Cinco du Taco...

cincoRace Preview - A record turn-out is expected for next Saturday's Cinco du Mayo Duathlons at beautiful Square Lake. The races hope to lure 300+ total participants and are well on their way to accomplishing that. And according to The Weather Channel, the high and low temps in the Stillwater area for May 5 are expected to be 72 and 56 respectively under partly cloudy skies, which is the glass-half-empty way of saying partly sunny skies. It the forecast holds, conditions will be perfect for du-ing.

Cinco Du features a long course race (5K-20m-5K), which is celebrating its 5th anniversary on Saturday, and a shorty (2-10-2), that is turning three. The event also features post-race tacos (and other great Mexican munchables) that are nothing short of nummilicious. Not signed up yet? Click on the graphic (L) to go to the race's reg. page.

A glance at the current list of enrollees has gotten us excited. Several of our region's top athletes will be there and, as always, more can be expected to show as race day nears. The women's field looks especially stout, featuring the participation of 2011 Rookie of the Year Ruth Brennan Morrey, two-time Cinco Long Course champion...

Weekend Racing Highlights....

danTwas a huge weekend for Minnesota multisporters. Check out the storylines:

* Minneapolis' Dan Hedgecock (photo L) was the overall amateur winner at St. Anthony's Triathlon in Florida today. His 1:53:15 is the fourth-fastest time in the 29 year history of the race. Following Dan's stellar 2011 season, today's performance is a powerful predictor--Dan just may be the nation's top amateur triathlete this year. More story to follow. Results

* Parish is USAT Duathlon National Champion. Payne podiums, too. More to come...Results

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Chopin, Kafka & Cher...UPDATED...



eeyoreBy Tom Demerly (for usatriathlon.org)

This USA Triathlon Multisport Lab article is presented by TriSports.com

Have you ever known an athlete afflicted by everything from bee stings to forgotten equipment, bike crashes, blisters and missed wave starts? Bad luck seems to follow them. If something can go wrong, it does for them.

The opposite is the athlete who races and trains like an accountant. Everything is tabulated, check listed, prepared and re-checked. For them preparation and racing is a well-charted movement from point A to point B. Organized athletes experience a lower level of anxiety and spend less mental energy worrying.

One of the greatest performance coaches ever, author Steven Covey of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People coined the phrase

Stuff About Tip Top Fitness....

kidsBy Rod Raymond

I have been in the business of helping others achieve optimal fitness for over 20 years.

I have learned that those who have been able to maintain tip top fitness year over year have the following traits:

1. Like kids, they are playful.

I remember running intervals when playing tag with my brother. I remember biking the hills hard up Swan Lake road when my cousins were trying to ditch me. I remember doing hypoxic breathing techniques with my friend Jim when we were looking for hockey pucks on the bottom of the local hotel pool we always snuck into. I remember working my flexibility trying to get into my buddy Bobby's snow fort. I remember running 1/2 mile repeats after beaning cars with eggs off of Central Entrance. Man, those were fun times! And, all of us kids were all super ripped. Note of confession: Sadly, Stevey got caught by a faster UMD football player who wasn't happy we egg'd his car.

2. They exercise from the heart.

The same cells that are found in the brain also make up portions of the heart. In other words, your heart can think. Many athletes get caught up in the marketing side of endurance sports. They buy all the training gadgets, heart rate monitors, watt meters for their bikes, and follow...

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