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Producers of more indoor triathlons than any other institution in the US, Life Time Fitness has staged three of the thirteen such events that will take place in Minnesota LTF clubs this year. Their Plymouth club's race was on February 23. Their Fridley and Lakeville clubs conducted indoor swim-trainer-treadmill events on March 2.

Here's some stuff about those cool events...


naomi.gifPLYMOUTH - Eighty-six athletes finished. The race was won by Nicholas Nusbaum, who is a pretty awesome swimmer. He amassed 261 points and was able to beat French tri stud, Regis Duport, and fast outdoor guy Christian Oestrich, who wears cool designer glasses and has a wife that is a really good singer. We'd tell you more about Nicholas, but he doesn't have a Facebook page. The fastest woman was Naomi Hamer (photo), who has brown hair and used to live in Fergus Falls. Naomi has great musical taste. She enjoys Adele, Tom Petty and Fun, among others. We're not sure, but we think she's got three kids.

FRIDLEY - Only twenty-nine people finished this year's event, which was one finisher less than last year. The biggest point-getter was Daniel Duff. A Top 5er at St. Croix Valley Sprint in 2012, the 49-year-old Duff rocked at Chequomegan Bay Sprint last year, placing 9th overall. We met him once and he seemed to be a totally nice guy. The number one girl was Sydney Regalado. We think her name is cool. An active distance runner, we believe that she's relatively new to multisports.

LAKEVILLE - Seventy-two people finished this year's event. Led by Kim Sparrow, the Top 5 finishers were women. How cool is that! We found one Minnesota person named Kim Sparrow on Facebook. We're not sure if she is the one who rocked at Lakeville. The FB Kim Sparrow is totally into The Voice and has read "50 Shades of Grey." She also likes Duck Dynasty.


0 #1 Michael deLeon 2014-03-11 14:57
You have the winners of Lakeville and Fridley backwards. 72 people finished Lakeville, but the winner was Daniel Duff. In 2nd place was Jamie Galioto my friend and fellow clydesdale.

ED. Thanks so much for the heads-up, Michael. And apologies for the boo-boos.

Readers! What he said....

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