Fear Facing....



By Mike Buenting (mikebuenting.wordpress.com)


Take on your Fears with passion and desire!

We all have things we are afraid of. Nobody likes to fail either, we all like to do what we are good at our strengths. But we all have things we aspire to do and want to pursue but fear typically stands in the way and holds us back. What we need to do is ask ourselves what scares us most about that thing? And then get into the right mindset and be dedicated and diligent about following through on what we set out to accomplish. We can’t make excuses and we can’t quit.

2018 is a new year for me, one where I am doing just this; taking on a challenge and working on a weakness. Swimming, I have been competing in Triathlon for over 12 years now from sprint distance to full Ironman distance and everything in between. But for all these years the swim has been that daunting Achilles heal to me. I come from a running back ground and don’t have a swim back ground. Sure I can swim and use to play in lakes and water ski and all that jazz in my younger days but I was never a “lap swimmer” someone who was focused on swimming for fitness. So when I...

Gaby & Wade...



Last week we said that two Minnesota multisport athletes deserve USAT recognition. We were talking about GABY BUNTEN and WADE CRUSER.

Here's why:

GABY - USAT is like "American Idol" and "The Voice." Song choice will make-or-break a singer on those TV shows, and race choice is what cuts it for USAT. Having an amazing regional resume with wins against national level athletes isn't enough. One has to excel in a handful of hand-picked races, e.g. USAT championships, Worlds, Ironman or 70.3 and a few high-profile Olympic races, like St. Anthony's and those produced by Life Time Fitness.  Never mind that, say, Superior Tri had a top end women's field in 2016 that rivaled ANY non-championship 70.3, or that the men's field at Capitol City in 2015 was comparable to Nationals. 

Gaby won TWO high-profile national races--Lifet Time - Minneapolis & Life Time - South Beach--in 2017, plus cracking the Top 5 at Nationals, which puts her in an elite sorority alongside Heather Lendway and Cathy Yndestad, Minnesota women who have cracked the Top 5 at our country's most competitive race. Adding luster to her resume was the fact that she beat Missouri's Danielle Dingman, who appears destined to earn a USAT TOY HM as well as being named US Duathlete of the Year, at Minneapolis. (Danielle has recently procured her pro license.)...

Thursday Night Fat Bikes, Lights, Bonfires, Brats & Pints...





This Thursday, Gear West Ski & Run and Gear West Bike & Triathlon are hosting an event that is beyond cool. They call it "an evening of frolicking on and around Long Lake." If you have a fat bike, bring it. If you don't, no biggie. Demo bikes will be available.

Because the event takes place between 5:30 PM and 8, headlamps will be provided for those who don't bring them.

The event also features a fun run. And yes, headlamps will be provided.

There will also be an awsesome bonfire and brats and beer, not just any beer, yummilicious craft beer from the Able Brewery in Minneapolis. And if you are among the first 120 people to attend, you will receive an Able pint glass.....

How Cold is Too Cold?



 "When it comes down to it, wearing the proper clothing is the most important factor."


By Kelly O'Mara (triathlete.com)


As frigid temperatures take over most of the country, most people are staying indoors, figuring this must be too cold to run outside. In fact, though, research suggests that as long as it’s warmer than -18 degrees, it’s not too cold to work out—as long as you take the appropriate precautions....

National Honorees...



Minnesota's premier amateur multisport athletes have always been prominent in USA Triathlon's Athlete of the Year conversation. Since the millennial change, it is a rare season wherein several of our state's athletes were not honored.

In the last three years, Minnesotans have fared especially well, with 27 (!) of our state's athletes receiving national recognition.

Pretty cool, huh? Check it out:

2016 -

- Patrick Parish - Men's Elite Duathlon of the Year (photo L)

- Matthew Payne - Men's AG Duathlete of the Year HM

- Jenn Scudiero - Women's AG Duathlete of the Year HM

- Derek Hager - Men's AG Master of the Year HM

- Manuel Knispel - Women's AG Master of the Year


2015 - 

- Matthew Payne - Men's Triathlete of the Year HM

- Tony Schiller - Men's Master of the Year ...

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