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"I Can't Wait for What's Next"...

HL-PANAMA-CANAL.gifBy Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

Ironman 70.3 Pan American Championships Race Report - My Dad and I flew into Panama City Wednesday evening, arriving at the hotel late we went right to bed. Thursday and Friday I was working remotely so I parked myself at breakfast for a few hours each morning and then my hotel room desk. It was a nice distraction from the race ahead and kept me off my feet and my mind occupied.

Thursday I was trying to figure out where to swim because the roof top ‘pool’ was more like a large hot tub and you can’t swim in the ocean in Panama City. Biking was also...

Sophomore Star!

Panamanian-nachos.gifED. Here is Slowtwitch.com's coverage of Panama 70.3, where Heather Lendway had her best half IM ever! Photo - The Panmanian nachos that Heather and her dad, Stopwatch Greg, enjoyed at TGI Friday's after the race.

By Herb Krabel (slowtwitch.com)

Lauren Brandon was first out of the water in 21:44, but Sarah Haskins, Heather Lendway and Lauren Goss were all within 7 seconds of the leader. Dede Griesbauer was alone 2:24 behind the leader, and all other athletes were spread out nicely behind her.....

National Titles for Guenther & LaFrance...

ED. Here is the USAT coverage of last Sunday's King Boreas / USAT Winter Tri Championships:



ST. PAUL, Minn. — Minnesota age-group athletes Jan Guenther and Joel LaFrance raced their way to national titles on Sunday at the USA Triathlon Winter Triathlon National Championships, held as part of the King Boreas Winter Triathlon at Lake Phalen...

Heather Pops a 4:10!


PANAMA 70.3 - Heather Lendway collected $6500 for her 3rd place finish at Panama 70.3 this morning. The race was the 2016 Pan American 70.3 Championships.

Heather and eventual winner Sarah Haskins came out of the water together, HL then outbiked Haskins and everyone else (2:12:43!) in the women's field. A third of the way through the run, Haskins claimed the lead. Lisa Roberts, thanks to the fastest run split of the day for the women, managed to overtake Heather, but only by six seconds.

Heather's bronze medal time was an amazing 4:10:41, a Minnesota state record (pending verification of distances), eclipsing Ruth Brennan Morrey's old mark of 4:13:46 at Kansas 70.3 in 2014.


USAT WINTER TRIATHLON NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Lake Phalen, St. Paul) - The two most talented Nordic skiers in the race--Joel LaFrance and Jan Guenther--took control in the third and final phase....

Jimmer & a Sigourney Weaver Lookalike...

elaina-boston.gifLIFE TIME - EDEN PRAIRIE INDOOR TRI - This January 3rd pool-trainer-treadmill event had 50 finishers. Leading the women's field was Elaina Schellhaass. We think it's cool that her last name, which is a German deal, we think,has three sets of double letters. Elaina is a decorated distance runner who out-treadmilled everyone in the event. That's right. She chicked the entire men's field. FYI, Elaina raced well at Boston last April (photo).

And speaking of Boston, a guy named Adam Boston was the men's winner at EP - Indoor. There's a guy on Facebook named Adam Boston, who studied mechanical engineering at UMD, has tattoos on his right arm and a black dog. We dont know if he's the same guy who won the race.

The guy with, in our opinion, the best name in the field is Jimmer Dorweiler. Jimmer. A nickname or creative parents? Cool in either case. Jimmer placed 9th. According to FB, he's totally into golf and Bridget McCoy is one of his friends. RESULTS

YWCA INDOOR TRI #2 - Fifty-seven fun-and-fitness-loving people finished this indoor event on January 17, twelve of them did the mini-sprint, twenty-five did the regular sprint, and 20 did the long sprint. The mini and regular races were won by women--the pixiesque Lesley Stanaway and Andrea Tremaine, respectively. Andrea is into Harry Potter books and prefers Star Trek stuff to Star Wars stuff....

Additional Indoor Tri Stuff...

julie-F.gifHere is some more capsule-style coverage of some of the Life Time - Indoor Tris that took place in the Metro back on January 3.

CROSSTOWN - This event had thirty-eight finishers and was won by Michael Tate and Emilie Strand. We believe that Michael is a transplanted cheesehead and is into Einsteinian stuff, Kanye West and Russell Crowe movies. Also using Facebook as our guide, Emilie is either from Norway or California. If she's the California Emilie, she was educated at Cornell and is now doing agra-business stuff in western Wisconsin. Of course, she may not have a FB account.

Some very accomplished outdoor triathletes participated, like former Lake Minnetonka and Minnesota Tri Series winner Steve Sander (3rd), who is a truly awesome guy, and Linda Langkos, nee Schievelbein, who is a HOOT, in addition to being one of our state's top 50-plussers. RESULTS....

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