2015 - Bring It!

swiss.gifBy Cathy Yndestad (trigirlcathy.blogspot.com)

I hope everyone is enjoying a fun filled holiday season. It’s been an action packed few weeks for me, but it's finally slowing down enough to share some exciting news for the upcoming year.

New Focus: KY and I will be moving to Switzerland soon, and to simplify the transition and to grow with this new opportunity, I decided to leave my Program Manager job with Life Time Fitness. For the past few years, alongside Troy Jacobson, we built a strong and successful endurance coaching division as part of the Life Time TRI TEAM brand. Although it’s tough to leave Life Time in the midst of exciting initiatives, especially the Commit to TRI partnership with Ironman, I’m extremely jazzed to ....

Operation Chlorination...

suz-pool.gifBy Suzie Fox (suz--news.blogspot.com)

I've known since early Nov that something was very wrong with my left foot. In 2011 & 2012 I had pain across the top but it was manageable with regular ART treatments & in Oct 2012 it went away until mile 16 of Ironman Wisconsin this year. 15 days off running following the IM bought me about another month of running including a 10 mile Halloween fun run in costume, but on Nov 6th the pain reached a whole new level and my foot swelled up like a sausage. Things hit rock bottom on Tues Nov 11th when I could no longer walk or put any weight on my foot and x-rays on Nov 14th confirmed a 3rd metatarsal stress fracture. I was trying to hang onto some fitness for the 6,000M USATF MN XC Championships on Nov 15th otherwise my season was over, but that was obviously a no go....

Stuff About Going Gluten-Free...

bread.gifBy Michele Tuttle (usatriathlon.org)

Triathletes are very tuned in to nutrition. So, unless your training has taken you off-planet, you’ve probably noticed the number of gluten-free products on your grocery store’s shelves. And, you probably have a friend, relative or co-worker (or two or three) who’ve shared their amazing transformations from going gluten-free. Or perhaps you’ve even tried the gluten-free approach yourself thinking THIS might be answer to solving your digestive, weight or other health-related issues.

Think very carefully before you cross the bread, pasta, cereal, couscous, bagels and other products made from wheat off your shopping list. Why? Because you will also ...

Stuff About Bike Crashes...

bike-crash.gifBy Scott Fliegelman (triathlon.competitor.com)


Even with the best biking education and years of experience, many triathletes will experience a crash. I learned a lot from surviving a scary one and I hope my experience, along with these recommendations, can help you prevent—or bounce back from—a crash.

Avoid a crash
Expert tips for stacking the odds in your favor:

“When I go on training group rides, I am hyper-aware of everyone around me and am always looking for an escape route if someone goes down.” Tim DeBoom, two-time Ironman world champion...

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