Guys of Yesteryear...

dan-and-kat.gifChatting with a longtime member of the MMA Selection Committee recently, we asked each other some "coulda" and shoulda" questions. Over boutique coffee, we talked about how difficult it is to make Team Minnesota, and how much more difficult it would be if athletes hadn't moved away, or retired, or gotten career-ending injuries. Since a significant percentage of Minnesota's multisport athetes had adopted the lifestyle after 2009, it is likely that they have never heard of some of the talented men and women of yesteryear.

Being totally into the history of our sport, we thought it would be cool to do some name-dropping. Here are some of the men who have made past editions of Team Minnesota but have not raced, locally at least, in the last five-plus years.

- DAN COHEN - Decorated tri coach last earned a spot on Team Minnesota in 2010. Dan has twelve career wins, was Rookie of the Year in 2000 and won the Most Improved award in 2006. Dan is a muscular guy who looks a lot like former Vikings linebacker Ben Leber. He was married not long ago to Kat Schlaefer (photo L), who has great legs and is an occasional HOOT!, and they have a new baby girl who is very, very cute and is doomed to being above average in every way....

Diane's Plans...

dian-cap-city.gifED. We asked Diane Hankee to describe her off-season and share her tentative 2015 multisport racing schedule. Here's what she sent us:

By Diane Hankee

I always see so many great friends during the racing the season, and then once it ends, I wonder what they are up to.  According to research, we should be resting and I follow that advice.  My winter rest includes enjoying my kids participating in sports, hockey being one of them. I still “workout” with my favorite grey haired training partner, my husband!   I wouldn’t consider my winter hibernation to be called training.  I don’t use my power meter, heart rate, or gps, they are all turned off until February or March.

I work full time as a Civil Engineer and that includes attending a lot of City Council meetings for various clients. We have flex time which is the only way this schedule works.  Never thought I’d be so involved in politics = the need to run.  I maintain infrastructure by implementing pavement management programs for which funding is the biggest challenge. This is a dismal task with the high $ of construction and the Minnesota climate.  I also work to improve surface water quality of our lakes and wetlands.  I work with most government agencies including the State, County, Watersheds, DNR, MPCA, and MDH.   If you don’t know these acronyms you are lucky J.

I look forward to seeing my fellow triathletes throughout the season. My preliminary 2015 race calendar: ...


Heather Kicked Butt! So did Lisa!

heather-and-leanda.gifFort Lauderdale, FL - After an 8th place finish on Saturday at the Sarasota Draft Legal Sprint Challenge, rookie pro HEATHER LENDWAY went ape-do-do on Sunday at the Las Olas International (1K-21 miles - 5.8 miles) Pro Challenge, placing 2nd overall just 36 seconds behind British superstar Leanda Cave.

Superstar? Oh yeah! Cave, who is even taller than the 5'10' Lendway, is a former Hawaii Ironman World Champion (2012), Long Distance World Champion (2007), 70.3 World Champion (2012), 23U World Champion (2001) and has medaled at Olympic distance worlds and the European Championships.

The race had a $25,000 pro purse, $3K of which wen to Heather. Very cool!

MTN will repost Heather's race report. RESULTS....

Smart Stuff About Fueling...

nutrition-rules.gifBy Michelle Valenti & Dave Scott (active.com)

Six-time Ironman champion, Dave Scott, has had years to perfect his race-day strategy. He knows what to eat—and how much; how to warm up—both physically and mentally; and what little things can make a big difference in transition and during the race.

Before you head to your next triathlon, take a look at his top race-day tips.

Rule #1: Start fueling for the race the day prior.
To set up for a good race, you have to start fueling properly 24 hours before the race actually starts. That doesn't mean you should eat more than normal, it just means you need to pay extra attention to your diet....

My Pro Debut...



Photo - Swimsuit models, Lisa and Heather Lendway ankle-deep in Tampa Bay.

By Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

Clermont Draft Legal Challenge Race Report - The week leading into my very first race of the year was busy and didn’t leave me with much time to actually think about my coming race.  Between work, workouts, running to appointments for my knee pain, packing and traveling, my mind was on overdrive and I was maximizing every free minute, even more so than usual.  My flight to Orlando on Wednesday night was delayed almost two hours so I didn’t land in Florida until shortly after 1am.  Stopwatch Greg was waiting patiently to drive me back to our rented condo just south of Clermont.  Greg had arrived mid day Tuesday and was all settled into our lovely two bedroom, two bath condo (surprisingly one of the most affordable places to stay) by the time I arrived.  My head hit the pillow around 2:30 am but I struggled to fall asleep....

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