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Big Hats & Avocados...And Other Stuff...

lisa-and-heiney.gifPhoto - Heiney and Hadley's mom looking damn good in their Big hats.

CINCO DU MAYO - Have you ever been to Mexico? It's an awesome place. Sure, it needs paint and that drug cartel stuff isn't cool, but it has given the world some bueno cosa, which is Mexican for "Good Stuff."

Like what, you ask?

Tacos, Guacamole and Big hats, just to name a few things. Coincidentally, all of those great Mexican things were part of the Cinco Du Mayo Duathlons, which happened last Saturday at Square Lake Park. Winners of the event got a sombero, the world's coolest type of hat, a couple of avocados, a tomato, tostada chips, salsa and hot sauce, Margarita mix and a plastic Margarita glass. Sure, none of the stuff actually came from Mexico, which should to be pronounced "Meh-He-Coe," though the avocados, which are either a fruit or a vegetable (noboby knows for sure), are probably from South America, but it was definitely Mexican inspired.

So winners made out like banditos, right? Yup!  ...

Nick & Ang Go Home....

nick-and-ang.gifPhoto - COLT XIII winners, Nick Grundman and Angie Hop. Nick is extremely tall and Ang is a HOOT! She also won here in 2013 and 2012. The win was the 8th of her multisport career. She promised to write a race report about her 2013 COLT win. We're still waiting....

By Eric Morken (echopress.com)

A couple of area graduates came back home on Saturday and won their divisions at the 2015 Chain of Lakes Triathlon that started and ended at the Discovery Middle School in Alexandria.

Osakis native Nick Grundman was the male and overall top finisher after crossing the finish line in 56 minutes, 14 seconds. Alexandria native Angela Hop came in as the top female competitor after finishing with a time of 1:11:31.....

CRs For Fox & Klonne...

katie-and-horse.gifPhoto - Katie Lenglet, who is not afraid of horses, placed 2nd last Saturday at Falls Du VII.

FALLS DUATHLON – Two-hundred-plus athletes participated last Saturday at the 7th annual Falls Duathlon, the first run-bike-run on Minnesota’s multisport calendar, and a great place to knock off some of the winter rust, especially if you’re planning to race at the USAT National Duathlon Championships in St.Paul on June 6.

As expected, Devon Palmer and Suzie Fox led the way for their respective genders. For Palmer, it was his 2nd victory here. He also won in 2013, the year he set the men’s CR – 1:00:44.

Though weather conditions may have kept the men’s course best in place for another year, Suzie Fox managed to slice two-seconds off of Diane Hankee’s year-old women’s mark. An awesome effort, one that landed her in 6th place overall, but not a surprising one. With Dani Fischer out of the “amateur picture”—she got her pro license last fall—Suzie is arguably the fastest short and standard distance female duathlete in the U.S.

The victory was the 23rd of Suzie's stellar career....

Heather is the Real Deal. And Other Stuff.....

st.-a-podium.gifPhoto - St. Anthony's Top 3 - Heather Lendway (3rd), Alicia Kaye (1st) and Magali Tesseyre (2nd), who is tiny and cute and has a cool French accent.

HEATHER LENDWAY - In case you haven't already heard, St. Paul's rookie pro Heather Lendway finished on the podium at the prestigious St. Anthony's Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Florida last Sunday. It was a day where toughness trumped speed. Heat, humidity, wind and warm, rippy, slow water meant that records would stay put for at least another year.

Heather led the way in the swim, which earned her a $500 bonus, muscled through the bike course in the 3rd fastest pro time and hung tough during the run. In the end, only veteran superstars Alicia Kaye, now a two-time St. A's champ, and Magali Tisseyre, managed to finish ahead of her. For her bronze medal effort, HL picked is $3250, thus her total payday was $3750. RESULTS

Heather will be blogging about her race later in the week. We are anxious to repost her story. Way to go, Ms. Lendway.

PREDICTION: Though there was a larger-than-usual influx of female rookie pros in 2015, we believe that Heather Lendway will be named pro Rookie of the Year when the dust settles next fall....

Passion Regained...

BRASILIA-PODIUM.gifTriumph: “To gain a victory; be victorious; win.”


By Ruth Brennan Morrey (ruthbrennanmorrey.com)


Brasilia 70.3 Race Report - The title of this blog series is “Two Trials and a Triumph.” I’ve written about the two trials—with the first more ‘trialing’ than the second. Now its time for the triumph which occurred in Brasilia, Brazil on April 5th, 2015 at the Ironman 70.3 Latin American Pro Championships.

Wait, wait, wait…hold it! I didn’t win in Brazil. Let’s get the facts straight. I truly believe in my heart of hearts that a “win” is FIRST place and therefore, my eventual final placing, 3rd place, is not a true win. In fact, Helle Frederickson, quite frankly, freakishly slaughtered the rest of us by 12 minutes or more. This Danish Dart was the clear victor and deserves all the fame along with the small fortune of 20k! She won so handily in fact, that after we finished, when I asked her finish time she replied, “Oh, I don’t know, I finished quite a while ago.” Great. My dream of running down the blue carpet neck and neck with Helle for a photo finish victory wasn’t even close to reality. Congrats to Helle....

Reality Reconfigured...



By Ruth Brennan Morrey (ruthbrennanmorrey.com)

Trial #2:

Monterrey 70.3 Race Report

Since racing Ironman Chattanooga in September, Monterrey 70.3 would be my first race of the 2015 season on March 15th. For most professional triathletes, each race serves a particular purpose/s— a) prize money, b) Kona or 70.3 World champ qualifying points, c) test of fitness, d) sponsor obligations, e) springboard for a future race, and/or f) the pure joy of competing and utilizing athletic gifts. For me, the purpose of this race was b, c, e and f.  Put prize money in your mind as a priority, and you are doomed before the race begins...

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