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2016: The "Year of The Couple"...

mary_and_pooch.pngROCHESTERFEST TRIATHLON - 2015 was the "Year of The Woman" in Minnesota. More than half of the ladies on Team Minnesota, and many others as well, enjoyed breakout years.

This year--2016--is turning out to be the "Year of The Couple."

Just look at the results. At Buffalo Olympic, for instance, BF-Sean Cooley and GF-Hanna Grinaker placed 2nd overall in their respective genders. A week later at Liberty Half, Hanna took 2nd in the women's race, and Sean placed 3rd for the men.

Last Saturday, Christina Roberts was crowned women's champion at Lake Minnetonka. Her Significant Other Jordan Roby placed 3rd in the guys' race.

And let's not forget that GF/BF Gaby Bunten and Kris Spoth set overall course records at Trinona Sprint on June 12....

Special in Every Way...

jordan_trans.pngLAKE MINNETONKA TRIATHON - Pre-race favorites Brooks Grossinger and Christina Roberts won the 14th edition of this annual classic event last Saturday. Brooks, who has now won this event an unmatched five times, didn't take control until early in the run. Roberts, on the other hand, led from the outset, claiming the swim and run premes in the process. 

Brooks now has at least 27 multisport wins to his credit. For Roberts, it was her milestone 10th career win, and her performance last weekend totally suggests that she will win several more times this season. Her clocking - 1:10:53--was the fourth fastest women's time in race history. Only Heather Lendway (2014, 2013)and Cathy Yndestad (2012) have gone faster.

Roberts now owns two of the event''s five fastest women's times. 

For two-time (2011, 2012) LMT winner Steve Sander the return to pre-injury form has been an uphill multi-year battle, thus his 2nd place finish last weekend signals the turning of a corner, and Steve couldn't be happier. We're happy for him....

"Sponges in My Hat"....

brads-leg.gifED. Awesome racing went down at LAKE MINNETONKA this morning. Favorites prevailed and KRISTINA SWENSON nuked a junior course record that had stood for eleven years. Words and photos on Monday. RESULTS

By Brad Mitchell (obsessivetripulsive.weebly.com)

Liberty Race Report - I wasn't exactly excited for Liberty 70.3.  Chattanooga was the race to start my long-course season and kept me going over the winter training. I had planned to stay at the race hotel on Friday night but decided last minute to just drive the 2 hours on race morning. That night I asked myself why I wasn't excited and looking forward to the race. More about that stuff in my blog.

I woke up at 3:00am and ate my serving of oatmeal with a 1/4 cup of walnuts and grabbed a coffee to go. On the drive I also gagged down a Power Bar to give me about 600 calories. I had been hydrating well as I knew the forecast was for 91 degrees. I got to the venue about 5:30am and got a great spot for my bike at the end of a rack closest to the bike in and out. I, like in Chattannoga, decided to run with cleats to mount but do shoeless dismount on the way back in....

Gruesome, But Great....


Liberty Half & Olympic - Sometimes, great races are contested in gruesome weather. The deluge at Lake Nokomis (Mpls Tri) in 2002 and the broiling, sweltering Superior Man in 2012, come immediately (and frighteningly) to mind....

Patience Rewarded...

weather-report.gifPhoto filched from Jennifer Fitzharris-Funk's FB page.

TRINONA VIII - The race was supposed to start at 6:45 AM yesterday, but had to be put off until 10. Persistent thunderstorms, replete with wind, rain and a lazer light show of lightning, forced several postponements. Along the way, a significant portion of those who showed up, decided to leave. In the end, though, 398 athletes would cross the finish. If you were there, you'd agree that it was remarkable that that many folks hung out in their cars until the weather changed its mind.

When it did, the conditions--cloudly, coolish and breezy--proved to be conducive to great performances and several records went down....

"Thanks Dad!"

mitchell-and-girl.gifED. Results of yesterday's Fairmont Triathlons are now available - LINK.  Words and photos of today's weather-delayed Trinona Sprint (Olympic was cancelled) will post tomorrow. RESULTS

By Mitchell Clayton (mitchellclaytontriblog.wordpress.com)

Cinco Du Mayo Race Report - This morning the gang (my dad Todd, my girlfriend Claire, but not my mom Amy this time, and I) headed out to Square Lake Park for the Cinco Du Mayo Duathlon. We all live in Forest Lake, so it was a quick 20 minute drive out into Minnesota’s rolling countryside for my third duathlon ever. We pulled into the  park and I set up my transition spot and just waited around and listened to the pre-race music being played over the PA system. At about 8:10 (50 minutes until my 9:00 start time) I went to change into my Team USA tri suit. But wait… The zipper to my bag was open and my tri suit was nowhere to be seen! Panicking, I retraced my steps from the car and checked my transition spot. Nothing. So we called my mom and of course it was laying on the steps at home… Nice.  My dad drove home and back to get it and I was able to change into my suit about 5 minutes before my start. Thanks dad!

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