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matt & barbmike* OFFSPRUNG - Last weekend Michael Bradford Payne traded his Fetushood for full-blown babyness. Mike is the initial offspring of super-tri-stud / death metal rocker / engineer nerd / PBR drinker / Real Human Being, Matt Payne, and his beautiful, droll, un-tall spousal unit, Tiffany, though she looks more like a "Barbara." According to Matt, his son weighs 3.70 kgs and is 53 cm long. We don't know what that translates to in English.

Matt and Bar.., Tiff, the entire Minnesota multi-scene sends love and congratulations. Okay, maybe not everyone, but everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting either of you certainly do....

Bumps in the Road...

kevinED. - Mark Lowrey brought this story to us. We are very aware of the two great young athletes who are the subject of this piece and have even seen one of them, Kevin McDowell (Photo L), race on several occasions. News of his disease came as a shock to us. And the depth of his friend's friendship touched us deeply.


AP National Writer

AURORA, Ill. (AP) - Lukas Verzbicas sat in silence, trying to absorb the news that Kevin McDowell, his friend and longtime triathlon teammate, had been diagnosed with cancer.

Finally, Verzbicas' stepfather spoke. Lukas had a choice to make. He could continue to focus on the running career that has shown such promise he was being hailed as the next great American distance runner even before he broke the 4-minute mile, something only four other U.S. high schoolers have ever done....

Back in the Saddle...

CYED. - We were able to cyber-chat with Minnesota Athlete of the Decade, Cathy Yndestad, a few days ago. After an arduous recovery phase (broken collar bone), she's finally able to race again. She couldn't be happier, and neither can we. We can't wait to see her race at Life Time-Minneapolis on Saturday. It will be her 10th straight appearance there. She's won that iconic race an unprecedented FIVE times. Whoa!

Here are our clumsy Q's followed by her eloquent A's. Enjoy.

MTN - It was great to see you get back on the horse at Croixathlon. The swim must have been the scary part. How'd that go?

Despite volunteering at a few events this year, it just wasn

Newsworthy Notesy Stuff...

chisagologo* CHISAGO MIGHT CAP - The 9th annual Chisago Lakes Half and Sprint, which will be contested on July 24, is doomed to enjoy record attendance. More than 1600 participated in 2010 and that total has already been matched. Organizers have said recently that they will most likely cap enrollment at 1800, a number that could be reached in the next week to 10 days. INFO & REGISTRATION

* TRIBAL INITIATES - MTN applauds the 88 men and women who crossed the finish line at My First Tri at Perch Lake on June 25. Welcome to the tribe! The next edition of My First Tri--there will be four such events this season--is slated for July 16. Do you know anyone who'd like to become a triathlete? If so, tell them about the My First Tri Series and encourage them to visit the Tri Fitness website (LINK) -

Sometimes Reality Is Overrated...

visualizationBy Bonnie Psychodelic

The air was muggy and hot, just as expected. From up on the podium, my eyes scanned over the energized crowd. Cameras flashed and sounds of cheering rose like helium filled balloons. I took a deep breath, drawing in the scent of the Hawaiian lei that was draped around my neck, sweat dripping off me as I listened to the announcer proclaim that I had broken the Ironman course record for my age group. Not just broke it, flat out destroyed it. Life was good. Until the bumble bee. The little torpedo came flying at me out of nowhere. Smack! Right in the eye. I swerved sharply on my bike, trying not to go down and eventually was able to gingerly touch my stinging face to assess the damage. Only thirty seven more miles to go until I finished the bike course.

My husband couldn't visualize a chocolate chip cookie if it was right in front of him. I don't know how he survives our long training sessions. I asked him what he thought about and he said, "I think about sitting on the couch and watching Sponge Bob." "Seriously?!" I asked. "Yep." That explains the 'I'm ready! I'm ready!' I hear him utter from under his breath as we clip in on our bikes. Mostly, he zones...

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