Racing Can Be Fun....

danThe Most Fun I've Had in a Race

By Dan Hedgecock (danhedgecock.blogspot.com)

This weekend I raced the age group draft legal race at the Clermont Challenge. It was a short trip down to Florida and back. I arrived in Orlando at 2:45 on Friday afternoon and flew back out at 6:30 the next day. Even with the quick turnaround I had a great time.

The race on Saturday was unlike anything I've ever done. I lined up with 75 other people, much more than the 20-30 that I'm used to. The swim was very physical. Most of the guys were at least decent swimmers because of the draft legal style of racing, and I swam over a few people, a few people swam over me, I choked down a lot of water and got kicked in the face. I came out of the water 42nd, still a lot of work to do there....

De-Rusting in Clermont...

ko(Cell Phone Photo - Kevin O'Connor. The shot was taken by Kevin's sister. Who knew?)

Race Coverage - For most Minnesotans the 2012 multisport season won't get underway until May. For a few, however, the outdoor season has already started.

Three of our state's premier guys--2011 Triathlete of the Year, Dan Hedgecock, 2010 Triathlete of the Year, Patrick Parish and 2009 US Duathete of the Year, Kevin O'Connor--and three of Minnesota's most decorated junior girls--2010 Junior of the Year, Kate Lowrey, 2011 Junior of the Year Runner-up, Greta Danielson, and 2011 JOY nominee, Paige Danielson--plus promising newcomer Trisha Bachmeier--treked down to Clermont in central Florida last weekend for the 2nd annual Clermont Draft Legal Challenge. Seventy-seven amateur guys and 37 amateur girls, a significant percentage of whom sport elite creds, and some of whom have pro aspirations, gathered on the mucky, receding shoreline of Lake Louisa last Saturday. The course length was "official sprint," i.e. half-Olympic (750m-20K-5K), and conditions were, for better or worse, a bit more sultry (temps in the mid-80s) than the northern and Midwestern entrants were used to.

The draft legal format favors strong swimmers and the Minnesota contingent are best known for their cycling and running prowesses. Sure, Kevin's and Kate's swim skills are estimable, but on Saturday KO chose to swim with Dan, allowing the Gear West Bike duo to work together during the bike segment; and Kate, who was in 10th pace out of the water despite being whacked by a kayaker's paddle, DNFed in T1 on the advice of her coach....

Tri Team Championship...

logoED. The 2nd annual Tri For a Cause will host the inaugural Minnesota Tri Team Championship. Race Director Henry Praska tells us what it is all about.

Dear MTN Readers,

I would like to formally invite triathlon clubs throughout Minnesota to participate in the 1st Annual Tri Team Championship

Coach Kris Honored...Again...


Philantrophy, Ketchup & Dancing Children...

penticoffs(Photo - L - R - The Penticoffs - Olivia, Renee, Scotty and Jenna.)

Interview - Scott Penticoff is not just a great athlete, he's one of the coolest and most honorable guys we know. He also owns a lot of great shirts. He's returning to the multi scene after taking 2011 off to concentrate on other things. Recently we had the chance to discuss important stuff with him, like philanthropy and ketchup and parenthood.

MTN - You concentrated on ultra-running and philanthropy in 2011. What did you set out to accomplish in those areas? And did you satisfy your goals?

SP - MTN Guys,

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