Basic Bike Maintenance Stuff...

chainringBy Mackenzie Lobby

(This article originally appeared in the Summer 2011 issue of USA Triathlon Magazine.)

Owning a whole lot of cool gear is one of the major perks to being a triathlete. Hours are spent finding the right wetsuit, tri suit and running shoes. Much research is invested into everything from sunglasses to hydration systems to high tech socks. Perhaps most attention, however, is paid to a triathlete

Skittles, Mickey's & Crispy Bacon...

skittlesbig mouthbacon(ED. We originally posted this feature in the fall of 2010. We're recycling it here because we want to introduce even more of our readers to Paul Mollett, who is one of our favorite people.)

Going Off Course - Chaska triathlete Paul Mollett is a totally cool and interesting guy. Take our word for it: You want to party with this dude....

Ironman's Physical Toll....

finish line(Photo by Joe Jaszewski / Idaho Statesman)

By Matt Fitzgerald (triathlon.competitor.com)

In the past year Chris McCormack, Julie Dibens and Chrissie Wellington have announced they will take a step back from Ironman racing for various reasons. All were at the top of their careers and have emphasized the toll that Ironman training and racing takes on the body. The following story explains exactly what the body goes through over 140.6 miles of racing. This story originally appeared in the January/February, 2009 edition of Inside Triathlon magazine.

From the outside, swimming, cycling and running appear as movement. But from inside the triathlete

Party Time!

MMA* 2012 MMA Party - Mark you calendars! The 2012 Minnesota Multisport Awards Party is tentatively slated for Saturday, November 10. Venue location and details will be announced soon. We invite ALL of our state's tri and du-athletes--newbies, recreational athletes, grizzled veterans (and their families)--to celebrate the '12 season and all the blessings associated with being a multisportsperson in Minnesota. We also encourage those who have yet to enter a race but are seriously considering doing so in 2013, to attend this party. These folks will come away from this experience knowing just how totally cool Minnesota's athletes, events and resources really are. The Party will feature yummilicious food, unlimited adult beverages and great conversation with friends old and new. It will also be a great opportunity for horndogs like Sean Cooley to meet girls. And for girls looking for guys, well, as they say here in self-effacing Minnesota, "you could do a lot worse."....

Newberry Knives and Sophomoric Movies...

gillianGoing Off Course - Minneapolis-based veterinarian / medical affairs person / decorated triathlete Gillian Auslander is kinda enigmatic.

How so, you inquire?knife

How else would you describe a person who can dispassionately perform a Dual Radical Testiclectomy on a bull while eating a meatball marinara sub in the afternoon, then cry at the end of "Marley & Me" later that evening? Those things--de-stoning and animal movie crying--are generally mutually exclusive.

Gillian, pronounced "Gill-ee-un," not "Jill-ee-un," did that once, we think? And that's not the only example of conclusive enigmaticism that defines her. As many of you already know, Ms. Auslander appears very sweet and mild-mannered and you have to get really close to her mouth if you want to hear her speak. She's not a loud-talker. Yet, "Shook Me All Night Long" by scream rockers AC/DC is her favoritest song ever. In fact, she loves hi-decibel screechy singers, like Angus Young and Steven Tyler, who if you read his autobiography you'd know that he did more drugs than Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse and Keith Richards put together....

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