Kona's Final Star, Jeff Schmidt

jeffBy Yuri H.

When the celebration is over, crowds and cameras are gone, and all that remains is what

Helping Others...


Fast Before The Feast 10K And 5K Running Races Send Donations To White Bear, Hugo Food Shelves

White Bear Lake, MN October 30, 2012

Minnesota's Bar-Raisers....

ruth(Photo - Ruth Brennan Morrey winning the amateur title at Pays D'Aix 70.3. Ruth has amassed an unprecedented five MMA nominations.)

The 13th annual Minnesota Multisport Awards will be announced at the MMA Party at Gear West Bike & Triathlon next Saturday. We hope you'll be there.

For the first time in a single post, here are all of the official nominees:

TRIATHLETE OF THE YEAR (W) - Ruth Brennan Morrey, Claire Bootsma, Suzie Fox, Cathy Yndestad

TRIATHLETE OF THE YEAR (M) - Dan Hedgecock, Alex Hooke, Patrick Parish, Matt Payne & Marcus Stromberg

LONG DISTANCE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR - Ruth Brennany Morrey, Suzie Fox, Matthew Payne, Cathy Yndestad

DUATHLETE OF THE YEAR - Ruth Brennan Morrey, Suzie Fox, Chad Millner, Patrick Parish

Justifying Tattoos....Updated...

im(Photo - All Medaled-up and ready for beer, happy Ironpeople Johnny Surprise, Jen Martone and Evan Reed.)

IRONMAN FLORIDA - At least 35 Minnesotans crossed the finish line at Ironman Florida last Saturday, and on behalf of our state's entire multisport community, MTN sends out full-throated congratulations and exuberant hugs and handshakes and high-fives and knuckle-bumps to these amazing people. Well done!

Here, in alpha order, are those Minnesotans who triumphantly placed an exclamation mark at the end of their respective 2012 seasons, doing so on the affectionately-known Redneck Riviera two days ago. Doubtlessly, some will return with tattoos.

AARON AKYUZ (42, Edina) - 14:14:27

DEBBIE CLIFT (56, Plymouth) - 13:57:42

EMMANUEL DARNE (41, Woodbury) - 10:20:10

KARL DISCHINGER (41, St. Paul) - 13:28:53

ROBIN EDDY (42, Walker) - 16:08:30 ...

Kona Relived....

bennettRace Report for Kona 2012 Ironman World Championships

By Bennett Isabella

I will preface this with saying this was the hardest race I have ever done, hands down. But also one of the most fun races I have ever been a part of.

I arrived in Hawaii the Wednesday night before the race and walked around the city, which was buzzing with energy. Super fun just going around. On Thursday morning I went on a swim on the course which was actually tough because I was watching all the fish on the coral and had trouble getting the stupid grin off my face. I did my normal 20/30/20 on Thursday and Friday pre-race. Also downed tons of minerals and water to super hydrate myself which I managed to do successfully as I weighed in race morning I was an extra 3.0 lbs from what I had weighed a couple days before....

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