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Great Prizes & Other Stuff!..UPDATED..


* Liberty Triathlon is Full!

* An important letter from Marvin:

Dear Triathletes,

Here's your chance to WIN $50 GEAR WEST gift cards or Lake Waconia Triathlon 2012 entries ($80 value)!

Earn chances to win prizes by entering the race and encouraging others to do the same!

Eight prizes will be drawn for immediately following the race....

Weekend Race Previewettes...

tinmanUMM-Tinman Previewette - A glance at the start list suggests that 2010 winner Jose Rosales, who is original from Ejido, Venezuela, and 2009 champ Jason Midgarden, who is originally from somewhere in the USA, are the guys to beat at the 27th edition of this season opening outdoor tri. David Jensen, who has podiumed the last two years here, should take 3rd.

In the absence of any past champions, 2010 women's runner-up Sandra Rather may be the girl who comes out on top this...

Recidivistic Bit-Champing...

julielogo3rd Annual Falls Du Race Preview - Have you ever heard the expression "champing at the bit?" It's not used much these days, and those who still use it are probably very old and, unless they are triathletes, are lucky to still be alive.

"Champing at the bit" is an equine metaphor which means "anxious to get started." Apparently horses impatiently bite or chew, i.e. "champ" (shouldn't it be "chomp"?) on their bits when they want to do something. An anxious dog, on the other hand, will squirm and make squeally noises when he, say, needs to go out to pee or do #2. This is because dogs don't have bits to champ on. And it's probably for the best that we don't describe a person who is very anxious to do something as one who is "squirming and squealing like a dog who needs to pee of do #2."

We'll therefore use the bit-champing metaphor here because it's less excretory....

It Is About The BIke...

logoBy Dan Empfield (For Slowtwitch.com)

Life Time Fitness is known for its high profile Minneapolis-based race, and its national series of the same name, featuring the Race to the Toyota Cup. All are staged over the very safe and traditional Olympic distance.

Not so Leadman Tri. Life Time Fitness owner Bahram Akradi (photo below) is one of a handful of top CEOs whose outlier athletic pursuits mirror their stratospheric positions in business. Martin Franklin, Jarden Corporation's chairman and chief executive (Coleman, K2, Oster, Marmot, Penn, Shakespeare, Rawlings, Volkl, and on and on) is a confirmed Ultramanner....

More Cool Beans...



NEW for 2011! The Life Time Minneapolis Triathlon will be hosting the North American Junior Triathlon Invitational

Is The Equalizer Back?

logoBy Darin Wieneke

The rumor on the street is that the EQUALIZER format will be back for the professional race at this year

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