The Greatest Endurance Athlete Ever...

mark-finish.gifBy Dan Empfield (slowtwitch.com)

I’ve seen a lot of endurance athletes leveraging overwhelming talent through great strength of will. It’s been my pleasure and good fortune to see these athlete because of an accident of chronology: Most of the athletes you’d place on a “best ever” list have been racing during my 45 or so years of involvement in endurance sports. Who was the best ever, among the men who raced? I could not blame anyone for saying it was Greg Lemond, Hicham El Gerrouj, Miguel Indurain, Haile Gebrselassie. Maybe Michael Phelps or Jim Ryun.

But the best I ever saw was Mark Allen. You might find fault with this choice because Mark did none of the three sports as well as any individual sport athlete. But neither did Jackie Joyner Kersey, or Daley Thompson. And, by the way, I'm in good company. ESPN asked this very question last year, and they also chose Mark, ahead of 2nd place vote getter Bjorn Daehlie...

Points, Discounts, Premes & Other Cool Stuff...


We found this exciting news item on Steve Stenzel's cool site (examiner.com) and are anxious to share it with you.


Get ready for an amazing summer of first-class racing. Compete in Minnesota's trifecta of triathlon for just $267 - a $50 savings. Registration is now open. If you sign up and race the Life Time Tri Minnesota Series, you'll also receive a personalized MN Series jacket, a set race number across all three events, and a VIP experience that includes special check-in, the opportunity to rack with fellow Series competitors, along with a few race-ready goodies....

Bacon, Yes! Pizza, No!

The-Jiffy.gif(Photo - JF-F's favorite burger, "The Jiffy.")

Going "Off Course - As a grad student at Iowa State University, Minneapolis multisporter Jennifer Fitzharris-Funk taught "Human Sexuality." If you ever want to know about where babies come from or why guys are in "The Mood" all the time and girls aren't, then JF-F is the one to ask. And though there were 150+ students in her class, Jennifer never developed an elephantine ego because she knew more about naughty stuff than they did.

Being a sex expert, or "Sexpert," isn't the only cool or disturbing thing about JF-F. On the cool side, she loves craft beer and "The Jiffy," which is an awesome burger that is served at The Blue Door. What makes this burger special is that it has peanut butter on it. No kidding. It also has lots of bacon.

Speaking of bacon, another cool thing about Jennifer is that she, like most men, believe that there isn't anything that can't be improved by the addition of crispy, salty, shredded swine flesh....

Well-Traveled Poopy Diaper Changer...


ED. This story posted originally on November 4, 2013.

Going Off Course - Last week we shared Greg Dummer's 2013 tri highlights. Today we introduce you to the non-athletic side of this remarkable guy. He's well-traveled and highly cultured. He can conversate in four languages and has had a couple of unbelievably harrowing experiences, the kind that you see in action movies. He loves Doritos, has changed poopy diapers and may be the most accomplshed person we've ever gone "Off Course" with. Please read his answers to our questionnaire and see if you don't agree.

And yes, his wife totally looks like Jennifer Connelly.


Name?  Greg Dummer

Age? 43 in December

Where you live now? Southwest Minneapolis – right by Lake of the Isles and Cedar Lake....

Optimism & Great Legs...

carol-and-guys.gifPhoto L - R - Denny Ellingson, Mike Borneke, Carol Marston and another guy.

YOUR PEERS - We have said many times (twice actually) that our goal is to eventually write stuff about every single Minnesota multisport athlete. To date, we've written stuff about a couple-of-hundred-or-so of them. We only have about 22,000 to go.

Today we are gonna say stuff about one of our favoritest people. Her name is Carol Marston. She's over thirty and has an awesome smile that never rests, and great legs. An eternal optimist, she is terminally likeable. She lives in Mankato and enjoys music and food and hanging out with good friends like Mike Borneke, Gretchen Sadaka and Cheryl Johnson....

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