Race Coverage

A "Gutsy" Performance...

FINISH.gifBy Cathy Yndestad (trigirlcathy.blogspot.com)

IRONMAN ARIZONA RACE REPORT - Here’s the unabridged version:

I had such a great build and prep for this race. In hindsight, likely too perfect and I just didn’t develop that nervousness that usually gets all my systems revved up and ready for race day (including my gut)!! I was simply so happy and at peace with the blessings around me, but in reality, this is something I wouldn’t trade for anything.

The days leading up to the race felt relatively smooth, everything was on plan and I remained confident that I was well prepared for the race. No anxiety or nervousness, just eager to finally get out there and see what the day had in store. I typically don’t share race goals so publicly before an event, but this time I felt ready and was simply too excited to hold it in. Maybe Mother Nature didn’t appreciate those athletes confidently announcing their target times, and as a result she greeted us with her mighty blow on race day.  As I announced in my previous post, I was...

Minnesotans Tackle Ironman Arizona...Updated..Updated Again...

AZ-swim-start.gifIRONMAN ARIZONA -

Monday -

- CATHY YNDESTAD - 4th female amateur overall - 2nd 35-39W - 56:24-5:21:29-3:42:39 - 10:05:52

- STEPHANIE PETERSON - 1:15:16 - 6:27:08 - 4:06:20 - 11:59:43

- SCOTT HEDIN - 1:35:20 - 7:46:06 - 6:38:37 - 16:14:45

4:15 PM (MST) - While CY did not achieve her goal of breaking 10-hours, she came dang close. MTN congratulates her on her 10:05:52, which lowered her 2007 PR (Florida) by seven minutes.

Ultimately, Cathy placed 3rd overall among the amateur women, with Chicago's Amanda Wendorff prevailing in 9:59:34, and 52-year-old former Olympic marathoner Colleen De Reuck of Boulder, Colorado. We believe that the RSA transplant's 10:04:45 is the fastest IM time ever by a 50-plusser.

1:00 PM - Yndestad and Wendorff come off the bike together. Two miles into the run Wendorff pulls ahead, but not by much. Here's the breakdown so far: CY - S - 56:24 - B - 5:21:27 / Wendorff - S - 59:02 - B- 5:19:06.


11:40 AM (MST) - As expected, CY is being challenged by fellow Midwesterner Amanda Wendorff (Chicago). These women are evenly matched at long distance. Cathy's lead at 90 miles is about 40-seconds. Wendorff is highly motivated after her DNF at Kona. She is also a strong runner....

"...Wired With Excitement"...

ryan-and-host.gifBy Ryan Bailey

LTF Oceanside Race Report:
The Oceanside Triathlon was just six weeks away when I decided to sign up. The next few weeks would bring an exciting rollercoaster of training to get ready for the race.  About a month before the tri, I noticed a twinge in my Achilles, something that I have struggled with in the past. I backed off on running and worked harder in swimming and cycling.  I knew I had to keep my running sharp so I added a tempo or two per week. Running only two days a week made the pain subside and I was soon able to train at full strength. The set-back motivated me and I was feeling ready to roll.

I landed in California Friday evening. I went straight to my hosts, who graciously made me dinner and drove me somewhere I could shake out my legs after the long day of travel. I slept great Friday night and had my pre- race run done before the sun was up.  After the run and breakfast, I assembled my bike and made sure everything was working properly. My host drove me to packet pickup and T1 to drop off my bike to avoid any fuss in the morning. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and mentally preparing for the race, which made me rather nervous. I tried to get rid of the nerves by...

A Minnesotan. And Damn Proud of it...

kyle-fl.gifAt the behest of the good MTN folk, an all too long IM Florida race report...

By Kyle Serreyn (ky-tri.blogspot.com)

Whenever I tell somebody about a race (and in this case, lots of somebodies), I always wonder if I should tell them exactly how I think and feel, or if I should tell them what I want them to hear. The latter is always more optimistic, the former far more realistic.

Anyway, the race…On Wednesday afternoon, I got into town with my dad (also racing) and my Sherpa (still basking in the glow of her IMOO age group victory). The weather, naturally, was phenomenal in the days leading up to the race. We rode the run course a couple of times, jogged around, did all the stuff that needed doing. On Thursday we all got in the ocean and swam around a bit – clear, warm waters, sunny skies, flying manta rays (seriously) – everything felt good and I was jacked to race....

Dani is Awesome...

dani-bike.gifED. Until we stumbled upon the post below, we did not know that DANI FISCHER's victory at USAT Long Course Nationals last June was her debut effort at 70.3, making  the fact that her time--4:23:37--was the fastest of the season by an amateur American female even more awesome. (Great YndeCam Photo of Dani at Life Time Tri - Minneapolis)

By Kelly Hill (MLive.com)

ADA – Wausau, Wis.,native Dani Fischer has been out of the country only once, when she visited Canada.

Her first trip out of North America could be to Sweden.

Fischer, 25, who is a full-time pharmacist in Wausau, won the USA Triathlon Long Course National Championship Sunday morning at the Grand Rapids Triathlon, thereby qualifying for next year's World Championships in Sweden. She completed the 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike and 13.1-mile run in 4 hours, 23 minutes and 37 seconds....

The Contador Fingerbang...

Really.gifBy Matthew Payne (matthew-payne.blogspot.com)

Leadman Epic 125 - Ben Race Report - Back in September T-Payne and I made our annual trek out to Bend, OR to visit our good friends Dave and Morgan. Now seems like the appropriate time to once again remind everyone that Dave had his ass kicked by a squirrel.

As expected, I left Bend totally wanting to move there. Since mechanical engineering jobs are tough to come by out there I even hatched a sure fire business plan which would no doubt result in endless cash flows with which to make it rain on Bend's many bike shops and microbreweries.

As the proud owner of a 49cc Yamaha Vino motorscooter, I know good scooting grounds when I see them.

Bend's compact layout and mild climate make for just about ideal scootering. The only problem is that there are no scooter dealerships in town.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I present you with Rainbow Road Scooters.  Rainbow road you say? What is this? Some sort of gay scooter dealership? No, we here at Rainbow Road welcome all sexual orientations, because Rainbow Road is a Mario Kart themed scooter dealership.

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