A Couples Weekend...


LAKE GENEVA ESCAPE TRI - MTN congratulates JORDAN ROBY and CHRISTINA ROBERTS on their amateur victories yesterday at Lake Geneva Escape. For Jordan, who will once again receive serious consideration for a Most Improved nomination, the win was his third of the season and fifth of his career, and it required that he post the fastest amateur men's run split of the day.

Roby's margin of victory over runner-up Mark Caballero of Milwaukee was 57-seconds.

Christina's win was a convincing one, her margin over 2nd place Kelli Benton of Tulsa, Oklahoma was 5:36. The victory was Roberts' sixth in nine starts this season and 18th of her multisport career. It's safe to say that she is one of the two-or-three frontrunners for 2017 Female Triathlete of the Year.

The wins earn Jordan and Christina free entries into next year's Escape From Alcatraz, at race at which Roberts excelled in 2014, when she placed 6th in the women's amateur competition.  RESULTS


CLC DAVID ROTBERG MEMORIAL DUATHLON - The fourth edition of this season-concluding event was won for the second consecutive year by JASON TOTH, who covered the unique 20-mile-4-mile-7-mile bike-run-bike in 1:32:32, which lowered his 2016 course best by 3:05. The win was Toth's 3rd in six starts this season. The 40-year-old from Eagan will be part of this year's Master of the Year discussion which is more  competitive than ever now that it includes MATTHEW PAYNE, winner of more MMAs than any other Minnesota male, and perennial Team Minnesota member BROOKS GROSSINGER....

The Mother of All Races...



By Laura Knoblach (decagirlblog.wordpress.com)


Swiss Deca Race Report - This March, I was peer-pressured into signing up for the race of my life by some of my very best friends: Shanda Hill and Joey Lichter. They promised that if I didn’t, I’d be sitting at home the entire month of August, wishing I were with them. They were right…



Still, it took their convincing, along with my world turning upside down, for me to finally commit to doing the Swiss Deca. 


For those unfamiliar with ultra triathlons, a Deca is a 10x ironman-distance race. There are two formats: the “one-per-day” and the “continuous.” In the former, an athlete races one ironman-distance triathlon per day for ten days. The later consists of a 24-mile swim, 1,120-mile bike ride, and 262-mile run with a 14 day cutoff. 


We all chose the later. 

While most onlookers would call it crazy, the thought of doing this race (and training for it) became my sanity. I’d spent several years working through abuse that had happened to me as a child and teenager, when a I was raped by a close friend in the fall of 2016. The experience landed me in a hospital bed in late January, as I worked through the aftermath of what had happened. ...

Parties, Fall Colors & Final Races...


TRI NIGHT '17 - In case you haven't heard, the 19th annual MInnesota Multisport Awards Party will take place on November 4 at Gear West Bike and Triathlon. The event will celebrate the 2017 multisport season and the extraordinary quality of tri life here in MInnesota.

More information will be available on the MTN and Gear West Bike websites next week. 


RACE OFTHE YEAR - Hey, have you voted for Triathlete's Choice Race of the Year yet? If not, please do so at your earliest opportunity. Voting concludes on October 15, and the Top 5 vote-getters will be revealed on MTN on October 16. The winner will be announced at Tri Night '17 on November 4.


FINAL RACE - The last multisport race on Minnesota's multisport calendar is the Central Lakes Cycle / David Grotnerg  Duathlon. It happens tomorrow, September 23, at Central Lakes Cyle in Fergus Falls, and consists of a 20 mile bike ride followed by a four mile run. WEBSITE



Join us for our great new event, the Beaver Bay Fall Colors Run on Saturday October 7th, and enjoy the spectacular Fall colors on the North Shore!  ....

Toasted Legs...



By Corey Nygaard (swimcoreyrun.blogspot.com)


CHATTANOOGA 70.3 WORLDS Race Report - Fourteen Months ago, my body had no idea what it was in for over the coming months. The reason that time frame was so important: that is when I qualified for Chattanooga, In July of 2016. Long time to get ready, right?!


Two Ironmans and two 70.3 races later, I somehow made it alive to the weekend I had lost focus on so many times. I think when a race is so far off, it can be hard to stay focused on that one goal. It was probably a good thing I had races to keep my motivation high and the work, well, hard.

I'll start off with a few short snippets of a few of my summer races, that did not really meet my expectations.


Racine 70.3 - I got to race with one of best friends in his first sorta half distance race. Since the swim was cancelled, for the second year in a row, it was basically a time trial. I managed a solid AG placing and Branden is off to Worlds in South Africa next year, awesome man. This run was incredibly painful as I had just started down the road of IT Band issues.  ...

Uncooperative Watches, Burgers and Beer...


By Angela Kidd (willtrainforcreamcheesefrosting.blogspot.ca)


Hmmmm, where to start with the Worlds 70.3 race report? I knew last year I wanted to qualify to do this race. I love Chattanooga, I like the 70.3 distance and I like a race at the end of the summer giving me warm Minnesota weather to train in. I managed to qualify last year at Steelhead so I was able to race this year without the presure of needing to earn a qualifying spot.


I also decided to sign up for IM Louisville and make that my A race. I NEED to have an IM where I don't completely fall apart on the run. I NEED to have an IM experience where I feel like it reflects the work I've put in. For some reason I am unable to walk away from this sport with unfinished business at a distance I don't even like that much! If this "non-disaster" of a race brings with it other things, that's great. But that's not what I'm chasing. I am chasing a satisfying IM race result so that if I pursue being a pure runner again, I won't feel like I have unfinihsed business with swim, bike, run.


So given IM Louisville is my A race and it's only a month away, Ryan and I didn't do anything speciala to prepare for Chattanooga other than adding a lot more hills to my bike and run training. And this was no easy feat because while Minnesota has some hills, we don't have...

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