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Action Trumps Hoping...

MASSAGE.gifInjury-Prevention Checklist

By Jason Gootman and Will Kirousis

You hear stuff every day about things you can do to stay injury-free and keep swimming, cycling and running consistently. But, be honest, do you actually do this stuff? Do you put it off hoping that you won’t get hurt? Action works better than hope. And most type-A triathletes thrive with to-do lists. We know the athletes we coach thrive off getting their training plans and checking off the workouts. So how about to-do lists for injury prevention—an injury-prevention checklist? ...

Trimming the Thanksgiving Tree...

Fallout_New_Vegas.gifBy Warren Peece

With Thanksgiving only a few days off, I asked my son, Ian, to name some of things he is thankful for. This morning the 15-year-old told me he was thankful for Mountain Dew, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Bacon, Fallout New Vegas, Polarius and boobs.

"That's all?" I replied, stung slightly by his omission of his mom and me. An oversight, I hoped. At least he mentioned the family dog (Polarius).

Defensively, he dared me to name in 30 seconds as many things as I could that I am thankful for.

Ian hit the "Start" button on the Stopwatch app on his iPhone and said, "Go." I was able to name 26 things before my time was up. And there was a lot more where they came from...

Better Than Socks...

Matts-trophies.gifTriathlete of the Year!

By Matthew Payne (matthew-payne.blogspot.com - Nov. 12, 2013)

Last Saturday was the annual Minnesota Multisport Association awards presentation. This year I took home 3 of them! This was the 5th year in a row I've been nominated for some sort of post-season award, but the first time I've ever actually won one. Back in 2011 I was nominated in 4 different categories and still scored the goose egg. I did however leave that night with 4 pairs of Minnesota Tri News socks, which were apparently a consolation prize for setting the record for the most nominations with zero wins...

Bouncing Back From Sucky Workouts...

runner-bending-over.gifWhat To Do When Your Workout Doesn’t Work Out

By Marni Sumbal (ustatriathlon.org)

One of the best parts about sharing an active lifestyle with someone else is seeing each other grow in a sport (or with fitness). We all have great workouts now and then, but they are not always shared with others.

The other day, my husband Karel had an off day on the bike. We did a swim and bike workout and although he had an amazing workout in the pool, he just had no power in legs on the bike. Rather than try to push...

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