Trail Running is Good....

cool-art.gifHit the trails! Try trail running for better balance, power and fun


By Lisa Jhung (usatriathlon.org)


Why: Your Body

Running on trails does a body good. Thanks to varied terrain and softer natural surfaces underfoot, running on trails can both improve your overall fitness and be more forgiving to your body than road running.

Nice bod
A fit physique may not be your main reason to head out for a run on trails, but it’s not a bad side effect. Running on variable surfaces, such as trails riddled with rocks or roots — or even on smooth, twisty singletrack — forces your body to use stabilizing muscles (hello, core) and strengthen connective tissues (ligaments and tendons) that don’t normally get recruited on road runs. And running hilly terrain on trails builds leg strength — working quads, calves and gluteal muscles more than running on flats....

Three Reports in One...

club-guys.gifDuTri Men Sweep Minnewaska Podium: A Tri-Perspective:

An intertwining tale of caffeinated tweenage bribey, bike mechanicals, and running scared;

aka a perfect day of racing.

By Ryan Wippler (and Andy Zabel, Jesse Shaw

Jesse Shaw (photo on L):  The morning of the 2015 Minnewaska Triathlon started like any other race morning... early!  After a short 45 minute drive I peaked the edge of the hillside into Glenwood and could see wispy fog blanketing the fields around town.  It was going to be a fast race: the sky was clear and there was zero wind.  The last time I raced Minnewaska was in 2012 and the waves were so bad during the swim it felt like an ocean swim; on the bike, we coasted uphill but had to pedal down it!  Ok, maybe it wasn't that bad, but it appeared the weather was going to cooperate this year.  As I parked and unloaded my gear, I found myself wondering who would be showing up to the race this year....

Central Park was Awesome....

HL-NYC.gifBy Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)


NYC Triathlon Race Report - I want to start out with a couple thanks.  First a big thanks to Gear West for getting my bike back into perfect form.  After my bike crash I had some damage to the cockpit/aero bar on my bike and needed a new one.  Changing this out involved rewiring my brakes and shifters which is not a small task!  My bike was back in perfect form just before NYC, thanks guys!  A second thanks goes to my college friend Emma for letting Patrick and I crash/move in to her place in NYC.  Her apartment was only about a mile from the start of the race which was incredibly convenient.  Thank you Emma!

I’m going to try changing up my race reporting we’ll see how it goes.  Here’s my thoughts on the race:


* 5:50 am start time made for an early morning but nice to beat the heat as much as possible! ...

"A Dream Come True..."

Boulder-IM6.gifBy Kristin Gustafson

Ironman Boulder is in the books and it was quite a day! I just love race weekend as it is filled with nerves and excitement. My husband and I thought Boulder would be a perfect race to complete our second Ironman together as we lived out in Colorado for about 5 years after we graduated college. The scenery was gorgeous, the venue was perfect, and the volunteers were amazing.

We decided to drive into town pretty much right before the race. We couldn’t get there the two weeks to 10 days before to get use to the altitude like most athletes did. We were just hoping we could survive the altitude and dry heat. The weather was looking HOT for all of us on race day. I do pretty decent in the heat so I felt this could work to my advantage. It is always fun to go get checked in and go to the expo. I love to look at all the gear and just feel the excitement from all the other racers. It was an exhausting couple of days though with having to get checked in, bikes checked, and go to two different locations for the transitions. A lot of walking around which is never good a day before the race....

July Report Card...

matt-mpls.gifWho were the stars of the Minnesota racing scene in July? Well, needing at least two outstanding efforts during the month, here are our picks, which we do totally for grins.

FEMALE JUNIOR OF THE MONTH: Kaitlyn Garrison, 17, Cohasset

- 2nd overall @ Ztri - Jr. CR

- 5th overall @ Buzz Ryan Sprint (1st Jr.)

- 8th overall @ Timberman - Jr. CR

Also Considered: Kristina Swenson, 18, Rogers

MALE JUNIOR OF THE MONTH: Mitchell Clayton, 18, Forest Lake (photo below L)

- 4th overall @ Minneapolis Sprint - 1st Jr.

- 6th overall @ Heart of the Lakes Sprint - 1st Jr.

13th overall @ Toughman Sprint - 1st Jr. ...

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