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muscle_guy.pngBy Shawn Gerber (breakingmuscle.com)

“I don’t need the gym. I’m already running 5-6 days per week. That’s plenty!”
Have you ever said something like this? As an endurance athlete, it is easy to buy into the idea that you can just run, bike, or whatever-it-is-you-do all the time, and call it good enough. After all, that is what you are training for, right?
Not exactly. ...

More Slam Dunks...


On Tuesday, we talked about two of the five MMA categories that we considered to be  "Slam Dunks." Here are the other three:

2016 Junior of the Year....

img_0553.pngBy Mitchell Clayton (mitchellclaytontriblog.wordpress.com)


The title says it all. After 5 seasons of triathlons, over 50 races, hundreds of workouts, and three nominations, I’ve finally won the Minnesota Multisport Award for Junior of the Year.

There are three things I can say about winning this award and getting this recognition…

Motivation. Ever since I found out about the whole MMA thing, I’ve been driven to get Junior of the Year. It’s been in my mind during every single workout and every single race.  I’ve pushed myself harder because of it, it’s focused me, and it’s motivated me to do things that would otherwise have been easy to choose not to...

2016 Slam Dunks...

hanna_portrait.pngThe MMAs were awarded last Sunday. Some of the picks were "Slam Dunks," i.e. clear winners, ones that wouldn't generate much of an argument. Some were controversial. The rest were somewhere in between those designations.


SLAM DUNKS - Duathlete of the Year, Rookie, Grand Master, Female Master, Female Triathlete of the Year


CONTROVERSIAL - Male Master, Male Performance of the Year, Long Course Athlete of the Year, Female Performance of the Year, Male and Female Team Minnesota....

2016 MMA Winners!




Triathlete of the Year

Hanna Grinaker & Matthew Payne


Long Distance Athlete of the Year

Diane Hankee


Duathlete of the Year

Matthew Payne


Performance of the Year

Hanna Grinaker's Course Record at Lake Waconia

Matthew Payne's Course Record at Buffalo Olympic....

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