Beating the Winter Blues...

winter_blues.pngBy Danielle Liubicich (triathlete.com

You’re inspired by the new year, but it’s winter, the days are short, maybe your neighborhood is buried under a foot of snow, and triathlon season feels like it may never start up again. Sound familiar? You’re not alone! The winter training blues happen to everyone whether you live in a warm southern climate or the frigid north. Everyone struggles with motivation and consistency as they recover from their previous season and start laying the foundation for the next year of racing.

Here are five tips to keep you moving in a positive direction through the long winter months.

1. Take some time to reflect on what triathlon means to you. What do you enjoy about training and racing? What parts of the experiences are most enjoyable to you? Triathlon is a sport and it should be fun. Whenever you...

Keeping the Love Alive....


By Meredith Atwood (triathlete.com)

What happens when the love for tri seems to be headed for divorce? ...

Bennett and Sheena...

bennett_and_mark.pngPhoto - Bennett Isabella and another guy.

Yesterday we discussed some of the pleasant surprises that happened during the 2016 season. Hanna Grinaker and Wade Cruser, for instance, outperformed everyone's expectations, except perhaps their own, and Sean Cooley's.

Today, we'll talk about the pleasant surprises of the 2015 season.

2015 - The most pleasant surprise on the men's side was Bennett Isabella's breakout season, one that not only earned him his first-ever berth on Team Minnesota, but landed him in the Top 5. Bennett had been, as they say, "knocking on the door" since 2011, thus many assumed that his eventual placement on Team Minnesota was a foregone conclusion. Cracking the Top 5 however, required a herculean season. Isabella raced in fourteen multis, winning twice--Memphis in May Olympic and Graniteman...

Pleasant Surprises...



The MTN Guys like surprises. We can't wait to be surprised by the new talent that will rock our tri and du scenes next season. We are anxious to find out who the Team Minnesota newcomers will be this year.

Let's look back at the 2016 rookies and Team Minnesota breakthroughs.

2016 - Hanna Grinaker was the Rookie of the Year and topped women's Team Minnesota. Only one other athlete has done that during this century (Sarah Kolpine in 2005). Many knew that she would make her tri debut in 2016. They expected her, a former collegiate runner, to be good, but few if any (other than Sean Cooley, perhaps?) could have predicted that she would rise to the top of the deepest list of amateur women that our state has ever seen.


After the 2015 season it seemed likely that there would be a spot on the 2016 Team for Wade Cruser. His competitive trajectory suggested that a 7th - 10th was possible. But Wade exceeded everyone's expectations, except his own. He rose to the #3 spot in 2015....

Returning to Training...

Post-Workout_Recovery.pngBy Chris Foster (triathlete.com)

Getting back to training can be the best—or the worst. If you’ve been putting it off, you’re probably already closer to your race date than you’d like, and there’s some nervous urgency around the first week. Will I be ready in time? How will I feel?

If you’ve been taking forced time off—for an injury or an end of season break—there’s probably excitement in the air. It’s like the first week of school: seeing old friends (goggles, bike, shoes) and finding out what everyone (your body) has been up to (Surprising speed, yay! Extreme soreness, boo!).

While the first week can loom large mentally, the way you approach this transition into the season can set you up for success or failure....

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