Name the Saint Paul triathlete who won $1 million

mandalaYou’re forgiven if you answered “Gwen Jorgensen”. Natural mistake.

Besides, it’s a trick question. 

The $1 million prize was for something else. And it didn’t actually go to an individual, so don’t start warming up your business plan for a possible investor pitch.


That said, there was a million dollar prize, and it was won by a triathlete, and she is from Saint Paul. . .

Nate is a HOOT!

emy-biking.gif4th Annual BLAINE TRIATHLON PREVIEW - This race was moved from its May date because May is an "iffy" triathlon month. Few lakes are swimmable in May.

The move to September 12 seemed pretty dang smart, until you took a closer look. Sure, it shared the weekend with the long-standing Square Lake races, but the Minnesota multisport community can easily handle two events on the same weekend, especially after all those 5-8-race weekends during June, July and August.


Yeah, but let's not forget that Blaine (and Square Lake) share the weekend with Ironman Wisconsin, which draws lots of Minnesota participants. More damaging to our local races, though, is the fact that IMOO draws THOUSANDS on Minnesota triathletes who attend the race as spectators and enthusiastic supporters of their Minnesota peers. That's probably what hurts most....

Swag, Custom Stuff, Zero Waste...

family-time.gifPhoto (L-R) - Hadley or Adeline, their mom, their aunt, Hadley or Adeline.


By Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)


YWCA WOMEN'S TRI RACE REPORT - Do you know how many women finished the USA Triathlon Olympic Distance National Championships this year? 1181. Do you know how many women finished the sprint version of that race? 696. The YWCA Women’s tri had 935 women finish the race. That is not too far off from the number of finishers at the National Championships, one of the biggest races annually in the US.

Do you know how many women age 50+ finished at Lifetime Minneapolis, Minnesota’s biggest triathlon? 43 women in the Olympic, Sprint and Super Sprint combined. The YWCA tri had 251 50+ women finish the race. Yes, you read that correctly, more than five times as many....

"High Fives on the Way"....


UPDATE: Elite late registrants rock socks at St. Croix Valley in steamy Hudson. RESULTS - Fox collects 10th race of the season at Hopkins Royal Tri II. PP starts last, finishes 1st...RESULTS


By Josh Duda (road2recovered.blogspot.com)

SUPERIOR MAN RACE REPORT - The intent of this race was to be my “A Race” of the season. This was going to be my big show!  Going into this race, I felt like I was right where I needed to be! 70.3 PR here we come! ...

Finding Silver Linings...

amys-number.gifBy Amy Bauch (amysrunningaround.blogspot.com)

Superior Man 41.5 RaceReport - My 2015 “local” triathlon outdoor season ended last Sunday after I crossed the finish line of SuperiorMan‘s “short” course in Duluth.   It was a fun day in a fun town.

The race initially intrigued me because of the swim start.  Racers are loaded on to a Vista Fleet ferry boat and taken out on to Lake Superior and get to jump off the boat in to the lake.  How fun is that?

I did the long course in 2013.  It was the hottest day of the year in Duluth – heat index was well in to the 100s along with some pretty heavy humidity.   Very unexpected for this time of year upnord der.   
I have long thought about doing the Escape from Alcatraz race, which also has a “jump off the boat” swim start.  There are just a few other things about that race that keeps me away (sharks, currents, cold temperatures and a lot of  hills to name a few).

SuperiorMan offers the same cool start without worrying about Jaws.  It does have its fair share of currents, cold water and hills, though.    

I had planned to race the long course again this year, but when Ironman Arizona 70.3 opened up, I made it my “A” race for the season.   (And, truth be told, my pretty lazy training season left me not really ready to pull a ½ out of my legs yet.   Fortunately, I have six weeks to get them ready for Tempe)....

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