Why Tri?


By Erin Stout (runnersworld.com)

Most runners will run until they can't run anymore. Mention cross-training and they scowl. Suggest going for a long afternoon bike ride and they'd rather do the same distance on foot at the crack of dawn. Swimming? Not unless there's a post-race party and some frosty adult beverages involved.

But runners also have an often unspoken curiosity about triathlon, whether they admit it or not. Sure, they'll snark, "That's three sports, not one," or "Why excel at one sport when you can be mediocre at three?" But the day will come—either because of age or injury—that most of us will need to seek out an alternative to the constant stress and pounding of running. Learning how to train for triathlon is not a bad way to stay fit, no matter what your reason. It may even improve your running performance....

Are You a "Yoda?" Or a "Kung Fu Panda?"

TOYS.pngBy Meredith Atwood (triathlete.com)

Depending on where you live on this great planet, your triathlon calendar most likely has an “off-season.” The off-season is usually the time after the athlete’s “A” race is officially over, and training volume is likely being temporarily reduced for a few months. The off-season is a great time to recharge and to focus on your weaknesses—or to become a total sloth.

Which off-season character are you?

1. Off-Season Yoda
2. Off-Season Karate Kid

3. Off-Season Kung Fu Panda ...

Yes. YOU Can Rock a Triathlon...

rookie_triathlete.pngBy Peter Kadzielawski (triathlete.com)

We all tend to be afraid of what we don’t know or understand. Even if you don’t think you are triathlete material, keep reading to see what type of person is a good fit for this sport.

1. If you’re already an organized and structured person who is good at planning and following a schedule, you probably have an advantage. But, if you’re a procrastinator looking to break the habit of putting things off to last minute, training for a triathlon will teach you exactly that.

2. Some think they are not fit enough to do a triathlon. But, you don’t just register and compete in a race the following day. Usually it takes a few months of consistent training to build your endurance up to be able to participate. Training for a triathlon is what helps you become fit in the process. It is about being...

Once a swimmer...


By Kristina Swenson (kristinaswenson.wixsite.com)

I've always loved the water. Growing up in Minnesota, water is a staple part of being a kid... my favorite summer memories are the weekends spent at the cabin: playing on the beach, jumping on the water trampoline, being flung off tubes, and skiing at sunset. My parents put me in swimming lessons at a young age, wanting me to get comfortable in the water. By the age of 13, I was ready to take the next step and joined a local club swim team. Freshman year, I joined the high school swim team. Thus began one of the best journeys of my life....

All Kids Should Do a Triathlon...


By MARY RYERSE (usatriathlon.org)
This article was originally published on Getting Smart.

We’ve heard the story too many times – the kid who gets cut from a team never tries out again, or worse, shies away from physical activities altogether.

How about writing a different ending to that story – one that is actually a beginning? Tony Schiller did. He was cut from seven different teams as a kid only to become a six-time world champion amateur triathlete and a finalist for USA Triathlon’s Triathlete of the Year award.

Tony and his colleagues wanted to make sure all kids had a chance to enjoy physical activity so they founded Cycle Health and the BreakAway Kids Tri. They are partnering with schools, families, foundations and pediatric clinics to make a difference....

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