Zoloft or Lexipro...

devon-dog.gifAnatomy of a Lousy Season...


By Devon Palmer (palmertri.wordpress.com)

2013 will be a season to forget. I went into the year more focused than ever before on my training and racing. I had done far more work and far more workouts than ever before so how did it wind being a lousy season?


The most interesting thing I, and maybe others, can learn from my experience this year is that even if you are racking up good numbers it is still possible for that work to be counterproductive. This was the first year I sustained 25-30 hours ...

Controversial Category...

suzie-run.gif(Photo - Two-time Minnesota Duathlete of the Year, Suzie Fox.)

Duathlete of the Year - Selecting Athletes and performances of the year is an inherently controversial enterprise. The category generating the most controversy this year was Duathlete of the Year.

It started when the selection committee initially named only three nominees. It was felt at that time that the guys vying for the fourth nonimation--Mike Buenting and Dan Arlandson--were so evenly matched as to nullify each other. It was also hoped that a fourth nominee would emerge from USAT Duathlon Nationals, which took place almost three weeks ago. That didn't happen. Neither Mike nor Dan raced in Tucson.

Some may have been stunned by the announcement that Suzie Fox had won the award, believing that Jenn Scudiero was more deserving. After all, Scudiero had raced in eleven duathlons in 2013 and won seven of them. She won Duathlon Nationals, for cripesakes! Right?

How can a national champion, who incidently, is the frontrunner for the US Duathlete of the Year award, NOT be named her state's premier run-bike-runner? Moreover, how can a person with seven wins, lose to a person who had only three?

Kevin Vs Greg...

kevin-bike-manitou.gifMaster of the Year - Men - As with the women in the MOY category, wherein Jan Guenther edged-out Julia Weisbecker for the prize, the men's winner, Kevin O'Connor (photo L), won by a slim margin over Greg Taylor, who took home the MOY trophy last year. Kevin won it in 2011.

Before we explain the Committee's rationale for selecting O'Connor, we'll mention that the other two nominees--Brian Bich and Tony Schiller--also raced brilliantly, but their resumes lacked relative volume and long distance success. Kevin and Greg raced more often and excelled in both long and short races.

Let's look at their impressive resumes:

KEVIN O'CONNOR, 42, Medina -

1st amateur @ Pigman Sprint

1st overall @ Liberty Olympic - Course Record

1st overall @ Manitou Duathlon...

Jan's 14th Emma...

jan-sitting.gifMASTER OF THE YEAR (Women) - The nominees in this category took turns beating each other. As a result, three of the four nominees received support from committee members. In the end, Jan Guenther (photo L) eeked out a one-vote victory.

Here's why.

While three of the four candidates--Julie Hull, Sarah Mercer and Julia Weisbecker--turned in national level performances during the season, it was perceived that Guenther, based on her age--54--actually raced at a world class level. Thirteen years older than the youngest mominee, and seven older than the second oldest, the fact that Jan was able to have occasionally beaten each of her fellow nominees in head-to-head competition is significant. Next, the margins by which Julie beat her at Liberty and Julia beat her at Gear West Du do not come close to covering the spread of any current age-grading formula....



(Photo - Pam Stevens wearing white compression socks and rocking at Ottawa Du Worlds.)

Grand Master of the Year - This was the easiest category, a slam-dunk, if you will. Three of the four nominees proudly upheld existing standards for athletes of a certain age range. One, however, mercilessly blew away the existing standards for women over-age-60....

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