maddy-pesch.gifUSAT ALL AMERICANS TRIATHLETES- The MTN Guys congratulate the 31 Minnesota women who earned USAT AA honors.

Gaby Bunten - #10 - 20-24W

Madeleine Pesch - #38 - 20-24W (photo L)

Melanie Rabino - #63 - 20-24W

Christina Roberts - #27 - 25-29

Nicole Heininger - #47 - 25-29W

Jessica Rossing - #48 - 25-29W

Jessica Findlay - #91 - 25-29W

Heather Lendway - #3 - 30-34W (Ranked behind Canadian pros Angela Naeth and Cindy Lewis)

Suzie Fox - #23 - 30-34W

Bridget McCoy - #31 - 30-34W ...

Minnesota's 2014 All American Men...

tom-and-emmaneul.gifPhoto - Tom Morgan and Emmanuel Darne, two of Minnesota's 44 male triathletes who earned USAT All American honors in 2014.

The MTN Guys are psyched to congratulate all the Minnesotans (and Honorary Minnesotans) who earned USAT All American honors.* Today we acknowledge the 44 male triathletes. Tomorrow we will list the tri women.


Kyle Serreyn - #26 - 20-24M

Brian Gorman - #98 - 20-24M

Kris Spoth - #30 - 25-29M

Sean Cooley - #47 - 25-29M

Brian Sames - #87 - 25-29M

Alex Hooke - #66 - 30-34M

Josh Blankenheim - #73 - 30-34M...


Stuff About Sleep Positions & Injuries...

sleepers.gifBy Susan Lacke (triathlon.competitor.com)

Athletes tend to think of injuries as isolated incidents: Five hours on the bike equals lower back pain, or extra yardage in the pool is to blame for a case of swimmer’s shoulder. But injuries are often the sum of all stress placed on the body. According to chiropractic sports physician John Ball, poor sleep position can be a major contributor to the injury equation.

“People think of sleep as a passive activity: lie down, close your eyes, and wake up eight hours later, ready for the world,” Ball says. “In reality, sometimes the way you’re draping that leg across your body and off the bed, or holding your arm under the pillow, can often be the final factor that pushes you over the edge of injury or keeps you from recovering fully.”

RELATED: Foods To Help You Get A Better Night Sleep - LINK

Positioning the arm under the head holds the shoulder muscles on the extreme end of their range of motion, increasing risk of impingement....

How to Plan Your 2015 Season...

krista.gifBy Susan Kitchen (triathlon.competitor.com)

It’s cold and dreary outside, the holiday festivities are over, and it’s time to get back to work. Welcome to January! Whether your self-discipline fell by the wayside in December or you’re just feeling the winter blahs, you need something to jump-start the triathlete lying dormant deep inside of you.

Let’s start with making a list of your 2015 goals, accomplishments that you believe are 60 percent achievable. This would be a dream goal that you would love to achieve but fear of failure is standing in the way. Now, go ahead, write them down on a 3”x 5” note card or piece of paper and tape this to your bathroom mirror. On my note card, I’ve broken my goals into personal, professional, spiritual, and of course physical/performance.

Whatever your athletic goal is — setting a PR, climbing the age-group ladder, improving your swim, bike or run time, overcoming a fear of open water, or finishing your first triathlon — the best way to achieve it is to plan your 2015 race schedule. Identify a few challenging races that pique your interest and sound fun. This will spur you along, get you out of bed and motivate you to join that masters swim, morning run or weekend group ride. Seeing your goal twice a day as you brush your teeth will also help you keep it in focus....

Emy's Plans...

emy-face.gifHave you met 2014 Rookie of the Year nominee EMY EVERHART yet? If not, say hello to her in a transition area next season. She's a gregarious, fun-loving person with eclectic musical taste featuring artists and bands that few have ever heard of. In addition to photographing well (photo), she probably agrees that "Shaun of the Dead" is one of the two or three best zombie movie ever and wishes that "3rd Rock From the Sun" hadn't been cancelled.

We contacted Emy about her 2015 racing plans. She's determined to race hard and often and we believe she'll totally rock socks in her sophomore season.

Here is the email she sent us:

Hey MTN Guys -

Have been working on figuring out my schedule...are you ready?...it's long and might change or be scaled back a bit...

1) Espirit de She Du

2) Pigman or Buffalo

3) Minnetonka ....

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