Heather Kicked Butt! So did Lisa!

heather-and-leanda.gifFort Lauderdale, FL - After an 8th place finish on Saturday at the Sarasota Draft Legal Sprint Challenge, rookie pro HEATHER LENDWAY went ape-do-do on Sunday at the Las Olas International (1K-21 miles - 5.8 miles) Pro Challenge, placing 2nd overall just 36 seconds behind British superstar Leanda Cave.

Superstar? Oh yeah! Cave, who is even taller than the 5'10' Lendway, is a former Hawaii Ironman World Champion (2012), Long Distance World Champion (2007), 70.3 World Champion (2012), 23U World Champion (2001) and has medaled at Olympic distance worlds and the European Championships.

The race had a $25,000 pro purse, $3K of which wen to Heather. Very cool!

MTN will repost Heather's race report. RESULTS....

Smart Stuff About Fueling...

nutrition-rules.gifBy Michelle Valenti & Dave Scott (active.com)

Six-time Ironman champion, Dave Scott, has had years to perfect his race-day strategy. He knows what to eat—and how much; how to warm up—both physically and mentally; and what little things can make a big difference in transition and during the race.

Before you head to your next triathlon, take a look at his top race-day tips.

Rule #1: Start fueling for the race the day prior.
To set up for a good race, you have to start fueling properly 24 hours before the race actually starts. That doesn't mean you should eat more than normal, it just means you need to pay extra attention to your diet....

My Pro Debut...



Photo - Swimsuit models, Lisa and Heather Lendway ankle-deep in Tampa Bay.

By Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

Clermont Draft Legal Challenge Race Report - The week leading into my very first race of the year was busy and didn’t leave me with much time to actually think about my coming race.  Between work, workouts, running to appointments for my knee pain, packing and traveling, my mind was on overdrive and I was maximizing every free minute, even more so than usual.  My flight to Orlando on Wednesday night was delayed almost two hours so I didn’t land in Florida until shortly after 1am.  Stopwatch Greg was waiting patiently to drive me back to our rented condo just south of Clermont.  Greg had arrived mid day Tuesday and was all settled into our lovely two bedroom, two bath condo (surprisingly one of the most affordable places to stay) by the time I arrived.  My head hit the pillow around 2:30 am but I struggled to fall asleep....

A Podium for RBM?

rbm-poster.gifFrom Witsup.com

This weekend brings the second edition of the Ironman 70.3 Monterrey race and as one of the first North American races of the 2015 season, the women’s field is deep.

If you’re not familiar with this race, it starts with a wetsuit swim in the man-made Santa Lucia river in downtown Monterrey, Mexico. Competitors should note that the river is narrow and shallow but the riverside walkway will make for some great crowd support during the swim and the run. The bike course consists of two loops of relatively flat and fast terrain. A few technical sections will be the greatest challenge to the bike course with tight turns and even a cobblestone section to be negotiated on each lap. Finally, the two-loop run course takes runners along the river walkway where they swam earlier in the day.

The 18 strong start list includes multiple Ironman 70.3 champions making it a very challenging race to call. Canadians Angela Naeth and Magali Tisseyre have over twenty half-iron distance crowns and can be expected to be among the favourites for the race. While neither are likely to be in the lead swim pack, they both possess excellent bike and run skills making them both dangerous in the closing miles....

Packing For Races...

compex.gifBy Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

I thought it would be timely, with the season approaching, to talk about packing for races (my season opener was last Saturday, you can read more on my schedule on the Gear West Blog).  I keep a packing list for race travel and race day gear on my phone so I can stress a little less leading into races.  Some of the items on here may seem very obvious but it takes away some worry and makes packing mostly mindless.

Travel Race
These are my notes for packing for a “travel” race, a race where you are driving or flying and are staying in a hotel or doing a home stay.  All subsequent lists are relevant to this as well so I didn’t add items here that are already on another list.

Trainer – nice to have if you can, for a quick warm-up or workout, pending trip length.
Pedal wrench – If you have multiple bikes and need to move pedals around.
Bike lock – Nice to make it more difficult if someone were to break into your car . I also highly recommend insuring your bikes.
Travel coffee mug – If you like to carry coffee with you race day.
Jump rope – I always carry this for an easy workout or warmup....

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