Important Stuff About Traveling to Races...

planeWhen You Travel To a Race

By Monique Ryan (from usatriathlon.org)

It is possible that one of your important races this season will require that you cross one or more time zones. Flying to a race can result in jet lag, disrupting sleep as well as eating habits and your digestive system. Symptoms of jet lag include periods of tiredness during the day, disturbed concentration, reduced energy, and of course irregular sleep at night.

When traveling to a new time zone to race, try to adjust your eating and sleeping schedule to your destination ahead of time. This may help to...

Britney, Bachelorettes & Biting Chihuahuas...

suzieWe Q'ed and A'ed with Suzie Fox after her stunning victory at the Oakdale Duathlon last weekend. Here are her totally cool and eloquent answers to our ineloquent questions.

MTN - You rocked socks at Oakdale, Suz! The win was the 6th of your young multisport career and it not only shattered a course record, your pace suggested that you would have crushed Jenny Wilcox's mark that was set on a slightly longer course in 2010.

Do you consider your effort at Oakdale to be a "breakout?" Was it your best performance yet?

SUZIE - It was exciting to be back at Oakdale because I raced there my rookie year in '09 so I wanted to see how much I have improved. I cut 16:55 off from my last time racing there, even though the course was slightly longer in '09 it is amazing what equipment upgrades from Gear West Bike, an OHP coach, and 3 years of hard work and dedication can do! It was for sure a "breakout" and my best performance at Oakdale at least....

Chelsea's Amazing Story....

busED. Trudy Marshall, aka "Trudles," is one of the MTN Guys. She is also the founder / Executive Director of the Best of the US Triathlon Series (LINK). On Tuesday she posted an amazing story about an amazing triathlete. We had to share it with MTN's readers.

May 08, 2012

"It's a terrifying thing to see a bus wheel on top of you."

On April 21, Chelsea Duran, 29, was the third place Nevada finisher at RAGE Triathlon at Lake Mead, Nevada, thereby qualifying to race at the Best of the U.S. National Championship. That is her bike helmet underneath the school bus, and this is her story:...

More Weekend Newsy Stuff...Updated...

neil* LIKE TUMBLING DICE - Angie Hop, 41, and Neil King, 62, lowered their respestive division's course records at Chain of Lakes last Saturday. Hopper took her own year-old women's 40-44 and overall masters record (1:05:15) down by 32 seconds (1:04:43.). King (photo L), a two-time Minnesota Grand Master of the Year nominee, took an even more voracious bite out of the men's 60-64 mark. His brilliant 1:03:32, which landed him in 11th place overall, was 1:43 better than the record he set in 2011.

* SMELLING THE FLOWERS - Cathy Yndestad and Julie Hull continued their early season assault on some of America's most challenging triathlons on Saturday at the iconic, huge and mature (30th annual) Wildflower Half in central California. Both girls performed admirably, with Cathy finishing fourth among amateur females and Jules podiuming (3rd) in her new AG (40-44W). Last month CY and Hull placed 2nd and 4th respectively at the ridiculously brutal, yet totally awesome, Leadman 125 in Nevada. Fellow Minnesotan Angie Schmidt took the masters crown in that one, rocking a 3rd place overall finish among amateur women.

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