Last Hoorahing...

Postcard-front-1.gifWe got this cool postcard from Heather Lendway last Tuesday. She was in Greece at the time spending devalued Euros and eating goat with yogurt and grape leaves. For those who don't know, Greece is in what is called the "Mediterranean" region, not far from Europe.

We were able to decipher almost all of Heather's note. Most of it written in English. Check it out:


Hats & Dirty Word...

kristin-family.gifKRISTIN WEINZIERL is an infrequent swim-bike-runner, but a talented one, nonetheless.

Before we share some of Kristin's results, we want to tell you some cool stuff about her that we learned on Facebook. She, like us, likes to listen to the Dave Ryan Show in the morning, especially on Thursdays when he does "The War of the Roses." Have you ever tuned in for that? It's a hoot! Dave and Falen bust people that are totally cheating on their boyfriends or girlfriends.

You can learn a lot about a person just by looking at pictures of them. In the photo (L) we can tell that Kristin is very pretty and looks good in hats. We can also tell that she has at least one child, who also rocks in hats, and that her husband, another hat person, is much taller than she is and needs a shave. The family has good taste in clothing....

Coffee on Race Day...

COFFEE.gifBy Laura Antonucci (triathlon.competitor.com)

Q: I love my morning cup of coffee. Should I cut it out on race morning to stay hydrated and improve my performance?

A: Every time I give a sports nutrition talk to a group or team, this question is asked. I too look forward to my morning coffee for a host of reasons—taste, warmth, morning ritual, and a wake-up “boost.” Should we cut it out on race morning? Thankfully, the answer is no!

First, let’s dispel the dehydration myth. When consumed regularly, and at moderate amounts

Group Rides Are Good...

group.gifBy Scott Fliegelman (triathlon.competitor.com)

A group ride can benefit your training and make you faster.

Though triathlon is generally a non-drafting sport, ironically some of the most fun and beneficial training we can do on the bike involves riding in a draft-friendly group. Organized group rides can be found in nearly all active communities, and may be geared toward bike racers, recreational cyclists or triathletes. As a coach, I structure my athletes’ bike training to allow ample time for solo sessions in order to prepare for the specific demands of non-drafting racing, such as time ...

Rockin' Ruther...

ruther-running.gifED. Yesterday this awesome interview with Rochester pro Ruth Brennan Morrey appeared on triathlon.competitor.com.


By Sarah Wassner Flynn


Long-distance breakout star Ruth Brennan Morrey certainly took a circuitous route to where she is today. First, she was a NCAA Division I soccer star. Then a semi-pro soccer player. Then an Olympic Trials qualifying marathoner. Then a PHD in psychology, a mom of three and finally a professional triathlete. Here, the 38-year-old Rochester, Minn.-native fills us in on her less-than-typical journey to the top of the sport.

Triathlete.com: Tell us about your athletic background. Did you swim or run as a kid?

Brennan Morrey: Nope, I never swam and maybe ran one track race in high school. But I’ve been playing soccer for as far back as I can remember. If I wasn’t out on the field...

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