Pot Luck & Ironman Louisville...

Black-Bean-Salsa-Culinary-Hill-8-660x660.pngTRI NIGHT '16 - On Thursday, MTN was copied on this email from Kortney Haag, which was her response to Kevin and Tammy O'Connor and their crew at Gear West Bike & Triathlon providing munchies and drinkie-poos free of charge at Tri Night:

Hi Everyone

..... I thought it would be fun to do a potluck at Gear West since Kevin is so generously hosting the event and he wouldn’t have to worry about food.  Here is the link to sign up to bring something.  Doobie, I bet you make a mean quesadilla!  See you all soon!




 - The MTN Guys thank Kortney, who is so awesome, for doing this. We also plan to participate in the Potluck deal by providing Trudles' famous (in our neighborhood) Multi-Bean Salsa, which looks just like the stuff in the photo above. It is "legumi-licious" and is best served with Tostitos Scoops, which will also be provided....

2016 Most Improved: The Women...

akidd_run.pngMINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Today we reveal the nominees or MOST IMPROVED FEMALE, which pertains to an athlete's career trajectory as it applies to their position on or near Team Minnesota.

The nominees, in alpha order, are:


- DIANE HANKEE, 39, Lino Lakes (2015 Rank: 8th; Best Rank: 4th in 2010 - photo below R)

Diane has enjoyed many outstanding, even breakout, seasons (2010, 2013, 2014), though none have been "outstandinger" than 2016. Though this year's Team Minnesota has not been determined, it nevertheless appears that Hankee will place in the Top 3.

Here is her 2016 Scorecard:

- 1st @ Apple Duathlon (likely POY nominee)

- 1st @ LIberty Half IM - 4:42:30 ...

Persuasive Stuff About Cyclocross...

lisa_muddy.pngBy Lisa Lendway

For most of us, it’s the off-season. For me, that means less running, less swimming (who am I kidding – no swimming) and MORE cyclocross! What is cyclocross, you might ask? I recommend Googling it for the best answer. Why do cyclocross? Here are my top reasons:

1. Bike handling skills. Triathletes are notorious for not being able to turn. Don’t be that triathlete. Cyclocross will make you a master of bike handling in no time. Don’t believe me? Ask Gwen Jorgenson (especially near 2:40) or Sarah True. They both use the sport to hone their skills during the off-season...

Iron Questing...Updated...

sara_number2.pngIRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS - How will Minnesotans fare in Kona next Saturday? We can't wait to find out. Like you, we're sure, we'll be following the race closely.

Here are some of the Loon State triathletes we will be following:


- MICHELLE ANDRES (photo below L) - Minnesota'a all-time fastest Ironwoman, she set her PR--9:50:23--at Kona in 2013. She received the "Performance of the Year" award for that effort. The MMA Committee will not announce their POY nominees until after Ironman because we hope that Michelle, who has won two POYs for IM performances, will rock another POY-worthy effort on the Big Island. (Kona Bib# 1085)...

2016 Nominees: Duathlete of the Year...

wade_big_lake.pngMINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Today we reveal the official nominees for DUATHLETE OF THE YEAR. This category differs from the others in that athletes are only required to have TWO outstanding performances  in order to receive consideration. This is due largely to the fact that Du Nationals was relocated from St. Paul to Bend, Oregon. As a result, very few of Minnesota's elite duathletes raced in more than two run-bike-run events.

Here, in alpha order, are the nominees:

- WADE CRUSER, 29, Sauk Rapids (photo)

2016 Highlights:

- 1st @ Cinco Du Mayo Long Course

- 1st @ Oakdale Duathlon - 1:02:07 (Outstanding time in unaccommodating weather conditions)

- 3rd @ Apple Duathlon...

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