Got Elephant Skin?...

skinBy Ben Greenfield (For Trifuel.com)

If you're like me, you care about your skin looking healthy and good. Frankly the state of skin health scares me when I go to a marathon or a triathlon, or spend time with folks who have been "outdoorsy" much of their lives.

It's like looking at a wrinkled elephant face.

Do people who exercise outdoors just not care about the way their skin is going look when they're 50, 60 or 70?

I personally don't plan on any modeling contracts with cologne manufacturers when I'm that age, but I would prefer that my face and skin not look as much like a dried, ugly prune as many of the faces I've seen at endurance races and outdoor sporting events....

More Chisago Half Stuff...

Michelle* MIA MICHELLE - Liberty Half winner Michelle Andres (photo L) was one of the favorites to win at Chisago last Sunday. Curious about her DNF, MTN contacted her on Monday, via e-mail.

- MTN - Michelle, what happened? Are you okay?

- MA - I'm fine. Thanks for asking. The swim was ok...got lost in the fog, but didn't lose much time. Bike was ok. I pulled my hamstring over the winter and really have to baby it. I don't think I've ever completely healed it. I rarely ride my bike this summer. The only time I ride is when I do a race or with my tri class I help run. I know myself well enough that if I started the run I would push through and probably make it worse. I have to remember and remind myself that triathlon is only cross training this summer for the marathon (ED. Michelle's gunning for a Sub-3 at TCM in October), so I called it a day when I got back to T2. Always hard to do, but it was probably best.

- MTN- We admire your prudence. What position were you in when you arrived in T2?...

Get Over It...

dogBy Bonnie Getreal

Into every life, a mutant demon dog must fall. Why is it every time I get attacked by a dog while out on my bike, I am riding up a hill, into the wind and completely gassed?

Thankfully, this dog wasn't like the last one- huge and fast- this was a pug nosed ankle biter that I imagined throwing like a football back into the yard. But still. My heart raced when I caught sight of it tearing across the grass, trying to gnaw me in crude protection of it's family; me, the grotesque intruder obviously intending to slaughter his beloveds. Such a good little dog. I'm sure they will miss him terribly..

Racing Stuff...

samjen* RACINE STUFF - Elite St. Paulian Sam Janicki (photo) made his half IM debut at Racine 70.3 on Sunday. After satisfying swim (28:33) and bike splits (2:18:46), Sam admitted that his run time (1:39) "needs a lot of work." Still, his 4:29:38 was a very encouraging rookie effort. He placed 27th overall / 12th amateur and 4th in his 25-29 AG. Don't be surprised if The Sam-inator anchors his next half with a 1:20-25 run.

FYI, he's scheduled to race at Chisago next weekend.

MTN congratulates all the Minnesotans who accepted the Racine 70.3 challenge. And please stay tuned for Jennifer Martone's race report, which will post later this week...

Mid-Season Report Card...

brandoncalebgretahannah(Photos L - R - Junior stars Brandon Onopa, Caleb Vukovich, Greta Danielson and Hannah Strom.)

We thought it would be cool to do some "Mid-Season Report Card" posts, even though the season is actually two-thirds over, which makes us sad.

As for the Report Card stuff, what we plan to do is acquaint you with the athletes that, at this point in time, appear destined to receive MMA nominations next autumn. But anything can happen tomorrow. New names on the scenes. Sub-par efforts. Injuries. Stuff like that....

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