Pro Rookie of the Year?

heather-silverman.gifAssuming that USA Triathlon will name pro Rookies of the Year, we would like to think that St. Paul's HEATHER LENDWAY will be in the running for that honor. It should be noted that ITU-focused athletes are typically the ones that receive this accolade.

Still, we hope that Heather's resume is taken seriously.

Last Sunday, Heather finished her season with a 2nd place performance at Silverman in Henderson, Nevada. It was her first podium in an official 70.3 and her splits across the board were stellar:


Swim - 27:41 (3rd fastest woman) - Bike -2:34:16 (3rd fastest woman) - Run - 1:30:53 (5th fastest woman).


Her overall time was 4:36:09, a remarkable clocking on a course that is one of the most challenging in the sport.

Here are the highlights of Heather's rookie season as a pro:

The GMOYs....

neil-wetsuit.gif2015 Minnesota Multisport Awards - Here are the official nominees for GRAND MASTER OF THE YEAR (Men 60 & Over, Women 55 & over) and their racing highlights in 2015:


NEIL KING, 66, Nevis (photo L)


4th overall @ Lakes to Pines - AGCR

2nd AG @ Nationals

8th overall @ Walker Tri -  AGCR

21st overall @ Timberman Olympic - AGCR....



Top Teens of '15....

JAKE-NATIONALS.gif2015 Minnesota Multisport Awards – Here are the official nominees for JUNIOR OF THE YEAR and their 2015 highlights:


JAKE CROTEAU, 18, La Crosse, WI (photo L)

3rd overall @ Timberman – JrCR

7th overall @ Brewhouse – JrCR

7th overall / 1st Jr. @ Life Time – Maple Grove Olympic – 2:01:48


KAYTLIN GARRISON, 17, Cohasset (photo below L)

2nd overall @ ZTri – Jr. CR

4th overall / 1st Jr. @ Superior Man 41.5...

Dumb Mistakes By Smart Triathletes...

feet-scale.gifBy Laura Antonucci (triathlon.competitor.com)

You are a smart triathlete: You wake up at 5 a.m., routinely decline a second round of drinks, watch what you eat and are aware of the latest trends in sports nutrition and bike technology. But even the most well-meaning, self-sacrificing, smart triathletes can make nutrition mistakes that prevent them from reaching their body composition and performance goals. Avoid the following nutrition traps and your 2014 season will be better than you imagined.

Mistake #1: Not knowing your sweat rate.
You know you should be conducting periodic “sweat tests” in training, right? Studies consistently show that even small (less than 2 percent) decreases in body weight due to fluid loss adversely affect performance. Don’t let dehydration slow you down! ...

Making it Count....

dum-and-fam.gifBy Greg Dummer
“It’s called truly living your life...you are intentionally living and experiencing something” said my boss.  I was in the midst of being extremely chatty and anxious the day before a big race.  I was complaining that I was excited, nervous and lamenting how I didn't feel ready.  Inwardly, I was wondering "why do I do this?"
I thought about my range of emotions and realized, isn’t this what life is meant to be?  Living in the present moment, venturing outside your comfort zones and experiencing passion?  I reflected on this and realized that yes, this is one of the many reasons that keeps me coming back to triathlons....
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