Do Compression Socks Really Work?

runnerBy Kelly O'Mara (triathlon.competitor.com)

The evidence appears anecdotal, but the perceived recovery benefits can

The Badass Gene...


Going Off Course - What is a Badass? In preparation for this post, the MTN Guys asked their staff researcher, a Hawaiian dude named Wiki Pedia, that compelling question. Why? Because St. Louis Park triathlete Sean Michael Pease told us that his grandfather was a total Badass.

Here's what Wiki found: #1 - A Badass is a guy who likes to cause or get into trouble. Examples include Steve Stiffler, Megatron and the Clown guy in the "Saw" movies. Or: #2 - A guy with formidable strength or skill, like a badass guitarist or The Hulk.

Wiki also learned that the Badass Gene skips a generation, which means that Sean may also possess Badassedness.

If you read Sean's bio below, you'll probably become as confused as we used to be. You see, Sean has just as many "Goodass" traits, i.e. non-trouble-causing or non-demonstrating formidable strength or skill, as BA ones.

On the Badass side, Sean loves motorcycles and is skilled at fixing them, plus he has many, many tattoos which make people assume that he's been in prison....

A Very Important Message...

cindyBy Frank Blackstock

Cindy and I have an important message we would like to get out. To help get this message across, I think it is important to understand a few things about Cindy. Cindy has always been full of surprises. Growing up with immigrant parents in Cleveland, she only spoke Croatian until learning English from the neighborhood kids. The last person you would think to become a Presidential Scholar in Chemical Engineering and earn 7 US Patents. And after stepping away from the workforce for several years to stay home with our kids, probably the last person you would think to start up a very successful research business with another

Weak Glutes?

weak_glutes.pngEnsure that your running stride originates from the body’s main engine.


By Jene' Shaw (triathlon.competitor.com)


The health risks associated with sitting at a desk all day have made numerous headlines in the past year. And outside of the serious health risks, a sedentary lifestyle from 9 to 5 can also have an impact on the quality of your afternoon run workouts.

“Because we sit on our butt all day, it sometimes forgets what it’s supposed to do when we go to run,” says exercise physiologist Krista Austin, Ph.D. If you go directly from your desk to the roads, your glutes may have trouble engaging. Sitting for hours also puts the hip...

Movie Star Looks & Ghengis Khan Height...

roncurtGoing Off Course - Lakeville triathlete CURT LOCKMAN has been cursed with movie star good looks.

Which movie star, you ask?

We don't know the guy's name but he starred in "Office Space" and was really good. He also played a narcissistic

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