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Rockin' Like Wham...

bob-thompson.gifYWCA Indoor Tri #2 - Bob Thompson is an intrepid guy. He likes unique challenges, like last month's Iceman Xtreme 5K Obstacle Course, where he placed 6th overall. Tough course in arctic conditions.

He's a pretty dang good triathlete, too. Two weekends ago he won the Mega Sprint competition at the YWCA Indoor Tri #2, doing so in a time significantly quicker (see graphic below) than his effort at the Y's Indoor Tri #1, back in November.

Bob is a good looking 45-year-old guy who is into white belts and disco dancing (photo L). His favorite movie has to be "Saturday Night Fever." Born in 1969, we suspect that his favorite song of 1985 was "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham.

But we could be wrong.

The women's Mega Sprint was won by decorated outdoor triathlete, Anne Grabowski, who is a very nice person. Like Bob, she didn't win the November Mega Sprint, but was oodles faster this time around. Check out her...             

race-to-race comparison below.anne-grabowski.gif

Anne was born in '68, and though we suspect that she likes Wham, we guess that her favorite song of 1985 was either Madonna's "Like a Virgin" or Starship's "We Built This City."

There were 72 finishers at the January 26 YWCA Indoor Tri. There were 48 finishers at the November event. Nice growth rate, huh? We suspect that the March 16 Indoor Tri will field at least a hundred participants. The fourth and final event in the series is on April 27.

Indoor Tris are cool. You can race right next to faster people (in the bike and run segments) and they can never pull ahead. How cool is that!

Also winning were Roy Emerson, 11 (!), and Sarah Isdahl, 15, in the Mini Sprint, and Lacy Sullivan and Matthew Hortsman in the Standard Sprint.

Check out the results for YWCA November Indoor Tri HERE, and the January race HERE.



ED. Amy Bauch's great coverage of last Saturday's Tri-U-Mah will post on Wednesday.


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