Dan's Got a Speedo Tan....

danGetting Into the Routine

By Dan Hedgecock (http://danhedgecock.blogspot.com)

Believe it or not, it is now 2013. I've been training in Clermont, FL since the first week in December and it has been fantastic. Quite a few professional triathletes make Clermont their winter training camp and I can see why. The weather is fantastic which makes it possible to swim outside at the National Training Center everyday. For me this is a big win from a mental standpoint. During the winter I want to get in some great training, but I also want to start the season mentally and physically fresh. Since starting to train down here I have started to look forward to the swim each day more than my run (This is blasphemy coming from a runner, and I apologize to any non-triathlete runners for admitting it). I know that I'm not going to have to worry about mid-season mental burnout because I'm not

Like Ryan Gossling, Only Better....

ryanBy Warren Peece

Going Off Course - Does it bum you out when you meet, or read about, someone who is totally better than you in every conceivable way? Does it make you want to get drunk and eat bad food?

Me, too.

When one of the MTN Guys (Trudles) asked me to do an "Off Course" feature on Minneapolis triathlete Cody Stadler, I gladly accepted the assignment.

International Finisher Medals...

nicola(Photo - Olympic gold medalist Nicola Spirig of Switzerland.)

A Look at Triathlon Finisher Medals from 2012 (from TriJuice.com)

Again our year-end look takes a peak at some of the triathlon finisher medals of 2012 from races around the world. From generic to highly custom designs, they offer those triathletes that like them a post race memory of the challenge they conquered whether short or long.

Yeah, yeah, some people like finisher medals, some don't. Some wear it proudly, some don't care. Without a doubt, the two most sought after triathlon medals of 2012 where the two gold medals at the London Olympic Games in the triathlon event, won by Nicola Spirig and Alistair Brownlee.

Esprit de She Athletic Series...

logoEsprit de She Athletic Series for Women Includes Triathlons (from TriJuice.com)

In the same innovative spirit with which Life Time Fitness connected several of the most prominent international-distance triathlon events via the Race to the Toyota Cup, the Company has launched a new, premiere athletic event series for women--Esprit de She, the spirit of her race series. Mixing camaraderie with competition, Esprit de She offers fitness-inspired 'happy hour' 5k/10k runs and triathlons for every pace and passion. Event information, including registration, is available at www.espritdeshe.com.

In its debut season the 18-event series will travel to a variety of popular swim, bike and run host cities, including the eight featured events below. Additional Esprit de She destinations will be announced in the near future. ...

Smooth Roads & Craft Beer....

lake"Some have complained about the bumpy roads at Brewhouse, while others were bummed about there being no Brewhouse beer at the finish. Those issues have been addressed. Check out the changes and upgrades to this iconic northern Minnesota triathlon." - Rod Raymond


It is official!

The 27th annual Brewhouse Triathlon, after 26 years at Pike Lake, will:

1. Move to the new world class Island Lake Triathlon venue (photo L) just NE of Duluth. Clean water, smooth roads, flat and fast run!

2. Be held on Saturday Aug. 3rd (not Sunday)

3. Will include a fun Brewfest the evening of the race at Island Lake (live music, hand crafted ales, song and stories) ....

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