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The Heat is On....


By Sara Carlson (sarastrilife.blogspot.com)

Kona Prep - I’d be lying to say that I’ve enjoyed the heat training I’ve been putting my body through. Most of my bike rides are still occurring indoors in my training room with the heaters cranked up to 90+ degrees, no fans, and the most inspirational IM Kona videos/NBC re-runs I can find playing before my eyes. It is a real treat when I get to head outside on a ride and enjoy things like “airflow” and “scenery.” Ha! But usually the days I pick to do that are ...

Minnesotans on Team USA

tiff_nationals.pngUSAT AGE GROUP NATIONALS - From oldest to youngest, here are the 32 Minnesota athletes who earned "Automatic Berths" on 2017 Olympic Distance Team USA with their performances at Omaha Nationals last weekend.

Tomorrow, MTN will post the names of MInnesotans who earned spots on  Sprint Team USA.


RICK GOULLAUD, 71, Plympouth - 5th AG

LARRY STRACKE, 60, Sauk Rapids - 14th AG

TONY SCHILLER, 58, Eden Prairie - 3rd AG

JOHN MARSHALL, 57, Minneapolis - 11th AG

BRIAN BICH, 50, Duluth - 1st AG

BRETT LOVAAS, 42, Minnetonka - 10th AG (photo below)

SCOTT MYERS, 41, Plymouth - 14th AG

MIKE BUENTING, 42,  Chanhassen - 15th AG

THOMAS ANDERSON III, 40, Minneapolis - 18th AG

JOSH BLANKENHEIM, 36, Duluth - 2nd AG

MATTHEW PAYNE, 39, Golden Valley - 5th AG

ANDY WIBERG, 37, Lakeville - 7th AG ...

Casey Snaps 14 Year Streak...


NORTHWOODS TRIATHLON - It took 14 years, but it finally happened: Someone other than BROOKS GROSSINGER managed to break 1-hour at Northwoods.

Yes, Brooks dipped under the 60-minute mark on NW's scenic .25-14.2-5K route again (58:44), doing so for the ninth time. And yes, he did win for the 12th time in as many starts here, which ties him with BRIAN BICH for the most victories at a single triathlon by a Minnesotan. (Brian has a dozen wins at Brewhouse.) ...

Weekend Boxscore...Updated...Again...

D.Hank.pngWINGMAN - On Sunday, masters star CHAP ACHEN, 47, won this event for the fourth time, outdistancing his closest rival, talented teen GARRETT WELSCH, by 3:08. MORGAN BAKER won the women's competition. The event celebrated its 8th anniversary. RESULTS


STEELEHEAD 70.3 - MTN congratulates Lino Lakes' DIANE HANKEE (photo L) and Chanhassen's ANGELA KIDD for placing 3rd and 4th overall in the women's 70.3 in Benton Harbor, Michigan this morning. Diane's time was 4:41:36; Angela's was 4:42:40. RESULTS


YWCA WOMEN'S TRI - As in 2015, HEATHER LENDWAY (pro winner), CHRISTINA ROBERTS (amateur winner) and LISA LENDWAY comprised the overall podium this morning at this annual classic. 855 women finished the race. RESULTS


NORTH MANKATO TRIATHLON - Lakeville's JOYCE BOURASSA, 48, appears to be on her way to garning another Master of the Year nomination. The 2002 MInnesota ...

"I Learned Some Valuable Lessons"...

14_chisago.pngBy Erin Klegstad (sweetsweatlike.com)

Toughman Race Report - I went into Toughman Minnesota 70.3 with a fair amount of mental and physical stress. I won’t go into detail about the mental stress other than to say that I think it dulled my mental edge a bit. And, as for the physical stress, well… though the few days leading up to the race were chill, the weekend prior consisted of both a long run on Saturday and a pretty wicked 90-mile ride + t-run that ended at 9p Sunday night. That’s the first and last time that happens!  ...

Records Tumble at Big Lake...

rocker.pngGRANITEMAN CLEARWATER - Mercurial Wade Cruser collected his fourth win of the season at Big Lake Sprint last Sunday. He was fast, too. A 1:01:49. He probably didn't know that Marcus Stromberg's 2010 race record was only one second faster. Had he had this info, he may have been able to drop another second or two along the way.

In any case, Wade's effort was remarkable.

Also remarkable was the fact that he was able to stay ahead of eventiual runner-up Casey Miller, who has been hot lately. Casey had posted three consecutive Ws in the weeks leading up to Big Lake.

As he did at the Clearwater, the second of the three race Graniteman Series that culminates at Big Lake, 45-year-old former scrummer Greg Dummer placed 3rd overall.

The Big Lake Olympic Tri, in its sophomore year, was won handily by David Holden, whose 2:00:52 bettered the 2015 CR by 2:53, and Kelly Trom, who also CRed. Her time was a goodie: 2:16:48....

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