: ...


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