Sausage Toes & Pleasant Surprises...

ang and diane(Photo - Dave, Angie and Sausage Toes.)

By Diane Hankee

Ironman Louisville Race Report- The weekend started fast when I drove Angie Schmidt's car through a toll booth without stopping. To my defense there was rain and construction and there are not tolls where I am from. There were points while I was driving her new car through Chicago when she had her eyes covered.

The race was hell, but it was hell for everyone, so an even playing field. The swim was fast and fun. The bike I took easy because I was determined not to overheat. This year, they only had 5 tires blow up from heat the day before during the mandatory bike check in, previous years there has been 100+.

On the bike in the steep out-and-back there was a crash leading to a pile up, and a couple more bike crashes throughout the day. The run was hot and flat, boring, seem to take forever. I was on mile 9 or so, when the first...

ambulance came out to another participant, and it was steady work for them after that. It was fun having friends on the run course, Angie (my Thelma and Louise weekend buddy), my new buddy Dave Holleran, Devon Palmer, and other guys in Gearwest kits. Whoever you were I was cheering for you.louisville

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