What to Eat the Night Before a Race...

Chicken-Pasta_051.pngBREAKING NEWS - GWEN DID IT! Making good on her favored status, GWEN JORGENSEN dropped 2012 Gold Medalist Nicola Spirig (SUI) in the final half mile and charged on to victory this morning at the Rio Women's Olympic Triathlon. It was awesome! Did you see it?

LAKE MARION & YOUNG LIFE TRIATHLONS - Pre-race faves, DANIEL BRETSCHER and OLIVIA BAGNALL prevailed this morning in soggy Lakeville at the 9th Lake Marion Triathlon. RESULTS

SEAN COOLEY and HANNA GRINAKER livedf up to their hype at Young Life Olympic. It was Cooley's upmteenth win there. Grinaker's fine 2:12:44 is the second fastest women's time in the history of the race. RESULTS

By Pip Taylor (triathlon.competitor.com)

What do I eat the night before a race? Do I have to have a special meal or follow a strict diet the day before? Do I ever have a beer or a glass of wine?

I get asked these questions a lot. Mostly the people asking are not as interested in what I eat or drink, but secretly hope that their pre-race pizza and lager will be justified or that their lucky steak and chips the night before is the secret to a good race....

Minnesotan on Sprint Team USA...

mary_and_jeff.pngAs promised, here, from oldest to youngest, are the 18 Minnesotans who earned "Autonmatic Berths" on Sprint Team USA:


DANIEL KIRK, 70, Blaine - 4th AG

DARRELL WILK, 71, Bloomington - 9th AG

DARYL STEVENS, 74, Sartell - 11th AG

TONY SCHILLER, 58, Eden Prairie - 3rd AG

DAVID GOLDBERG, 56, Chaska - 14th AG

JIM NACK, 56, Madison Lake - 17th AG

CRAIG PETERSON, 54, Minneapolis - 14th AG

GREG DUMMER, 46, Minneapolis - 5th AG

TODD STRUCKMAN, 45 Duluth - 16th AG

MIKE BUENTING, 42, Chanhassen - 14th AG

MICHAEL WEISSENBORN, 31, Minneapolis - 6th AG

CRAIG MOSCETTI, 31, Minneapolis - 8th AG

WADE CRUSER, 29, Sauk Rapids - 6th AG

NICK KLONNE, 20, Rockford - 8th AG



Prolotherapy Might Be For You...

prolo.pngED. Prolotherapy may not work for everyone, but one of the MTN Guys is still running today because of it.

By Susan Lacke (triathlon.competitor.com)

Athletes are turning to injections of plasma and sugar to heal injuries.

For Jennie Hansen, prolotherapy was a Hail Mary. While sidelined with a severe high hamstring injury, the professional triathlete had endured chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage and injections of anti-inflammatory medications. Nothing was working...

"Like Getting Irate at a Koala"...

cycle-art.gifED. Must have been wicked hot at NATIONALS in Omaha today. We'll have words and pics on Monday. RESULTS

Brooks Grossinger became a 12-time NORTHWOODS winner this morning. Yes, he broke the 1-hour mark, but so did Casey Miller. Mata Agre topped the women's field. Words and pics on Tuesday. RESULTS

By Jason Gay (wjs.com)

Of all our wacky and agitated 21st century culture wars, the most ridiculous and unnecessary, to me, is Bike Haters vs. Bike Lovers.

Look: I get that not everyone rides a bicycle, owns a bicycle, or showers with a bicycle (what, you don’t shower with a bicycle? It’s cleansing and delightful!), but the frothing and vitriol directed at cycling seems so disproportionate to the activity. Freaking out at your price-gouging cable TV company? Sure. Air travel? Absolutely. But bicycling? Come on. It’s like getting irate at a koala.
To be fair, what irritates the public is not bicycles, but bicyclists. Here, many people have anecdotes, sometimes years old, which can be vividly recalled at town meetings, bike lane hearings and in the...

Athletes of the Month: July 2016...

Nick_K_g-man.pngJULY ATHLETES OF THE MONTH - Another exciting month of multisport racing has just Ex.running.pngpassed and the MMA Committee has selected its AOMs for July 2016. The AOMs are presented by Excelsior Running.



Matt was a slam dunk selection. He raced three times, all "major" events--Life Time Tri - Minneapolis, Heart of the Lakes State Championships and Toughman Half--and won them all. The Pain Train hasn't been beaten by a fellow Minnesota amateur since 2012.

Though Hanna had stiff competition from Christina Roberts (CR @t Timberman, 2nd @t HOLT) and Diane Hankee (2nd @ Muncie 70.3, 2nd @ Toughman Sprint), she received unanimous support from the selectors.  In July, she won the Heart of the Lakes State Championships and placed 2nd (1st Minnesotan) at Life Time Tri - MInneapolis....

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