Yummy Thanksgiving Stuff...

xgiving-food.gifBy Athlete Food (usatriathlon.org)

To make our feast hearty and festive without overdoing it, we lean toward mostly naturally gluten-free dishes that are vegetable-forward. As a bonus, this strategy allows the special dieters at the table (ourselves included!) to have plates as full as the traditionalists.

So here’s to eating well — but not leaving the table feeling as stuffed as (someone else’s) turkey. We hope you and your families have a happy Thanksgiving! Now go crush that Turkey Trot.

Thanks for reading — we are grateful for so very much this year, including the opportunity to interact with the amazing triathlon community in this space....

Eat Snacks!

nuts-and-stuff.gifBy Kate Davis (usatriathlon.org)

High-level athletes ask a lot from their bodies day-to-day. Proper fueling is essential for an athlete to be able to arrive at each day's workout ready to give 100 percent. A key part of proper fueling is snacking. Read on to find out why athletes should be snacking and score a few healthy snack ideas too.

1. Blood sugar regulation
Eating only meals typically means many hours between eating sessions. Athletes should be eating every 2-3 hours to be sure to keep blood sugar stable. Spikes in blood sugar can lead to loss of focus and...

Speed & Versatility...

nick-k-falls.gifMINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Now we will attempt to explain the rationale behind the MMA Selectors' picks in the non-slam-dunk categories, starting with the JUNIOR OF THE YEAR.


- JAKE CROTEAU, 18, La Crosse, WI - Jake set Junior CRs at at Timberman and Brewhouse and his Olympic-distance times were competitive with credentialed adult triathletes. While his regional resume was stellar, his National (18th AG at Nationals) and International (11th AG at Worlds) were not quite as impressive.


- KAYTLIN GARRISON, 16, Cohasset - In six regional starts, Kaytlin never finished out of the Top 10. She cracked the Top 5 on half of those occasions. She did, however, lose to a fellow junior (Hannah Bettandorf) at Brewhouse Sprint, and her winning AG time at Buffalo was four minutes slower that Lauren Steinke's junior race record.

GMOY King....

neil-nationals.gifMINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Today we explain some of the thinking behind the selection of NEIL KING as 2015 GRAND MASTER OF THE YEAR.

- HANK LARSEN, 75, Glencoe -  The 2008 GMOY's resume was impressive, but lacked volume. He only raced three times, winning each time and setting two AG CRs. The Selectors would have liked Hank to have 1-2 more efforts.

- 1st time-nominee SHERI SCHROCK, 61, Cohasset, raced often and with nice results. The highlight was her AG win at Long Distance Worlds in Sweden. Sheri managed to beat fellow nominee PAM STEVENS (62, Sartell) at Apple, but lost to Pam by a substantial margin at Chicago Worlds. Sheri's 7ths in her AG at Nationals and Worlds were perceived as solid, not quite stellar, results.

Pam, a two-time GMOY, demonstrated nice speed in her divisional wins at COLT and especially Maple Grove Olympic. The committee felt that Pam's speed vs. Sheri's strenth / volume ...

Doobie's Race...

race-oty.gifMINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - There were 69 races, down from an all-time high of 83 a few years back, that were eligible for the TRIATHLETES CHOICE RACE OF THE YEAR award. Forty-three races (62%) received votes. We hope that that percentage grow next year.


Races were evaluated on a "% of finishers" basis, not by total number of votes. This allows smaller and medium-sized events to  compete for the title. History tells us that an event needs voter support from at least 20% of their participants to win. Here's how this year's top five finalists fared. ...

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