Nearly Perfect...

true gritby Christopher Hawes

Triathlete Movie Review - I am fan of Westerns. I probably have a half dozen or so in my movie collection, Tombstone, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Silverado, 3:10 to Yuma, Open Range, and The Magnificent Seven. There are many others I like that I don't yet have in my collection. I am also a fan of the Coen Brothers. Not a student of them, or a worshipper of them. I have not memorized the Big Lebowski and I have not seen all of thier movies. I do try to make a point to see their movies, and I am making a point to go back and watch the ones I have missed. The Big Lebowski is a great movie, No Country for Old Men is fantastic, of course there is Fargo, A Simple Plan, etc.

I was really looking forward to seeing True Grit, because of the Coen Brothers and because of the cast, Bridges (photo below), Damon, and Brolin. I have not read the book, which I heard was very good, and I have not seen..

The Best Kisser in Central Iowa...

angWARNING: Some of what you are about to read is totally made-up stuff.

Going Off Course - Take a long look at the attractive young people with Reagan era hairdos in the photo (L). It's obvious that they had been "making out" hot and heavy, isn't it? Mullet boy with the demented grin and a bloodstream full of "horn-mones" is Skippy Studjock, then 18 and star quarterback of the Marshallton Bobcats, circa 1986-'89. The randy girl, her coiffe a casualty of their passion, is Bobcat cheerleader Angie Hop, then 17.

The picture was taken twenty-three years ago. Back then Angie, or "Ang" as she is known to the multitude of people who love her, was voted "Most Likely to Kiss Guys" by her fellow Marshalltown (IA) H.S. students. Not only that, she was...

Mad Love For MTN Readers...



candyBy Darin Wieneke

February is the month of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Although February has just begun, MTN is already caught up with strong emotions and is bursting at the seams with love for our readers! Since we can no longer contain our feelings, we are going to shower you with love and affection by way of free giveaways and discounts during the entire month of February. ELSMORE SWIM, K-SWISS, FITSOK, TRANSFORMING CHIROPRACTIC, ZIPNOSIS, OPTUMHEALTH PERFORMANCE, SHAMROCK THREAD DESIGN and my law practice, among others, are supporting MTN in this affectionate endeavor....

Pete's Climb to the Pass...

routeLast Friday we received a cool slice of Heideggarian Existentialism from Litchfield triathlete Pete Royer. Have you ever heard Stephen Stills' "Thoroughfare Gap," Pete? If not, here's the LINK.

Hey MTN Guys,

I thought you might be interested in my little bike ride I did last summer. I didnt do as many tri's as I did Ride The Rockies in June. We rode 542 miles in a week thru and over the Rocky Mountains.

I attached two of our more epic days ride profiles....

Parish & Wilcox Honored...


(Photos L- R - Jenny Wilcox was just named 2010 USAT Duathlete of the Year Honorable Mention. Patrick Parish and Cindi Bannink are HM Athletes of the Year. Runner-up for Minnesota Rookie of the Year in 2001, Cindi relocated to Madison, Wisconsin in 2003 and has been her new state's premier multisportswoman ever since.)

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