Kind Words = Kind Echoes....Part II

kevin-hot-dogs.gifED. This is the updated version of an article we posted two weeks ago. Back then you were introduced to the first 12 triathletes who have had a profound effect on on Kevin O'Connor's life. Today, we reveal 14 more special people.


By Kevin O'Connor (gearwestbike.wordpress.com)

From the GWBT Editor– over the next few weeks we will be posting some thoughts from the boss (not Springsteen) who has put together a list of 26 influential people in his life.  People that have helped mold, direct, and teach.  Each day, starting November 30th, we will add one of the 26 individuals to the list…but don’t take my word for it:


“Speak Kind Words and You Will Hear Kind Echoes” 

Last December 14th we were all shocked by the horrific act at Sandy Hook Elementary...

School.  In the following days we heard heroic stories from so many that were on the front line that day.  There were a number of people who started doing 26 acts of kindness in honor of the 26 children and faculty who were lost that day.  I want to share with everyone some of the people who have had such a positive impact on me as a person and as a triathlete.  After all I am who I am because of the people around me.  And after well more than 20 years of racing I have had the privilege of meeting so many great triathletes.  These are the athletes that have given me a great perspective on racing and life.  The following are some of the stories about each of the great people and the perspective they have given me.

This isn’t perfectly written.  I just wanted to write down a few notes, stories, or quotes from some of the great people I have had the privilege to know.  For the most part the list is chronological of when I met them but not always.  Also, this is not all the people.  I have literally met hundreds of triathletes.  Most all of them have impacted me.  I put together the list pretty quickly and I have certainly forgotten some people and I haven’t shared all my thoughts of these athletes either.  So please don’t read into the exact words.  Instead realize I am simply trying to show these people the respect they deserve.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.  READ MORE

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