Saturday Previewettes...

kyleChaska - The Chaska River City Days Triathlon is celebrating its 10th anniversary on Sunday. And you're invited. This event features small town charm and a picturesque and challenging bike route. We wholeheartedly recommend this event. Good news. You can still get in. WEBSITE

Favored to win, as he did in 2012, is Kyle Serreyn, who is on the comeback trail, and according to him that road doesn't start in Munchkin Land. It starts in Chaska on Saturday. Check out his latest Blog post - LINK.

Also, we're picking Tracy Serreyn, Kyle's mom who won here in 2011, to join her son in the Winner's Circle. How cool would that be? (Actually, Tracy may choose to spectate. ALSO: We just learned that Brooke (Larsen) Plotz, two-time winner of the Tri Minnesota Series, has just enrolled, making her the current women's favorite. A win would be the 8th of her young career.)

Tri For a Cure - The 3rd edition of this big-hearted event will be Saturday at Serpent Lake in Crosby. Scenic courses, plentiful food and amenities and that cool Team thing they got going make this race special. Hey, you don't need to be a part of a team to participate. We encourage you to...

Location, Location, Location...

mugGraniteman Coverage - The original Graniteman Triathlon was staged in the town of Rockville south of St. Cloud. It had a five-year history at that venue before relocating to its present site near Clearwater.

Faith Rewarded...

rainLife Time - Minneapolis Tri - It was more a matter of faith than just patience.

Apocalyptic rains, lightning and wake-the-dead thunder had the 12th annual Life Time - Minneapolis' Triathlon's entrants scurrying for cover. Many of them waited out the storm in their cars. Others went home. Everyone, the stayers and the goers, knew that course flooding would necessitate a "Plan B." The 1800--or-so stayers had faith that event management would figure something out; that the race would go on. More than that, those people believed that the producers of this

Brendon & Suzy Have a "Thing" Going On...

leanne leapAwesome Matt Fulton (minnefotamoments.com) Photo - The "Leanne Leap"!

Timberman Coverage - Brendon O'Flanagan and Suzy Fox are obscenely attractive people. And we're not just talkin' looks here. Those guys--androgynous usage--are as nice and as cool as they are physically perfect. (Photo on P. 2)

In case you didn't know, Brendon and Suzy are doing that Boyfriend/Girlfriend thing. Can you imagine what would happen if their relationship devolves into marriage? Their children would be above-average in every way.

Their kids, which would probably have cute names like Chip and Sophie, would be doomed to becoming awesome triathletes. Maybe even awesomer than their parents, whose last demonstration of their respective awesomeness took place at the 29th Timberman Olympic-ish Triathlon (approximate distances: 1200m - 25ish miles - 6 miles) last Saturday. In that annual classic Suzy dominated the women's race, winning by a margin of nearly five minutes. The W was her fourth of the season and 15th of her stellar career....

Racing For Kersten...

kerstenED. We just received this letter from our good friend Bill Benning and felt that it deserved to bypass the Content Queue and be posted immediately.

July 15, 2013

This past Saturday I competed in the Lifetime Triathlon. Although the event isn

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