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My First Pro Podium...

LAS-OLAS-PODIUM.gifLas Olas – The Unexpected Non-Drafting Pro Debut – Race Report

By Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

When I left for Florida on March 4th I was planning to race twice but I ended up racing three times with a last minute decision to race at Las Olas international distance tri in Ft. Lauderdale. If I quick flash back to that week, Lifetime had just announced that they would not be holding a professional tri series anymore and in that instant, the majority of my season’s racing plan was erased. That left me with a couple options: get more serious about draft legal racing or go long-distance. Neither option had me jumping for joy. After racing at Clermont on Saturday and being very disappointed in my performance, I began to question my choice for even taking my pro card. I wanted to go pro to have the opportunity to race the best athletes out there, now the majority of those opportunities disappeared (Olympic distance non-drafting)....

Much to be Happy About...

HL-sarasota.gifBy Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)


Sarasota Draft Legal Triathlon Race Report - After spending a week in Clermont my Dad and I packed up and headed to Sarasota Thursday before the race. Friday I had the day off of work and was able to drive down to check out the race course. We’d be swimming in a reservoir where they have held major rowing events. The bike and run were around the edge of the water with almost no tree coverage so spectators could watch the whole race unfold.

Saturday morning I was able to sleep in until 7 as the race didn’t begin until 11:30. After a leisurely breakfast at the hotel Patrick and Stopwatch Greg, we packed up and headed down to the race site. After getting my bike inspected and checking in, I hung out in the athlete tent to stay out of the sun as it was really heating up outside....

Gunshots & Guac in a Lava Bowl...

guac-lava-bowl.gifBy Suzie Fox (suz--news.blogspot.com)
(Yeah!!! I am killing it on my New Year's resolution to take more pictures, I uploaded over 100 for this post, feel free to just look at the pics if it's too long to read). Each year goes by faster than the last and I am left wishing I had more pics to remember it by...)
Puerto Rico 70.3 Race Report - I found out exactly why the San Juan 70.3 slogan is "Race In Paradise" & why I saw some superstar names in passed results with finish times they are capable of going much faster then on other courses. It was a fantastic event and the most fun half iron course I've ever raced! This was my favorite swim course to date, the bike is along the coastline with breathtaking..

Heather Kicked Butt! So did Lisa!

heather-and-leanda.gifFort Lauderdale, FL - After an 8th place finish on Saturday at the Sarasota Draft Legal Sprint Challenge, rookie pro HEATHER LENDWAY went ape-do-do on Sunday at the Las Olas International (1K-21 miles - 5.8 miles) Pro Challenge, placing 2nd overall just 36 seconds behind British superstar Leanda Cave.

Superstar? Oh yeah! Cave, who is even taller than the 5'10' Lendway, is a former Hawaii Ironman World Champion (2012), Long Distance World Champion (2007), 70.3 World Champion (2012), 23U World Champion (2001) and has medaled at Olympic distance worlds and the European Championships.

The race had a $25,000 pro purse, $3K of which wen to Heather. Very cool!

MTN will repost Heather's race report. RESULTS....

My Pro Debut...



Photo - Swimsuit models, Lisa and Heather Lendway ankle-deep in Tampa Bay.

By Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

Clermont Draft Legal Challenge Race Report - The week leading into my very first race of the year was busy and didn’t leave me with much time to actually think about my coming race.  Between work, workouts, running to appointments for my knee pain, packing and traveling, my mind was on overdrive and I was maximizing every free minute, even more so than usual.  My flight to Orlando on Wednesday night was delayed almost two hours so I didn’t land in Florida until shortly after 1am.  Stopwatch Greg was waiting patiently to drive me back to our rented condo just south of Clermont.  Greg had arrived mid day Tuesday and was all settled into our lovely two bedroom, two bath condo (surprisingly one of the most affordable places to stay) by the time I arrived.  My head hit the pillow around 2:30 am but I struggled to fall asleep....

Tri-ing for Childcare...

indoortri15_31.gifBy Steve Stenzel (iwannagetphysical.blogspot.com)


Sunday was the day. After challenging Lisa to a race at the YWCA of Minneapolis Indoor Triathlon (with CHILDCARE on the line for the victor!) it was time to crown a winner. I got to the race early, and saw Lisa was already warming up....

We got changed and ready to race. I handed my camera to Laurie, one of the trainers/coaches at the Y who did a 10 mile race the day before AND THEN did the indoor tri in an earlier heat! Laurie took all the rest of the photos from the beginning through nearly the end of the run. Thanks Laurie!

SWIM: 600 yards:

We took off swimming. I tried to keep it a BIT easier for the first 100 because I knew I'd go out "hot" and die before the end. I kept my effort where I should have, but was pleasantly surprised to see a 1:23 as my first 100. I knew that'd slow to around 1:30, but I wanted to try to keep it strong near the middle.

I was lapped just after the 250 mark, so I figured I might be able to keep Lisa from lapping me again because she'd be climbing out just after my 500 mark, meaning I'd be about 80-90 seconds behind her out of the pool. That was what I had about figured the difference would be going into the race....

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