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GuyED. Story & photos for Saturday's Treadman  and Leadman Epic-Bend, and Sunday's Iron Girl Du will post on Tuesday. Treadman RESULTS. Iron Girl RESULTS. Leadman Epic-Bend RESULTS


By Bonnie Moebeck

Burrito Union 5 & 10-Hour Race Report - The weekend kicked off nicely on Friday afternoon with my two Burrito Union 10 Hour Triathlon team mates, Nancy and Matt, coming over to my house to add my bike, camping & triathlon bags to the huge pile in the back of the truck. It was a beautiful day and we were off on a 3 hour drive to beautiful Superior Park in Wisconsin for the triathlon time of our lives. The Burrito Union is a unique event in that it does not consist of a single race. It is a continually revolving sprint distance triathlon that repeats as many times as the racers can fit into the 10 hour period or for those whom prefer to enjoy the cookout celebration atmosphere after a good race, as few as one triathlon.*Duly noted that one triathlon is a lot of work!  ....


The Google directions were a bit off but after 3 u-turns and taking note of a few marks on the road that read “Bike Turn Around” and “Race in Progress” signs, we finally figured out that the park was at the top of a hill. Though it was rapidly getting dark, I began to get a bit concerned and expressed to my team mates that the hill was significantly long. Extremely long. And, according to the road markings, absolutely a part of the bike portion of the race. Nancy, a marathon runner and our team mate for all of the 7 triathlons we hoped to complete the next day, laughed it off and said, “It’s not that big!”  My instincts knew better. Matt was shuffling around in the back seat and laughed with just a touch of nervousness in his manly voice…

We arrived at our destination and begun to pitch our tent. Matt and Nancy are both big fans of camping and Nancy along with her husband have all of the elite toys to camp with. Matt had assured us his gear was more than sufficient and thus Nancy relinquished to not bringing her tent and assessors. I was just thankful someone had some of whatever we needed for camping and hoped I wouldn’t get bit by anything poisonous or dragged into the woods and fed to some sort of creature’s babies. READ MORE

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