Making Sara Drop The F-Bomb...


By Dan Hedgecock ( - Monday, July 15, 2013

Heavy Rains/Foot Balance/Doubling Down in Wisconsin

This weekend was chock full of action. I know that some people aren't big into reading anything longer than bullet points. (I learned that while working corporate) So there is an executive summary for anyone who doesn't want to get into the details. Yes, a video recap would be more engaging, but the technology isn't quite there yet. Someday.

The Executive Summary:

* There was a monsoon Saturday morning, parts of the bike route flooded.

* Sara McLarty and I rode into each other but neither of us crashed.

* I smashed up my left foot and balanced out my foot injuries for the season.

* My dad was in town for the day and we had lunch after the race (Photo L - Dan & Dad)....

* Claire and I drove to Milwaukee Saturday afternoon.

* We got up at 4:20am Sunday for the Pewaukee Tri.

* It was a very toasty race on a challenging course.

I finished 2nd to a 40 year old from Christchurch New Zealand who crushed the bike and is very funny. *

The details:

Saturday, the Minneapolis Triathlon aka Don't Forget Your Galoshes...READ MORE

ED. The New Zealander in question is triathlon pioneer Bryan Rhodes, former winner of Ironman Canada, Ironman UK and Ironman Malaysia (twice!).

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