Juicy Scandals...

gabriele.gifBy Devon Palmer (palmertri.wordpress.com)

The track and field world was up in arms this weekend over an absurd scandal. Remember our scandal at Ironman Florida where the champion was nearly disqualified over a helmet sticker issue? THIS SCANDAL IS WAY JUICIER!

One of Minnesota’s ass-kicking pro runners, Gabe Grunewald, demolished the women’s 3k. She just jetted away from the field at the finish. Race won by a healthy margin. She was a national champion and headed to the indoor world championships. Cool stuff for us Minnesotans. Another reminder of how great we are relative to Wisconsin and Iowa. You heard me.

Well as you can imagine, when running at high speed on a tight little indoor track there may be jostling. And if you’ve seen the movie Days of Thunder, you know that RUBBING IS RACING (if you’re unfamiliar, take thirty seconds to get familiar by...


minnesota.gifBy Roger That

NATIONAL HONORS RECAP - Five of the six Minnesota duathletes considered for national honors received official recognition. Dan Hedgecock and Ruth Brennan Morrey were named USAT Elite DOYs, Jenn Scudiero was named USAT Amateur DOY, and Pam Stevens and Patrick Parish earned HMs in their respective categories. (Elite DOY HMs--Patrick Parish and Rachel Chalmers--were named in the emails informing the Selection Committee of the final results, but were not listed on the federation's website.)

Only one other Minnesotan was considered for DOY consideration, but she--Suzie Fox--did ..

Is Taking is Easy During the Winter Stupid?

exercise.gifBy Tony Zamora (usatriathlon.org)

Over all the years I’ve been training and coaching, I hear the same question year after year. “Should I be training in the winter?” I recently came across a post in a popular training forum with the same question as well, and the overwhelming response was that you should take it easy between December and March, allowing your body to recover and then slowly build back up for the next year’s racing season.

I am completely against this thought process! Not only will you lose most of what you’ve...

Life is Too Short...

chocolate.gifChocolate is Not Just for Lovers

By Susan Kitchen (usatriathlon.org)

Life is too short not to indulge once in a while — especially in chocolate. But don’t grab a 3 Musketeers candy bar thinking you are doing your body a favor. Not all chocolate is created equal. Dark chocolate packs the biggest health punch compared to milk and white chocolate.

The secret behind dark chocolate’s powerful punch is the cacao bean, rich in a plant-based organic compound called flavonoids. Flavanols, the primary type of...

Iron Intent...

jorgennorway.gifBy Devon Palmer (palmertri.wordpress.com)

I’m racing Ironman Canada in Whistler this season. Why? Why venture up into that barren, desolate wasteland? As you know, I live in Minnesota so I can pretty much see Canada out the window. I’ve been keeping an eye on those shifty Canucks for 26 years but I’ve never gone over to their side of the fence. We did end up building that border fence, right? Anyways, given my strong opinions about their country and people I reckon its time to see if everything I’ve said is true.

On a more serious note, there are a few legitimate reasons to race there. It is a hard bike course but not overly technical. Hard is good, technical is not so great, so hard and not technical is a good combo for me. It hopefully a relatively moderate climate. You don’t see me rushing down to a hot, humid race like Ironman Texas in May. It is in late July, so we’ll have had a few good months of outdoor riding. The timing lines it up with several other...

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