Tips For Faster Bike Splits...

janet-bike.pngBy Cassandra Johnson (usatriathlon.org)

In honor of National Bike Month, we’ve compiled 21 top training, racing, gear and injury prevention tips and tricks to take your cycling to the next level.

Make sure you maintain a proper cadence during training and racing. Riding in too big of a gear can really fatigue your leg muscles and hamper your run. Also practice drills that focus on body position, body motion and pedal technique. Find tips from top elite triathletes.
Know when to shift gears and how to shift in a smooth and efficient manner. Choppy shifting leads to dropped chains, damaged gears and lost momentum. Follow these guidelines.
Do interval workouts, head for the hills, get specific in long rides and bricks and do good power training in the weight room. If you come from a running background and notice people are often passing you on the bike, you may need to up your power....

Swearing Makes You Stronger...


By Susan Lacke (triathlete.com)

Isn’t science grand?

Go ahead, drop that F-bomb—it might just get you over the crest. New research presented at the Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society reveals that swearing aloud increases strength.

The study, conducted at Keele University in England, compared the anaerobic cycling power of two groups: one puritanical, one filthy as f—well, you know. They found the group allowed to curse produced more power—on average, 24 more watts per 60 seconds...

Acabado Rapido!


By Ruth BrennIan Morrey


Ironman 70.3 Pan American Pro Championship, Monterrey, Mexico!

4th Overall 4:14...something.

Very talented and deep field & super important race for me to set up my season.
Swim: Started out by digging myself into a hole with a slow nonwetsuit swim in second to last place. But, the best thing one can do is have acceptance of 'what is', take a deep breath, stay task focused, and fight until the very end.
Bike: 2:18. Gradually gained time, but didn't catch anyone until the very end, making for a very lonely first 3 hours.
Run: Fastest half marathon of my life (1:18:04, 5:55/mi ave) dating back to 2001 when I ran 1:18:21 at age 23 at Grandmas half, without a swim or bike beforehand. :) At age 41, we can say things like this that we are proud of. I felt like I was floating along for 13 miles....

Cranky Hips & Super-Squeezy Water Bottles...

dani_ruther.pngBy Dani Vsetecka (4iowasisters.blogspot.com)


FALLS DUATHLON RACE REPORT - Ahhh, first race of the season done.  And with it comes a little relief!  There are usually some unknowns going into the first race in months, but there was quite a long list this time around:

* Not racing for 5 whole months(!)
* Coming back from an early January injury
* Recovering from a killer February cold and recent cranky hip
* Riding my tri bike a total of 3 times outdoors prior to race day


Not to mention a very recent coaching change!  I had two weeks of a new routine under my belt and it mostly consisted of backing off and flushing some fatigue out of my system. This would truly be a test!  ...

Lots to Get Excited About...

annalise.pnggwd2017logo.jpgGEAR WEST DU PREVIEW - We can't wait for Sunday to get here.

The 26th edition of the Gear West Duathlon is happening that day and there's lots of reasons for us to be excited. The event marks the post-partum return to multisports for GWD amateur record holder ELAINE NELSON. The Duluthian missed the 2016 for gestational reasons and we missed her bigly. Do you know her? In addition to being a national class endurance athlete and pharmacist, she is one of the sweetest members of our species ever.

We hope Elaine brings baby pictures (photo) on Sunday. Her new daughter is named Annalise (Great name!) and she's a doll! She sometimes eats sand.

We are also excited about MAGGIE WEISS' sophomore season kick off performance. Runner-up for ROY in 2016, she was ranked in the 11th- 12th range on Team Minnesota by all the MMA selectors. Look at what athletes like KORTNEY HAAG, HEATHER LENDWAY and DANI VSETECKA accomplished in their second seasons. Kort won the Most improved and ranked 2nd on Team Minnesota. Heather won Nationals in the fastest amateur winner's time ever. And...

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