"The Coolest Thing I've Ever Done"...

Tracy finishes

ED. Brendon and his home skillet, Suzy, won the Fall Classic Duathlon this morning. Results will be available soon on the CALENDAR & RESULTS page. A story will post on Tuesday.

By Tracy Serreyn

This was my year to attempt the Ironman distance for the first time.  For the past two years I’ve volunteered at Ironman Wisconsin.  Last year I got up before dawn to wait in line with hundreds of other volunteers to register.  My husband and son have raced triathlon for years so I wasn’t unfamiliar with the sport but at that point I had only been training myself for two seasons.  I felt I had put in enough time to give it a shot.

I built up a good base and worked with a bike coach all winter to get ready for training last spring.  The summer flew by and my training went very well.  Paul was also registered for the race and he became my bike training partner, which worked out well for both of us....

Iron Watching

donutIronman Wisconsin is a fabulous race to watch. With the swim, transition, finish and much of the run all within walking distance it is easy logistically for both athletes and spectators. This year the athletes lucked out with a cool and overcast race day.

I worked with Ken Glah’s Endurance Sports Travel for the weekend helping athletes get around town. This was a great experience...

OLT Stuff

olt logoONE LAST TRI PREVIEW – Insufficient parking forcedthis eight-year-old event to leave its venue at Big Marine Park, and relocate to Ramsey County Beach on the north shore of White Bear Lake in the community of the same name. Big Marine could comfortably accommodate race personnel and perhaps 300 participants. The White Bear location has hosted more than twice that many folks at past editions of the Manitou Sprint...

Nothing Like It...

RBM FinishBy Ruth Brennan Morrey

Long Course Duathlon World champs race summary

Started out nice and easy on the first 10k run. Exactly where I wanted to be at mid pack. By the 3rd and last 50k lap on the bike, I made my way to 2nd place with a good lead on 3rd, and within reach of first place female. Then, after a long descent, I crashed on a 90-degree turn from to avoid slamming a car that was not stopped by the volunteers. Bike and RBM hit the pavement and my bike had a mechanical issue. The back wheel wasn't turning. When I took the wheel out, the tire went POP! Flat tire took more time to change than expected but was fortunate that it resolved. After I got back on the road, I was in 9th place coming off the bike. The 30k run was BRUTAL. Basically no flats, just up and down steep climbs and downhills the whole way. Painful on the quads! Anyway, finally caught the 3rd place female with 100 meters to go in the race in the finishing arena (which was exhilarating!), so some how, some way I managed a podium 3rd place finish. Suffering and perseverance were huge today. Never experienced anything like it. 

Dan vs. Dan

Dan ArlandsonSQUARE LAKE LONG COURSE - Maple Grove’s elusive Erin Farrens has raced at Square Lake on two occasions, in 2007 and last Sunday. In ’07 she finished 2nd behind course record-setter Marlo Crosby. On Sunday, she won, her victory marking a successful return to racing after more than two years on the sidelines where she did a lot of other stuff, much of which involved acts of parenting. 

Those of us who remember Erin are happy to report that she looks the same at she did in 2006, when she was a more active member of our state’s tri scene.

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