Swim Like A Triathlete...


By Sara McLarty (triathlon.competitor.com)

You’re not a single-sport pool swimmer, so why would you train like one?  ...

Limiting Off-Season Weight Gain...

bathrrom-scale.gifBy Laura Antonucci (Triathlon.competitor.com)

Q: How do I avoid gaining a ton of weight in the off-season as in years past? I’d like to stay within 5 pounds of my racing weight.

A: You are already on your way to less off-season weight gain this year, as intent is the first step. I recommend that athletes set a weight range, and check every one to two weeks during the off-season, to avoid exactly what you describe—a larger than desired winter weight gain.

Step two is to honestly assess your training reduction. Many athletes take a few weeks completely off at this time of year, so their caloric expenditure from exercise is reduced from eight (or 12, or 16) hours per week to zero. Other triathletes use this time to cross-train, ski or try something new, but are still generally burning substantially fewer calories than during the season....

Pros & Cons of Intensity Measuring Gadgetry...

Measuring-Intensity.gifBy Luis Villavicencio (trisutto.com)


Intensity is the measure of how hard we are going. As endurance athletes we need to care about intensity because we don’t want to go out too hard and explode, or too easy and leave time on the table.
There are multiple ways to measure intensity; heart rate monitors, GPS units, pool clocks etc., but the most important one that all athletes should strive to master is ‘perceived exertion.’ I highly recommend it because we have it with us all the time and it doesn’t need batteries or recharging. I also really like the fact that it makes us pay attention to what’s really going on in our body – it engages you and this engagement is what helps us raise our level big time. Why is that? Because focusing on perceived exertion makes you pay attention to your breathing, to your muscles and to your fatigue level. Yes, it can very subjective (particularly when just learning) and that’s why I have no problem with beginners using the technology during their first couple of seasons....

All the Nominees...

toby-fairmont.gifMinnesota Multisport Awards - Here is the complete list of MMA nominees. By the numbers, 35 athletes have been nominated, 15 for the first time. The award presentation, aka TriNight '15, is only two weeks away (Saturday, November 14). Once again, it will be at Gear West Bike & Triathlon in Long Lake. For event info and tickets, link HERE, or the button on the right side of this page.

Remember, we'll be playing EMMA Bingo, wherein attendees guess the winners, with the best guesser taking home a wad of cash totaling tens of dollars. (The pot was $100 last year.) It's fun and festive and we hope you'll check it out.


JUNIORS - Jake Croteau, Kaityn Garrison, Nick Klonne, Elliot Slade

ROOKIES - Amy Borden, Toby Henkels (photo L), Dani Vsetecka....

Female TOYs...

szuie-and-christina.gifMinnesota Multisport Awards - Here are the nominees for 2015 FEMALE TRIATHLETE OF THE YEAR and their tri highlights:


SUZIE FOX, 31, Chaska (photo L with Christina Roberts)

1st amateur / 2nd overall @ Copper Creek (IA)

1st @ Manitoi Sprint

1st @ Lake Waconia - CR

1st @ Timberman Olympic

1st @ Waseca 1/3

1st @ Hopkins Royal

2nd @ Heart of the Lakes....

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