Freaking Out Isn't Good....

rt0116_brainpain_2080.gifBy Ashley Rodriguez (runnersworld.com/psychology)

In July, Jordan Hasay plans to head to Eugene, Oregon, for the 2016 Olympic Trials. It should be a sweet moment for the 24-year-old distance runner who, just last summer, was forced to withdraw from the USA Track & Field Outdoor Championships because of a case of plantar fasciitis, making her ineligible to compete at the IAAF World Championships.

She and coach Alberto Salazar had to make a difficult decision, as they faced the young athlete’s first injury during an otherwise smooth career. And Hasay, like many runners who have had to deal with...

Dealing With Pain...

piker.gifATTENTION: Great racing at Falls Duathlon this morning. Several records were rewritten. Story and photos on Monday.  RESULTS

By Carrie Cheadle (triathlon.competitor.com)

Pain. Suffering. Misery.

As an endurance athlete, you’re going to encounter pain. You’re also expected to be able to tolerate and manage that pain. Even love it. The experience of pain is a complex combination of physiological and psychological factors. It is both a sensory and an emotional experience and some of us deal with it better than others.

If you haven’t put in the hours (not trained) and you don’t feel prepared for your race (not confident), you are going to suffer. It is going to hurt no matter how mentally tough you are. That being said, your ability to tolerate the pain of exertion is as much mental as it is physical....

Passing the Taco Test...


By Brad Mitchell (obsessivetripulsive.weebly.com)

I felt like I had a big mental breakthrough tonight on my bike ride. I worked until mid-afternoon then headed to the pool and did my 3300 yard workout. The kids got off the bus and we did the snack/homework/play thing. Today's (Tuesday) bike training was by far the longest mid-week bike workout I have done since I starting in triathlon. It appears that is the beginning of the long course beast!  It was a simple ride to follow - 2 hours at 190-200 watts, which for me right now is not exactly lolly-gagging it. Last year I'm pretty sure I did not average 200 watts for any of the many short-course races I did and those rides were over with in about 37 minutes....

Upgrade Your Pancakes....

pancake-stack.gifBy Matthew Kady, MS, RD (triathlon.competitor.com)


For many breakfast lovers, there are few things more joyous about the weekend than having the time to rustle up a batch of pancakes. After all, by the time Saturday rolls around you may have had your fill of oatmeal and eggs. And for athletes, a stack of pancakes can be an ideal way to energize your weekend workouts and races. But pancakes can be so much more than boxed mix and Aunt Jemima. They are ready to welcome all sorts of more inspiring (and nutrition-packed) ingredients. Take your flapjacks up a gastronomic notch with these additions that you’ll flip over.

Spelt Flour

Ditch the nutritionally lackluster all-purpose flour for this whole grain option. Made by grinding up the ancient grain spelt, this power flour has a slightly...

Dreaded Questions...

suzie-and-stephen.gifBy Lisa Dolbear (ironman.com)

Oh, October. That wonderful time of the year when most triathletes begin the off season and take some time to rest and do something other than swim, bike or run. Chances are, your arms and legs aren’t the only things that are tired—if you’ve been on the multisport scene for any length of time, you’re also likely tired of hearing the peanut gallery chime in with some of these common questions and declarations. Here's how to respond. Just remember to be nice.

1. "All you ever do is work out, don't you have a life?"
Why yes, I do. Nothing makes me MORE alive than bringing back childhood through swimming, biking and running while enhancing them with the competitive spirit....

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