The Golden Ticket: Part II...

leadvillePart II

By Bonnie Deeann Neff

Saturday morning - Race Day - 6:00 am

We stood half mounted on our bikes in the back of the last corral behind the start line. My husband had his eyes closed and though to on-lookers it would have appeared that he was relaxed and just in his zone, I knew he was secretly praying that we wouldn

The Golden Ticket...

bonPhoto - Helmetless, Bonnie does some alternative training for Leadville 100 MTB.

Part I

By Bonnie Deeann Neff

Last February I won the golden ticket. Thee golden ticket. The ticket so coveted that in the past one woman actually showed up at the race posing as a chosen participant. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, a chosen female racer could not attend and made a deal with the poser to take her place. The poser spent time in the klink. Thee klink.

My husband and I had entered our names as a team into the lottery for the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race. When I had received the electronic acceptance I was ....

Fast Kids...

mataMinnesota Multisport Awards - The 2012 MMA Selection Committee has begun the process of reviewing athlete resumes and recommending nominees in 13 categories. Official nominees will be announced in early October. Here, we will introduce you, in alphabetical order, to some of the athletes who are being discussed in the Junior of the Year category.

* Mata Agre, 19, Corcoran (Photo)

* Greta Danielson, 18, St. Cloud (JOY Nominee in 2011)...

More Cool Stuff About Bob...

bobBy Tom Couillard (For University of St. Thomas Newsroom)

At age 88, Minnesota

State Record...

fam(Photo - The Andres Family. Michelle is the girl.)

Ironman Stuff - There is no tri in our region that can match Ironman Wisconsin in the area of Transcendental Magnitudiosity. The vibe is big and buzzy; joyful and celebratory, yet trepidacious; the ether is packed tight with tummy-tickling, bladder-stimulating electricity. And though we didn't attend this year's event, we could sense and feel all that from here in St. Paul. It was like standing in the parking lot at the Super Bowl.

The race is over, but a happy hangover buzz is still palpable. So much inspiration. So much to get, and stay, excited about. This kind of stuff is not intended to be soon forgotten.

The star of the whole dang show, as far as us Minnesotans are concerned, was not the pro winners, though we believe that Liz Lyles' win was the first IM victory of her career, which is totally cool. The brightest star was Michelle Andres, the pretty 35-year-old hockey mom from the Brainerd Lakes area....

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