Saving North Mankato...

crockerED. Chris Crocker, the Mankato Multisport Club's Head Honcho / Big Cheese / sharp dresser (photo L), sent this letter addressing the future of the North Mankato, a 14-year institution, to fellow club members. This situation should be of interest to all Minnesota multisport enthusiasts.

Club members,

I've received a few questions trying to clarify the situation with the North Mankato Triathlon. Here are the high points:

The North Kato tri belongs under North Mankato Fun Days. North Mankato Fun Days is run by the Civic and Commerce Committee, which is an unelected group of folks from North Mankato that the City council has put in charge of commerce issues. The race is not run by the city council, and the Civic and Commerce Committee is not run by the city council either.

* There are two major outstanding issues with the race currently. One has to do with the size of the race, and the other has to do with who the new director will be....

Planning Ahead...


Goodbye Denny...

dennyBy Nick Morales

The Minnesota Triathlon community lost a great friend, supporter, athlete and photographer yesterday. What a GREAT guy Denny Johnson was; if he wasn't racing he'd be there cheering people on or taking pictures. His unselfishness, love for the sport and friends was demonstrated one last time about a month ago in Boulder when he decided to cheer on friends who where racing while on vacation. Unfortunately Denny didn't make it to the race because of his bike accident but he was there in spirit in the hearts of those racing, cheering and taking pictures that day. I had the great pleasure to meet him, know him, train with him and take pictures with him... What a sad day it will be the next time a Minnesota Triathlon takes place, not seeing Denny there doing something amazing!

I will miss ya my friend and photo buddy...

With Five Seconds to Spare...

gorgeBy Bonnie Losten-DeWilde

It started with a bet. Only the bet was a well kept secret.

"An Ironman athlete isn't tough enough to finish this course," director of the N. Dakota 24 Hour Extreme Adventure Race, and Adventure Racer extraordinaire Andy Magness chided. "An Ironman athlete might have the physical endurance for up to 17 hours but this is a 24 hour race and the obstacles and terrain are much harder. They'll crack mentally well before the end!"

"Ironman competitors are as tough as they come," countered the Ironman triathlete. "with enough physical and mental stamina to withstand whatever terrain or silly obstacles your 24 hour course might provide."

And with that, our powerful and respectable team name secretly changed from 'Babies vs. Wild' to 'The Triathletes'....

The Color of Victory...

tinaSt. Croix Valley Sprint - Transplanted Saskatchewanian Diane Hankee has been racing in her adopted Minnesota since 2006. In 2009 she started winning.

Diane recorded the 10th W of her career this morning under totally autumnish conditions (cool, gray, windy) in Hudson at the 11th running of the St. Croix Valley Sprint Triathlon. She wore her blue racing outfit. Yesterday she finished 2nd at SCV-Olympic while wearing her red and black uni, proving unequivocally that her blue suit is faster than her red one.

Placing 2nd in the women's race was Tina Welzien, who was wearing her light blue G-4 outfit (photo L). She won the St. Paul Sprint in that uniform and was thus attired during her 8th place finish at Brewskihouse. Once again, the evidence is clear: blue is faster than red....

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