Stuff About Going Gluten-Free...

bread.gifBy Michele Tuttle (usatriathlon.org)

Triathletes are very tuned in to nutrition. So, unless your training has taken you off-planet, you’ve probably noticed the number of gluten-free products on your grocery store’s shelves. And, you probably have a friend, relative or co-worker (or two or three) who’ve shared their amazing transformations from going gluten-free. Or perhaps you’ve even tried the gluten-free approach yourself thinking THIS might be answer to solving your digestive, weight or other health-related issues.

Think very carefully before you cross the bread, pasta, cereal, couscous, bagels and other products made from wheat off your shopping list. Why? Because you will also ...

Hoodie Pillows & Zebra Cakes...

plaid-pillow.gifThe MTN Guys would like to buy every tri and du-athlete in Minnesota a new car. But we can't because we've spent most of our Christmas money on candy. Just know that if we could buy everyone some stuff, we totally would.

In year's past we have revealed the gifts that we'd like to get for Team Minnesota members. Here's what, in addition to the cars we won't be giving them, are some personal gifts from us that Team MN '14 will NOT be receiving. Ladies first:

1. HEATHER LENDWAY - Heather has done a lot of international traveling in her young life and will do a lot more in the coming years because she'll be a vagabond pro triathlete. Therefore, we want to give her an airplane neck pillow; you know, the kind that look like a padded toilet seat. Because she is a loyal Macalester alum, we'd like to get her a plaid...

59 bucks includes free coaching

Capitol City Tri June 14Capitol City Tri has teamed up with elite coaches to help you get ready for Minnesota's coolest new Sprint Race. Good through December 31 or until the last 5 slots are filled, the multi-faceted coaching and training program is included with your entry fee at the lowest, "early bird" rate of just $59.

Coach Jeremy Sartain and Coach Brendon O'Flanagan have teamed up to share their depth of expertise and experience with anyone who wants to race but would benefit from the training support. Their plan begins in the dead of winter, with two indoor workouts, includes an 8-week race preparation regimen, and two coached swim-bike-run workouts near race date, at the Lake Phalen venue. And you'll enjoy the company of other athletes with whom to train and socialize.

June 14 is the date for the second edition of Capitol City. The new Phalen Boulevard two-loop bike course was a fast favorite with athletes. Check it out at Capitol City's website.

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A Bunch of Stuff...Updated...

finisher-glass.gifOH POOP! - The MTN Guys are totally bummed because there will not be a CHASKA TRI in 2015. According to race director Michael Beckmann, who is a truly cool guy who sweats profusely in hot weather and is willing to have his head shaved for a worthy cause (He is a HOOT!):  "Construction at the venue that will not be completed in time. Planning on returning for 2016 and the venue will be nicer."

Chaska Tri is a great event. Let's make sure that it has a record turnout in 2016, okay?

ARE YOU KIDDING?  - Not long ago we listed some of the 2015 race weekends that we considered to be either overbooked or lopsided. Our concern was that ALL of the affected events would suffer reduced...

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