Semi-Scary Stuff About Inbuprofen....

ibuprofenBy Gretchen Reynolds (nytimes.com)

Many active people use the painkiller ibuprofen on an almost daily basis. In surveys, up to 70 percent of distance runners and other endurance athletes report that they down the pills before every workout or competition, viewing the drug as a preemptive strike against muscle soreness.

But a valuable new study joins growing evidence that ibuprofen and similar anti-inflammatory painkillers taken before a workout don

Off-Season Treadmill Workouts...

treadmillBy Justin Levine (California Fitness Academy)

The triathlon offseason is a time to let off the gas pedal, allow our body to fully recover and get away from the constant grind of training. We usually have a 4-8 week period after our last race where training volume should be kept low. But it is very important to still train. Structured training is not what we are after. We will leave the periodization cycles for the main periods of the triathlon season. The offseason can be a great time to implement lower volume workouts but can still help you maintain your fitness levels.

Workout #1: Treadmill Cruise Hill Repeats

During the Winter months, it can be tough for some people to get outside to do their running. I love this workout in the offseason because it

National Honors...

pp(Photo - Patrick Parish is a strong candidate for 2012 US Duathlete of the Year.)

By Doug Deeply

Next Wednesday, USAT's AOY (Athlete of the Year) Selection Committee will examine the competitive credentials of nearly 100 American mutisport athletes. In the days thereafter the members will submit the names of those they believe should be the 2012 award winners and Honorable Mentions. Those men and women receiving the most support in each category will be named Athlete of the Year, Master of the Year, Grand Master of the Year, Junior of the Year, Duathlete of the Year and Paralympic AOY. The next 3-10 * athletes receiving the most votes in each category will be named HMs.

We are not permitted to post the names of all of those who are in contention for awards and HMs here, nor can we post the names of the ultimate winners until after USAT has done so first. We will, however, reveal that five Minnesotans are among those who will...

Bucking Current Wisdom...

photo(Photo -This pic doesn't really fit the story posted here, but it's cool, so we posted it anyway.)

Stuff About Whole Foods....

bananasTraining & Racing With Whole Foods (from triathlon.competitor.com)

Is that a banana in your jersey?

Many triathletes generally avoid the junk

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