Gwen is Into Virtual Reality Technology...

Gwen_goggles.pngVirtual reality is shaping up to be the ultimate performance enhancer, no movement necessary.

By Brad Stulberg (triathlete.com)

En route to her gold medal during last year’s Rio Olympic Games, triathlete Gwen Jorgensen maneuvered around tight corners in a highly technical bike course as if she’d ridden them many times before. And in a way, she had. That’s because in addition to traditional mental training, like visualization and meditation, Jorgensen also used a custom-made virtual reality (VR) program, allowing her to repeatedly experience the Rio bike course from the comfort of her couch at her home.

“VR as a training tool has transformed the way athletes are preparing for competition,” says Danny Belch, a VR expert who works at STRIVR Labs, a VR performance science company founded by Stanford University researchers and based in Palo Alto, Calif. So much of the psychological stress—which zaps precious physical energy—associated with racing is related to the...

Crocs, Broken Teeth & "Sorry, Mark"....

RBM_falls.pngIn this annual compilation, Timothy Carlson found rich veins of talk from the Brownlees discussing their adventures in Cozumel and Gwen Jorgensen and Nicola Spirig recounting their duel in Rio. Fear of crocodiles, the temptation of a DNF, a humble apology from a Kona record breaker, an existential meditation on ego versus soul at an Ultra also made the cut for Favorite Tri Quotes of 2016.

By Timothy Carlson (slowtwitch.com.com)


“When we returned from our trip, I was sending the kids off to school, and out of nowhere, my 10-year-old son said, ‘Mom?’ ‘Yes, Connor?’ ‘When I heard you dropped out of the race, I just wanted to come find you at mile 23 and carry you the rest of the way.’ We both lost it.” – Ruth Brennan Morrey (photo) on what her son said after he heard a mistaken report that she had dropped out of the 2015 Ironman World Championship.


“I thought about crocodiles consistently during the swim leg. I was terrified of dying a crocodile death. There were boats on course with guns to help out any competitors suffering attacks.” Jodie Swallow writing in her blog on swimming at Ironman Cairns....

Dynamic Intermingling...

The_Inheritance_of_Healthy_Life_Habits_600x400-300x200.pngED. Here is an AWESOME article we stumbled upon recently. It was posted in "Rochestermn.citymomsblog.com," FYI - RBM placed 7th (4:29:51) yesterday at Buenos Aires 70.3.

By Ruth Brennan Morrey

The intermingling of my children in my world of sport and exercise is quite…dynamic. Yes, I think that is the word. Dynamic. Even as a professional athlete, my children—aged 12, 9, and 7—cannot and should not be separated from my athletic endeavors. A rich dimension to my life, they are an integral part of my success. They provide me with time management skills, recovery, laughter, distraction, balance, and overwhelming joy. Don’t get me wrong, the little minions drive me absolutely batty at times

Rocking a Sub-5-Hr. Ironman Bike Split...


By Peter Kadzielawski (teamusa.com)


Initially, cycling indoors wasn’t a deliberate tactic. I was forced to take cycling indoors simply because of the weather conditions. Preparing for a late November race such as IRONMAN Cozumel or Arizona while living in the Chicago area was the main reason why I decided to take a huge chunk of my training indoors.

A late November IRONMAN meant that I would have to do some of my longest (5-6 hour) rides in October and November. And that time of the year in the Midwest can get pretty cold, especially for a long ride....

Train Your Weaknesses. Race Your Strengths...

iStock-497517710-585x421.pngBy Bethany Rutledge (triathlete.com)

“Train your weaknesses, race your strengths” should be your cycling mantra during the off-season and pre-season. With the use of a power meter, you can effectively target your weak areas early, then roll into a more balanced program as race season approaches. Here’s how.

Start by getting familiar with your power curve, the visual plot of your best efforts over different time periods. The slope of the curve, plus information you already...

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