Smelling Wisconsin's Dairy Air...

custardReal butter, real cream, real cheese....

By Amy Bauch (http://amysrunningaround.blogspot.com)

I'm a Wisconsin girl.

Yes, I know I live in Minnesota, but that doesn't dispute the fact that I was born and bred in good, old Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Land of the free, home of the bratwurst.

I love all things Wisconsin -- from its cities to its cows and all things in between. I always tell people about our favorite state motto: Come smell our Dairy Air (.....to get the joke on this, say the motto out loud, but slowly...... now get it?)...

Moon Shooting...

shootClermont Draft Legal Challenge - Yesterday we posted a Q & A with Claire Bootsma, who will kick off her 2013 multi season at the Clermont (FL) Draft Legal Challenge next Saturday. Her Geniment, Dan Hedgecock will also be racing in "The Land of 15,000 Sinkholes" this weekend. We had some questions for him. Here are his pithy answers:

MTN - Do you feel fit and ready for the DL challenge?

Hedge - I'm looking forward to the DL challenge. I'm very fit right now and look forward to seeing if I can keep up with a bunch of younger guys for an hour.

MTN - How's your health? Injury free? Is anything in you life getting in the way of doing your best on March 9?

Hedge - Last April I started to really focus on resolving any imbalances and tight areas I had. I don't think I've ever been this injury free in my career. It feels fantastic....

Claire's Rust Buster...

trio(Very Cool Photo - Sometimes great athletes get dressed up and drink alcoholic beverages. Claire is looking real satiny and Dan and Devon are posing oddly. Devon especially.)

Clermont Draft Legal Challenge - For a pair of Minnesota elites, the 2013 tri season starts next weekend in Clermont, Florida. Two-time Minnesota Triathlete of the Year and runner-up for 2012 US Athlete of the Year, Dan Hedgecock is returning and hopes to significantly improve upon the 5th place finish he posted last year. Accompanying him will be 2011 Minnesota female TOY, Claire Bootsma, whose full first name is "Clarissa." Who knew?

Facing approximately 40 other girls in what's called the U25 Elite Development division, Claire, who will be making her "drafting" debut, will be coming into the race as a podium hopeful. Among those she'll face is defending champ Rachel Mann, a teenage soon-to-be-pro from Illinois. A terrific swimmer, she has yet to prove that she can ride with the faster women in non-drafting events. In a DL race, though, she will likely come of the bike with the leaders. Still, do not pick her to beat Claire next weekend....

Where is Triathlon Going?

brett sutton

By Devon Palmer

Posted on February 22, 2013 by palmertri.wordpress.com

Triathlon is a young sport. I have only been doing triathlons since 2006 and in that short time have seen massive growth within our community here in Minnesota. New faces and lots of new races. Exciting stuff. We may have a few cold months here but we are lucky to have lots of lakes and parks and thus many fabulous venues for races.

A few weeks back I read some interesting thoughts by Brett Sutton (photo). He wrote about WTC, the owners of Ironman. You can read his entries here- Part 1 and here - Part 2.

Here is one of the more compelling parts (from Part 2):

Kids Wreaking Havoc...

kidsTri Again

By Nathan Ilse

For the second year, Rosemount Middle School triathletes took on the challenge of competing in the LifeTime Fitness Indoor Triathlon. The 25 middle school students trained together for two months to get ready to head to Lakeville and take on the adult competitors. Last year, some of students placed in the top twenty and did well, so the bar was set high.

The kids were amazing as they wreaked havoc on the competition! Parents, onlookers, volunteers, and I were amazed as they pushed themselves through the entire race. Each student had something to be proud of at the end of the race because every student had completed a triathlon! For some, it was one of many they had completed, but for most it was the first time they were able to call themselves triathletes....

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