Minnesota's Original "Destination Triathlon....UPDATED....


Celebrating its 29th anniversary on the 13th, this year's Band of Recidivists includes 2012 and 2011 men's International distance champion, Brooks Grossinger and perennial Top 5ers Leanne Bronson, Angel Hohenstein and Ann Snuggerud (photo). The only one of these women to have never won a multisport race is Snuggerud.ann

We think that will change next Saturday.

Ann, a two-time Minnesota Master of the Year nominee, is due. Also, she won't have to worry about 2012 winner, Elaine Nelson, who is doing that pregnancy thing and won't be racing because she has a Lamaze class or an ultrasound or something.

Back to Brooksie. Will he win for the 3rd consecutive year? Maybe. Maybe not. Huh? Thunder Bay's Jon Balabuck might be returning to Timberman after a four-year absence. The last time he was here (2008), he placed 2nd. Brooks placed 4th back then. Both guys are racing well in 2013 and we suspect that their battle for first will be hard-fought and close, perhaps no more than a minute separating the combatants. It should be noted that Jon is also enrolled in the Minneapolis Tri. We're anxious to see where he lands on Saturday.

FYI, Jon and Brooks should get a nice push from John Heinlein and masters stars, Rod Raymond and John Shelp.

In the sprint race, we suspect that Adam Himes will repeat as men's winner. The women's race is harder to call because it features three past champs--Kerri Persons, Tara Makinen and Jena Ogston. One of those women should come out on top on Saturday. We think it'll be Makinen, who is coming off a win at ZTRI.

Due to the volume of races on the 13th--Minneapolis, Granitemand-Clearwater, Timberman and Elysian--it's possible that T-Man registration may still be open, which is to say that there may still be time to get into Minnesota's Original Destination Triathlon. RACE WEBSITE

ED. We have just learned that registration is full AND Suzie Fox is one of the later enrollees. Suzy is coming off a dominating victory at Lake Waconia, her 3rd win in five starts this season and the 14th W of her decorated career. She is now the clear favorite to win the women's competition.

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