Race Coverage

Ruther's Kona Debut...

It was a tough day for RBM and we're anxious to hear about it. Her final time was 10:22:57.

7:55 here - Ruth's bike split was 5:19:24. She's currently in 25th place. Hey, do you remember back in the 90s when Dave Scott was 42? He was 30th entering T2 and ran his way to 5th place overall. One of the greatest IM performances ever. RBM (age 40 today! Happy Birthday Ruth!) is capable of doing what The Man did back then. We're predicting a Top 10 for her and our fingers and toes are crossed.

5:47 PM here - Despite the heat, Daniela Ryf is gunning for a women's record. RBM is not off the bike yet. Tough day for her, it appears.

10:35 - Here, 5:35 there - RUTH BRENNAN MORREY will start her Kona adventure in less than an hour. We are SOOOOO excited to see how she will do.

Kona is her third IM, after Chattanooga 146.6, with its downhill swim and 166-mile bike, and Frankfort (European Champs), which is normally a fast course, but not so this year thanks to extreme heat and humidity. Her splits at Frankfort were: 1:06:31 - 5:04:26 - 3:04:59 = 9:21:09. We're going to measure her Kona splits against these....

Bring on Kona!

IMOO-2015-142.gifBy Erin Klegstad (sweetsweatlife.com)

Ironman Wisconsin could be characterized as a comedy of errors so ridiculous that really all I could do was laugh and stay positive, refocus after each one and keep moving forward. In the end, I couldn’t have asked for a better day and a happier finish line! I gave it everything I had on my all-time favorite course and chased the light – and, realized a really BIG goal (and PR!). Bring on KONA 2016…!


Race mornings are all the same… a way-too-early alarm, espresso in the Bialetti with full-fat coconut milk, gluten free sunbutter toast and final bag prep. Nick and I stayed with my good friend Kate just a few miles from the terrace, which made for an easy, stress-free morning. We got to the terrace with plenty of time and after tire pumping, body marking and dropping off our T1 + T2 bags, we met friends Sarah, Kyle and Nick, who were also racing, and coach Andy at a quiet spot inside...

Asphalt & Heather's Hands...

HL-Square-L.gifBy Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

Square Lake Race Report - I was so happy to be able to race my fourth square lake tri this year as it’s the only tri I’ve been able to do every year since I started racing.  It’s definitely one of my favorite courses, the lake is deep, clear and beautiful.  The rough road on the bike was recently redone so the road is nice and mostly on quiet roads (except 95 but there’s a big shoulder).  The run is awesome, I’ve never seen a car drive by on the back roads, there’s a nice mix of hills, road and gravel for good variety and a nice challenge.  Quick summary of the race then check out my super speed bike course video with the course map, elevation, speed, distance and wattage throughout. (the speed and distance kicked in a little late and I think wattage drops off for a few seconds).


* Took off with Patrick Marzolf and David Thompson, they swam a little wide so I was able to cut them off at the first turn buoy to take the lead....

IMOO Notes....

IMOO-girls.gifIMOO NOTES: Minnesota women kicked tush Big Time in Madison two Sundays ago. Two made the overall podium, four cracked the Top 10 and six—46%--finished in the top 13. Whoa!

All of those ladies cracked the 11-hour mark, which is a big deal, and all but one set a personal best.

The IM was won, for the 2nd time, was East Gull Lake’s MICHELLE ANDRES, whose 10:08:05 was 13:52 faster than the 2nd-place time.

Here’s the breakdown:

1. MICHELLE ANDRES, 38, East Gull Lake – 10:08:05 (1st Overall & AG)

3. SUZIE FOX, 31, Chaska – 10:34:49 (2nd AG – PR – Prior PR – 10:39:09) ...

Medals & Fast Times...

tony-worlds.gifPhoto - Tony Schiller at Nationals. TS followed up his two-Gold medal weekend there with a Silver/Gold weekend at Worlds.

CHICAGO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (Olympic Distance) - Minnesota triathletes made their home-state peers proud in Chi-Town, that city with big shoulders and the hog-butcher to the world, last weekend at Worlds. One--TONY SCHILLER--was crowned World Champ for the 8th time, and three others - GABY BUNTEN, MATTHEW PAYNE and CHERYL ZITUR--podiumed in their AGs.

Also, CHRISTINA ROBERTS turned in the fastest Olympic time--2:11:03--by an amateur Minnesota woman this year. (The result is unofficial as it appears that the course had a short bike route--37K-- and a longer than 10K--6.7ish--run.)

Good stuff, huh?

Here's a list of those Minnesotans who cracked the Top 25 in their respective age groups:

ELIOT SLADE - 5th 18-19M - 2:03:41

GABY BUNTEN - 2nd 20-24W – 2:11:59

CHRISTINA ROBERTS – 9th 25-29W – 2:11:03  - Photo below

KRIS SPOTH – 9th 25-29M – 1:58:49

JESSICA ROSSING – 25th – 30-34W – 2:19:02....

"I hugged That Guy For an Inappropriately Long Time"....

sara-kona-bound.gifBy Sara Carlson (sarastrilife.tumblr.com)


Ironman Wisconsin Race Report - Mentally, the Thursday before the race, you could say I was a mental mess. I had a headache, nerves, and such deep doubts and fears of under-performing. I kept thinking of all of the people that knew my goals and have read my blog and I quite frankly feared failure. Not a good place to be before my “A” race of the year!

After sleeping poorly Thursday night, I woke up on Friday morning and started my day off right with some quite time and journaling. I am about 3 months behind in my chronological Bible read-through, but I opened up to the next day on my list. 1 Kings 19 was the chapter; and I found the parallels to my race to be quite interesting…Elijah sleeping under a broom bush (run course takes you on Broom Street), and then being...

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