Garrick Got it Done...

garrick.gifBy Brock LeFlorette

As Garrick Dietze (Facebook photo L) crossed the finish line at Sunday’s Waseca Sprint, a sparse crowd (thanks to semi-yucky weather) cheered admiringly and the announcer called him a rockstar.

The man smiled and thrust both fists over his head.

“I got it done!” he exclaimed.

He did indeed. Garrick had just finished his first tri, which is rockstarry enough, right? Making his accomplishment more salient and savorable, though, was the fact that he is a Clydesdale.

Actually, he is TWO Clydesdales. You see, Garrick is 6’5” and weighs 400 pounds, at least that’s what he weighed before battling the chilly 20-mph winds during his 18.65 mile odyssey.

Most would agree that Garrick’s effort was the performance of the day.

Dietze wasn’t the only one who “got it done.” Kevin O’Connor got it done before everyone else as he had for the last three years here. The win was his 5th of the 2015 season....

Happy "Lycra" Anniversary...

lakes-co-swim.gifLAKES COUNTRY TRIATHLON PREVIEW - If you can believe it, this race will celebrate its 16th anniversary next Sunday. In case you didn't know, there are special terms for the first 15 anniversaries, and for the 20th, 25th, 50th etc. Last year, the Lakes Country event celebrated it's "Crystal" anniversary.

It's a shame that the official anniversary namers didn't give year number-16 a special name, so we will.

The Lakes Country Tri will celebrate its "Lycra" anniversary on Sunday.

Payne Train Heading For Duluth...

boat-leaper.gifSUPERIOR MAN PREVIEW - We predict that a plethora of records will fall at next Sunday's Superior Man, the 2013 and 2014 Minnesota Race of the Year.


The exisiting records are soft, and for good reason. Hot, humid conditions, unprecedently so in 2013, influenced the first two years of the event. Last year, the swim courses needed to be abbreviated. The 70.3 became a 69.9, and the 41.5 was a 41.3.

So, it's going to be exciting to see how things unfold on Sunday. FYI, the current weather forecast is for a sunny day with temps ranging from 59 to 79 degrees and light winds. Of course, that will change. The American and European weather models haven't been too accurate this year, have they?

It's time to go with the "Central American Model."

What is that? ...

He's Back! We Think...

rich-and-suzie.gifPhoto - Conditions during the race were kinda yucky. But as so often happens, the weather got good after the last finisher crossed. Why is that? Enjoying the new sunshine here are Waseca 1/3 winners Rich Heilman and Suzie Fox.

In 1996 when Rich Heilman was 32, he was one of the most successful amateur long distance guys in the US. At Long Course Worlds in Muncie, Indiana, he finished 3rd overall in the amateur competition.

A few years later, Rich disappeared from the regional and national tri scene in order to do life stuff. Over the next decade and a half he popped up on the tri grid a time or two, usually at an out-of-state Ironman, but not often enough to suggest that he would return to regional prominence.

Then Heilman, now 50, showed up at this year’s Lake Marion Olympic Triathlon. He didn’t look much older than he did in the 90s and still had his infuriating 30-inch waist and 5% body fat.

He finished 2nd overall in that race.

Is he back? It was too soon to tell....

Smooth and Confident....

MGO-POD.gifPhoto - Women's Olympic podium (L-R) - Kelly Trom (3rd), Gaby Bunten (1st), Christina Roberts (2nd).

LIFE TIME TRI - MAPLE GROVE - Five men, starting with Kris Spoth (1:54:32), broke the magical two-hour mark last Sunday at the 7th annual Life Time Tri - Maple Grove Olympic Triathlon. Conditions would have been ideal, cloudy and mild, had the winds been a bit less blowy and gustful, but the times were improved by the necessity to take a few "K"s out of the bike course (from 40 down to 38).

Spoth owns this race, having won it outright on two prior occasions and claiming the Collegiate crown on another. He raced smoothly and confidently at the front from lake to line, which was also the way his totally serious girlfriend, Gaby Bunten raced en route to the biggest win of her career. Her time was 2:09:32, or the equivalent of 2:11 at full Olympic distance. Her legit PR is a 2:14:00, set at Nationals in 2014....

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