Smooth and Confident....

MGO-POD.gifPhoto - Women's Olympic podium (L-R) - Kelly Trom (3rd), Gaby Bunten (1st), Christina Roberts (2nd).

LIFE TIME TRI - MAPLE GROVE - Five men, starting with Kris Spoth (1:54:32), broke the magical two-hour mark last Sunday at the 7th annual Life Time Tri - Maple Grove Olympic Triathlon. Conditions would have been ideal, cloudy and mild, had the winds been a bit less blowy and gustful, but the times were improved by the necessity to take a few "K"s out of the bike course (from 40 down to 38).

Spoth owns this race, having won it outright on two prior occasions and claiming the Collegiate crown on another. He raced smoothly and confidently at the front from lake to line, which was also the way his totally serious girlfriend, Gaby Bunten raced en route to the biggest win of her career. Her time was 2:09:32, or the equivalent of 2:11 at full Olympic distance. Her legit PR is a 2:14:00, set at Nationals in 2014....

A Ton of Fun...

image7.gifSwim Start photo by Bridget McCoy. You can see her feet.


By Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

Milwaukee Super Sprint Race Report -

Swim 1:

* In the last minutes before the race start almost everyone decided to take their wetsuits off for the first 325m swim, myself included! In the end it seemed like a wash with it on/off.
* LOVE the dive start format!
* I got smothered in the first 100 meters and decided to drop back and move outside for clear water. I forgot in ITU style racing it’s much more important to be aggressive at the start....

Cooldown Essentiality....Waseca Results...

warm-up-cooldown.gifUPDATE: O'Connor wins in windswept WASECA. Heilman proves he still has what it takes. Fox post her second win of the weekend. More words and pics to come.  RESULTS

By Ryan Turbyfill (usatriathlon.org)

You’ve just finished a race or hard workout — now what? In order for the workout or race to help you improve as an athlete, it requires two ingredients. The first is stress to the body (check, you just did that) and then recovery to create the adaption. A lot of thought, work and pain goes into the stress, but little goes into the recovery.

During exercise, the muscles burn glucose for energy and create lactic acid as a byproduct. Lactic acid is prevalent in the muscles after a hard workout or race. If you stop right after the finish line or sit on the couch after a hard bike, the lactic acid remaining in the muscles has been shown to create delayed onset...

Triathlete Doublespeak...

lovers-sunset.gifUPDATE: Awesome racing in windy West Metro this morning. Lots of highlights of the Life Time Tri - Maple Grove to share. Words and pics on Tuesday. RESULTS


By Susan Lacke (triathlon.competitor.com)

What your triathlete says and means are two different things.

It’s taken five years and a combined 15 Ironman finishes, but I think my husband and I are finally speaking the same language.

Sure, the words coming out of our mouth are English, but—like most two-triathlete households—we both know very well that what one person says isn’t to be taken at face value. There’s a hidden meaning behind every phrase, and it’s usually some variation of “I’m full of crap.”

It’s not that anyone is lying, per se. I prefer to think of it as taking creative liberties with the truth. If Neil tells me he’s signed up for his fourth Ironman in one year, he’s basically bought a...

Life Does Not Suck...

biglake20152.gifBy Ryan Wippler

Big Lake Race Report - So this is it.  Last “Oly” of the season for this guy.  Time to see if the past year of 5:00 am wake-ups and hundreds of hours of training would lead to the result-that goal set almost one year ago-to go 2:05 on an olympic tri.  I hadn’t felt this kind of build up since Grandma’s Marathon 2013 when I qualified for Boston.  Casey Miller and Wade Cruser were my main competition, neither of which I had beaten this year.   Usually when the pressure builds, I perform better.  This is how my day went down.

Casey and I BS’d a bit before our swim wave.  He told me he was trying to get his mojo back after a half Ironman debacle a few weeks earlier where he suffered a back injury from a wetsuit removing service (didn’t know such a thing existed)  and was having shooting pain down his leg.  I told him of my lofty goal for the day and hoped to keep him close through-out the race as a motivating force.

I was trying a new one piece trisuit with sleeves which was supposed to be super aero on the bike.  I had used it and won the week before at Lake Minnewaska.  It makes what go for my guns these days look like pipe-cleaners; instant skinny arms!  If only they...

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