Forecasting a Renaissance...

Brad_turtle.pngBy Brad Mitchell (obsessivetripulsive.weebly.com)

Turtleman Race Report - My long course experiment was over after Chisago and I was keen to get back to what I love - sprints and olympics. The Turtleman caught my eye on minnesotatrinews.com as a race with easy 90 minute drive from Rochester. The race was reasonably priced (even as a late registration) and the forecast looked great. I looked at this race as a great way to get the feel for an olympic before, what will be one of my two last and "A" races this year, Des Moines olympic. My only other olympics were Trinona and nationals a couple of years ago.

It was a nice drive and parking for the event was very close. It was pleasant to have high 60's temps first thing in the morning after all the heat and...

Good Medicine...


ED. Just got back from Brewhouse. Wow! What a great race! Words and pics coming soon. RESULTS

We're betting that Graniteman-Big Lake was awesome, too. More to come. RESULTS


BreakAway Kids Tri is Good Medicine

By Tony Schiller, 7-time world champion triathlete and co-founder of CycleHealth, a Minnesota non-profit dedicated to creating a new cycle of health, starting with kids.

The people at the starting line of any triathlon are not a representative sample of the population. As triathletes committed to our fitness, we’re likely to avoid many of the...

"One of the Most Famous Anonymous People..."

gwen_san_d_iego.pngED. Check out the results for WASECA and MINNEWASKA. Words and pics on Tuesday.

By Rachel Blount (startribune.com)

It never fails to surprise Kris Swarthout. He and his wife can go out to dinner with Gwen Jorgensen and her husband, Pat Lemieux, at any Twin Cities restaurant — no matter how busy, or how trendy — and he can guarantee they won’t be interrupted.

“No one recognizes Gwen. I mean, no one,’’ Swarthout said of Jorgensen, the two-time world triathlon champion favored to win gold at the Rio Olympics. “I talk about her, and people are like, ‘Who?’ She’s probably one of the most famous anonymous people in the world.’’   READ MORE

Swarthout, a Minneapolis triathlon coach, fully expects that to change after the Olympic women’s triathlon on Aug. 20. Jorgensen enters the Rio Games as the ....

"...It's in My DNA or Something"....

MA_canada.pngBy Michelle Andres (teamandresjourney.blogspot.com)

Sometimes it can be the simplest words of advice which mean the most.  One day driving in the car with Wes (ED. We is one of Michelle's many, many sons.) talking about my goal of qualifying at Ironman Canada for the World Championships he simply says…If you work for it, Mom, you can do it.  Well I decided right in the car that day…we would be going back to Kona.

Yep, that’s right… I’m still a triathlete.  I’m pretty sure it's in my DNA or something because each time I say I’m walking away and I completely plan on walking away (selling my bike and all my gear) I find myself at another starting line.  We were having pizza (of course) as a family and one of my boys says, "Remember when Mom was done racing”.  We all laughed.  Yes, I know….I’m a broken record.

Part 4....

Desire & Alcohol...

TWO_ERINS.pngBy Erin Sontowski (bikesandcatsrightmeow.blogspot.com)

TOUGHMAN RACE REPORT - Well, my road to a 70.3 this year was interesting to say the least.
DNF at Liberty Half to start the year out. Ok, that's fine, I shook it off.
And then came Racine Ironman 70.3. My "A" Race. The big race of my 2016 season. I even planned a mini vacation with Marc around this race as sort of a celebratory hoorah after I was done. And also to sort of butter my husband up, as he has been nothing short of amazing this entire year.

Seriously, if you ever meet a partner who is willing to deal with taper week mood swings and to sit outside for hours and hours after getting up at 4 am, KEEP THEM FOREVER...

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