Snow Wars...


Snow Wars: Return of the Marathoners

By Brad Canham (photo)

2011 DION United States Snowshoe (USSSA) National Championships

At the 2010 United States Snowshoe Association (USSSA) in Syracuse, NY there was much talk about the dominance of triathletes in the top-slots of the podium, however, at the 2011 Championship in Cable, WI on Mar.11

Footprints on her Shoulders...

shouldersGoing Off Course - Coon Rapids triathlete Jill Ellenbecker has two bright and beautiful daughters. Abby is 8. Olivia is 10.

The girls are doomed. Doomed to be good citizens, true friends and dedicated to personal growth. And doomed to be good partners and parents, just like their mom and dad. One day their children will stand on their shoulders, just as they had stood on Jill's and John's.

Jill does not have an employer right now but she has a vitally important job. She's a Shoulder Provider. On the surface the job description includes chauffeuring and soccer momming and nutrition planning and playground monitoring; stuff like that.

Looking deeper we hear talking. Lots of talking. Sharing and guiding talking. And teaching and mentoring and providing safety.

It's enriching work for all involved. And it broadens and strengthens shoulders, making them easy for children to stand on....

Jenny Rocks MIT...

jennyED. - Yesterday we received this email from 2010 Minnesota Rookie of the Year Jenny Shaughnessy:

Hey MTN!

Hope all is well at home! Heard about Cathy's accident...what a bummer.

I know you like updates, so here goes:

Just got home from Miami International Tri, 24 hours of driving plus a race within 2.5 days! I did not do the clermont draft legal race 2 weeks ago due to a strained hip muscle, but now am back in action. The race was super fun, and I even saw Jonathan Pedersen during the run (recognized the TCMC trisuit)! I couldn't find him after the race, but still cool to see a fellow Minnesotan so far from home! The swim ...

Great New Site...

mat & Julia(Photo - Julia Weisbecker and Matt Payne with their 2010 Fastest State Team--3rd place--awards.)bouse

In January 2005 MTN partner Trudy Marshall had an idea. She wanted to create a 50-state triathlon series, the amateur winners of each receiving invitations to compete head-to-head at a season-ending Championship race. Participants were scored both individually and as state teams. The series would be called the Best of the US Amateur Triathete Competition and the Championship was billed as the most competitive head-to-head amateur event in the US....

Best Transition...

logoBEST OF MINNESOTA: Transition Poll Results Are In

By Darin Wieneke

The fourth leg of triathlon can be hectic and add unnecessary minutes to your finishing time.

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