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GWEN_GOLD.pngED. Ideal conditions greet satisfying attendances at HOPKINS ROYAL and ST. CROIX VALLEY this morning. Words and pics coming on Monday.

St. Croix RESULTS - Hopkins - RESULTS


By Gwen Jorgensen (gwenjorgensen.com)

Four years ago, I set a goal: to win the Rio Olympics. In 2012, Patrick and I asked Jamie if he thought winning gold was possible. He said, “You need to improve your swim, improve your bike, and probably run high 32 minutes.” Jamie was right about two out of the three (my 10km in the race was a 34 something). Jamie’s confidence in my ability to be an Olympic Champion didn’t come until London at the WTS in 2015. I was sick the week of the race. I was struggling to just get out of bed in the morning. I did efforts the day before the race and could barely breathe. My legs were heavy, my nose was stuffed, and the last thing I wanted to do was race. I was underprepared for the race and I wasn’t firing on all cylinders, but I came away with the win. It was the first time I proved I could perform under pressure....

Collegians & Cincogenarians...

sprint_podium.pngPhoto - Men's Sprint Podium (L-R): Thomas Anderson III, Michael Weissenborn, Craig Moscetti.

LIFE TIME TRI - MAPLE GROVE TRIATHLON - Collegiate athletes dominated the men's Top 10 at the 7th annual Maple Grove Olympic at rainy Weaver Lake Park last Saturday. Starting with the University of Iowa's Joey Hassett (1:58:39--19U CR), College guys swept the podium--Marquette U's Elliot Slade (1:59:18) and Wisconsin's Brad Woodford (2:01:19)--as well as 5th, 7th and 9th places.

Blaine's Chris Tatton was the first Premier Division finisher, placing 4th and covering the 1.5K-37K-10K route in 2:01:26.Tatton has placed in the Top 5 in four of the five races he's done in 2016.

Following up her 3rd place performance at Timberman 70.3 in picturesque Gilford, New Hampshire (PR - 4:43!) the previous weekend, Erin Hyndman-Farrens won the women's Olympic contest by almost a two minute margin over Sheena Dauer. Hyndman-Farrens has two...

Serious POY Consideration...

sean_tongue.pngSUPERIOR MAN TRIATHLON - There's no question that SEAN COOLEY's record-setting victory at Superior Man last Sunday will receive serious "Performance of the Year" consideration. It was not only his time--4:04:21--(and 2:07 bike split!) that was impressive. It was the way he (photo L)  and three-time Minnesota Triathlete of the Year MATTHEW PAYNE battled over most of the event's 70.3 miles.

Though Payne struggled during the run with an "abdominal thing," that thing ruined his Nationals and that he totally needs to see a doctor about, he was quick to assert after the race that, in effect, no one was going to beat Cooley today.

While Matt and Sean were doing their "Dave versus Mark at Kona impression," former Canadian National champ PATRICK PEACOCK, now 42, was hammering his way to a podium spot and a new SM masters record.  His excellent 4:14:21 took the old mark down by almost 16 minutes....


Mik_and_Erin.png"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." -Albus Dumbledore.


By Erin Sontowski (bikesandcatsrightmeow.blogspot.com)

That quote has always been one of my favorites, and it has truly carried me through some dark times in my life. There are a million Harry Potter quotes that I believe to be extremely profound, but this one really resonated with me in the last few weeks....

Last Race as an Amateur?


SUPERIOR MAN HALF IM - Since the beginning, Canada has produced some of Triathlon's premier female long distance racers. In the 80s, Sylviane and Patricia Puntous set the international LD standards. In the 90s, Lori Bowden and Heather Fuhr were Paula Newby Fraser's chief rivals in this hemisphere. Since the millennial turn, Heather Wurtele and Magali Tisseyre have helped to keep the performance bar high.


Canada's next female long distance superstar? It just might be NICOLE WALKER, and we suspect that her record-crushing victory at Superior Man last Sunday may be her last race as an amateur.

Walker, an amiable and unassuming 27-year-old Winnipegian, has proven this season that she is the fastest LD female amateur in all of North...

Cruser & Steinke Rock at Whipple...

Steinke_rocks.pngBy Mike Aulie (brainerddispatch.com)

BAXTER—After finishing second last year, 29-year-old Wade Cruser from Sauk Rapids cruised to a first-place finish with a 3:43 margin of victory in the Lakes Country Triathlon Sunday.

Winning the female division was 16-year-old cross country runner Lauren Steinke (photo) from St. Cloud Tech.
The race began at 8:30 a.m. with a quarter-mile swim in Whipple Lake, then switched to a 14-mile bike through the rolling hills hills surrounding the lakes area and ended with a flat 3.2-mile run through Baxter.

Cruser was second after the swim, 45 seconds behind Corey Kuglin of Baxter. Cruser then built a 2:22 lead after the bike segment and extended his lead to 3:43 at the finish, completing the course in 58:33....

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