IT's Big 15...

itBy Warren Peece

On February 4, triathlon.competitor.com posted Inside Triathlon's Top 15 Greatest Male Triathletes of All Time. After studying the formidable roster, I came away totally disappointed.

Why, you ask?

Because I agreed with all but one of their selections! Where's the fun in that! I wanted controversy. I wanted to get pissed. I wanted to flaunt my superior knowledge. I wanted to elevate myself at their expense. But, goshdarnit, IT did a heckuva job...

Thinky Feely Survey...

einieED. A few days back we received this e-mail from college professor/doctoral candidate Matt Stenson. He's an Einie-smart guy and a card carrying member of The Tribe. We encourage you to read his note and take his survey.

Dear MTN Guys:

My name is Matt Stenson. Michael Williams (3xMN Junior of the Year!) suggested I contact you; he said you might be able to help me out. I teach psychology courses at the College of St. Benedict in Minnesota, and I am a triathlete. I am currently working on my dissertation, and I am studying the thoughts and feelings of triathletes....

Buff Girl, Smoker Boy....

bonBy Bonnie Repunzel

There he was, standing at the edge of the shore line, watching the elites go crashing into the water like a flock of geese going after the prize fish. Like a pillar of pure athleticism, he wore his "onezy" with pride for all the world to see. It was white. And it was tight.

I walked down to him to make light conversation, neither one of us glancing to the side to see what the other looked like. It didn't matter. We were wearing swim caps.

He was spry and I was old so his wave took off first. That was the last time I saw him. Until I passed him on the run. I could hear him huffing and puffing as I sailed up behind him trying to recall if this was the same guy I saw earlier on the shoreline wearing semi illegal clothing. Yep, same guy. "Stay up with me!" I encouraged him. "Gasp! Puff" was all I heard from behind me...

Nearly Perfect...

true gritby Christopher Hawes

Triathlete Movie Review - I am fan of Westerns. I probably have a half dozen or so in my movie collection, Tombstone, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Silverado, 3:10 to Yuma, Open Range, and The Magnificent Seven. There are many others I like that I don't yet have in my collection. I am also a fan of the Coen Brothers. Not a student of them, or a worshipper of them. I have not memorized the Big Lebowski and I have not seen all of thier movies. I do try to make a point to see their movies, and I am making a point to go back and watch the ones I have missed. The Big Lebowski is a great movie, No Country for Old Men is fantastic, of course there is Fargo, A Simple Plan, etc.

I was really looking forward to seeing True Grit, because of the Coen Brothers and because of the cast, Bridges (photo below), Damon, and Brolin. I have not read the book, which I heard was very good, and I have not seen..

The Best Kisser in Central Iowa...

angWARNING: Some of what you are about to read is totally made-up stuff.

Going Off Course - Take a long look at the attractive young people with Reagan era hairdos in the photo (L). It's obvious that they had been "making out" hot and heavy, isn't it? Mullet boy with the demented grin and a bloodstream full of "horn-mones" is Skippy Studjock, then 18 and star quarterback of the Marshallton Bobcats, circa 1986-'89. The randy girl, her coiffe a casualty of their passion, is Bobcat cheerleader Angie Hop, then 17.

The picture was taken twenty-three years ago. Back then Angie, or "Ang" as she is known to the multitude of people who love her, was voted "Most Likely to Kiss Guys" by her fellow Marshalltown (IA) H.S. students. Not only that, she was...

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