Team Minnesota - Men...

guys(Nick Morales / TriJuice.com Photo - L- R - Dan, Patrick, Matt, Devon, Alex, Marcus, David and Kevin.)

How was men's Team Minnesota determined? Here's an inside look.

1. DAVID THOMPSON - 15 races, 8 wins. While it can be argued that Dan Hedgecock's 2012 resume, in relative terms, i.e. Dan being an elite amateur; DKT being a pro, was superior to David's, the Committee is quick to point out that the speed differential between credentialed pros (like Thompson) and credentialed amateurs (like Hedge) is substantial. David and Dan raced in the same event on six occasions in 2012. DKT came out on top in five of those races, four of which were Olympic distance, where David bettered Dan by an average of 3:21. They also faced each other at Chisago Half, with somewhat gimpy David winning in 4:00:59, and Dan placing 2nd in 4:06:19....

Women's Team Minnesota....

team mn(Nick Morales / TriJuice.com Photo L - R - Ruth's mom, CY, Suz, Claire Bear, Elaine, HKM and Andi.)

Here's a cursory look at how Women's Team Minnesota 2012 was determined.

1. RUTH BRENNAN MORREY - Nine races. Eight CR wins and a 2nd. Clear choice for 1st place. Ruth will receive serious consideration for USAT AOY Honorable Mention.

2. CATHY YNDESTAD - Won eight of 12 races. CY was the only Minnesota woman to beat Ruth this year, doing so at Life Time Tri - Minneapolis. She, too, will be considered for USAT AOY HM, which if that happens will be her third HM to go with the AOY award she earned in 2009. All Committee members agreed on Cathy's TM placement.

3. SUZIE FOX - Won six of 12 races. Nudged Claire out of the 3rd spot, thanks largely to her success at long as well as short distances. Claire only raced in shorter events....

Whys & Wherefores...

dan(Nick Morales / TriJuice.com Photo - Bearded Dan Hedgecock receiving one of his two MMAs.)

Yesterday we explained the MMA Committee's overriding rationale behind the selection of the women's winners. Today we'll discuss the selection process for the guys.


Slam dunk. Hedge won eight races in 2012, including the Hy-Vee 5150 US Championships, Life Time Tri - Minneapolis Elite and St. Anthony's 5150 Elite, and for the 2nd consecutive year was unbeaten by fellow Minnesotans. He also turned in the faster half IM time (4:06) than any of his Loon State peers this year. He's currently receiving serious consideration for the USAT Athlete of the Year award.

PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR - Dan Hedgecock's Course Record at Hy-Vee 5150 US Championship

Another slam. Hy-Vee was the most competitive race of the year and Dan won it convincingly. His performance was arguably the biggest win by a Minnesota male in the last 15+ years....

Time to Explain....

gang(Nick Morales / TriJuice.com Photo - Most Improved Elite winner Suzie Fox, MMA Co-Host Bob Powers and Master of the Year Heidi Keller-Miler. Suzie and Heidi drank many, many beers before, during and after the party.)

The MMA selection process is a highly democratic deal. Committee members study resumes and results, paying special attention to stuff like field quality, head-to-head performances, racing volume, versatility, i.e. whether athletes excelled in a single area, say, short course triathlon, or in multiple areas, i.e. short course tri, long course tri and duathlon; and speed.

It's not enough to simple win races. There is so much more to consider.

Gratitude, Pro Licenses & Kona '13....

michelleMMA winners Michelle Andres, Greg Taylor and Ruth Brennan Morrey were unable to attend the awards party last Saturday. Michelle, who has a "thing" for naked cowboys (photo L), was hunting deer with her husband and their 10-12 sons while simultaneously celebrating her mom's 70th birthday; Greg was called into work doing important doctor stuff and Ruther was in England, probably drinking a few pints of bitter and eating bangers and mash. They emailed their acceptance comments. Good stuff!

From MICHELLE ANDRES (2012 Performance of the Year - Amateur CR @ Ironman Wisconsin)

Wow! Super neat:). Thanks!!

IMoo was a great day. Almost everything came together for me, but I'm still waiting for that swim thing to click. .

The support I received before the race, the day of the race, and after the race from the Tri community was very heart warming and I appreciated it so much.

I'm honored to be part of an amazing group of athletes and all around nice people! ...

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