Brilliant End to a Brilliant Season...

runED. Here is some of the cool local coverage that Rochester triathlete, Ruth Brennan Morrey, received after she won the ITU Long Distance World Championship on November 5. Brennan Morrey took home the 2011 Minnesota Rookie of the Year award last Saturday.

By Paul Christian (for PostBulletin.com - 11/18)

Ruth Brennan Morrey was a very good soccer player at Rochester Mayo, so good, in fact, that she earned a scholarship to play at the University of Wisconsin.

She played four years with the Badgers and as a senior, was named captain.

Upon graduation, she shifted gears and decided to focus on running

Due Diligence...

bob & hannah(Photo - Female Junior of the Year Hannah Strom and MMA co-host Bob Powers.)

Minnesota Multisport Awards - Determining who should be nominated and who should win the MMAs is an inherently controversial process. Heck, the members of the Selection Committee don't always agree with each others' choices and rationales. In the end, their goal is to demonstrate due diligence; showing that they truly scrutinized the results and that the final choices make sense, even if they are not universally agreed upon.

The truth is that the six-member core of the Committee (there are also three members that participated in the dialogue on a more occasional basis) worked their respective asses off and ultimately stand by the final selections, whether they agree with them or not. The process is totally democratic. They argue like cats and dogs, then independently submit our choices to the Chairman, who counts the votes. The athletes with the most support during the selection process receive nominations. The nominee with the most support in each category wins the award.

A Really Good Party...

bob(Photo - Rookie of the Year Ruth Brennan Morrey receiving her Official Congratulatory Hug from Bob Powers.)

WARNING: Parts of this post may have been slightly embellished.

Minnesota Multisport Awards Party - Parties are good!

Well, maybe not all of them. But this one, which featured the presentation of the 13th annual Minnesota Multisport Awards, sure-as-heck was. There was no drunkenness, breakage, vomiting or fist fights. Instead, there was lots of great food, brew (Summit, no less!) and spiritus fermenti, which is Latin for "wine." The climate was convivial, warm enough to melt the cute little marshmallows atop your tepid cocoa.

And let's face it, the end of every great racing season NEEDS a party; an event where blessings can be counted and memories cherished. MTN, which owns the MMAs, and the great folks at Gear West Bike & Triathlon, which generously provided the intimate venue, were happy to provide the excuse for this ...

The Joy of Giving...Bikes...

bikes(Photo - L - R - Bonnie Hudgins, Hung Ho, Nathan Zack and Bonnie Moebeck)

By Bonnie Moebeck

It was still dark out but my brother and I knew it was definitely close enough to morning. The dog

Hedge & Boots Rock the 13th MMAs...


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