Later Starters....

juli-currie.gifHere at MTN, we're into cool stats. Did you know that at least eleven Minnesota women won their first multisport race when they were in their 40s? Many of those ladies have gone on to post several more victories.

Who are we talking about? Check it out:


CHERYL BARKER - 1st @ 2012 Croixathlon 2012 (Age 43)(Cheryl is a two-time Croixathlon winer.)

JULI CURRIE  (photo L) - 1st @ 2013 Heart of the Lakes Sprint (Age 41)

ANNE GRABOWSKI - 1st @ 2015 Trinona Sprint (Age 47)(Anne won two races in 2015.)

TINA HJELTMAN - 1st @ 2011 Turtleman Duathlon (Age 40)

ANGIE HOP - 1st @ 2011 Hoot Lake Triathlon (Age 40) (Angie now has at least eight career wins.) ...

Life After 140.6...

success-art.gifBy Suzie Fox (suz--news.blogspot.com - October 12, 2015)

I was asked to blog about my 3rd place female overall finish at Ironman Wisconsin & my double digit multi-sport win season, I definitely will eventually. With so many races this year came so many opinions, some criticism & I was judged. People thought there was no way I could (or should) do 17 multi-sport races before an Ironman & there was no way I would PR but I didn't have time to listen or care. I only sought out advice & support from the people that mattered to me.

I ended up doing 19 total multi-sport races in 2015...11 open running races, 12 triathlons, 7 duathlons, 3 como relays, 2 snowshoe races, 1 cycling time trial & I am not quite done just yet, but soon. I was able to PR in the Ironman (10:34:49) the...

Swim Drills Are Good...

SWIMMER-GUY.gifBy Gary Hall Sr. (usatriathlon.org)
Photo by Richard Hall

1. Drills isolate the problem.
Once the problem is identified, the best way to fix it is to focus on it. There are simply too many complex movements going on in the act of swimming to enable one to think about one single movement or position of the body. For example, one of the best ways to learn to pull with a high elbow underwater (early vertical forearm position) is by doing a one-arm drill. Holding one arm in front, swim with one arm only, rotating from side to stomach, but focusing on the high elbow position as the single arm pulls through. It is much easier to grasp the concept swimming with high elbows, after practicing with each arm alone....

Who is an Athlete?

various-athletes.gifED. Between 2006 and 2008, Michael Williams was our state's premier male junior triathlete. He won the Junior of the Year each of those years. A wonderful guy, he's a world class doctor now and has a really cool wife and German shepherd (photo below).


By Dr. Michael Williams (premiersportsandspine.com)

What is an athlete? Have you ever found yourself asking such a question? What makes me different? Or do you sometimes find yourself answering such a question about yourself differently? ...

Stuff that Heather Already Knows...

milwaukee-swim.gifSwim Etiquette


By Deanna Pomfret (usatriathlon.org)
Cool Photo by Rich Cruse

The triathlon swim is usually the leg people talk and worry about the most. I’ve heard things like “I just need to get through the swim,” “I’m fine once the swim is over” and “I’d do a triathlon except I’m afraid of the swim.” The fact that fear for the swim can stop someone from trying this excellent sport makes me as a swim coach pause and think why and what can I do to make it less intimidating? ...

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