Small Races are Fun....

cindy(Photo - The taller girl is Cindy's friend. The shorter girl is Cindy.)

Outland Challenge Triathlon - Have you ever heard of the Outland Challenge?

Neither had we, but triathlete / Physical Therapist Extraordinaire Cindy Schalfmann, who has a 17-year-old son who plays and referees soccer and just got his first car and has a girlfriend, insists that such a race exists, claiming that it isn't far from her ancestral hometown of Canby, Minnesota, which she claims is close to the South Dakota border. Supposedly, the race is on the SD side of said border.

We like Cindy a lot, thus we assume that she isn't lying.

Here's her race report:

It was a small race of just under 100 participants I believe including those on teams but last year I think there were only around 50 individual triathletes.....

Hedge, Boots & PP Among Hy-Vee EA Faves...

hy veeHy-Vee 5150 U.S. Championship - The second deepest elite amateur field of the year (behind USAT Nationals) will be on hand for this weekend's 5150 EA National Championship in Des Moines, Iowa. On the men's high-end side, the race will feature the Top 4 finishers at AG Nationals, and yes, we believe that these guys, all of whom will likely be considered for 2012 USAT AOY, will sweep the podium+one. Will the order be the same as at Nationals? That is the question. We hope not.

2012 USAT AG Nationals - Men

1. Brian Duffy (PA)

2. Drew Scott (CO)...

"I Want to do This Again!"


By Jason Goepfert

This is Morcelli (with his mom, Eddah, and Lisa Goepfert.)

When he was a child, he couldn't pedal a tricycle. He couldn't hold

a crayon like other kids and he couldn't walk in a straight line.

There were a lot of things he couldn't do like the others.

Assorted News Stuff...

jasmineNAME DROPPAGE - Brett Lovaas' victory on Sunday at the 12th Lakes Country Triathlon was his 26th win since he exiled himself from the Cheesehead State in 1997 and became a Minnesota guy. Over the 15-year period that he has been a Twin Citizen, only St. Paul's David Thompson (80), Cathy Yndestad (58), Brian Bich (43), and Jan Guenther (41, we think?) have won more multisport races. Lovaas is currently tied with Patrick Parish, who has also won 26 trs & dus, for 5th place on this august list.

DU-ING WELL THESE DAYS - Dan Arlandson, who is nice guy, kinda tall and doesn't say much, and Jasmine Carlson, who is also very nice, in addition to being arrestingly pretty, won the 4th annual Minneapolis Duathlon on Sunday. As you can see, Jasmine (phone L) has an impressive "six pack." With two wins, a 3rd and a 5th in 2012 du action, Dan may be looking at a Duathlete of the Year nomination. MPLS DU RESULTS...

Best Buds Rock in Baxter....

brett & mike(Photo - BFFs Brett Lovaas and Mike Waataja go 1-2 at Lakes Co. XII)

By Shelly Summer

Sports Writer / Brainerd Dispatch


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