Newsy & Notesy & Peopleful Stuff...

run* North Mankato Previewette -The nifty North Mankato Triathlon will celebrate its 14th anniversary on Sunday. One of eight multis serving the Minnesota scene this weekend, NMT is one of two of those races--the other was My First Tri--that filled early.

It is a sweet event, lovingly produced by director Ann Voss. If you've never done this race, put it on your 2012 or 2013 calendar, okay?

Instead of predicting the overall winners here, we decided instead to predict some of the AG champs. It's called, "Spreading the Love."

Here goes:

* Shelby Woodworth, 18, and Enoch Elliot, 13, are our pics to win the 19U category. Thus far in 2011, Shelby, who is deeply in love with her farm boy boyfriend, who is a totally cool and rather large guy, had won her...

Reeses, M&Ms & PhDs in Minnesota Nice....

reesesLake Waconia Preview - The Caller ID read, "Trudles."

"Hey sweetie! Whuzzup?"

"Will you stop at Holiday on your way home?"

"Sure, what do you need?"

"Either Reeses or M&Ms. I can't make up my mind."

He smiled knowingly. "What are we celebrating?"

"I saw Lake Waconia's start list on your monitor. Wow, whatta field!"

He smiled again, bigger this time. "Yeah, I got pretty excited myself when Marvin sent me the spreadsheet."...

Macca's Comin' To Town...

maccaMacca against all in the first U.S. TriStar111 in Minnesota

21 JUNE 2011, Monte Carlo / Monaco, Maple Grove, MN, USA.

For Immediate Release - TriStar111 Minnesota, held August 27 in Maple Grove, will feature Chris McCormack 'Macca' Ironman world champion, who will have to fight hard for the win in this race against a large group of professionals. Macca, and all pro roster athletes, will also compete to earn the pro cash purse of $10,000 (powered by URBAN Tri of Minneapolis), shared among the top ranked. This will be the first TriStar triathlon race in the United States, which will complement the "Maple Grove Triathlon: Dare to TRI" and bring the European style in triathlon organization and fun new formats to a large market.

Who dares to race with Macca? A number of professionals will face the reigning world champion Chris McCormack, thanks to a $10,000 pro cash purse distributed among the top ranked, powered by URBAN Tri. Macca will be a favored victor in the U.S. TriStar 'premiere' on August 27 in Maple Grove. Macca, who has already competed in two events this year including TriStar Nevis and...

People Stuff...

brianNewsy Notesy Stuff - Congratulations are in order! According to our records, Duluth's premier multisportsman, Brian Bich (photo L), now 45, recorded his 40th career triathlon win last Saturday at the Dakota Man near Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

One of America's most decorated amateur triathletes, Bich is a former USAT Master of the Year (2008), an award he's been nominated for three times, and was US Athlete of the Year Honorable Mention in 2005. He has won nine MMAs, four of which were for Triathlete of the Year, and has cracked the overall Top 10 at Nationals on four occasions. And he has twice reached the podium at the Best of the US National Championship (2005, 2008)....

Mary & Jeff Will Be There...


Croixathlon Preview - Amy is kinda bummed. And on her behalf, so are we. There are six weekends during the 2011 tri/du season with five or more scheduled multis. Not only is Amy's race--the 6th annual Croixathlon--on one of those crowded weekends, it is on the one that is the most jammed....

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