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Heather Rocks in Texas. Gwen Undefeated in 2015...

dan-b-kona.gifLENDWAY ROCKS AGAIN - First year pro HEATHER LENDWAY followed up her 2nd place finish at Silverman 70.3 with an impressive 4th last Sunday at Austin 70.3. Leading after the swim (25:05), she then turned in the 4th fastest women's bike split (2:33:59). She followed those efforts with a PR for the half marathon, a 1:27:39! Her total time was 4:30:38, 6:50 behind the winner, Jeanni Seymour of South Africa, whose win was a breakout effort and almost nine minutes faster here than her 2014 clocking.

Heather probably made some money but we don't know how much. She'll be blogging about her race in the near future and we'll repost her report.

Another Minnesotan, albeit a recent transplant for Iowa, also performed admirably in Austin. We're talking about former US Athlete of the Year (2007) DANIEL BRETSCHER (photo), now of Northfield, who placed 7th against a very deep men's field. Daniel's time was 4:03:46. RESULTS ...

The Best and the Worst...

RBM-KONA.gifTriJuice.com / Nick Morales Photo


By Ruth Brennan Morrey (ruthbrennanmorrey.com)

The 2015 Ironman World Championship race in Kailua-Kona on October 10, 2015 was the greatest personal test. Rolled into one, for different reasons, it was the best and the worst race of my life. Never before have I felt so strong, so ready, so eager, so fit, so mentally prepared for a race I knew in advance would be a self-inflicted battle. This thorough preparation was a prerequisite, however, not an exception—this was the world championships—pro or age grouper, everyone had put everything into this day and all were ready.


As a Kona pro rookie, the “talk” about the race difficulty put the endeavor into a tidy perspective package instilling both fear and respect in the weeks and months leading up. Typically a negative connotation, “fear” in my mind, was a positive attribute, preparing a strong athlete, mostly mentally, for the extreme and erratic conditions of fierce winds, volcanic “vog”, dense humidity, and furnace-like heat....

Metro Tri Series Party!

enlarged-logo.gifWe hope to see you at the METRO TRI SERIES party!LTD-Brew.gif


When:  Sunday, October 25

Time:  5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Where:  LTD Brewing in Hopkins - 8 8th Ave. N.

Info:  Free Event (Beer & Soda for sale); Free Snackies

Big Dogs & Podiums....

HL-LAKE-MEAD.gifBy Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

Silverman 70.3 Race Report - After racing Penticton Half at the end of August I decided I wasn’t ready to be done racing for the year. I researched my 70.3 options and landed on Silverman in Henderson, Nevada, neighboring Las Vegas. I figured the week before Kona some big names might not be racing, but I think everyone had the same idea. The start list was stacked with over 40 female pros set to race. After researching the names I didn’t know I figured I’d be lucky to come in top 5. As race day approached the start list shrunk a bit (per usual) but there were still plenty of top athletes remaining.

Race morning my alarm went off at 3:45. I was up and moving quickly as I needed to stop over at transition in town to drop off my nutrition and get my gear setup in T2. After the first stop my Dad and I drove the 30 minutes out to Lake Mead where the swim and T1 were located. It was a beautiful morning, mid 70’s with the weather predicted to be low 90’s and windy. Upon arriving I went straight to the bike...

Surviving Kona...

Kristin-Queen-K.gifBy Kristin Gustafson (from Facebook)

Hawaii Ironman Race Report - It will definitely be a day that I will remember forever. Here is a little recap of the race…

I was a little nervous about the swim after I looked at the weather and there was a ‘high surf warning’ the night before. It turned out to be a great swim. I was shooting for around 1:20 so I was happy with my time. I survived my first mass start and was actually not that bad. It is so fun to swim with the fishes in the clear ocean. The salt water does not like my skin though as I chaffed pretty bad even though I put a bottle of Body Glide on!

I definitely felt the heat, humidity, and the wind on the bike. I had a few technical difficulties though. On mile 44 my pad on my tri bars flew off. Seriously who does that happen to?! I rode like this for almost 20 miles and finally found the bike support on the course. They decided to duct tape it with a towel as it was cutting into my arm. So happy they fixed it, but probably cost me way too...

Ruther's Kona Debut...

It was a tough day for RBM and we're anxious to hear about it. Her final time was 10:22:57.

7:55 here - Ruth's bike split was 5:19:24. She's currently in 25th place. Hey, do you remember back in the 90s when Dave Scott was 42? He was 30th entering T2 and ran his way to 5th place overall. One of the greatest IM performances ever. RBM (age 40 today! Happy Birthday Ruth!) is capable of doing what The Man did back then. We're predicting a Top 10 for her and our fingers and toes are crossed.

5:47 PM here - Despite the heat, Daniela Ryf is gunning for a women's record. RBM is not off the bike yet. Tough day for her, it appears.

10:35 - Here, 5:35 there - RUTH BRENNAN MORREY will start her Kona adventure in less than an hour. We are SOOOOO excited to see how she will do.

Kona is her third IM, after Chattanooga 146.6, with its downhill swim and 166-mile bike, and Frankfort (European Champs), which is normally a fast course, but not so this year thanks to extreme heat and humidity. Her splits at Frankfort were: 1:06:31 - 5:04:26 - 3:04:59 = 9:21:09. We're going to measure her Kona splits against these....

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