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Hey Everyone - MTN sent out an blast about the 2017 Minnesota Series this morning. The link to the MAPLE GROVE TRI is incorrect. Russian hackers, maybe? We all want Coach Kris' race to kick ass, right? So please check out his race's correct site at your earliest opportunity, okay? And remember, it's maplegrovetri.com, NOT maplegrovetriathlon.com. Thanks.  WEBSITE

Buddy Racing is a Beautiful Thing...


What is a Resilinator?
It’s a kid who knows how to roll with the punches in life. A kid who keeps functioning when adversity strikes. A kid who faces setbacks and refuses to quit.

What’s the Resilinator?
Set on Minnesota's finest disc golf course, the Resilinator is a buddy race designed to test your physical strength, mental toughness, and teamwork. Three Rivers Park District is again our host partner for this first-of-its-kind adventure race with obstacles and challenges you'll conquer buddy pairs racing together.

Each pair must include at least one kid between the age of 7 and 17, plus a kid or adult buddy between the age 7 to 107. Adult buddies must have a moderate fitness level, as this race is designed to be challenging....

Mixed Relaying: The Future of Triathlon?

By Chris Foster (triathlete.com)

After race sherpa-ing for him for six years, Daniel Cassidy's girlfriend finally had enough. "One day she got annoyed with the whole thingm" Casside says. "She said, 'I know you love this sport, but it's boring. All the waiting all the getting up early.'" Cassidy said they came to an agreement--he would go watch her first triathlon from beginning to end.

"It was the first tri that I had ever watched and not raced" says Cassidy, whose girlfriend-now wife-competed at the Sheriff's Sprint in Massachusetts. "It was pretty brutal. I felt like there had to be a better way to watch the sport."...

"...A More Collaborative Culture."...

bill_speaking.pngED. You may have already seen this. If not, please read. It's important stuff. The MTN Guys applaud Bill Corcoran for seeing and addressing the Big Picture issues affecting multisports in our state.
Dear Multi-Sport Enthusiast and Race Directors, 
After my first email, when I tried to keep it short and to the point, I heard back from a few of you.  If we are hoping to begin a wider effort of rejuvenating the sport of triathlon however, we will need more than a few of us to jump on board.
When I started as a triathlon Race Director here in MN over 15 years ago, there was a really awesome prevailing attitude of cooperation and collaboration amongst most races and Race Directors in the Midwest, and certainly here in MN.  RD's were supportive of other races, local sponsorships were affordable and supportive, and local bike and run shops were excited to be involved.  Although this was not the only reason that we had such success in the sport in the late 90's and early 2000's, many agree that it had a great deal to do with it....

21st Century Team Minnesota...

claire_-_bike.pngNot long ago a guy dared us to create "21st Century Team Minnesota," i.e. our state's Top 10 men and women during the period between January 1, 2001 and today. We loved the idea, and with some input from a couple of the MMA Selectors, we came up with our lists, which we choose tp reveal in alphabetical order, not by ranking their resumes.

The women's listing was easier to compile, so let's start with them. Here is MTN's 21st Century Women's Team Minnesota":

- MICHELLE ANDRES - Minnesota's all-time fastest and most decorated amateur female Iron distance competitor, she's a two-time IMOO champ and set her PR- 9:50:23 at Kona in 2013.

- CLAIRE BOOTSMA (photo L) - She won 13 races, most in course record times, in her short (4 years) career in which she entered only the most competitive races. Her personal best at Olympic distance was 2:09:26.

- RUTH BRENNAN MORREY - A pro since 2013, Ruth is a two-time US Elite Duathlete of the Year in addition to being our state's fastest female at long distances. Her best IM performances yielded a 9:09 and a 9:02. Her best 70.3 time is 4:13. ...

Maple Grove Tri News....


2/3/17 – The Maple Grove Tri, presented by Life Time Fitness, is under new local ownership! Krank Productions LLC is a joint venture between Coach Kris Swarthout and Frank Blackstock.

Kris and Frank are not new to producing top level events, they have been producing and managing everything from small local races to large format national level events around the United States since 2010....

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