Multisport Pioneer...

rhett_run.pngWhen we think of Duluth's male multisport pioneers, we immediately think of Brian Bich, now 51, Rhett Bonner, now 53, and Rod Raymond, now 51. The most decorated of this triumvirate is Bich, a multiple national champion, former US Master of the Year and winner of nine MMAs. He is still very active, in fact, he won the MOY last year.

Bonner, a physician with movie star good looks--think Michael Fassbender (photo below)--, the guy who portrayed Steve Jobs--hasn't raced in a multi since 2014, though he remains an active and accomplished nordic skier.

Below are some of Bonner's triathlon highlights, which include his dominating AG victory at Nationals in 2009. (We will post Raymond's accomplishments tomorrow.)

RHETT BONNER, 53, Duluth

Highlights:  ...


hkm_young.pngPhoto - This pic of HKM was taken several months ago.

Though HEIDI KELLER-MILER, 53, has popped in-and-out of the tri world over the last thirty years, she has had a major impact during those "in" times. A pro in the late 80s and early nineties, her accomplishments featured a podium finish at St, Anthony's, which was arguably America's most competitive Olympic-distance race back then, she took a dozen years off to have her family, then returned to racing as an amateur in 2005. Though rusty, she still earned a berth on Team Minnesota that year.

Since then she has been named Minnesota Master of the Year three times.

HKM prefers Kare 11 to WCCO, has attended hundreds of U2 concerts and has almost a thousand Facebook friends. She is also a total HOOT! And we wish she would return to the racing scene at her earliest convenience....

Another Pioneer: MB...

AR-587880671.pngPhoto - Mary Beth Tuttle in Iceland with a friend named Stella Hjaltodottir.

A few weeks ago we ran into MARY BETH TUTTLE, who is now in her early 50s, at Chipotle, the one in Woodbury, not the one by Sam's Club, the one by Noodles. Gosh it was great to see her. There isn't a nicer person in the world that MB. She had a back thing that forced her to give up triathlon after the 2009 season, but she has remained a force in the  nordic ski racing community.

Since we have been posting a lot of stuff recently about Minnesota multisport pioneers that are currently off the grid, we'd like to share some of Mary Beth's multisport highlights. She was especially awesome in 2007....

Duluth's Multisport Queen: 2005 - 2010...

marlochisago.pngDo you remember Marlo Crosby?

To quote Needle Nose Ned, Ned the Head from "Groundhog Day," "We sure-as-heckfire- do." Wonderful person, Marlo, not Ned. Tall. Black cotton candy hair. Duluth. Very distinctive running form. Rocket cyclist.

Marlo raced at a national class level between 2005, when she returned to her native Minnesota from Laramie, Wyoming, and 2010. She was our country's top female amateur duathlete between 2006 and mid-season in 2009. She got her pro license in August of that year.

She was ranked 8th on Team Minnesota in '05, and #1 in '06, the year she took home FOUR MMAs. Sadly, 2010 was her last full multisport season. We saw her at Brewhouse in 2011, but not since. We miss her.

If the Minnesota multisport scene had a Hall of Fame, and we are giving serious consideration to starting one, Marlo Crosby would unquestionably be an inductee.

Here are some stats. Impressive stuff.

-  6 x MMA winner: 2006 TOY, 2008, 2007, 2006 DOY, 2006 MI, 2006 Performance of the Year....

CY: Legendary Stats...

cy_victory.pngCATHY YNDESTAD has been living in Switzerland for the last two years. Unless their initial plans have changed, she and awesome husband Kerry will remain in Europe for another year, then return to the US. We sure hope they move back to Minnesota and rejoin our multisport community. (They own property in Arizona, and could decide to relocate there.)

We miss the Yndestads. Gosh, they have contributed so much to our community; she as as athlete, coach and ambassador; he as a photographer/historian and all-around great guy.

We were looking at CY's competitive resume yesterday. No Minnesota multisportswoman has accomplished more than her. Don't believe us? Check out her highlights:

Career Multisport Wins: 71 (Most by any Minnesota woman)

National Honors: 2009 USAT Athlete of the Year, 2008 USAT AOY HM, USAT 2007 AOY HM ...

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