New Years Resolution Stuff: Part I...

RES-LIST.gifBy Steve Jonas (teamusa.org)

Some folks make New Year’s resolutions and some don’t. One reason that the “don’t do it” group doesn’t is that failure to keep has not been an uncommon experience. This column, Part I of a two-part series, contains some general principles for resolution-making that in my experience can help you to succeed. Next month we shall turn to some particulars, particularly in the area of mobilizing motivation.

For starters, don't be put off in making a New Year's resolution by previous failures in keeping resolutions. There are many reasons why we fail other than the lack of will or lack of dedication or some other internal fault upon which we often put the blame. Often it is, rather, that we fail to correctly go about the resolution-setting process in the first place. In other words, more often than not when we fail, we have set...

Minnesota's AA Run-Bike-Runners...

jenn-redman.gifYesterday we posted the names and ranking positions of Minnesota's 2015 USAT All American Triathletes. Today, we are honoring our state's AA Duathletes. Keep in mind that most of Minnesota's duathlons are NOT USAT sanctioned / insured. Nevertheless, only one state, California (25), put more athletes on the AA list than did Minnesota (18).

Duathlon - WOMEN

JENNIFER SCUDIERO - 2nd - 30-34 (photo)

SUZIE FOX - 2nd - 30-34

JASMINE CARLSON - 3rd - 30-34 (Note: Jas did most, if not all, of her 2015 du racing before she relocated to Colorado.)

MANUELA KNISPEL - 4th - 40-44

SHERI SCHROCK - 4th - 60-64

DIANE HANKEE - 8th - 35-39 ...

Minnesota All Americans....

rabinos.gifPhoto - A pair of talented sisters, Sophie (L) and All American Melanie Rabino (R) being hugged by a good looking guy.

Noodling around the updated USA Triathlon website recently, we found the 2015 athlete rankings. We were curious to see how many Minnesota athletes earned All American honors in their AGs. The rankings are based on performances in USAT sanctioned events only--most Minnesota races are NOT USAT insured--and are dependent upon race directors to submit results in a timely fashion.

Let's start with Triathlon:


BOB POWERS - 1st - 90+

TONY SCHILLER - 2nd - 55-59

MATTHEW PAYNE - 6th - 35-39

KEVIN O'CONNOR - 9th - 40-44 ...


Podium Debut...

Wippler_cropped.gifLast Sunday, which will live in infamy for Vikings fans, MTN received an email from Wade Cruser alerting us to the fact that Ryan Wippler (photo) had done HITS-Naples Full on Saturday. Like Cruser, Wippler was among those discussed in the Most Improved category last season.

Here's the scoop: Ryan placed 3rd overall in his full IM debut in Naples, Florida on January 9. His time was 10:36. Congrats Ryan from the guys at MTN. RESULTS

FYI - Wippler and Cruser were among Minnesota's most improved multisport athletes because they had breakout seasons. Here are their 2015 highlights:


DR. RYAN WIPPLER, 37, Rogers

- 1st @ Lakes to Pines

- 1st @ Paul Bunyan Long Course

- 1st @ Minnewaska...

Firefighters & Cool Tats...

erin-lahti.gifThe 2016 indoor tri season has begun. On January 3, Life Time Fitness staged 1-hour pool-trainer-treadmil events at thirteen of their metro locations. These are super fun, very social experiences and we recommend them highly.

As in seasons past, we will post capsule coverage of these races. Today we present stuff about two of those January 3 events.


CHANHASSEN - Thirty people finished and Jake Hausauer and Erin Lahti led the way for their respective genders. A SCSU grad, Jake did some impressive outdoor racing last season. Highlights include a 3rd place finishes at Buffalo Sprint and Graniteman Big Lake, and a 6th at Life Time - Minneapolis Sprint. Jake, 24, is tall and an awsome swimmer. We think he was recently married, but we're not sure....

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