"It's All About Staying Focused"....

kona-1.pngSix things i’ve learned training for kona.


By Erin Klegstad (sweetsweatlife.com - Oct. 7, 2016)

Whoa. Kona is here. How is that possible?! Tomorrow I *get* to race the IRONMAN World Championship – surreal is an understatement!

I arrived in Kona, solo, a week early to acclimate as much as possible and for a little quiet time – bliss for this introvert! I love my tribe and wouldn’t get to a start or finish line without their support, but the alone time was much needed and has been so rejuvenating. You know your pre-race has been relaxing when you read two books in three days! Aside from reading, the week’s been filled with sitting in the a/c, workouts in the heat of the day, hanging out with my rad Coeur Sports crew, drinking all the iced almond milk lattes + kombucha at Kona Coffee + Tea, and cruising Ali’i on my $90 Walmart 18-speed mountain bike....

2016 Performance of the Year: Women...

hanna_mile_eight.png2016 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Today we post the final MMA category: FEMALE PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR.

It's taken several weeks to narrow the long list of outstanding performances to just four, but here they are in alpha order by athlete:

1. - HANNA GRINAKER's record-setting victory at LAKE WACONIA, where she lowered the women's CR by 3:05.

2. - KORTNEY HAAG's course record at BUFFALO OLYMPIC. Her time--2:10:08--bettered the previous CR by more than two-and-a-half minutes. The women's field at Buffalo was very deep, with five members of 2015 Team Minnesota as well as rookie Grinaker.

3. - DIANE HANKEE's victory at APPLE DUATHLON, where she outraced what was arguably the deepest women's field of the year in our state.

4. - ERIN HYNDMAN-FARREN's 3rd place overall women's finish at IRONMAN LOUISVILLE. Her time was 10:02:29, which is the second fastest Minnesota women's 140.6 clocking ever...

2016 Race of the Year Finalists...


Voting for 2016 TRIATHLETES CHOICE RACE OF THE YEAR concluded yesterday. The way the TCROY is determined is that the votes for a race are divided by the number of its finishers giving us its  "% of Participation."


In 2016, 36 events received votes and seven of those races received the support of at least 5% of their finishers, and had 30 or more total votes. In alpha order, those races are:





"I Gave it My All"...

Jphnny_Block.pngED. Voting for Triathletes Choice Race of the Year concludes tonight at 11:59 PM. VOTE

By Johnny Surprise

Ironman Maryland Race Report - My goal of completing 10 Ironman's was somewhat met on Saturday. The conditions were really bad and the flooding and high tide that engulfed the second half of the marathon was the craziest thing I've ever experienced in a race! With the cancellation of the swim, we were forced to do time trail start which pushed my start time to 9:40. The late start guaranteed me to get stuck in the muck and water. I gave it my all physically and I made sure to stay calm and just keep grinding and smiling!

This sport has had major role in my life since 1999. It is and will always be a measuring stick for me to test my mental and physical toughness as well as my ability to suffer and to do my very best when I really don't want to. It was here when I needed it most during the early years of my sobriety. It has given me long lasting friendships that I am so very thankful for. Evan Reed and Jennifer Martone are two of my dearest friends and fierce training partners and competitors who have always been there for me and who have made me better.
On Saturday, I had Wendy, my boys and Mimi who traveled down from West Point just to support me. This was Dylan and Jax's first time watching me compete in an Ironman. To see them along the course was incredible for...

"It All Made Sense"...

brad_des_moines.pngBy Brad Mitchell (obsessivetripulsive.weebly.com - 9/8/16)

Des Moines Olympic Race Report - Six days a week. 51 weeks a year. Lots of miles. Lots of hard intervals. On Sunday it all made sense.
I have come a long way in four years from beginning as a non-runner, cyclist or swimmer. On Sunday I raced a 2:10:21 olympic distance race and a few things stood out;

*Beat a male pro's bike split and came within 20 seconds of another two
*Beat three male pro's run splits (* including TJ Tollakson. He did have knee surgery 9 weeks ago, but when you can average 27.8mph on the bike in the same race, you must be feeling pretty good!)
*Won my 40-44 age-group, was 9th overall amateur and first over 40 year old.
*I did this with a very slow swim (I see that as a positive moving forward)
*I LOVE to race. This distance is the ultimate challenge for me - hard out like a sprint but twice as long....

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