Heartbreak Schmeartbreak...

baaMN Triathletes Not Afraid of Heartbreak

By Darin Wieneke

Endurance athletes love to train, love to race and love to endure pain. If you are reading this article, you know what I am talking about. Accordingly, you will not be surprised that a number of Minnesota triathletes, including myself, are heading out to Boston to take on Heartbreak Hill and run the 115th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 18....

Pickin ' & Grinnin'...

pickWARNING: Some of what is posted here is pure gibberish.

Going Off Course - As a child, Nevis triathlete David Lewis was a gifted nose picker. While most kids relied on the index fingers of their dominant hands to do their nasal mining, David was adroitly excavating his nostrils with all ten digits. In the vintage photo here, the right-handed youngster, age 3, is expertly utilizing the ring finger of his left hand. Impressive, indeed.

David claims that his ten-finger nose-picking dexterity has contributed to the heightened development of other phalangeal skills, like playing concert piano and typing 200 words a minute. David admits that he doesn't actually play the piano or type really fast, but believes that had he been interested in those things, he would have become proficient in record time....

Paul Takes Five...

paul5 Questions For Award Winning Tri Photographer Paul Phillips (3 of our favorite Paul Phillips pics appear on the second page of this post.)

By Darin Wieneke

Ever dream about changing your career or starting your own business? It is probably fair to say that most people would answer this question in the affirmative, but do not take the leap of faith into the new endeavor. Paul Phillips is someone that did take the leap a number of years ago and followed his passion for photography by starting Competitive Image. A Minneapolis-based event sports photography company. His passion has now taken him around the world and recently to the top of the triathlon photography podium, where he was awarded the Best Published Triathlon Photo for 2010 by Triathlon America for his photograph of the men

One That Got Away...

nick2004 Minnesota Junior of the Year nominee Nicholas Vandam has been racing professionally for the last few seasons. The former Eagan-onian, who now resides in Colorado Springs, has raced at least twice thus far in 2011--25th at the ITU Pan Am Cup race in beautiful Salinas, Ecuador, and 13th at Lima (Peru) Pan Am Cup. Yesterday we visited his blog, where he discussed his 2010 season. We thought you'd like to read about one of ours who got away.

After a couple weeks of reflection, and a little time off from training, I can sit back and reflect on a successful season filled with many challenges emotionally and physically. For those of you who don

Steve Nash With Estrogen...

aprilGoing Off Course - In a former life, Minneapolis triathlete April Morgan was April Calhoun, a hard-driving, assist-dishing, aggressive defender, point guard for the Gophers. We purloined a portion of her hoops bio from Gophersports.com:

Golden Gopher Career Notes:

AA two-time ESPN The Magazine Academic All-American, the first repeat Academic All-American in Minnesota history

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