Confession of a Former Carnivore

arbys.gifBy Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

I have a confession. I don’t cook. It’s not that I don’t know how to cook of course; it’s just that I really don’t have time before my stomach decides it needs food now or we’ll enter the hanger zone. After a long day of work and workouts I’ll typically just go for whatever is readily available in the refridgerator or cupboard.

Something most people probably don’t know about me is that I’m vegetarian, just over 11 years now. No, I don’t miss eating meat, haven’t ever really craved it since I quit meat, although I did dream about eating slices of prosciutto the other night, strange. If I did go back and eat meat I’d get an Arby’s Beef n’ Cheddar (photo)...

(Although I hear they’re not the same these days) and I’d have my mom’s meatballs, yum. I don’t do the fake meat stuff either, tofurkey or tofudogs, I just don’t crave meat so I don’t need a replacement or substitute for the thing I’m choosing not to eat.

So if I don’t eat meat and I don’t cook, what do I eat? I love dairy, milk, cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese, (which has 12 grams protein in one serving, Land ‘O Lakes is the best brand by a land slide, eat it) all staples of my daily diet. I do eat eggs, so breakfast often involves hard-boiled eggs because it’s easy to bring to work. I also typically have a few protein shakes at work because it’s quick and easy to have at my desk. Dinners usually involve raw veggies with some sort of dip to flavor or my all time favorite, veggies piled in a salad of course. READ MORE


0 #1 HJL 2014-08-01 15:05
That beef 'n cheddar looks so good ;-)

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