Thad Rocks in Chi-Town...Podiums for Diane & DKT...


Weekend Results Links...

kristin(Photo - Superior Man winner Kristin Gustafson and a guy.)

Sorry we're getting these links posted so late. We crashed hard after we got home from Superior Man yesterday. Who knew it could get so dang hot in Duluth?

SUPERIOR MAN TRIATHLON - Twas an extremely challenging, thus extremely rewarding day. Belligerent in-your-face winds and current, high humidity and triple-digit heat index made just finishing a Badge of Honor more prized than any PR. Sean Cooley repeated as men's champion and Mankato's Kristin Gustafson took the women's title. We're sooooo impressed with Kristin. We'll tell you why in our coverage that will post tomorrow. RESULTS

LAKES COUNTRY TRIATHLON - David Lewis and Sara Sampsell-Jones led the way yesterday in toasty Baxter. Story and photos will post on Wednesday. RESULTS

Who to Boo on Race Day...

DonutGopher-Badger Ironwar: Naming Names

By Devon Palmer

Posted on August 19, 2013 by palmertri

Ironman Wisconsin is getting closer and closer. For all the Gophers out there I thought it would be good to brief you on our Badger enemies so you know who to boo for on race day. Badger fans need read no further. By naming names you may think I

Muscle Failure...

beer guyBy Bonnie Clutchpopper

It was two long months of dedicated dread, hard earned evasiveness and justification before I finally drove into the parking lot. Perhaps under normal circumstances, I could rest easy and sleep again, had the discovery not been so disturbing, or the reality so harsh. But that was only the beginning. When you make a discovery like this, things change. You change. You come to understand the death of the English language. I used to resist the spelling of Coach jonnyj

The Battle of the Titanettes...

girls(Photo - The Olympic women's podium - L-R- Cathy Yndestad, Heather Lendway and Julia Weisbecker.)

Life Time Tri - Maple Grove - Star rookie Olivia Bagnall knocked almost a minute off Claire Bootsma's 2010 sprint course record today. A guy from Belgium--Thomas Vandiest--and Heather Lendway were victorious in the Olympic event. Just 47 seconds separated Lendway, the reigning USAT women's Overall National Champion, and two-time MGO champ Cathy Yndestad. Photos and more words on Tuesday. RESULTS

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