We're Totally Bummed...

lwtFor Immediate Release: Lake Waconia Triathlon Ownership Departure

After 24 years, the Lake Waconia Triathlon (LWT) will no longer be under the leadership of Race Founder Tom Konrardy, current Race Director Marvin Denzer, and other key individuals, namely Jean Konrardy, Jeff Schnobrich, Tracy Shupe, Michelle Cox, Eric Nordin and Shelly Denzer, who executed an exit strategy to ensure a complete ownership departure.

Much has changed over the years, but the essential philosophies held steadfast because of the scores of dedicated volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure a safe and successful race each and every year. Sincere appreciation is extended by LWT's founder and committee to everyone; the loyal and hard-working volunteers, sponsors like Gearwest, Ridgeview Medical Center, and Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative and others, race participants, the City of Waconia, and many surrounding communities....

Strength Summoning...

dawnED. Dawn Johnson is a triathlete whose brain cancer was diagnosed last spring. On August 11 she raced at the USAT National Sprint Championship.

By Dawn Johnson (braintumorwod.wordpress.com)

USAT SPRINT NATIONALS - The day was Sunday August 11, 2013. Place Milwaukee, WI. I had been waiting for this day since last Fall. I am a former elite triathlete and triathlon coach. This was supposed to be a race to be competitive and do well but the plans changed with my diagnosis of anaplastic astrocytoma and 7 hour brain surgery. Brain cancer was not going to stop me from neither starting nor finishing. In the back of my mind, I knew I was doing this for a cause, the American Brain Tumor Association and for those who cannot. It had been 11 weeks since my brain surgery and just over a week since my last oral chemo dose and radiation treatment. I had been unable to train much because of post-surgical restrictions, slowed recovery from chemotherapy, and fatigue from treatments. I reminded myself with a quote from President Obama at the Boston Marathon Memorial Service,

Casey's Revenge...

lakes countryLAKES COUNTRY XIV - If our info is correct, this event will be celebrating its 14th birthday on Sunday. For its first three years, it was known as the Whipple Wave Triathlon, thus its current title has been in place for 11 years.

Like most summer weekends, this Saturday/Sunday has more than its share of multisport races, thus entrant numbers for most events are down slightly. We suspect that the LCT will draw between 350 and 400 participants.

Who will win? Unless the currently un-enrolled Michelle Andres makes the unlikely decision to make the short drive from East Gull Lake to Baxter, we...

Specialer Than Ever...

logoMAPLE GROVE TRIATHON IV - The fourth edition of this event is gonna be special, even specialer than its first three runnings, which were also totally special.

How so, you ask?

Well, Saturday's MGT is now a Life Time event, which means that it will be larger than ever (1500+) and even better produced, if that's even possible. It is also the 3rd and final event in the Life Time Minnesota Tri Series, which started at Trinona in June, then went to Lake Nokomis in July (Minneapolis Triathlon).

FYI, the Life Time Tri Series has many serieses within the larger series. In addition to the Minnesota Series, there is the Chicagoland, Texas and Arizona serieseseses....

A Superior Experience, Man!


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