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Tuesday Night Run: Gear West
Meet at 6:00 PM at Gear West Run store 
Address: : 1786 Wayzata Blvd, Long Lake, MN 55356
We meet at the run store and have several options including the Luce Line gravel trail, paths and quiet roads or single track trail running in the woods.  Distances and paces to match all abilities. 60-90min, NO DROP RUN, More info here: Tuesday Night Trail Runs! ...

Ripping Off the Band-Aid...

By Mitchell Clayton (mitchellclaytontriblog.wordpress.com)
(Posted on January 11, 2018 by Mitch)

Last racing season was weird. I didn’t train at all in the off-season, I took all of June off to train, I raced 4 times in July (with sub-par results), and I took all of August off of racing to prepare for my first half-ironman at the end of August (which was going GREAT until a bike crash and then a flat tire).  This was substantially different than the 5 prior seasons, which involved off-season training and 10-12 sprints throughout the summer.

If last season was weird, my 2018 racing season is going to be freaky.

Let’s just rip the Band-Aid off, and then I’ll explain myself. Buckle-up.  Here it goes.

In 2018, I’m racing 2 marathons and 2 half-ironmans.

Yep, you read that right.  No sprints (well, maybe 1 or 2 if I would otherwise have a bike and run workout that day), 2 long distance triathlons, and 2 MARATHONS (if you know anything about my triathlon performances, my run has always been comparatively weak). Now, I’ll try to justify my bad decision making for all the critics out there (the 1 or 2 of you who actually read my stuff)...

The Final Race Season...



"I'm Derek Lindstrom, and I can do anything!"

By Derek Lindstrom (100marathons.blogspot.com)

First, thanks for taking a few minutes to stop by my blog. I have had this blog for the past 8+ years, using it only occasionally as I was training for the 'next big race'...a race that never seemed to happen.
I've run/raced a lot...110 marathons, Ironman, probably nearly 700+ races in total, but over the past 5+ years, I truly have found myself searching for a race, a meaning.

I honestly thought that Leadman 2018 was going to be IT. I was excited, motivated...threw down my $855 to enter. Was training at a D+/C- level for most of the fall/winter, having limited energy to get out. Motivation, none. Always tired with an excuse. What a lazy piece of shit, I would call myself.

Ending on a "Make"...




By Ruth Brennan Morrey (ruthbrennanmorrey.com)


On a typical day, my small-framed, tenaciously competitive 8-year-old son, Finn, spends his time playing hard, getting dirty, and competing as though he is in a professional combine at the Joyner household with his two best friends, Kai and Ryk. With no organized structure, it marvelously resembles old school play. Starting to play is easy. For up to 8 hours in one day, whether it’s football, basketball, hockey, or soccer, they love battling, they love keeping score, and they LOVE each other. It is a beautiful little friendship.


Finishing play is another issue.


“Finn! It’s time to go!”


“Just wait! I have to end on a make! C’mon Mom-pleeeasssse let me end on a make!”


“Ending On a Make”—a basket, a touchdown, a goal—has become a compulsion for these little boys. To appease this healthy ritual, I smile, observe, wait, and wait longer, until gradually I become impatient when Finn is having an off day, or the opposing 7-year-old goalie is producing a Saturday afternoon highlight film.  I allow him his “make” and finally, we head home....

Three Things...Including Composting....


By Erin Klegstad (sweetsweatlife.com)


March was in like a lion – complete with a few inches of fresh snow – and it definitely didn’t go out like a lamb (feels like 4F this morning… ugh). Extended forecast temps in the 30s?! C’mon, Minnesnowta! So over winter and everything that comes with it (long down jackets, hats, boots, the cold…).  

As for training this month, a couple blips – including bombing a bike test and taking a week completely off from running. My left ankle started bugging me during a long-ish run, starting from my Achilles and moving to my posterior tib tendon. So after chatting with my coach, we agreed to shut it down for a few days. It worked, too. And a week later, it felt good as new. Lesson learned: Always listen to your body and don’t be afraid of taking some time off. 

Four things this month because I couldn’t narrow it down to three! 

1 – organizing iPhone pics  

You guys, there are 6,300 photos on my iPhone, dating back not even two years (to July 2016). How does that happen?! Digital is how it happens – it makes it far too easy to snap 17 versions of the same thing. (Side note: remember the thrill of getting a roll of film...

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