cy-mill-ave.gifOops! In the past few weeks we have discovered a few of the many reporting errors we made in 2013. A deadly pox upon us for the egregiosity of our faux pas-es. (What is the plural form of "faux pas"?) In any case: Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima cupla! (Latin for "We're really sorry.")

Here are the boo-boos that are making us look and feel like do-dos:

#1 - When speaking of Cathy Yndestad's 2013 scorecard, we mentioned that she had won five multis and now has a total of 64 career victories. Cathy (photo L) actually won six tris in '13. The one we missed occurred early May. It was at the Esprit de She Sprint Triathlon...

Relearning What Your Toes Feel Like...

yoga.gifBy Bob Babbitt (triathlon.competitor.com)

I am in a very hot room with sweat exploding from every cell of my body. Check that. “Very hot room”? That’s an understatement. Think high noon in the lava fields of the Kona coast and then add about 30 degrees. I am bent at the waist and attempting to connect my arms with toes that seem a dozen zip codes away. When did my arms get so damn short?

After only 45 minutes of my first hot yoga class, the area around me has become the second...


kyle-and-fish.gif(Photo - A big fish, two Serreyns and a guy.)

By Kyle Serreyn (ky-tri.blogspot.com)

I had a plan. Then some tweaking took place. Some flip-flopping. A surprise race announcement. It isn’t exactly what I was planning two months ago, but the 2014 schedule is set.

A brief overview -


Oakdale Duathlon – Typical early season rust-buster, but probably wouldn’t be doing this race if I didn’t need to go Kansas the next week. My 7th time here makes this my most frequented race....

Kind Words = Kind Echoes....Part II

kevin-hot-dogs.gifED. This is the updated version of an article we posted two weeks ago. Back then you were introduced to the first 12 triathletes who have had a profound effect on on Kevin O'Connor's life. Today, we reveal 14 more special people.


By Kevin O'Connor (gearwestbike.wordpress.com)

From the GWBT Editor– over the next few weeks we will be posting some thoughts from the boss (not Springsteen) who has put together a list of 26 influential people in his life.  People that have helped mold, direct, and teach.  Each day, starting November 30th, we will add one of the 26 individuals to the list…but don’t take my word for it:


“Speak Kind Words and You Will Hear Kind Echoes” 

Last December 14th we were all shocked by the horrific act at Sandy Hook Elementary...

Ignoring Clocks...

dan-h.gifPhoto - Phillip Phillips lookalike, Dan Hedgecock.

By Dan Hedgecock (danhedgecock.com - 11/24)

Operacion Eau de Chlorine is getting to about the 6 week point. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly because the first 3-4 weeks were just easing back into training, emphasis on the word ease. This week will be my first ‘for reals’ week of training with 35k of swimming in the pool spread out pretty evenly over 10 swims.

I haven’t been looking at the clock at all since I started back up to make sure I don’t get too...

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