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Cruser & Steinke Rock at Whipple...

Steinke_rocks.pngBy Mike Aulie (brainerddispatch.com)

BAXTER—After finishing second last year, 29-year-old Wade Cruser from Sauk Rapids cruised to a first-place finish with a 3:43 margin of victory in the Lakes Country Triathlon Sunday.

Winning the female division was 16-year-old cross country runner Lauren Steinke (photo) from St. Cloud Tech.
The race began at 8:30 a.m. with a quarter-mile swim in Whipple Lake, then switched to a 14-mile bike through the rolling hills hills surrounding the lakes area and ended with a flat 3.2-mile run through Baxter.

Cruser was second after the swim, 45 seconds behind Corey Kuglin of Baxter. Cruser then built a 2:22 lead after the bike segment and extended his lead to 3:43 at the finish, completing the course in 58:33....

Loons & Logs....

By Suzann Mouw
The Fat Tire Tri returned on Sunday, Aug. 21 in Seeley,WI (10mi N of Hayward).  Participants rolled their way through state and county forests in pristine conditions with a finish at the local lumber yard. 

So Humbling. So Good....

Mike_B_Nats.pngBy Mike Buenting (mikebuenting.wordpress.com)


USAT NAtionals Race Reports - This past weekend in Omaha, NE was the USA Triathlon National championships for the Olympic distance on Saturday, and Sprint distance on Sunday. This is a tremendous event and I enjoy being part of it every year! I also feel blessed to qualify to be part of it every year as this is one fast race filled with the best athletes in the country!


The weather this past weekend in Omaha was hot, humid, sunny and just plain tough! Carter lake is the site of the swim, and let’s say this is some of the dirtiest water I have ever swam in! water temp was 87 degrees which is wicked hot! So for me the swim was not going to be great I do much better in colder water and with my wet suit J. Regardless of the water temp we all had to deal with it and perform.  The issue I had was I don’t feel as confident in my swim as I do the bike and run, and so I like...

Zitur's Back!

mgt_logo.pngCollegiate men dominate the Olympic race at drizzly Weaver Lake Park this morning, and CHERYL ZITUR's first race back after kidney surgery produce her third consecutive Sprint win.

MIKE BUENTING led from the get-go in the Du. Despite the conditions, 997 athletes finished the event.

Words and pics on Tuesday. RESULTS

Mature Teen & A Pair of Hankees...

Uncle_R_and_Liila.jpgPHOTO - A pair of Randys - Uncle Randy Fulton, St. Paul Tri founder/director, and his bud, Randy Liila, enjoying a perfect morning at Lake Phalen.


ST. PAUL TRIATHLONS - In the wind and rain on Saturday at the Lake Marion Sprint, two-time Junior of the Year candidate MITCHELL CLAYTON zigged when he should have zagged. The wrong turn resulted in a DNF.

Mitchell smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Do-do happens, right?

He immediatedly decided to race the next day at the St. Paul Sprint, where he hoped, as he had at the LMT, to come away with a victory. If he did, it would be his 4th W of the 2016 season. (Yes, he appears to be a shoo-in for another JOY nomination.)

Sunday wasn't yucky. In fact, weather conditions couldn't have been more ideal. Mitchell raced his heart out, but according to the results, he didn't win, although he came very close. Just 17 seconds separated him from the...

Craft Beer & Sit Down Transitions...

sontowskis.jpgIn the Metro on Saturday, racing conditions were less than ideal. In fact, they were downright yucky. Still, some great racing took place.

Conversely, on Sunday, racing conditions were awesome. Some would say that they couldn't have been better, and we would agree with that assessment. Sunny, mild, temps in the low 60s with negligible wind. A great day to be outdoors.

On Saturday, though, wind, strong and cold, and rain, sometimes torrential, had almost every finisher at the 9th annual Lake Marion Triathlon scurrying for the beer tent after they finished (photo - the Sontowskis, Marc and Erin). Lakeville Brewing Company was serving a fine and nummilicious craft ale--Irish Red--and most, if not all, of the five pony kegs that were on site were drained....

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