International Finisher Medals...

nicola(Photo - Olympic gold medalist Nicola Spirig of Switzerland.)

A Look at Triathlon Finisher Medals from 2012 (from TriJuice.com)

Again our year-end look takes a peak at some of the triathlon finisher medals of 2012 from races around the world. From generic to highly custom designs, they offer those triathletes that like them a post race memory of the challenge they conquered whether short or long.

Yeah, yeah, some people like finisher medals, some don't. Some wear it proudly, some don't care. Without a doubt, the two most sought after triathlon medals of 2012 where the two gold medals at the London Olympic Games in the triathlon event, won by Nicola Spirig and Alistair Brownlee.

Esprit de She Athletic Series...

logoEsprit de She Athletic Series for Women Includes Triathlons (from TriJuice.com)

In the same innovative spirit with which Life Time Fitness connected several of the most prominent international-distance triathlon events via the Race to the Toyota Cup, the Company has launched a new, premiere athletic event series for women--Esprit de She, the spirit of her race series. Mixing camaraderie with competition, Esprit de She offers fitness-inspired 'happy hour' 5k/10k runs and triathlons for every pace and passion. Event information, including registration, is available at www.espritdeshe.com.

In its debut season the 18-event series will travel to a variety of popular swim, bike and run host cities, including the eight featured events below. Additional Esprit de She destinations will be announced in the near future. ...

Jared Smith Will Eat Almost Anything!

jaredGoing "Off Course" - South Minneapolis triathlete Jared Smith (photo) is a totally cool, fun-loving guy who has been to Mexico and parts his occasionally swoopy hair on the right. Sometimes he wears funky glasses. According to a guy who minored in psychology at a college, people who part their hair on the right are generally cool, fun-loving and adventurous, often visiting exotic locales, like Mexico, and sometimes wear funky glasses. As fun-loving adventurous travelers, right-side-parters will eat just about anything and don't mind washing dishes by hand. When you read Jared's bio, you'll clearly see that he fits this profile.

Jared sent us disturbing pictures of stuff that he likes to eat, only a fraction of which resembled real food.

US Amateur Performances of the Year...

kendradan(Photos - Coloradan Kendra Lee, who looks a lot like Diane Hankee, and Twin Citizen Dan Hedgecock, who we believe turned in the US Amateur Performances of the Year in 2012.)

A guy asked us recently who we thought would win the currently non-existent award for "US Amateur Performance of the Year" (for 2012). After thinking about it for almost a minute, we replied: "Kendra Lee's overall women's win at Ironman Canada" and Dan Hedgecock's course record at Hy-Vee 5150 Elite Championship....

Pros & Cons of Off Season Marathons...

legsOffseason Training: Should I Run A Marathon?

By Marty Gaal (for usatriathlon.org)

This is a question I hear a lot in the offseason. As athletes sit down to figure out what they want to do

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