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The "Rust Buster"...



By Gaby Bunten


South Beach Triathlon Race Report –

Ahh… MIAMI! The city’s colors, culture, energy and beachfront simply can’t be beat. Needless, to say I didn’t think twice about signing up for the South Beach Triathlon back in December. I knew I’d be making a couple of trips down to Miami to visit my coach, so why not do a race?!  ...

Top 5 For Hank...



FLORIDA 70.3 - 2016 Minnesota Most Improved winner DIANE HANKEE placed 5th overall and first in her 40-44 AG this morning in Haines City, Florida. Her time was 4:52:30. FL 70.3 is Diane's first race as a master.


Former Square Lake Half champ / 2012 Minnesota Master of the Year nominee ANGIE SCHMIDT also raced at Florida 70.3. The amiable Lakeville resident, who ...

Gratitude & Cheap Flights...


By Ruth Brennan Morrey

Buenos Aires 70.3 Race Report - The opportunity to travel to Argentina (on RT $96 ticket + flier miles!) was just awesome. Mark flew down from Friday to Sunday so it was a quick one and we didn't have a chance to catch many sights together.

Race outcome: 7th pro female, in a cluster of women from 4-7. 4th place was one minute up.

Swim: 2nd to last out of the water and a "wha? come again?" swim split to first out the water to Georgia Bulldog, Olympic trials swimmer, Haley Chura (pictured). She can swim. :)
Bike: 4th fastest in a 3 lap SUPER crowded 2 lane course. No mechanicals or hiccups. Thanks Rochester Cycling!
Run: 2nd fastest half-marathon on a flat course, 1:22....

Invasion of the Bottle Slappers....


By Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)


Dubai 70.3 Race Report - After checking out the initial start list and ticket prices for Dubai I figured it could be a great start to the season.  Unfortunately, everyone had the same idea and the pro list exploded.  The weather in Dubai is actually quite ideal for racing in January, mid 70’s and basically no humidity.  With mostly base winter miles behind me I knew it was going to be a tough race against a very talented field.  Here are my thoughts on the race.


1. I feel like a broken record saying this as it seems to be the norm now in 70.3 racing, but the swim start was very aggressive. It was a beach start with a sharp right turn after about 50 meters so I was sandwiched in the middle of the pack with multiple bodies on top of me....

A Tale of Two (Indoor) Triathlons...


By Amy Bauch (amysrunningaround.blogspot.com)

Hard to believe that my new hip is already 5 months old.  Even harder to believe, with the new hip, that I ever had a problem in the first place.

Funny how time can alter what you remember about "what was".  Meaning, I just re-read my last blog entry, written right before Ironman Wisconsin last September and about three weeks before my surgery.  I had "forgotten" how bad my limp was; how I had to calculate my every step and move; how hard I had to think about walking around the lake or down the block or from my car to the office.

Now?  Try to stop me.

I was very fortunate to have a pretty easy recovery.  I was in and out of the hospital within three days; off pain meds by the 5th day; walking around the block using a walker, then a cane, and finally by my big girl self unaided within a couple of weeks.  Riding a stationary bike was a very welcome part of my physical therapy, as was strength training.  I got back on the golf course in December, playing the...

Tri-U-Mah Stuff...


TRI-U-MAH - 2016 Minnesota Rookie of the Year nominee Michael Weissenborn won the men's title at Tri-U-Mah for the second straight year. The event, staged on the UM-Minneapolis campus on February 25, is the best-attended indoor tri in our state. More than 200 athletes enrolled in the 25 event, and 182 finished the ninety minute--30 minutes in the pool, 30 minutes on the stationary bike, 30 minutes on the treadmill--contest, wherein athletes are ranked by the total distance they cover.

Weissenborn, who is into stocking caps, boxer dogs, Aerosmith and Star Wars, covered 18.41 miles, which was 1.19 miles farther than Michael  DeLeon's runner-up's distance.

Finishing 3rd for the second consecutive year was accomplished tri veteran, Jim Guenter. Jim is into science and has been to Kuala Lumpur (photo)....

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