Car Keys in the Freezer & Peanut Butter Cheeseburgers...

tinaWARNING: Much of what you are about to read is highly exaggerated.

Going Off Course - Woodbury triathlete Tina Welzien forgets stuff.

We're not talking about Big Time forgetfulness here. She's never forgotten what town she lives in or her boyfriend's first name. That kind of stuff.

It's your basic "where-the-heck-did-I-put-my-car-keys" brand of forgetfulness that Tina is prone to. Silly, cute stuff. (Tina, your keys are in the freezer next to your copy of "A Prayer for Owen Meany," and your carton of now-liquid Cookies 'n Cream is on the bookshelf in your bedroom.)...

Hot Flashes & Muffin Tops...

bag headBy Bonnie Nouterus

As a woman (yes, men, it

A Lot Goin' On...

chillingGoing Off Course - Hopkins triathlete Christian Oestreich has the second most unpronounceable name in the world.

Who has the first, you inquire curiously?

Mike Krzwzewski, Duke University's decorated basketball coach. For reasons only Polish people know, Coach Mike's last name is pronounced "Sheh-shev-ski." That's right. The Krzw part sounds like "Sheh," and the zew part sounds like "shev." And ya gotta love the fact that the first FIVE letters are consonants.

How weirdly cool is that?...

"Good At Being Herself..."

sarahED. Good friend / Start Line manager / totally cool person Ann Rhea suggested we do an "Off Course" feature on diabetic triathlete Sarah Hankel (photo). We contacted her immediately and asked her to tell us a little bit about herself and to fill out an "OCQ" (Off Course Questionnaire).

We're glad we did. "Hanky," who's now a brunette, totally rocks!

By Sarah Hankel

On & Off Course - I have been a swimmer since I can remember, let alone an athlete my whole life. Came to the great state of Minnesota to go to college and swim and march in the band for the Golden Gophers. After my first collegiate bowl trip with the band, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. As this news can typically be daunting and leave a not so great feeling about the future of an active individual, I was determined to not let my inefficient pancreas (see image below) stand in my way!...

DKT Takes Five...

dkt5 Questions for DKT

By Darin Wieneke

How cool is David Thompson of the Gear West Bike and Tri Development team? Pretty darn cool. If you have read about him in the past, you already know he received a graduate degree in nuclear engineering from MIT and he has won more than 60 triathlons. Here are some less commonly known things about DKT which further exemplify his coolness: Sharks have a week dedicated to him. He sweats Body Glide. The Jimmy John's delivery guy is afraid to race him....

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