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Photos - L-R - Dan Hedgecock, Michelle Andres & Hannah Strom. Dan & Michelle photos by either Sarah Linder-Stenzel or Denny Johnson. Sarah's photo was stolen from her Facebook page.

Athletes of the Month - MTN's AOM's for May 2011 are Daniel Hedgecock, Michelle Andres and Hannah Strom. Hedgecock and Andres were judged to be May's most outstanding overall performers. Strom was our pick for dominant age group athlete.

Here's why?

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* The following records were broken at the 29th annual Apple Duathlon in Sartell last Saturday:

- DAN HEDGECOCK lowered the men's overall amateur record from 1:23:05 (Patrick Parish in 2010) to 1:21:31

- PAM STEVENS lowered Karen McKeachie's 55-59W mark (1:51:42 - 2009) by 12 seconds. Michigan's McKeachie, like Stevens, is one of American's all-time most decorated amateur females.

- MIKE COLAIZY's 1:40:52 lowered the 60-64M mark set by Californian Dennis Kasischke in '09 by a a hefty 1:29. Mike, who is extraordinarily cute for a man of his vintage, is not very tall as you can see from the photo (L), where he is bracketed by his bodyguards. Colaizy has a morbid fear of someone stealing his wine.

- BEN EWERS's 1:43:11 took a voracious 7:02 bite out of Bob Bailey's 65-69M best, set in 2009....

Alex's Words....

alexThe Tri Rises in the Southeast

By Alex Hooke

If you are visiting this website, you are well aware of the stellar triathlon scene in Minnesota. If you live in the Twin Cities, there is a multisport race within an hour

150 Calories...

aqualungBy Bonnie Clapton bonnie

"What's your name?" I asked the man dressed in an excessive amount of tattered clothing. He cracked a wicked, broken smile, bearing badly stained teeth.

"Hobo Joe." he grizzled out.

"Well then, Hobo Joe, I will see you at the finish line. Ready? One

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