Don't Eat That!

pb.gifBy Lauren Antonucci (triathlon.competitor.com)

Q: What are some foods you consistently see triathletes eating that they should avoid?

  I love this question! Here are three of my top “skip ’em” foods:

1. Reduced fat peanut butter.
At a quick glance it sounds promising, but look further and you’ll find that reduced fat versions of this favorite food will only save you 10–20 calories per 2 tablespoon serving, and will cost you in terms of more carbs, more...

Niceness & PB Burgers....

JFF.gifYOUR PEERS - Minneapolis triathlete / duathlete Jennifer Fitzharris-Funk is a very nice person. She loves dogs, especially her own, and sometimes puts peanut butter on her burgers. We'll be telling you more about her non-tri-du life in a future "Off Course" feature. Today we're gonna share her impressive multisport results for the last two seasons.

Here's what she's done:


- 3rd @ Fall Classic Duathlon

- 5th @ Maple Grove Sprint

- 6th @ Iron Girl Bloomington

- 11th @ YWCA Women's Triathlon

2012 ....

Triathlete Affluence Stuff...

triathlon-boom.gifBy Natalie Zmuda (adage.com - Oct. 10, 2011)

Andrew Katz is a 35-year-old married father of three. He's spent thousands of dollars on sports drinks, nutrition bars and athletic gear. He's co-founder and principal of Prusik Group, a New York-based retail-real-estate firm, where he's more likely to suggest a bike ride than a golf outing to colleagues.

In short, he's your average triathlete.

According to a study initiated by USA Triathlon, the average triathlete is a married 38-year-old with an income of $126,000. Forty-four percent have kids living at home; 60% are male. They spend in excess of $4,000 annually on bike gear, athletic footwear, race fees and nutritional supplements. Nearly half have traveled more than 500 miles for a race.

The demographics are intriguing. Factor in the explosive growth the sport is seeing, and it's enough to make any marketer look twice....

Rugby Guy

Greg-and-jen.gifWhat do we know about Greg Dummer?

Lots of cool stuff.

Like what?

Well, he's a tall, handsome former rugby guy who parts his hair on the right and looks smashing in a tux and used to date actress Jennifer Connelly (photo L), who was awesome in "A Beautiful Mind" and "He's Just Not Into You." We Redboxed "Stuck in Love" last weekend and she was great in that, too.

We also know that Greg Dummer, pronounced "Doomer," is an excellent triathlete, especially when you consider that the 42-year-old Minneapolisian and the Viking's Jared Allen are the same size.

Check out his sweet 2013 Tri resume:  ...

Post-Odyssey Thoughts...

poster.gifFInal Thoughts - The best experiences in life are rarely easy…Mark Allen

By Michelle Andres (teamandreskona.blogspot.com)

I’ve completed 4 Ironmans.  The first 3 were IM Wisconsin in 2006, 2008, and 2012.  The first one I completed when my boys were 8, 6, 6, 6, and 5 and I was getting my degree for teaching while working part time and training for an IM.  My finishing time this first time through was 12:25 (with a flat and rain the entire day); the next time in 2008 the clock read 11:03 (4th in my AG and just missed a Kona slot).  In 2012, with my third time finishing I broke the course record and finished in 10:05.  My 4th IM finish was a week ago on the biggest stage the triathlon world has to offer.  I was able to get into the 9 hour mark with a 9:50.  I went from the 12s to 11s to 10s to the 9 hour mark.  I did this with no coach, working full time and still being a mom and a wife.  I did this because I never stopped believing that it was possible....

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