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Dauer Does it Again...

aurora-and-louis.gif32nd Morris Tinman - Team Minnesota's Sheena Dauer kicked off her breakout season in 2015 with a convincing win at the Morris Tinman's Olympic-ish Distance Triathlon. It was like deja vu all over again for Dauer last Saturday when she repeated as Timan champ, and recorded her, according to our records, fifth multisport win since her first one August of 2014 at Green Lake.

Sheena was joined in T-Man's winners circle by Paul Wymar, who like Dauer, made the 50.32 mile drive (distance-cities.com) from Montevideo, which is a good bar town (Topper's, Duggy's, Inn Like Flinn et al). Paul, who is a forestry guy who knows more about geomorphology than most folks, also was victorious here in 2014. FYI, He did some time in The Peace Corps and has been to Paraguay. How cool is that!

Paul has two extremely cute kids (photo).

To secure the win, Paul had to run down Josh Duda. In the end, only four seconds separted those guys....

Rochester's Wrecking Balls....

Top-3.gifThe women's podium: Ruth, Jenn and Dani. Two records and a PR!

FALLS DUATHLON - They came in like a pair of wrecking balls and smithereenisized the women's pro and amateur records at the 8th annual Falls Du last Saturday. Actually, there wasn't a prior pro record, but if there was one, Ruth would have nuked it.

Rochester's Ruth Brennan Morrey, a two-time US Duathlete of the Year, and Dani Vsetecka, Minnesota's 2015 Rookie of the Year, managed to crack the 1:10 mark on Falls' 2-14-3 course, RBM by a sick 4:23, Dani by twelve seconds. The fastest women's clocking in the first seven editions of this event was Suzie Fox's 1:11:39, set in 2015, the year Ms. Fox won eleven multis and was named Minnesota Triathlete of the Year and USAT Duathlete of the Year Honorable Mention....

"Overall...a Good Day"...

HL-and-alecia-kaye.gifPhoto - Heather with 2016 women's pro runner-up Alecia Kaye.

By Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

St. Anthony's Race Report - I knew this race was going to be tough with World Champions, Olympians, repeat 70.3 champions and past St. Anthony’s champions on the start line.  Oddly, I never really got too nervous in the week or even days leading into the race.  I was feeling much more confident heading into this race just knowing I was healthy throughout my training and not fighting an extended illness like my last training block.  It also helps that it was the second time I’d be racing on the course and I’ve now raced many of the athletes on the start list, so I had a good idea of what to expect....

"The Most Entertaining Form of Triathlon"...

HL-TX.gifBy Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

RACE REPORT  -Last week I raced my first Major League Triathlon race in Temple, Texas.  If you don’t know about the series you should check in out at www.majorleaguetriathlon.com.  It’s a series of four events featuring age group races, a pro mixed relay super sprint (the most entertaining form of triathlon), clinics with the pros, meet and greets with the pros, a festival and a concert.  It’s a full weekend with activities for everyone and a great opportunity to interact with professionals in the sport....

Pelicans and Race Day Nails...


By Dani Vsetecka (4iowasisters.blogspot.com)

TEXAS 70.3 RACE REPORT - Trying to summarize a race shortly after it’s done is still a little like looking at trees instead of the forest.  It’s hard to step back and see how it fits into the big picture, but it’s also the best time to document all the tiny fun details that are often too quickly forgotten! I’ve had several days now to reflect, but I’m sure I’ll still be learning from the experience for a while.  ....

Heroic Heather!

HLs-ring.gifThe MTN Guys couldn't be happier for HEATHER LENDWAY.

Last Sunday we watched her do what few, if any, female triathletes can do: ride with Sarah Haskins and Alecia Kaye, arguably the two premier non-drafting short course (sprint and Olympic) athletes in the world. Consistent sub-2-hour performers at 1500-40-10, they normally come off the bike with humongous leads.

On Sunday at the 33rd edition of the prestigious St. Anthony's Triathlon in sunny, toasty St.  Petersburg, Florida, Haskins and Kaye were 2:16 and 2:22 ahead of the field, one that featured true stars like Lauren Goss and Mirinda Carfrae, as well as underrated elites Kaitlin Donner and Jennifer Spieldenner, when they dismounted.

But the superstars could not drop the newly engaged (photo  L  - HL designed her own ring, which is kinda blingy and features an awesome black diamond!) Lendway who, after a preme-earning swim (19:18), ...

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