Parish & Hedgecock Are USAT Duathletes of the Year...

ppYesterday, USA Triathlon announced their 2012 Duathletes of the Year and Honorable Mentions, and Minnesota athletes were prominent among the award recipients. Dan Hedgecock, runner-up for USAT Triathlete of the Year, was named US Elite Duathlete of the Year, and Patrick Parish won the amateur DOY title. Both guys won hands-down. Also in the mix were Ruth Brennan Morrey, who followed up her AOY HM with a DOY HM, and Matthew Payne, who also was named DOY HM. We feel Ruther was robbed, but we understand and respect the Selection Committee's overriding rationale.

Here are all the DOY and HM recipients and some random commentary:

The 2012 USA Triathlon Age Group Duathletes of the Year and Honorable Mention selections are as follows:


Chivalry is a Beautiful Thing......

bonBy Bonnie Crossfurst

The man in the blue jeans was right on my tail. I could hear the sound of snow covered leaves crunching beneath the weight of his tires. We wound through the forest; barren trees jetting up from the ground, their leaves having fallen after the color bled out. I noticed the red ribbon beckoning to make a sudden sharp left and turned hard to stay the course. The world tipped right and the earth rose up to meet me with a crushing thud.

Breaks squealed behind me as the man in the blue jeans did an endo in his effort to keep from rolling over the top of my fallen carcass. I jumped up and heaved my bike to an upright position.

Gold Guys Challenge...

gold guysBy Devon Palmer (palmertri.wordpress.com)

I am very excited to announce the Gold Guys are a sponsor for 2013. The Gold Guys themselves, Shane and Joe, built their business right here in Minnesota and have grown nationwide. Their success since opening the first store at the Mall of America in 2008 is a reflection of their commitment to their customers.

As a sponsored athlete it is my job to represent the Gold Guys in an attention grabbing way. This is where you can help. I need ideas for how I can bring gold into the picture at my races. I am challenging all Minnesota triathletes to come up with ideas and submit them to me over Twitter. Twitter, if you don

Hedge, Ruther & Taylor Honored...


Here are USAT 2012 Athletes of the Year and Honorable Mentions. Two Minnesotans--Dan Hedgecock and Ruth Brennan Morrey--as well as one honorary Minnesotan--Greg Taylor--received HMs.....

Understanding Success...

bookSUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 2013

By Dan Hedgecock (http://danhedgecock.blogspot.com)

The Importance of Saying Thank You

I just finished reading Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers: The Story of Success. I highly recommend it. In the book, Gladwell argues that the widely held view of great success as a result of purely individual determination and hard work is misleading and causes our society to let many potentially great successes stall and fail in their infancy. If you think this view isn't widely held just think back to the one man island rhetoric of the recent election. Through a number of very compelling examples Gladwell argues that success is a combination of individual determination and hard work meeting the right opportunities, and the importance of acknowledging those opportunities in enabling success to happen....

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