Tony's In...

tonyMinnesota Multisport Awards - In 2008 the MMA Selectors adopted USAT age ranges to determine master (40-59 men, 40-54 women) and grand master (60 & over men, 55 & over women) award nominees. Prior to then, men and women age 40-49 were eligible for masters consideration and men and women 50 and over were considered grand masters.

The change has entailed that The Committee familiarize itself with age grading formulas. Failure to do so would be unfair to older athletes.

The fact that younger elite masters David Holden, 42, Scott Penticoff, 40, and Brian Bich, 44, ..

An Ambiguous Article About Smoking...

smokerBy Carson O'Genic *

The negative effects smoking has on your body is almost common knowledge in America. But people continue to start smoking and keep smoking. There must be some benefits.

Smoking is bad for you. Anyone who has watched TV or gone to health class knows this. But everyone also knows that cheeseburgers are bad for you and continue to scarf them down. The benefits of cheeseburgers are obvious: delicious, juicy, hearty taste. What are the benefits of smoking?

All you hear about all day is why you shouldn

The Party of the Year!

optumPress Release

This year's Tri Night 2010 banquet is scheduled for Saturday December 4th, from 5:30 PM to 11 PM. We have an awesome sponsor, OptumHealth Performance, who has agreed to host our annual celebration of all things multi-sport AND help lower our costs. Our ticket prices are the lowest they've ever been. We hope you will join us! This year, we have moved back to the "West Side" of town and will be holding our soiree at UnitedHealth Group's state of the art dining center at 9701 Data Park Drive (photo), just west ...

Payne Garners POY Nomination...

mattMinnesota Multisport Awards - Responding to a persuasive e-mail from Julie Hull, the MMA Selection Committee reevaluated Matthew Payne's winning effort at Trinona Olympic and concluded that it did indeed, in their collective opinion, deserve to be nominated for 2010 Performance of the Year.

Thanks, Julie!

After the original listing of nominees has been announced, the MMA Selectors can, by rule, add...

Race of the Year Stuff...



Minnesota Multisport Awards - The voting for 2010 Triathletes Choice Race of the Year has concluded and in the effort to bump as many fists as possible, we are posting the Top 10 Vote-Getters....

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