Two That Got Away...

chris_L.pngRural Minnesota has certainly produced its share of top flight triathletes. David Thompson, winner of more than 100 multisport races in his career, was raised in Appleton, population 1400ish.

Then there's fellow pro Matt Hanson, who lives and works in Storm Lake, Iowa, but grew up in West Concord, Minnesota. About 800 people reside in that village.

And there is Chris Leiferman, also a pro, who grew up in Truman (pop. 1100ish) and went on to make a name for himself since moving to Boulder, Colorado. FYI, Chris placed 2nd last weekend at Oceaside 70.3.

Hanson, who loves tacos and Tom Petty (Who doesn't?), hasn't raced on Minnesota soil since 2008. He was AGer back then and his results did not portend the future he is now enjoying. He was a pretty good amateur back then. His best effort was a 5th at New Bri. He's a first tier pro now.

Similarly, Leiferman had limited success as a Minnesota amateur. His did win one race, Square Lake Half in 2008, and podiumed at a pair of Life Time Series events. His results then did not suggest that he would become the decorated pro he is today.

But he has. And we think that is totally cool.

Here are some of the racing highlights of these talented Minnesota expats:   ...

From Surrey to Sauk Rapids...

rob_run.pngWhat's the difference between a "wanker" and a "tosser?"

Only people from the UK know for sure, so we plan to ask Rob Madgwick the next time we see him.

Rob is a 52-year-old Englishman who has resided in Sauk Rapids for the last several years. He's originally from the small city of Haslemere, the southermost town in Surrey. To get from Haselmere to London, you can take the "South West Trains." If you would rather drive, the A3 is just a few miles west of town.

Haslemere is a beautiful town that looks a bit like Sandford, the perennial "Village of the Year" in the awesome movie, "Hot Fuzz."

Rob is not just a British guy who looks like an older version of Ed Sheeran and lives in a suburb of St. Cloud, where he works for a company called Blackboard, Inc., which, we were disappointed to learn, does not actually manufacture blackboards. We'd tell you what the company does, which is totally cool and totally comprehensive, but it's pretty complicated, so we invite you to visit its website (blackboard.com) and/or FB page.

"Madge" is also a decorated multisport guy. His duathlon resume is particulately impressive. So much so that he was included in the Master of the Year discussions in 2016....

Prolific & Dapper....


Our highlighting of Minnesota's 60+ multisporters continues with today's featuring of PETER LANCASTER. He's 62, a Minneapolis resident and a highly respected and accomplished lawyer. He's also a nice guy who wears cool designer glasses and looks awesome in suits.

Though fellow sixty-genarians like Greg Taylor, Neil King, Len Klun, and a few others, seem to get more media recognition, Lancaster nevertheless stands out, thanks largely to the fact that he is a very prolific racer. He loves to compete and has been blessed with the kind of health that allows him to race ten-or-more times in a season. So, when the dust clears at season's end, Lancaster will likely have racked up more divisional wins than most, if not all, of his AG counterparts.

Check out Peter's highlights for the last two seasons:

2016 -

- 1st AG @ Lake Minnetonka

- 1st AG @ Graniteman Big Lake Sprint

- 1st AG @ Hopkins Royal

- 1st AG @ Square Lake Short Course

- 1st AG @ One Last Tri Sprint ....

Self-Care: Refilling the Cup...


By Deanna Pomfret (teamusa.org)

My friend called me one morning to confirm that we were meeting up for a run. She’s the mother of three children who were giving her a hard time that day. She said “It’s not even 9 a.m. and my patience cup is empty.” We went for our run and afterward she said, “OK, it’s full again.”

If you put your ability to adapt to training into a cup, it would be similar to my friend’s patience cup. Stress is stress. Stress happens for many reasons like when we get sick, deal with difficult people, train and race. Our brain and body go through a chemical hormonal process that helps maintain health and adaptation to both physical and mental stress....

Cool New Clubs...

CenturyClub_banner.pngED. Here's a couple of new USAT sponsored clubs that are worth your consideration:


About the Century Club

The Century Event Club will be composed of any USA Triathlon members that has completed 100 or more triathlons or 100 or more duathlons for as long as they have been competing.
Athletes will receive a reward from USA Triathlon after every 100 events. Athletes will be asked to provide USA Triathlon with their completed event names, dates and results. At each milestone, the athlete will be placed into that specific club (100 races, 200 races, 300 races, etc.) and rewarded with a gift from USA Triathlon....

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