Awesome Running...

Screen-shot-2013-12-31-at-4.gifED. We purloined this cool tidbit from a popular endurance lifestyle website called slowtwitch.com. Words and photo by one of the best tri journalists ever: Timothy Carlson.


FAVORITES OF 2013 - The Run

Running comes in many forms and at very different velocities. While the clock can measure time spent, it is far more difficult to assign meaning. Who is to say that Victor Del Corral’s 2:37:29 marathon to win Ironman Florida is better than Mark Covert’s 45-year daily running streak that covered 149, 651 miles? So was Alistair Brownlee’s 28:32 10,000 meter run on a track better than his 29:07 to win the 2012 London Olympic triathlon? Sebastian...

Maddy & Olivia...

maddys-shoes.gifPhoto - Maddy Blain's sneakers.

The new year is underway and we're already getting excited about the 2014 season. In '13, four of the ten women on Team Minnesota were first-timers. Two of those girls--Heather Lendway and Jenn Scudiero--were national champions. How cool is that!

By comparison, only one guy--Brian Sames--on Team Minnesota had not been there before.

Will there be some new blood on next year's Team?  We think so. Guys who came close in 2013, like Dennis Dane and Jason Crisp, might do it. And then there's last year's Rookie of the Year nominees--Larry Hosch and Casey Miller. We'll need to see big time...

New Races in 2014...

lake-phalen-rwmwd.gifThe 2014 racing calendar will feature some exciting new events. In 2013, there was the Shell Lake Triathlon and Esprit de She Du. Next year, which started yesterday, we can look forward to at least four promisIng new races.

They are:

- BEST OF THE US NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS on June 22 at its permanent new home at Lake Phalen in St. Paul. (photo L). This event is much more than an elite race for invitees from all 50 states. Just as important to the organziers will be the BOUS Sprint Triathlon that is open to all participants. Help make this race an annual classic for Minnesotans to enjoy for decades to come. RACE WEBSITE ...

Reflections & a Dog...

teddyandthea.gifBy Devon Palmer (palmertri.wordpress.com)

Here are some of the great things that happened in 2013:

First Duathlon Win – I won the Falls Duathlon, put on by Final Stretch, this spring. Last year it was 36 with light rain. This year sunny and warm! We’ll see what next April brings. If Brian Sames comes down again I’m going to beat him again, no matter how nice a guy he is. Just letting you know now, Brian.

New PRs at Masters Practice – using the magic of pull and paddles I set new Personal Records for distances 200-1500 at Genesis Aquatics

200 – 1:59
500- 5:12 (also at the same practice my second best ever, 5:16)
1000- 10:58
1500- 16:47.....More Stuff on Page 2.

Rock the Core...

jan_1_header.gifApple Duathlon invites you to Rock the Core in 2014! As part of Apple's mission to empower athletes and promote healthy lifestyles, we are kicking off the season with an opportunity to participate in a free Group Bike Fit Workshop by Chris Balser aka The Bicycle Fit Guru http://www.bicyclefitguru.com.

The workshop is a FREE event for Registered 2014 Apple Duathlon athletes that "Like" this Facebook post or send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by January 15th. You will be entered into a drawing to be one of the lucky 20 participates in the Group Bike Fit Workshop. We will contact those chosen to participate in the workshop via facebook or email on January...

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