Heather's 2015 Pro Schedule...

HL-Elysian.gifPhoto - From Heather Lendway's first triathlon at Elysian in 2012. L - R - Cheryl Johnson(5th) , HL (4th), winner Sarah Haskins and April Morgan (2nd).

By Heather Lendway (gearwestbike.wordpress.com/blog)

With my move to the professional ranks in 2015 I still plan to concentrate on Olympic Distance non-draft racing as I have done in the past. Having that said, with an always changing racing environment, i.e. the announcement of 5i50 Championships no longer occurring, I’ll likely fill in my schedule with some draft legal races along with more local sprint and Olympic distance events.
I’m planning to start out my season during early March racing back to back weekends in Clermont and Sarasota, Florida, both draft legal sprint distance races.  These races typically draw a couple top pro athletes and many up and coming professionals.  I was excited to see I will be racing Sarah Haskins for my first race in Clermont.  She happened to be racing at my very first triathlon back in July 2012 at Elysian’s...

Keys to Your Best Season...

cool-runners.gifGain fitness and have fun doing it this year

By Jason Gootman and Will Kirousis (usatriathlon.org)

Are you using awesome training principles? Or just logging lots of miles? These are the ways the best triathletes in the world train. And you can adopt them today! Are you ready to stop just logging miles and really get fast?

Swim, ride and run enough to stimulate adaptation, not to fill all available time.

One of the first areas we investigate with a new athlete we’re starting to coach, and that we monitor in an ongoing sense for the athletes we coach, is how much time they have available for workouts. Highly motivated athletes often look at their day and suspect that any time not taken up by work, chores and family/friends can and should be used for swimming, riding and running.

This approach results in no down time, no real rest and greatly impedes recovery. Without strong recovery, plateaus are inevitable. You will train and train and train — and stay the same. Poor recovery also makes you more susceptible to injuries. And when you’re injured, you can’t do any of this fun stuff. And not taking any downtime is a road paved to burnout. When you are always pushing forward and always need to be...

Cheese, Chocolate & Matterhorns...

apt-cy.gifBy Cathy Yndestad (trigirlcathy.blogspot.com)

Unfortunately I don’t have much for creative story telling or inspiring words, but I wanted to share a few random updates from our first few weeks. I promised to post often so here’s the latest rundown:

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost four weeks since we moved to Switzerland. The days and weeks are flying by as we’ve been busy figuring out how to live thrive in our new world.  

We love our new apartment - We’re in a modern high rise nested in the heart of the city and I’m loving the proximity to the daily essentials.  Walking to the market, gym, train station etc. is such a delightful novelty since I was deep in suburbia the last few years. When the sky is clear, I have mountain views from my apt/office windows which always brings me joy. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m so grateful for the power and beauty of the mountains.

As you can imagine, the food has been pretty delightful. There’s been no shortage of cheese and chocolate consumed, and of course, the breads… ummm, delicious! Let’s just say this is not the place to be gluten, dairy and/or sugar free....

Spiky Balls & Other Nutritional Must-Dos...

spiky-balls.gifPhoto - Spiky-Balls are good for you.

Eat more healthy fats—and other simple rules for smarter fueling.

Start your new year—and training season—off right with my top five nutrition must-do’s for 2015.

1. Hydrate sufficiently (not just while training).

All too often I see hard-working and dedicated triathletes come into my nutrition practice office suffering needlessly due to inadequate hydrating. Track your fluid intake for the next week or so, and periodically throughout the year. Make it easier by using an app such as Water Alert Pro ($0.99, Itunes.com). At baseline, males need 3.7 liters (almost 1 gallon) daily, and females need 2.7 liters (more than 11 cups)—plus more when training or sweating heavily.


2. Eat healthy fats.
I spend countless hours each year explaining the importance of dietary fat to athletes. Savvy triathletes know that fats contain more calories per gram than carbs and protein. However, because they always want to be lean and

Dreadmill Benefits...

dreadmill.gifCoach Brett Sutton calls the treadmill the number one improvement tool for weak runners and shares a staple workout to try.

By Brett Sutton (triathlon.competitor.com)

When it comes to treadmill training it seems that people are split into two camps with no grey area in between. You either love it or you hate it. I have trained people from both sides of the fence.

So while the treadmill was used sparingly for an athlete like Chrissie Wellington, I have used it intensively for nearly every Olympic-distance triathlete’s preparation since 1997: Siri Lindley, Jackie Gallagher, Emma Snowsill and Loretta Harrop are all names that spring to mind, with Loretta doing almost all of her work exclusively on the treadmill.

This week I put the current Olympic champion, Nicola Spirig, through her paces on the treadmill using the exact same set that I used with the men’s bronze medalist, Jan Rehula, at the Sydney Olympics 15 years ago....

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