Spongebob, Scrapbooking & Cool Hats...

crystalmike(Photo - The dangerous Crystal Taylor and happy angler, Mike Ewen.)

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The Entire Lance Armstrong...

lanceED. Slowtwitch.com founder/Main Man Dan Empfield is a really bright guy and a great writer. Some will appreciate the magnanimity he displays in this article. Others, like our friend Stephen, will not.

By Dan Empfield

I don't know who introduced Lance Armstrong to performance enhancers. There are two likely suspects who come to mind, but they're my private guesses. I did not ask Lance when I visited him earlier this year at his home. It's not my business to know. He's not admitted to me that he doped. He is not happy with me that I don't any longer accept that he didn't dope. Now we don't talk.

Rewind to the summer of 1991, and Lance said something to me approximating, "Watch your feet; the floorboard's missing." It would be a classic today if it was restored, but his '60s era Volkswagen Beetle was a beater when he pulled up to my front door in it. He

Getting Fat...

fat bikeBy Bonnie d'Hiver


Culture of Greed Stuff...

gekkoED. At MTN we try to stay away from political and otherwise controversial / yucky stuff. That's why we didn't post this two weeks ago when it first came to our attention. But we changed our mind because interesting stuff is discussed here.

By Jay Dicharry (anathletesbody.com)

Sport: Don

"...danger, suffering and constant prayer..."

ruth(Photo - Ruth and Mark doing France.)

Ironman 70.3 Pays D Aix Race Recap...(Ed. This is a terrific story! Thanks for sharing, Ruther! We miss you.)

By Ruth Brennan Morrey

I capped off my race season with my first ever Ironman 70.3 branded race at Pays D Aix in Provence, France on September 23rd. My family moved to Oxford, England at the end of August, and my hope was to tee-up my 2013 season with a qualification to the Ironman 70.3 World championship in Las Vegas. Moving a household across the Atlantic, getting situated with three young children, and being generally disoriented in a new environment, resulted in what I call the

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