Looking Good...

walt.pngED. Last week we got a couple of emails from triathlete/bodybuilder Walt Johnson, who is in his 60s and races in a Speedo. While this is to be discouraged for most sixty-genarians, Walt is an exception to the rule because he is a total stud, and a very, very cool guy.

Here are his minimally edited emails and some great photos:

Hi Jerry - I thought about your great joking around at triathlons . It sure is a hoot hearing my name called describing speedo swim suit . Here is a few pictures: 1 - of bodybuilding final 2000 Mr. Minnesota ( I didn't win overall but did have 1st place super heavyweight division 98,99,2000. Finished bodybuilding last contest 2014, won  10 division 1st place trophies over many years . Rochester tri 2010 run between 2 laps of lake . A few other fun pictures near Mississippi river . Have had shoulder surgery both sides , back problems, leg  DVT recently. No triathlons as a result . Last good season was 2010 placed several times . Hope your doing well . Walt Johnson


Slower Runners Live Longer....

turtle_runner.pngBy Caitlyn Pilkington (womensrunning.competitor.com)

Here’s some food for thought: the slower you run, the longer you live.

That’s a finding from a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, which concluded that people who run on a regular basis—consistently, but slowly—have a longer lifespan than those who are out pushing it to the line every time. The people who...

"You Gotta Love to Train"...

mike_and_friends.pngBy Mike Buenting (mikebuenting.wordpress.com)


This morning Pro-Triathlete Andy Potts posted something about how you need to love to train.

It said; “Love to train, Everyone loves to race. You gotta love to train. The daily quest for self improvement and the constant drive knowing that you can and will get better.”  

That quote simply made me come alive!! Because as many of us I love to race I truly love all about racing. Seeing my friends in transition, the excitement and thrill of competition and that taste of success!

But in order for us to expierence all of those things we must train and we must find passion and love in training. The no glory hours spent in your...

Gotta See This...Plus IM AZ News!


ED. Personal bests were set today at Ironman Arizona by RUTH BRENNAN MORREY and ERIN KLEGSTAD. Fourth-year Rochester pro Brennan Morrey was 55th woman / 10th pro woman out of the water (1:05:35). She followed that with a 4:53:13 bike split, her gender's fifth fastest, which landed her in 10th place overall. Then she outran all of the women (2:57:45!) , which elevated her placing to 4th. Her time was 9:02:28, bettering her prior best, set at Chattanooga in 2014, by 7:11. Klegstad was the 12th amateur woman to finish (4th in her AG). Her time was 10:19:01, improving her 2015 Wisconisn PR by 26:28!...RESULTS

An awesomely terrible Netflix movie about ironman training...

By Erin Beresini (triathlon.competitor.com)

Triathlon doesn’t usually make it into TV or film plotlines, but when it does, it’s typically terrible. Take the 10th episode of the Hawaii 5-0 reboot in which armed thieves rob a diamond store while racing a tri. Because running around town in an aero helmet is as inconspicuous as you can get on race day. But that episode pales in comparison to the Lifetime original Netflix is currently serving up, in which one mom’s Kona goal serves as the premise of the entire 1 hour and 34 minute movie. You must watch it. Now. With all of your triathlon friends.

Fair warning, we’re going to spoil it for you in that we’re going to tell you why it’s terrible, a task that generally involves tearing down the major plot points. But we’re not really spoiling anything because the only reason...

Hit the Gym!

muscle_guy.pngBy Shawn Gerber (breakingmuscle.com)

“I don’t need the gym. I’m already running 5-6 days per week. That’s plenty!”
Have you ever said something like this? As an endurance athlete, it is easy to buy into the idea that you can just run, bike, or whatever-it-is-you-do all the time, and call it good enough. After all, that is what you are training for, right?
Not exactly. ...

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