Tri-ing for Childcare...

indoortri15_31.gifBy Steve Stenzel (iwannagetphysical.blogspot.com)


Sunday was the day. After challenging Lisa to a race at the YWCA of Minneapolis Indoor Triathlon (with CHILDCARE on the line for the victor!) it was time to crown a winner. I got to the race early, and saw Lisa was already warming up....

We got changed and ready to race. I handed my camera to Laurie, one of the trainers/coaches at the Y who did a 10 mile race the day before AND THEN did the indoor tri in an earlier heat! Laurie took all the rest of the photos from the beginning through nearly the end of the run. Thanks Laurie!

SWIM: 600 yards:

We took off swimming. I tried to keep it a BIT easier for the first 100 because I knew I'd go out "hot" and die before the end. I kept my effort where I should have, but was pleasantly surprised to see a 1:23 as my first 100. I knew that'd slow to around 1:30, but I wanted to try to keep it strong near the middle.

I was lapped just after the 250 mark, so I figured I might be able to keep Lisa from lapping me again because she'd be climbing out just after my 500 mark, meaning I'd be about 80-90 seconds behind her out of the pool. That was what I had about figured the difference would be going into the race....

So Hard, So Fun...

suzie-trophy.gifBy Suzie Fox (suz--news.blogspot.com - March 6)

It is March! Only 8 days away from my first triathlon of 2015! My bike is in route to Puerto Rico & last weekend I got to be a part of US Snowshoe Racing history by competing in the inaugural Half Marathon Snowshoe National Championship in Eau Claire, WI. (A nationals over 10k has never been contested). It's been quite a wild ride training for both Half Marathon Snowshoe Nationals AND 70.3 Puerto Rico at the same time, all while being extremely cautious of a (fingers crossed) newly healed stress fracture. Biking in a ridiculously HOT bathroom has given me bloody noses, headaches & nausea while 'shoeing has left me with frostbite & ankle bruises...BUT I've loved every minute of it!

After IMWI I heard that Snowshoe Nationals were coming to Wisconsin for 2015. I had never tried snowshoeing but knew I wanted in! But then before the first snowfall I was diagnosed with my stress fracture. It crossed my mind that this might not be my year to take on a new sport but then I thought, nah if I waited for the perfect time to do everything I would be sitting around my house watching life pass me by. Is there ever a perfect time for anything? Nope! Just get out there & do it! ...

Friendly Rivalry...

jeff-and-scott.gifPhoto - L - R - Jeff Gilmer and Scott Ransom.

By Jeff Gilmer (excerpted from Facebook)

Today (March 1) was the Lifetime Indoor Tri at Maple Grove, MN. While this Tri is really for fun, it also represents my second test for 2015 after nursing back from my torn Achilles last September, more on that later. It’s also a great time to enjoy the triathlon life with friends, and today it was to include Mary Deeg, Scott Ransom, Christine Shelton and Jordan Roby. We had a couple last minutes changes in the line-up, Mary had surgery on her ankle and Jordan came down with a cold so they were unable to participate. Mary agreed to take the photos today, provide support and cheer us on. Christine had a great day, she and I shared a swim lane, and the three of us raced side by side on the bike and the run. Christine looked great, we could tell her training has paid off and she was all smiles.
A little history here, Scott and I met 2009 at the Y in spin class. In 2010, we both we entered IMWI, Scott the veteran and I a very naïve triathlete. We trained together some, supporting each other. Scott obviously could pretty much swim, ride or run away from me with ease. His ability showed as he took first in our age group at IMWI qualifying for 2011 Kona....

Last Season, This Season...

hankee-du-nats.gifMINNESOTA ROCKS!  - Nine Minnesotans were honored recently by USAT for their racing excellence in 2014. The next most decorated state was California (8), followed by Florida (7) and Colorado (7). New Jersey (6) rounded ou the Top 5. To recap, here are the honored Minnesotans:

Gwen Jorgensen - Elite ITU Racer of the Year

Ruth Brennan Morrey - Elite Duathlete of the Year

Dan Hedgecock - Elite Duathlete of the Year

Heather Lendway - Amateur Athlete of the Year

Matthew Payne - Amateur Duathlete of the Year & Athlete of the Year HM

Patrick Parish - Elite Duathlete of the Year HM

Diane Hankee - Duathlete of the Year HM (YndeCam Photo L)

Tony Schiller - Master of the Year HM

Kevin O'Connor - Master Duathlete of the Year HM

HEATHER'S DEBUT - Heather Lendway's pro debut was yesterday in the Orlando suburb of Clermont. Lendway placed 10th at the draft-legal CAMTRI-Clermont Sprint. She will be blogging about the experience soon and MTN will repost. Stay tuned for that. RESULTS ....(More Stuff on Page 2)

PAYNE & FISCHER ARE DOYs. 5 Other MNs Honored...

matt-and-dani.gifUSAT PRESS RELEASE:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The best run-bike-run athletes in the United States are recognized today with the announcement of USA Triathlon’s 2014 Duathletes of the Year, including age-group, junior and elite duathletes. The award is presented annually by Garmin and selected by the USA Triathlon Age Group Committee, following nominations by the Duathlon Committee.

“We are seeing a resurgence in duathlon, and in 2014 our duathletes turned in impressive race results across the board, making the selection process challenging but very satisfying for the selection subcommittee,” said Steve Sutherland, chair of the USA Triathlon Age Group Committee Athlete of the Year Subcommittee. “Many of these fine athletes were also outstanding competitors in triathlon, showing diversity and depth of athletic talent in all age groups.”

Matthew Payne (Columbia Heights, Minn.-  photo) and Dani Fischer (Wausau, Wis. - photo) earned overall Duathlete of the Year titles. Payne was the overall champion of the standard-distance event at 2014 USA Triathlon Duathlon Nationals, as well as the first amateur finisher at the Oakdale Duathlon and Gear West Duathlon. Fischer claimed the women’s 25-29 championship title in the standard-distance Duathlon Nationals, finishing second overall. She was also the first overall amateur at the Apple Duathlon and winner of the Badger State Games Duathlon....

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