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Hanna & Hannon Headlines...

jenns-stuff.gifITU DUATHLON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS - AVILES, SPAIN - Rochester's JAMES HANNON, who was named USAT Du Master of the Year HM in 2015, missed a gold medal in his AG (55-59) by a scant four seconds yesterday behind fleet-footed Dutchman Henry Dullink. Dullink needed the fastest closing run split among his divisionmates to claim the win.

Awesome race. Congratulations, Jim!


Former US Duathon National Champion / US DOY (2013) JENN SCUDIERO posted these words on her FB page concerning her experience at yesterday's Du Worlds:

Not every race can be your race and not every day can be your day. I gave it everything I had today, but it was just a tough day. I took 6th in my age category and 25th female overall. I am so thankful for the opportunity to race here and for the experience racing in Spain at the Duathlon World Championships. I wouldn’t be racing today if it were not for some super awesome people, and when I say that, I truly mean it. ....

Apple Observations...


APPLE DUATHLON NOTES - Diane Hankee posted the 27th victory of her multisport career last Saturday at the Apple Duathlon. It was probably her biggest win ever. The field she beat was as deep, or deeper, than the one that raced here in 2015, which was clearly the most talented women's assemblage in the twelve year history of this course. The win required a PR effort for the ...

Duo Repeats Pattern at Apple Duathlon...

apple-runners.gif(Photo by Steve Diamond Elements)

By Frank Rajkowski (sctimes.com)

SARTELL — This is getting to be a familiar pattern for Mathew Payne and Patrick Parish.

For the second year in a row, the 39-year-old Payne was first and the 31-year-old Parish was second at the Apple Duathlon.

The race, now in its 34th year, began on an overcast Saturday morning at Sartell Middle School and drew about 270 entrants. Competitors ran 5 kilometers, biked 33, then finished with a second 5K run....

"...darn proud of this day."

ERIN-MEDAL.gifBy Erin Sontowski (bikesandcatsrightmeow.blogspot.com)

Gear West Duathlon Race Report - First things first, if you are not a fan of random Game Of Thrones references every now and again, now is the time for you to leave. Heck, I'll even hold the door for you. (If you are caught up with this season, this reference will be both heartbreaking and relevant for you.) While this blog is predominately triathlon and fitness related, you can definitely bet on the fact that there will be many super nerdy puns and interjections that come from the fantasy book and movie genre. Cough, cough, Harry Potter mostly, cough, cough.

But I digress. Back to the important matters at hand. It is that glorious time of year that thousands of us Minnesota inhabitants dream of. It is finally warm enough to pull our bikes off the trainers, shed our many layers of sub zero thermal gear, and to get back out onto the roads and trails of the beautiful midwest. As with every start of the 2016 multi sport season, Gear West Duathlon is usually the first race for most of us, and 2016 was no...

Doing it Their Own Way....

Hot-Dogs_GWDu.gifGEAR WEST DUATHLON COVERAGE - Pre-race faves Matt Payne and Suzie Fox lived up to expectations on Sunday at the 24th Gear West Duathlon, which was contested in uncharacteristically perfect conditions. (Temps were near 70, the sky was cloudless and wind wasn't an issue.) But they accomplished their victories in different ways.

Payne, who would record his 42nd multisport win, showed why he is a two-time US Duathlete of the Year. He led from the get-go and steadily built his lead until his final margin of victory was 2:41. It was his first race of the year and he admitted that "It hurt like hell!"

Payne is now a three-time GWD champ...

"The Game of Chase"....

Ruth-TN.gifBy Ruth Brennan Morrey (from Facebook)

Chattanooga 70.3 Race Report - A beautiful day in Chattanooga! I absolutely love this place.
Unfortunately, I didn't earn an opera singer escort today. I was out of the water in 21st place, and biked/ran my way to 8th place in a field dominated by fast runners. Let me tell you, it is HARD to run down runners. I tried with all of my might!
Swim: Non-wetsuit for pros and minimal current in the river swim (closed dam). The swim course also went upstream for the first 350m which all together, yielded typical swim times by all athletes.
Transition: Was exiting T1 with my bike when I realized I still had my swim skin around my hips. Had to run the bike back and chuck it near my spot. I've always been baffled by how that could possibly happen to athletes (until today). (Forgot to tell you that AC :)).  ...

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