You Gotta Be There!

bookPRESS RELEASE - Gear West Ski & Run and The Bookcase are pleased to welcome Christopher McDougall, author of the bestselling book "Born to Run."

The event will be on Wednesday, September 15 at 6:30 in the evening at Gear West in Long Lake (1786 West Wayzata Boulevard).

McDougall traveled to Mexico's Copper Canyon to discover the running secrets of the Tarahumara Indians. For centuries, the Tarahumara have practiced techniques that allow them to run hundreds of miles without rest. How do they do it? That's exactly what McDougall wanted to know.

Part cultural anthropology mixed with personal memoir and the history of running, Born to Run is "hilariously funny, weird, and nonstop fun to read. Runners can sink their teeth into it," says Bill Rodgers, a four-time winner of the Boston Marathon.

Christopher McDougall is a former war correspondent for the Associated Press and is now a contributing editor for Men's Health. A three-time National...

Life Can Be Costly. And Sometimes It Smells Like Puke...

family guyBy Kortney Haag (jacked from kortneyhaag.blogspot.com)

I signed up for the Maple Grove Triathlon pretty early in the season because I knew I would be able to do the race since Keaton would be about 10 weeks old. Derek's parents were going to come up that weekend as well because they bought us tickets to see the musical Wicked for an early Christmas present so we would have babysitters for the race.

The race was on Saturday so Friday was an extremely busy day trying to get ready for the race. I like Saturday races because you have the next day to recoup before going to work or in my case having Derek go to work and getting some time to rest with the two boys. My brother, sister in law and nieces were visiting from Kansas and arrived Wednesday night so I wanted to be sure to spend as much time with them as I could since I do not get to see them that much. We had a great day on Thursday going to the Walker Art Center, hanging out downtown at Loring Park and visiting the ..

Gilbert Gone...

skipBy Dan Empfield From slowtwitch.com - USA Triathlon (USAT), America's USOC- and ITU-recognized governing body for the sport of triathlon, announced the departure of its executive director Skip Gilbert.

Tim Yount, a longtime USAT executive whose service spans several executive directors, will take charge of the organization on an interim basis, until a replacement is selected.

No one on USAT's board of directors, or on its staff, would speak on the record as to the reason for Gilbert's departure, or indicated whether it was voluntary or whether Gilbert was asked or ordered to leave. Several members of the organization's board indicated a majority of the board voted to constrain all board members to silence about Gilbert's dismissal, such board-imposed silence extending to USAT's staff as well...

An Inignorable Sound...

brendon"Hey!" Brendon called in a controlled voice; neither too loud, nor too combative. He walked briskly toward the escaping vehicle.

The taxi driver, who was backing out of a space in the Cub parking lot, stopped and turned his face to his summoner.

Their eyes met.

"Did you throw that out your window," Brendon asked, the index finger of his left hand pointing to a discarded Caribou Coffee container that lay on the striped asphalt. His tone remained non-threatening.

"No I didn't," the taxi driver lied...

Kate is #1!....Again!

kateMTN robustly congratulates Chaska's Katharine Lowrey, 15, on her second consecutive #1 USAT Youth Elite National Ranking. In the three National Youth Elite Series events this season she placed 1st at State Games of the West in Colorado Springs, 3rd at the Flatland Tri Festival in Des Moines, and 4th at the National YE Champs in San Diego, amassing 1138 points, a 30-point advantage over runner-up Hannah Rae Finchamp of California.

In three Minnesota races this season she finished 2nd overall! at Chaska (Jr. CR), 10th overall at Minneman (Jr. CR) and 2nd at Manitou Youth Elite....

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