Extra Sauce & Chick Stuff...

hawaiianGoing Off Course - "Red's Savoy. Can you hold?" The guy didn't wait for her answer. Manilow musak filled Tiff's left ear.


Tiffany Lindstrom was happy to wait. This pizza was worth it. Smartly, she had peed before she hit the speed dial. She swallowed hard so as not to choke on all the fluid that had accumulated in her anxious oral cavity.

"...You came and you gave without taking...But I sent you away...Oh, Mandy," Ms Lindstrom sang softly in a pleasant falsetto. The guy picked up....

Best Swim Course Stuff...

sugar lake(Photo L: Timberman's crystalline Sugar Lake.)

Which Race Has The Best Swim Course?

By Darin Wieneke

With some race registrations already open (i.e. Liberty, RochesterFest, and Graniteman) and many opening on December 1 (i.e. Buffalo and Lake Waconia), it is time to start seriously thinking about which races you are going to sign up for in 2011. MTN has always tried to assist you in the past with our race calendar page (including notation of recommended races *) and race previews. We are going to try to enhance our assistance this year with polls and..

Santa, Rudolph, Scooby Do & Viking Speedo Guy...

scoobyReindeer Run Stuff - We planned to post a Reindeer Run press release here, but we couldn't open the file that Mare ("Mare" is Marilyn Franzen, the totally wonderful founder and director of the RR) sent us. We didn't have the correct program or something. It's a technical computer deal. So, we filched the Race Info page from RR's website. Check it out. If you're already registered, then reading this stuff will further enhance the giddy excitement and wet-your-pants anticipation you already feel. If you're not registered, then this info should instill within you a genuine burning NEED to sign-up at your earliest opportunity. It's totally true. This is the event that put the "Fun" in Fun Run.

When & Where

Saturday, December 4, 2010 at Lake Harriet in Southwest Minneapolis (Google Maps Map & Directions). Race day registration, pre-registered race # pick-up, tee shirts with the race start and finish located near the band shell on the...

It's Not A South American Country...

cialisToday's Pop Quiz is about LIBIDO.

Question #1: Libido is:

A. A small South American country.

B. A tasty rum drink that is popular in Beliz.

C. A Portuguese dance that requires special shoes.

D. A thing that makes people want to do naughty stuff...

The Kids Are All Right...

beth(Photo L: Four-time JOY winner Beth Zirbes, who is always prepared.)

MMA History - Great sons and daughters. Great citizens. Great people. And, oh yeah, great athletes, too.

These descriptions certainly apply to each and every Minnesota Junior of the Year. Any parent would be proud to claim any one of these kids, though most of them are not kids anymore. All have gone on to college, where they have excelled, or in the case of 2009 JOY Nick Madrinich and three-time award winner Michael Williams, are currently excelling.

Minnesota's most successful Junior was Beth Zirbes, who won the award an unprecedented four times. Beth was and is an amazing individual. An effervescent fast-talker, she is genius-bright, gregarious and energetic. And wise, too. Note ...

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