Race Previews

Square Lake Half Stuff...

dan(YndeCam Photo - Dan Arlandson winning Liberty.)

Square Lake Long Course Semi-Preview - This year's MMAs will feature a new award category: Long Course Athlete of the Year. To receive consideration for a nomination, one must have turned in at least two elite LC (half IM, 111 and longer) performances this season.

What is an elite level performance?

To illustrate, let's peek at Dan Arlandson's 2011 LC resume. He won the Liberty Half in 4:13:09, the 2nd fastest time in the history of the event. He then won Full Vineman in northern Californian in a course record / PR / Performance of the Year nomination-worthy 9:04:07. These efforts are, in our opinion, elite level. ...

Square Lake Stuff...& Fun Facts...

chrisdog(Photos - Chris Sachs and Jeff Grebner's dog.)

Square Lake Short Course Review - This year's women's race promises to be very cool and exciting, with 7-8 girls battling over the silver and bronze podium spots. The gold step appears to be reserved for clear favorite, Becky Youngberg, who is expected to collect her 8th win of the season tomorrow. (COOL FACT: Becky is between 5'1" and 5'9" tall.)

Can Beck lower Marnie Walth's rather stratospheric race record 1:30:53, which the pretty, mild-mannered North Dakotan set in 2007? (COOL FACT: Marnie's husband Zane, or is it "Shane," owns a porta-potty company.) Becky does possess the event's 2nd fastest women's clocking: 1:32:25 in 2008. And based on the speediosity she...

Can They?

logoIronman Wisconsin Preview - Can they?

Can they what?

Can Devon Palmer win Ironman Wisconsin on Sunday? Can Jan Guenther, now 52, win the women's amateur title for the 3rd time? Can Julia Weisbecker win the 45-49W division?

These are compelling questions. At least we think so.

And our answers are: Maybe. Maybe. Sure....

Stuff About Upcoming Races...

logoQuasi Previews - There are only a few races remaining on the Minnesota tri/du calendar, all of which, we reckon, are still accepting registrations. Coming up this weekend are the SQUARE LAKE races (12th annual Short Course, 11th annual Long Course) and our region's zaniest event, the BURRITO UNION 5 & 10 HOUR TRIS, featuring individual and various team racing options. The MTN Guys wholeheartedly recommend these events event though Randy doesn't advertise on our site (he's got his own branding and marketing vehicle) and he hires his nephew to announce (and he's totally good, gashdarnit!). And we recommend Burrito Union because we LOVE the event AND they advertise. And because race founder Rod Raymond is a HOOT! FYI, this year's bike course will be shortened from 14 miles to 10.4....

Saving North Mankato...

crockerED. Chris Crocker, the Mankato Multisport Club's Head Honcho / Big Cheese / sharp dresser (photo L), sent this letter addressing the future of the North Mankato, a 14-year institution, to fellow club members. This situation should be of interest to all Minnesota multisport enthusiasts.

Club members,

I've received a few questions trying to clarify the situation with the North Mankato Triathlon. Here are the high points:

The North Kato tri belongs under North Mankato Fun Days. North Mankato Fun Days is run by the Civic and Commerce Committee, which is an unelected group of folks from North Mankato that the City council has put in charge of commerce issues. The race is not run by the city council, and the Civic and Commerce Committee is not run by the city council either.

* There are two major outstanding issues with the race currently. One has to do with the size of the race, and the other has to do with who the new director will be....

Planning Ahead...


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