Restoring Happiness & Hunger...

bella_b.pngBy Mike Buenting (mikebuenting.wordpress.com)

As a coach, an athlete and a father of a competitive athlete you learn a lot about yourself and others and overcoming challenges and setbacks. You learn a lot about the human spirit and the human heart and will to fight and push limits.

The last year has been tough for both myself and for my daughter Bella. My 2015 season had some ups and downs and the start of 2016 at the Boston marathon went really wrong for me. Bella also had a really tough 2016 (spring) Track season running for Minnetonka High school team as an 8th grader.  (mostly Varsity meets, but sometimes JV) Bella never ran at her potential all season and just lacked happiness and a hunger. As for myself I had the hunger I just was not performing great and it was leaving my depressed and down.

So 2016 was going to be my year!! And summer of 2016 was going to be Bella’s return to Triathlon after setting out the 2015 season to focus on swim team and cross country....

Washed Out....

Moose Lake Tri

Press Release

Moose Lake Triathlon Cancelled for July 23, 2016

By Craig Prudhomme


Four short years after a catastrophic flood hit Moose Lake and the surrounding area, our city has once again been inundated. The damage is significant and still being assessed as flood waters begin to recede.  Despite being much better prepared this time there are a number of events which have combined to affect every segment of our race.

  • High water has caused sewage discharge upstream to flow into the lake. Until the water level comes down to normal levels and is tested as clear by the state, there is no swimming allowed....

Toughman & The Blast...

balloon_arch.pngTOUGHMAN HALF & SPRINT PREVIEW - Can you believe this awesome event, known formerly as the Chisago Lakes Triathlons, will launch its second decade of great racing on Sunday? Whoa, right?

As always the fields will be large--1100+ total participants--and very deep. If the weather cooperates, we should see some records.

The men's amateur record is Tim Hola's 4:04:27, set in 2014. Hola, now 41 and a longtime resident of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, is a special athlete. In the history of US amateur half IM racing, three names...

When Bronze is as Shiny as Gold...

Holt_guys.pngHEART OF THE LAKES - Yesterday we posted Nathan Ansbaugh's Life Time - Tri Minneapolis race report. We did this as a prelude to today's coverage of Heart of the Lakes, which has long been been billed as "Minnesota's favorite triathlon," a claim that is hard to dispute.

At Minneapolis, Nathan was headed for a podium finish with less than a mile to go. That's when the wheels came off. Instead of a 3rd behind Payne and Cooley, he placed 17th in the "Premier Division" and 37th overall.

At HOLT, though, Nathan Ansbaugh demonstrated what it means to "get back on the horse." While Matt and Sean went off the front, Nathan once again moved into sole possession of 3rd place. This time he kept the hammer on the floor, and it stayed there. The result was a redemptive podium finish, with a 1:02 margin over 4th-placing Josh Blankenheim.

As at Lake Nokomis, Payne and Cooley went 1-2. The win was the 46th of Pain Train's multisport career, and his 3rd consecutive at HOLT....

"...I Put it All Out There...BUT"....

nathan_life_time.pngBy Nathan Ansbaugh (nathanansbaugh.blogspot.com)

Life Time Tri - Minneapolis Race Report - Last year, my 8th place finish at Lifetime Minneapolis followed by a near miss of the podium at Lifetime Maple Grove finishing in 4th left me feeling both a bit frustrated and hopeful for the 2016 season. In particular, I set my sights toward this year's Lifetime Minneapolis with the goal of sneaking my way into a win or at least a podium spot. With the likes of Matt Payne, Kris Spoth, Sean Cooley, and a handful of other top notch athletes, I knew this would mean a couple things: 1) amongst the competition for the podium spots, I needed to have a gap out of the water, 2) I needed to try to keep the bike under an hour on this fairly technical course, and 3) I had to run sub-sixes and likely negative split. As the off-season and spring progressed, this seemed to be coming around. That said, I have always struggled with earlier season racing and peaked late summer, and this season has been no different so far with Gear West Du ending with Matt Payne...

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