Tri-U-Mah Stuff...


TRI-U-MAH - 2016 Minnesota Rookie of the Year nominee Michael Weissenborn won the men's title at Tri-U-Mah for the second straight year. The event, staged on the UM-Minneapolis campus on February 25, is the best-attended indoor tri in our state. More than 200 athletes enrolled in the 25 event, and 182 finished the ninety minute--30 minutes in the pool, 30 minutes on the stationary bike, 30 minutes on the treadmill--contest, wherein athletes are ranked by the total distance they cover.

Weissenborn, who is into stocking caps, boxer dogs, Aerosmith and Star Wars, covered 18.41 miles, which was 1.19 miles farther than Michael  DeLeon's runner-up's distance.

Finishing 3rd for the second consecutive year was accomplished tri veteran, Jim Guenter. Jim is into science and has been to Kuala Lumpur (photo)....

Sara Stuff...


By Newtonrunning.com


Sara has been an avid athlete since a very young age. It all started with Nordic ski racing, followed by Sara joining the track team in high school.  She competed in college for the University of St .Thomas and continued her love of running and skiing after college. Sara spent some time coaching both cross country skiing and running at both the high school and collegiate level.

“My running and triathlon career have really taken off the past couple of years with some hard work and some really sweet PRs. I had my first triathlon career win this past summer and took 1st female at the Hixon 50k, which was unexpected and exciting!”   ...

Planning Your 2017 Race Calendar...

Allie.pngBy Allie Burdick (teamusa.org)

The simple answer to planning your 2017 race calendar is: carefully. How many times this past year did you say or think, “Oh I wish I had planned on doing that race!” and missed out on it once again? Now is the time to start planning, training and budgeting for your best racing year yet!


Step One: Goal Setting
Think hard about what your goals are for the year — to run your first-ever triathlon race? Olympic distance? Half IRONMAN? IRONMAN? Set a new PR? Where do you see yourself racing and with whom? Once you have the answers to these questions, the planning will be a lot easier.


Step Two: Budgeting
How much are you willing to spend, and maybe sacrifice, on your racing dreams? The bigger the race, the more expensive it can get, and if you need to travel and ship equipment, be sure to budget in those costs as well....

Mixed Relaying: The Future of Triathlon?

By Chris Foster (triathlete.com)

After race sherpa-ing for him for six years, Daniel Cassidy's girlfriend finally had enough. "One day she got annoyed with the whole thingm" Casside says. "She said, 'I know you love this sport, but it's boring. All the waiting all the getting up early.'" Cassidy said they came to an agreement--he would go watch her first triathlon from beginning to end.

"It was the first tri that I had ever watched and not raced" says Cassidy, whose girlfriend-now wife-competed at the Sheriff's Sprint in Massachusetts. "It was pretty brutal. I felt like there had to be a better way to watch the sport."...

The Art of the DNS...

shoe_sleep.pngFour ways to know that sleeping in on race day might be the best race plan of all.

By Meredith Atwood (triathlete.com)

Heading into Ironman Louisville in 2015, I was extremely positive and hoping to redeem myself from the horrific race (albeit a finish) that was my Ironman Lake Placid a few months earlier. I was feeling hopeful, and ready to race. Then I went on a bike ride about 12 weeks prior to race day and I crashed, landing on the same hip that already dealt with labreal tear issues—the result of the crash? I couldn’t lift my leg to get onto my bike. Small detail. (“Well, get on the other side!” Not that easy. Couldn’t really stand on it single-legged either. Quite a quandary.) Still, I pushed on and I was about 50% better. With less than four weeks until race day, I had finally pushed my riding mileage up to what would be somewhat of an acceptable “Hail Mary” ride distance pre-Ironman, and *WHAM*—my car was...

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