High on Life and Weimaraners...

erin-beets.gifGOING "OFF COURSE" - In her totally good blog, "sweetsweatlife.com," which we highly recommend, ever-caffinated suburban (Apple Valley) triathlete erin klegstad describes herself thus: "i'm erin...triathlete, yogi, lover of life, happiness, dogs, the ocean, espresso and travel. chasing big dreams and finish lines."

Her words tell us so much about her. First thing we noticed is that she is an "Anti-Capitalist." No, we are not saying that she is against free enterprise. We're saying that she doesn't like to use capital letters. There is probably a syndrome with its own acronym about this, but we don't know what it is.

We also think it's cool that she is a yogi. You certainly wouldn't surmise her yogihood just by looking at her, proving the point that not all yogis are sedentary, mountain-dwelling, robe-wearers with lapsed hygiene and scraggly beards. Clean, athletic, city-dwelling women can be yogis, too. The next time we see erin  we are going ask her to demonstrate the classic yogi pose, the one where legs are crossed and the palms of the feet face upward. How do they do that? ...


Fun "Beer Mile" Stuff...

BeerMile_logo-292x300.gifThere’s a new competition raging among elite runners: the beer mile, in which you do four laps around a standard track, chugging a 12-ounce brew at the start of each loop. If you can do it in under five minutes—without hurling or passing out—you’re not just fast. You’re a hero.

By Todd Balf (xtri.com)

"Why pander around being the second best 800m runner in the world when you can be the number one beer miler?"  

Elite amateur Josh “Harry” Harris looks like he’s on his way to a record mile time at the historic Rawlinson Track in Melbourne, on May 3, 2014.

Pixie-size, with legs pinwheeling, the 23-year-old Australian runner is about to arc through the first bend of the bell lap and is a half-lap ahead of the 30-person chase field when he unexpectedly comes to a near stop. Something is wrong. The rowdy spectators who’ve spilled onto the track’s outer lanes to bellow “Go, Harry, go!” fall hushed....

30-Minute Survival Workouts

shoes_and_laces.jpgBy Marty Gaal (usatriathlon.org)

Most of us will have days, and sometimes weeks, where life, work and family duties demand a lot of our time and energy. You might be traveling for work and engaged with clients from sunup to sundown; your children may be out of school and you need to keep them entertained while also logging 40-plus hours of work or your dog is sick and you can't leave her alone for too long. Let the fun begin!
Whatever the cause, you find yourself overwhelmed, stressed out and just generally unable to get much time to yourself. You might be tempted to just chuck all your training and sit on the couch in those few moments you do have to relax. But if you really are goal-oriented and in training for some big event down the road … don't give in.
This is where short workouts come in. I call them 30-minute survival workouts. Why? Because those 30-minute workouts will help your fitness survive until you have the wherewithal to get back out and about for your 'real' training sessions....

"It is a Big Deal!"

nicole-and-mommy.gifPhoto - Nicole and her mom, Mrs. Heininger. Lower left photo on Page 2 - Nicole had assumed that her hotel room would be larger.

By Nicole Heininger

Ironman Cozumel Race Report - Part II - Two and a half months after IMOO I'm heading to MX to race IM Cozumel. I can't say enough great things about this experience. I had big goals set for myself coming into this race. After IMWI I knew I could push myself harder, I knew how my body responded to the distance and there was time to be taken off. I also knew this race would prove to have more challenging conditions for myself but I was willing to experience them. I'd be lying if I said I thought it was going to be easier. NO WAY, I'm not sure any IM will feel as good as my first. Also, leading up to this race was difficult. I never imagined I would have went through so many ups and downs in a two and a half month time frame but I did. Even with all the events occurring in my life, physically I was on form. I was swimming distance faster than I had all season, even being limited to all indoor pool training. Running speeds were shocking myself (I started wearing two garmins at times thinking one wasn't working correctly). Biking seemed steady from the season but it was hard to tell switching to the trainer and going strictly off of feel. I was ready!  ...

Impatience and an XL cap...

coz-2014.gifBy Nicole Heininger

Ironman Cozumel Race Report - Part I -  To start, I never planned to race an Ironman nor make racing part of my life. I originally completed a triathlon to challenge myself. One and done. Years later my rookie season, friends were talking me into signing up for a half IM and I was terrified. This would prove to be my biggest challenge yet and I wasn't sure I was quite ready for it. I knew I would complete the task at hand but I wasn't going to do it half-a$$ed. When I set my mind to something I do it wholeheartedly, therefore, going through the motions was not enough for me, I was going to commit and be all in. So why was I so scared? I had only raced several triathlons, I mean I barely knew how to transition....

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