Brisk Racing At Hiniker....

mollyRace Coverage - Times were brisk at Sunday's North Mankato Triathlon, and hometowner Todd Landgraff's clocking--57:33--was the briskest of all. It appeared that Todd had managed to lower Sam Janicki's year-old race best by a full minute, but this year's swim course was measured differently than in year's past and believed to be a scosh short.

Landgraff, a delightful fellow, was also victorious here in 2009.

Runner-up Taggart Downare, 41, of St. Cloud, turned in a 58:16. Had the swim been full distance it is quite likely that he would have lowered Dan Friedrich's previous masters record (1:01:00 in 2009). David Hercules Lyon, 49, of Schofield, WI (formerly Mankato) muscled his way into the Top 3 with a totally fast 59:25.

Stellar performances for cinco-genarians Brad Johnson, 51 (North Mankato) and Greg Taylor, 57, of Yankton, SD (formerly Mankato) landed them both in the Top 10. Brad was 6th in 1:01:47. Taylor, Minnesota's Master of the Year in 2010, finished 8th in 1:02:49....

Becky Is So Back & Other Cool Weekend Stuff...

becky* Lake Waconia - The women's race at the Lake Waconia Triathlon has never been more exciting. It all came down to the run and six girls were in contention for the win. Ya had to be there!

In the end, though, it was Becky Youngberg (photo L) who came out on top, proving emphatically that it won't take the full season for her regain the form that had produced 25+ multi wins. (As some moron predicted in an earlier post.)

There will be lots more words and photos on Monday and Tuesday, and not all of them will be dedicated to the thrilling women's contest. There were plenty of great story lines in the men's race, too. For instance, Dan Hedgecock won for the 6th straight time this season, doing so in course record, and perhaps, Performance of the Year, fashion.

Then there were the Best of the US slots. Minnesota will be sending a truly righteous team of national level stars to the Gulf coast in September. We repeat: Lots more words will be follow. Stay tuned, okay?

Sticking It When The Sun Don't Shine...

glow stickBy Bonnie Lumen

The glow stick of shame.

Sadly, many of you know what I am talking about and hang your head in unison with me. For those of you who do not know of this unwanted trophy, I will explain. The glow stick of shame is that object that you are handed right around the 12 hour mark of your Ironman. Let me paint this diffusing picture for you. So there you are, racing your guts out- you have a bloody nose and a black eye from the swim, your bum is bruised and you feel like you've just been released from the roughest state penitentiary around, and your legs are on fire and about to explode, but you've got another half marathon to go. Another circuit on the old race course. You head up towards the chute and the crowd goes wild- they think you are about to race towards the finish line. Nope. You stare at your feet, quickly lower the brim on your hat, flip your race number...

Weekend Racing...

group(Wally Milbrath Photo - Some of the medicated members of western Wisconsin's Wild River Tri Club.)

Croixathlon VI - Cathy Yndestad's return to racing this morning following a severely dislocated clavicle, resulted in the 48th victory of her storied career. A further bonus for the Minnesota Athlete of the Decade was the fact that she managed to outrace her husband, Kerry, with whom she had a bet: The loser had to buy lunch.

And speaking of lunch, men's runner-up, Dan Cohen, who won this event in 2010 and 2009 and has a new girlfriend who is very pretty and charming, ordered the #10 Hot Wings at Barker's Bar & Grill in downtown Hudson after the race. "Are you sure?" the wary waitress asked when he made order.

Cohen later scarfed up all 12 of the magma-dipped chicken arms, a feat that astounded everyone in the establishment.

Dan is our hero! Totally!....

Capitol Reports...

swimmer(Photo - A swimmer in the Potomac who is probably not Patrick Parish.)

ED. Patrick Parish and DKT reached their respective podiums at Washington DC 5150 last weekend. Here are their stories:


By Patrick Parish

DC was a fun race. I stayed with a couple in Alexandria, which allowed me to bike commute to and from the race venue. They were also avid cyclists and went out of their way to show me around, which made all the difference in my experience.

Leading up to the race, I was worried about the swim in the Potomac. The horrified looks from the locals I asked about it didn't help. Fortunately, my most recent collection of cuts and scrapes healed or scabbed over before the race. As a precautionary measure, I've been pounding vitamin C since the Friday before the race and I have yet to come down with the plague, so hopefully I'm out of the woods in that regard....

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