Devon's Giant Stones....

suzie(YndeCam Photo - Two days. Two races. Two wins for Suzie Fox.)

Race Coverage - Devon Palmer is a great triathlete. As a polka-er, well, not so much. But the dude had the heavy stones necessary to give it a try after the 7th annual Chisago Lakes Sprint Triathlon, a race he won in course record time. Told ya he's a great triathlete.

At the post race polka fest, a prize money event that several had registered for, only Devon came forward and agreed to dance with Race Director Gloria West, who totally has her polka do-do together. (She's done this before.) No one else had larger-than-average stones, though Ross Weinzierl was almost talked into it.

Was Devon really that bad, you ask? Well... Yeah. But that's what made it sooooooooooo cool. Way to rock, Dev, on the course and afterward.....

Weekend Racing Stuff...

GUYS(Photo - Long-time Tri Buds, Nick Madrinich and Kyle Serreyn after totally rockin' in rainy Chaska on Saturday.)

TRI FOR A CAUSE - Brian Sames and repeat champ, Michelle Andres, who crushed her 2011 CR,

Neighborly Espionage....

garbageBy Bonnie Snoopypants

I never really thought of myself as a trash digger nor have I ever found myself rummaging through my neighbors

Dancing For Dollars..

polska(Photo - Polska dancing looks fun, doesn't it? Gotta love the outfits.)

Chisago Sprint VII Preview - Many traditional Swedish dances belong to the Polska family. Who knew, huh? We obtained this information from the Internets, as G.W. once referred to The Web, thus it must be true.

Now, we don't know if a Family named "Polska," e.g. Fred and Ethel Polska from Uppsala, invented these dances, or if these dances are related to the Polish kind that happen at drunken weddings that last three days.

In either case, Gloria West, founder/director of the Chisago Lakes Triathlons, has decided to have a Polka, or Polska, contest for this year's sprint course participants. There's prize money for the best dancers, though how ...

Fragile Records & Big Hearts....

kyle(Photo - Kyle and one of his favorite dead presidents.)

Saturday Event Preves - Today we discuss two of the four Minnesota triathlons that will take place on Saturday. CHASKA RIVER CITY and TRI FOR A CAUSE.

Let's do this.

- CHASKA - Celebrating its 9th birthday on the 21st, the Chaska Tri is a well-produced and consistently satisfying event with a 300ish enrollment ceiling. The distances are .3 - 16

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