7 For 17...


By Erin Klegstad (sweetsweatlife.com)

And, with this post, week one of my month of writing is done. It’s getting easier every day as I let go of it being perfect and instead focus on getting it done – no easy task for someone who’s type A!  ...

Brisket & Wrinkly Dogs...

lume-for-web.jpgBy Erin Klegstad (sweetsweatlife.com - 12/31/16)

Here we are: the last day of 2016. It’s been quite a year – one that flew by in a blink – punctuated by ups, downs and everything in between. Recapping my top 16 today as we ring in 2017… with a little inspiration from fellow bloggers and friends, Caitlin, Christine, Elizabeth, Hailey, Jen, Laurel and Lizzie!

1 – the Birkie

One of our favorite winter weekends is the Birkie ski race in Hayward, Wisconsin. Nick’s raced it the past five years, and each time is always an adventure. It’s also the one race where I get to sherpa for him – though my photos are never as good… yet (2017 goal: learn to use our dSRL camera!). He had a PR race, and I had a blast tracking him on the 54k course and cheering at the finish line downtown Hayward....

Post-Race Gas Station Food...

Holiday-II.pngBy Jaime Wildrow R.D. (triathlete.com)

The good news is most gas stations these days are large and offer a variety of options for a good post-race meal that’ll aid your body in the recovery process. Let’s first take a look at what that means.

Extensive stress is placed on the body during a triathlon, which induces muscle damage, an inflammation response and a compromised immune system. From a nutrition standpoint, the main goals for an athlete post-race are the three R’s: replenish, rehydrate and repair.

Replenish glycogen stores with high-glycemic carbohydrates

Rehydrate with fluids and electrolytes

Repair muscles by facilitating protein synthesis with high-quality lean protein  ....

Surviving the DNF...

dnf.pngBy Triathlete.com

The definitive four-step plan for turning a “did not finish” into a training triumph

DNF (“did not finish”) is perhaps the ickiest phrase in triathlon. The DNF is the dreaded end result where something goes wrong and you’re forced to drop out, whether you wanted to (think: uncooperative stomach, injury) or not (missed a time cutoff). One perplexing element in longer course racing is that you can cross the finish line of a half-iron or iron-distance race and still be an official DNF. This happens especially with time-trial or rolling swim starts, when everyone starts at different times or in...

Making the Most of Winter...

christina_ski.pngBy Startribune.com (12/29/16)

Christina Roberts, 30, St. Louis Park

Day job: Catastrophe modeling analyst, Validus Reinsurance

I spend most of my summer training for and racing in triathlons, but once the snow falls, I switch gears to whatever winter activity is available — last year it was cross-country skiing and some fat tire biking. Cross-country skiing is the perfect cross training for me, and I have found that while I can still be competitive while racing, I also get just as much thrill out of being outside and playing around in the snow with friends. Also, watching the sunrise during a morning ski on the freshly groomed trails at Hyland Lake Park Reserve is the best way to start the day.

My favorite ski trails are Hyland Lake and Theodore Wirth Park. Both offer different challenges and terrain for the full spectrum of skiing abilities. We are incredibly lucky that they make snow to give us a head start on the season. When we do get natural snow, the number of places to ski grows exponentially, and I can find great trails at many local golf courses and parks (Battle Creek in east metro, Lake Rebecca and Carver in west metro, etc.). As soon as the first snowflake falls, I’m...

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