Minnesota's Possible National Honorees...

matt_tristar.pngHistorically, Minnesota athletes have had more than their share of athletes honored at season's end by USAT. In the 90s, Tony Schiller and Kristin Miller were frequent honorees. Since the millennial turn, a plethora of Loon Staters have earned AOY, DOY, MOY, GMOY and HM honors. Matt Payne (photo L), for instance, was named US Male Duathlete of the Year in 2015 and 2014. There is a chance he'll win that title for 2016.

David Thompson, Ruth Brennan Morrey, Dan Hedgecock and Patrick Parish have all been honored as Elite US Duathletes of the Year. Part-time Minnesotan Gwen Jorgensen has been named Elite Triathlete of the Year on three occasions.

If our info is correct, since the turn of the century, only Colorado boasts more award winners and HM recipients than Minnesota.

Pretty cool, eh? ...

Happy New Year From MTN!


Weak Glutes?

weak_glutes.pngEnsure that your running stride originates from the body’s main engine.


By Jene' Shaw (triathlon.competitor.com)


The health risks associated with sitting at a desk all day have made numerous headlines in the past year. And outside of the serious health risks, a sedentary lifestyle from 9 to 5 can also have an impact on the quality of your afternoon run workouts.

“Because we sit on our butt all day, it sometimes forgets what it’s supposed to do when we go to run,” says exercise physiologist Krista Austin, Ph.D. If you go directly from your desk to the roads, your glutes may have trouble engaging. Sitting for hours also puts the hip...

Masters Men Team Minnesota - Part II...

love_ass3.pngHere is our unofficial 2016 Men's Masters Team Minnesota:

1. KEVIN O'CONNOR (45, Medina) - Slam dunk selection. Winner of two races outright and placing 5th on "overall" Team Minnesota, KO is the only Minnesota master who was not beaten by a fellow 40-plusser in 2016.

2. DAVID HOLDEN (47, North Hudson, WI) - Eighth on overall Team MInnesota, David won four of the six races he entered and was beaten by a fellow master--Chap Achen--on only one occasion. Clear choice for #2 on this list.

3. BRIAN BICH (50, Duluth) - Minnesota's only National Champion in 2016, and winner of the MOY award, where age-grading was employed, Bich won two of the four races he did last season. He was beaten only once by a Minnesota master (Kevin O'Connor).

4. BRETT LOVAAS (41, Minnetonka - photo L) - Brett was the overall masters champ at three of the four regional races he did. He grew a beard in 2016 and it looks awesome. He kinda looks like Rutherford B. Hayes....

Masters Men Team Minnesota - Part I ...

dum_dum.pngToday we reveal the guys who, in our opinion, are the fifteen most viable candidates for spots on MTN's unofficial 2016 Masters Men Team Minnesota. Our original list had almost thirty names on it, but several very talented men either did not meet the minimum "Volume" criteria (at least three outstanding performances in 2016), or had consistency issues that eliminated them from consideration.

And it's too dang bad. This is because elite athletes like Chap Achen (47, Red Wing), Jeff Grebner (48, St. Paul), Dennis Mohagen (40, Mounds View), Emmanuel Darne (43, Woodbury) and Rod Raymond (50, Duluth) had insufficient volume, and Dan Arlandson (40, Burnsville), Thaddeus Ingersoll (45, Minneapolis) and David Lewis (42, Nevis) had consistency issues due in large part to bad luck (mechanical problems, missed turns etc.) or injury.

As with the unofficial Masters Women Team Minnesota, which was posted yesterday, an age-grading system was not employed. All athletes were treated as if they were 40-years-old.

Here are our finalists:  ...

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