Meal Train For Greta & Sarah...

greta-and-baby.gifED. Yesterday, we received this email from Caire Bootsma. We're happy to share it and hope that some of you can help out.



Seeing you this weekend sparked a thought in my brain.  I am thinking you should do a post about "The Most Incredible Physical Feat Accomplished by a MN Triathlete So Far This Year"....Greta Simpson giving birth to triplets.  Yeah, three babies!  This popped into my head because I've been following her meal train-- (https://www.mealtrain.com/invitation/Default.aspx?id=mkkb8ymrpqxt)--and while there was lots of interest immediately after the triplets were born, it seems like it has petered out, all their meal requests for the next two weeks are not yet filled.  With all three of the babies home from the...

More Loot For Lendway?

HL-champagne.gifHEATHER LENDWAY podiumed in her non-drafting pro debut at Las Olas International last month. Can she do it again next Sunday at the iconic St. Anthony's Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Florida? Maybe, but to do so she would have to outrace at least one recognized superstar.

Sarah Haskins, arguably the finest female triathlete that America has ever produced, is probably the best non-drafting Olympic distance female racer in the world. You just don't bet against her. At St. A's, she's won five times in seven starts. She placed 2nd in her non-winning efforts back in 2006 and 2007. Her course record is sick. 1:56:44.

Then there's Alecia Kaye, who won here in 2013 in 1:57:10. Haskins is the only American who beats her regularly.

Finally, there's Denmark's Helle Fredericksen, who, get this!, hasn't missed a podium since 2012.

To beat one of these women next Sunday would take at least a 1:59; maybe a 1:58. Is HL ready to go that fast? Good question. If she can, she'd take her place among the very best in the sport....

Taylor Wins Grand Slam...


by Kara Deschenes (ironman.com)

Triathlon wasn’t Gregory Taylor’s first love, but it ended up being one of his most enduring. Having begun the sport as a side effect of off-season training for Nordic ski racing and biathlon (skiing and shooting), he entered a race deemed "The World’s Toughest Triathlon" at the urging of a friend in 1989. After swimming two miles in Lake Tahoe, cycling 100 miles in the Sierra Mountains, and running 18 miles on backcountry trails, Taylor finished the race in tenth place. With two IRONMAN World Championship slots rolling down as far as the seventh place athlete, he narrowly missed the chance to score a spot and left the race satisfied with his accomplishment....

Crawfish, Jazz & a Paycheck...

Dani-kickin.gifDANI FISCHER, who was ranked #2 on Team Minnesota last year, won the USAT Duathlete of the Year award and was named AOY HM, will make her pro debut at New Orleans 70.3 tomorrow, and the MTN Guys are anxious to see how she fares. She's only raced once at 70.3, but demonstrated that it may be her best distance. In that single event, which was the 2014 USAT Long Distance Championships in Grand Rapids, Michigan, she won handily in a time--4:23:37--which proved to be the fastest legitimate half IM clocking by a US amateur woman last year.

A strong cyclist and an even stronger runner, we suspect that Dani's pro career will resemble that of Ruth Brennan Morrey's. In other words, we think she'll learn fast and develop quickly. Like RBM, she'll probably start WINNING major events in her second year of pro racing (2016), maybe sooner.

Ruth's first half as an amateur, like Dani's, produced a victory and a sizzling time (4:21!). Ruther's first pro half--Mallorca '13--was a "valuable learning experience" and she had to settle for 12th place, albeit with a terrific 1:18 run. Eight halves later, one of which was a podium effort (2nd at Augusta), she outraced British superstar Rachel Joyce for her first major win (Kansas 70.3).

Most pros need much more than a year to establish themselves as podium contenders. Ruther's rise to that point only took four months....

Tinman Turns 31...

david-self-stick.gifRACE PREVIEW - The 31st edition of the MORRIS TINMAN, our state's first outdoor tri (pool swim) of the season, will take place on Saturday, April 25. We thought it would be cool to share some of that race's podium history here. We hope that some of you who have never raced at the Tinman before, will give it a go this year.

2014 Morris International - 1100 yd swim - 19 mile bike - 10K run - 39 participants


1. Matt Scmidgall - 2:02:45, 2. Paul Wymer - 2:02:48, 3. Steven Scott (SD) - 2:07:28


1. Bett Rowley - 2:13:52, 2. Sarah Dens - 2:40:54, 3. Andelee Qyast - 2:40:52


2014 Tinman Sprint (Inaugural) - 450 yd swim - 12 mile bike - 5K run - 35 Participants


1. Craig Harrison, 54 (SD) - 1:04:33, 2. Thomas Pahl - 1:08:59, Tom Schwartz - 1:17:40...

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