bikeBy Kortney Haag (from kortneyhaag.blogspot.com)

Austin 70.3 - What a fun way to end my season in warm and sunny Austin!

Derek and I left for our trip on Friday and I had already shipped my bike to the hotel so it was there waiting for us to put together. This is what it looked like before so I was a little nervous about making sure my fit was perfect, but I knew Derek would be more anal about putting it together than I would!

Friday night we walked around 6th street and could hear the music outside of the bars desperately wanting to go in and party but I knew I would have my chance come Sunday night....

Suburban Vegas & the Redneck Riviera...

hilary(Little Blurry Photo - Hilary Patzer riding like an banshee at Silverman '10. Hilary will take on the same course this Saturday at the ITU Long Distance World Championships.)

The majority of Minnesota's multisporters haven't raced since mid-September. There are some, however, who have yet to curtail their racing seasons. A gaggle of Loon Staters will be toeing the starting line in Henderson, Nevada on Saturday at the 18th annual ITU Long Distance World Championships. And an ever larger contingent of our triathletes will be at the 11th edition of Ironman Florida in Panama City, Florida, also on Saturday.

The following Minnesotans will be racing at LD Worlds, which will feature one of the most challenging courses--4K - 180K - 30K--they'll ever encounter:...

Race of the Year Finalists...

croixlake mariontrinonaywca


aod(Photo - Cathy Yndestad's well-deserved Athlete of the Decade award, presented at Tri Night 2010.)


More From the Most Interesting Man in Columbia Heights...

mikeyBy Matthew Payne

Soma Half - I always swore up and down that I'd never become one of those people. You know, the ones who spam up the internets with a bazillion pictures of their kid(s). But oh well, screw it... this little dude--Mikey--is too cute to not share. He must get that from his mom...

I debated hanging up the Lycra for the season back in September after Best of the US. Going out on top and all... but that lasted all of a day or two before I found myself spending a good deal of my free time searching for a mid-October half iron race to jump into. I eventually settled on the weekend of 10/22-10/23, which narrowed my choices down to 70.3 Austin and the Soma Half, in Tempe, AZ. Soma won out on the basis of logistics. Fights were way cheaper and it would be much easier to pull off in a 3-day weekend. Doing Austin on that timeframe would've required flying on Delta, and I'll see them and their $175 each way bike fee in hell.

So... on Saturday morning I packed up the trusty Orbea and made my way to the airport for my flight to Phoenix....

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