Beth Lacanne is a Very Very Nice Person and Other Weekend Stuff...

logoNewsy Notesy Stuff - MTN congratulates St. Paul pro, David Thompson, and Circle Pines amateur, Patrick Parish on their podium performances this morning at the Washington DC Triathlon, a 5150 Series member event. DKT's 3rd here is arguably his best effort of the year thus far.

We'll have to ask him.

Incidently, the men's winner was Aussie, Paul Matthews.

Parish's 2nd place overall amateur effort (1:57:39) behind 2009 US Athlete of the Year, Brian Duffy of Pennsylvania, may be his best performance thus far in 2011....

Chris' First Flying Dismount...

finishOccasional MTN contributor, Chris Hawes, who is voluntarily bald, which is very cool, did the 2nd annual Eau Claire Triathlon last weekend. He liked it. Here's his race report, which was jacked, with permission, from his BLOG:

By Chris Hawes

Race Coverage - There were a lot of racing options this past weekend, Liberty (Oly and Half), Trinona (Sprint and Oly), and the OptumHealth Manitou Sprint Triathlon. Last year I did Manitou, this year I decided to go back to my "home town" (I went to high school and undergrad) to do thier 2nd annual sprint triathlon.

As usual, I showed up early, I think I was fourth in transition. The between bike spacing was good, the between rack spacing was tight. The transition area was long and a bit narrow. The bike in and out were at the same end, the in from the swim and the run out were the same end. Initially, I was unsure of the space in transition, but it actually worked out well enough....

Heidi Is Crazy Fast...

hkm(Photo - 2011 Trinona Olympic and Lake Minnetonka winner, Heidi Keller-Miler with a cute kid. Heidi also won the LMT in 2006.)

Lake Minnetonka XIII- Chaska Uber Master, Heidi Keller-Miler, 46,

Racing For Lips....

dktWednesday, June 15, 2011 (filched from thompsontri.blogspot.com)

Top Ten Reasons to do Trinona Next Year

I think Trinona is my new favorite race, displacing Escape from Alcatraz.

10. Adhesize bike numbers: No tape or pins required. White numbers on black background was unique too.

9. They have race T-Shirts that my wife will actually let me wear outside the house.

8. Winona is only a 2 hour 20 min scenic drive from the Twin Cities...

MSCS Kick-Off...

lori & shannon(Photo - Lori Deschamps and Shannon Donley, Alaska's premier multisportswomen sprinting for the finish line at the 2009 Moose Nugget --great name!--Triathlon. Lori will be one of the favorites at RochesterFest Olympic on Sunday.)

RochesterFest Preview - Sunday's RochesterFest Olympic Triathlon is the kick-off event of the inaugural Minnesota State Championship Series and will be recognized as the Minnesota State Olympic Championship. Not surprising, the deepest field in the race's four year history will be on hand.

How strong is the field?

A glance at the registration list tells us that RFO has drawn the 2nd best men's field of the year to date. Only the Gear West Duathlon can claim to have pulled more talent. But not that much more...

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