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ruth-beach.gifBy Ruth Brennan Morrey (ruthbrennanmorrey.com)

After a week of recovery and relaxation from my Kansas 70.3 win in June, my brain’s reward center was begging for more, and my sights turned to Racine 70.3 on July 20th. Not only would six weeks be perfect timing to build for another great race, it would also give Mark and I time to journey down to spectate the world’s best sporting event in Brazil—we were off to the World Cup!

Good connections and now great Brazilian friend, Nivaldo, spoiled us rotten and we had the time of our lives in Salvador, Brazil. Nivaldo is the type of guy with thoughtful intentions, a kind heart, and exceptional follow-through. We were thankful for that! In fact, he knew I was in mid-season so he even arranged for me to borrow a bike—it wasn’t my Cervelo P5 with Hed wheels but it HAD two wheels and the commuter bike...

well navigated Brazil’s potholes better than anything I owned. I packed my own Louis Garneau Course helmet, LG bike shoes, speed play pedals, and was back to heart rate only metrics for the 4 day weekend.

Since taking a trip to the World Cup is, in my mind, the greatest trip a person can take, I thought I’d share some World Cup highlights, Brazilian travel tips, cultural experiences, in addition to training trials, RBM opportunities, and how the rest of my season will unfold. READ MORE

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