Holiday Training Options...

runnerBy Patrick McCrann (Endurance Nation)

There are few darker / harder times of the year than when the average, endorphin-obsessed athlete can't exercise. Somehow having time off but not being able to exercise is almost worse than being injured

Allen Greatest Ever...

markED. - MTN rarely posts about pros, unless they're "our" pros, i.e. DKT, Devon, Dan and Claire and the newly licensed Ruth, but we had to reprint this article 'cuz it's so damn cool. We've been in this sport from the beginning and have retained our loyalty to the pioneers of the 80s (Mark Allen, Davie Scott, Paula Newby-Fraser and Erin Baker, especially). We're big fans of this writer--Tim Carlson, too.

By Timothy Carlson (slowtwitch.com)

Six-time Ironman World Champion and 1989 ITU Olympic distance World Champion Mark Allen received 52 percent of the votes to win the Endurance Sports category of ESPN

Don't Screw Up....

eggs3 Ways to Mess Up Your Weight Loss Plan

By Dina Griffin (for usatriathlon.org)

When you make the decision to pursue weight loss, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the multitudes of opinions and diet programs you hear and read in the mass media. While it is true each one of us has unique challenges in order to be successful in the short- and long-term, the list below outlines common nutrition mistakes triathletes make when starting a weight loss plan during the offseason and pre-season periods.

Slip-up #1: You think you are being

Ke$ha, Steven Tyler & Kohlrabi...

capkeshaCHRISTMAS STUFF - A 2012 MMA recipient, who shall remain nameless, sent us this comment yesterday: "Hey, if you can recommend gifts for the Team Minnesota athletes, why the hell can't you do the same for the award winners?"

We can do that!

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - Heather Lendway - Heath (pronounced "Heth") loves water polo, so we suggest that someone buy her one of those cool caps that have what look like cut-in-half whiffle balls on the sides....

Cardboard Bike Helmets!

cardboardBy Peter Sucui (bikeradar.com)

Much is made today with carbon fiber, but this year the hot new material might be one that was first patented back in 1856 in England. Known as corrugated or pleated paper, it is more commonly known as cardboard.

Earlier this year we saw a $20 cardboard bike and now a student at the Royal College of Art in London has devised a cycling helmet that made of cardboard.

Called the Kranium, the cardboard helmet promises to absorb the energy of a crash and protect the wearer.

First a little clarification on cardboard. The material used by designer Anirudha Surabhi is actually corrugated fiberboard, which is the paper-based material that consists of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat inner boards. While this is widely known to many as

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