Bouncing Back....

clock-lady.gifBy Jason Gootman and Will Kirousis

Let’s get nerdy for a moment and look at three definitions.

Metabolism: The sum of the chemical and physical changes occurring in tissue, consisting of anabolism (those reactions that convert small molecules into large), and catabolism (those reactions that convert large molecules into small).

Catabolism: A series of degradative chemical reactions that break down complex molecules into smaller units, and in most cases releasing energy in the process....

Sexy & Jangus...

Barn-Bluff-63-e140389730063.gifBy Dan Hedgecock (danhedgecock.com)

Back when I did an interview with Slowtwitch, they asked me why I thought duathlon wasn’t as “sexy” as triathlon. I didn’t know the answer at the time, but have recently formulated a theory: There is no palpable fear of death during a duathlon. Sure, you could be crushed by a texting teen driver paying as much attention to the road as she does to her parents’ advice, but you don’t really feel that possibility. On the other hand putting your face into freezing cold black water with weeds that try to strangle you? Now that’s scary.

I’ve come to this conclusion because I recently engaged in a sport much, much “sexier” than triathlon: rock climbing. Rock climbing is about 10x sexier than triathlon. A sport where you have to properly utilize a rope to not die? Very sexy. Here’s a few more reasons why rock climbing is super sexy:

* It’s possible that the rock you’re are clinging to for dear life could dislodge and crush your head....

Fast Women...

cy-run.gifAccording to our records, these are the winningest Minnesota women of the 21st century thus far:

CATHY YNDESTAD - 68 (photo L)

BECKY YOUNGBERG - 36 (photo below)




SUZIE FOX - 18 (Since 2009)

HEATHER LENDWAY - 15 (Since 2012)

RUTH BRENNAN MORREY - 15 (Since 2011)


MARNIE WALTH (ND) - 14 (On MN soil)


Treehugger Named Athlete of the Month......

tree-hugger.gif(Photo - Tree-hugging Deb Roberts is June AG AOM.)

ATHLETES OF THE MONTH - Who were Minnesota's most successful amateur multisport athletes during the month of June? According to the Minnesota Multisport Awards (MMA) Committee, the clear choices for  "overall" AOM's were Heather Lendway and Matthew Payne. The MMA Selectors named Chap Achen, 45, and Deb Roberts, 61, as the Age Group AOMs. Here are their June resumes:

FEMALE ATHLETE OF THE MONTH - Heather Lendway, 30, St. Paul, 30, St. Paul

1st @ Pigman Sprint - Course Record

1st @ Trinona Olympic - Course Record

1st @ Lake Minnetonka - Course Record (A likely Performance of the Year contender.)

MALE ATHLETE OF THE MONTH - Matthew Payne, 36, Columbia Heights

1st @ Buffalo Olympic - Amateur Course Record...

21st Century Champions...

DKTLTF2.gifOur records show that the following Minnesota male athletes have won at least ten multis since the millennial turn. Yes, we can be off by one or two here and there.

1. DAVID THOMPSON (St. Paul - photo L) - 89

2. BRIAN BICH (Duluth - photo below) - 44

3. MATTHEW PAYNE (Columbia Heights) - 29 (Since 2007)

4. PATRICK PARISH (Bloomington) - 28 (Since 2008)

5. BRETT LOVAAS (Minnetonka) - 28

6. DAN HEDGECOCK (St. Paul) - 24 (Since 2010)


8. KEVIN O'CONNOR (Medina) - 15

9. DEVON PALMER (Minneapolis) - 15....

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