An Amazing Day...

chris-finishing.gifED. One of America's best 40+ female triathletes, Indiana's Chris Wickard blogged about her BOUS experience:

By Chris Wickard (http://chriswickard.wix.com/triathlete/apps/blog)

BOUS Race Report - This was my 6th appearance at the Best of the US (BOUS).  I think of BOUS like a mini USAT National Championship, as it brings out some very talented athletes.  Unlike Nats where you are competing against others in your age group, at BOUS you are competing against all the other female or all the other male athletes.

The hosts/organizers at BOUS .....are extremely passionate about the sport of triathlons.  So if you ever have the opportunity to participate in a race that they are involved in, you know it will be spectacular. 

The morning began with the inaugural Capital City Sprint Triathlon.....

Once a majority of the sprint athletes finished, it was time for the BOUS to begin.  Our race was an Olympic distance.  One of the many great things about this race was that is was very spectator friendly.  The swim was 2 loops, the bike was 3 loops, and the run was 2 loops.  This is definitely nice for those out there cheering us on as well as the athletes since we would get lots of cheers and encouragement throughout the course.

Our race was a relatively small field of competitors but it was packed with talent.  The males and females started the swim together.  It was surprising a not very physical swim.  You never can tell when the males and females start together if it will involved swimming on top of each other.  Since we all had the same swim caps, I couldn't tell how many females were...

Z-#3 Preview...

BO-and-CO.gifED. Just got an email from Nate at Timberman. Registration closes on Saturday, at midnight we suppose. That would be Saturday-to-Sunday midnight, not Friday-to-Saturday midnight. Act quickly if you want to get into this 30-year-old classic event. WEBSITE.

Z-TRI PREVIEW - Brendon O’Flanagan, who has an awesome son, Cal (photo L), won two tris in 2013 en route to a Most Improved nomination. We think that he’ll win at least three races this year, the next of which, we predict, will take place tomorrow—July 4--at majestic Pokegema Lake south of Grand Rapids. The event is the 3rd annual Z-Tri and it perpetuates the legacy of Uncle Randy’s (Frontrunnerusa) Freedom Triathlon, an Independence Day tri that enjoyed a short but sweet history at West Park in White Bear Lake.....


Holy Balls, Batman!

gaby-and-coach.gif"I need more cowbell, baby!"

By Gaby Bunten

BOUS Race Report- When I received the e-mail for an invitation to compete at Best of the US for Iowa, I was overcome by a phrase that my dear old dad has coined, “Holy Balls Batman.” I knew that the competition at the race would be stacked with a field of talented ladies and gents.  My initial anxiety for the race happened with that e-mail. It became a battle of am I worthy of competing with such a field and what would I bring to the table at this race? Well, of course I immediately consulted the best coach ever, Miss CY. She gave me one of the most positive vibes I have ever received from a coach, and for that thank you CY! But I was able to go into the race with a new frame of mind, the only thing I needed to accomplish that day was to push myself harder than I have ever before and when all else fails, just smile.

The night before the race, my dad had texted me, “Rock on tomorrow. Mom and I are bringing Hells Bells (our two springer spaniel puppies) and our cowbell, gotta have more cowbell, baby!” Leave it ...

Big Bike Splits...

nicole-winning.gifNicole Heininger (photo) proved on Sunday that a big bike split can trump the fast swim/run combination.

On paper, Nicole Heininger and Christina Roberts were the likely picks to finish 1-2 in the women's race at Lake Waconia. The wild card was Heidi Keller-Miler, now 49, who won this race in 2012.

HKM, though, hasn't finished a tri since September of 2012. Injuries and the demands of life have kept her on the sidelines since then. The fact that she was unable to finish at Trinona three weeks ago also clouded the issue. Was she ready to return to racing, and to reassert herself as one of our region's premier masters triathletes.

The answer to that question is "Yes."  Her swim an bike splits on Sunday were solid, and though her run wasn't her best, her ultimate 3rd place finish had to be encouraging. It was great to see her back on the scene. We hope that she races often enough to garner a Master of the Year nomination, an award she's won on multiple occasions, and a spot on Team Minnesota.

Heininger was a surprise runner-up at LWT in 2013. Launching from a later AG wave, it was not discovered until the awards presentation that she actually had the 2nd fasterest women's time. That result earned her a BOUS invitation and helped her earn the Rookie of the Year trophy....

Treehugger Named Athlete of the Month......

tree-hugger.gif(Photo - Tree-hugging Deb Roberts is June AG AOM.)

ATHLETES OF THE MONTH - Who were Minnesota's most successful amateur multisport athletes during the month of June? According to the Minnesota Multisport Awards (MMA) Committee, the clear choices for  "overall" AOM's were Heather Lendway and Matthew Payne. The MMA Selectors named Chap Achen, 45, and Deb Roberts, 61, as the Age Group AOMs. Here are their June resumes:

FEMALE ATHLETE OF THE MONTH - Heather Lendway, 30, St. Paul, 30, St. Paul

1st @ Pigman Sprint - Course Record

1st @ Trinona Olympic - Course Record

1st @ Lake Minnetonka - Course Record (A likely Performance of the Year contender.)

MALE ATHLETE OF THE MONTH - Matthew Payne, 36, Columbia Heights

1st @ Buffalo Olympic - Amateur Course Record...

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