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tpMany endurance athletes are forced to deal with irritable bowel syndrome and must find ways to minimize its effects during racing and training. In this article, Molly Hurford explains why it seems to affect so many and how to deal with it. (triathlon.competitor.com - Published June 14, 2013)

It was an almost perfect start to my first triathlon when those three little words made my heart sink into my already churning stomach: no toilet paper. For a nervous triathlete, hearing that is akin to the end of the world. For a nervous triathlete with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), it

Jim's Aquatic Heebie Jeebie-ism...

water fearED. James Barke is an aspiring triathlete who suffers from "AHJ" (Aquatic Hebbie Jeebie-ism), also known as "Swimophobia," aka, "No-kidding, I-can't-swim-and-even-putting-my-face-in-the-water-totally-freaks-me-out." He's launched a blog that is chronicling his journey.

2013 Junior Report Card...

michael(Photo - Buffalo's Michael Burgdorf could receive a Junior of the Year nomination st season's end.)

Junior of the Year - The MMA Selectors are scrutinizing the competitive bios of a dozen 19-and-under Minnesota multisport athletes. Over the last several years, nominated girls have outnumbered nominated boys in this coed category. That might not be the case this year. The reasons for this are A. 2012 JOY Greta Danielson, 19, St. Cloud has been awesome and is currently distancing herself from the rest of the teen girls, and B. Three of the most successful boys are truly distinguishing themselves. Buffalo's Michael Burgdorf, 19, for instance, is winning his division in every race he enters, but we occasionally question his speed. Is the gulf between his times and those of credentialed adult racers too wide? Or does it fall within an acceptable range?

Then there's Chris Lam, 17, of Rochester. This young man is just plain fast, but does he race often enough for his handful of efforts to override the performances of guys like Burgdorf, whose racing volume is high?

Then there's Nordic star Zach Goldberg, 19, of Minnetrista, who is coming on strong in the second half of the season and has even managed to beat his dad, David, who has truly kicked butt in his 50-54 AG this season....

Raymondian Practical Ontology...

hueyThe Brewhouse

2013 Rockin' Rookies...


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