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King-Boreas-Winter-Tri-Logo.gifBy Kris Swarthout

The King Boreas Winter Triathlon will take place on Sunday, January 31st starting at 10am at Phalen Golf Course in Saint Paul.  The distances are 5k Run, 17k Bike, 7.5k Ski.  Nestled in Saint Paul’s East side, the venue is 20 minutes from MSP International Airport and 5 minutes from the heart of downtown. The race is an official Saint Paul Winter Carnival event and is made possible through the support of it’s fantastic sponsors; HED Cycling, Now Bike and Fitness, Finn Sisu, Team RWB, Insight Brewing and Clif nutrition.  

The course will consist of an rolling off road 5k run counterclockwise around Lake Phalen, a 5 lap off road bike leg which will feature the famous HED “Fly-over”, and a single lap of the Phalen Golf Course Ski course.  A preview of the course will be held on Saturday...

Looking at the 2016 Schedule...

calendar.gifGosh, it's 2016 already. Can you believe it?

It's time to talk about the 2016 outdoor tri / du season. At the height of triathlon's popularity, circa 2009 - 2011, there were as many 78 adult outdoor tris and dus staged annually on MInnesota soil. This number did not include the Pigman races in Iowa, the St. Croix Valley, Croixathlon and Burrito Union races that are staged in western Wisconsin. Last year that number dipped to 69. Currently, there are 61 Minnesota tris and dus slated for '16.

What races are going away? Here's are those events that are not scheduled to return:

- Burrito Union 5 & 10-Hr. Triathlons

- Land Between the Lakes (It has been converted to a canoe tri)

- Manitou Sprint

- Ztri

- Paul Bunyan Olympic & Sprint

- Lakefront Days Triathlon

- Waseca 1/3 & Sprint

- Square Lake Long Course ....

"Health First, Performance Second"...

HealthyEating.gifBy Marni Sumbal (triathlon.competitor.com)

As a clinical dietitian, I eat for nourishment and for disease prevention. As a seven-time Ironman finisher and coach, I view food as fuel. Food gives me energy before my workouts, helps to postpone fatigue during workouts and enhances recovery.

My philosophy with eating is “health first, performance second.” Amazingly, the same foods that boost the immune system and reduce risk for disease, such as fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, plant proteins, fish and low-fat dairy, can also support a body that is seeking performance gains through structured training....

2015 Was Awesome. 2016 Will Be Even Awesomer!


High on Life and Weimaraners...

erin-beets.gifED. This encore post first appeared on December 13, 2014.

GOING "OFF COURSE" - In her totally good blog, "sweetsweatlife.com," which we highly recommend, ever-caffinated suburban (Apple Valley) triathlete erin klegstad describes herself thus: "i'm erin...triathlete, yogi, lover of life, happiness, dogs, the ocean, espresso and travel. chasing big dreams and finish lines."

Her words tell us so much about her. First thing we noticed is that she is an "Anti-Capitalist." No, we are not saying that she is against free enterprise. We're saying that she doesn't like to use capital letters. There is probably a syndrome with its own acronym about this, but we don't know what it is.

We also think it's cool that she is a yogi. You certainly wouldn't surmise her yogihood just by looking at her, proving the point that not all yogis are sedentary, mountain-dwelling, robe-wearers with lapsed hygiene and scraggly beards. Clean, athletic, city-dwelling women can be yogis, too. The next time we see erin  we are going ask her to demonstrate the classic yogi pose, the one where legs are crossed and the palms of the feet face upward. How do they do that? ...


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