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Ben's Return to Chisago...

BEN-AWARD.gifBy Ben Ewers (benewers.blogspot.com)

Triathletes living in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St Paul had their pick of 7 different triathlon venues over the weekend of July 26/27, typical for any summer weekend in this Midwest hotbed of triathloning.  I chose the Chisago City Sprint because it would be my third year in a row at this race, it is USAT sanctioned and Chisago City is located less than one hour northeast of the Twin Cities.  It is a "home town" race that at $45 for the sprint is a super deal. You get all the usual stuff including a t-shirt, food, trophies and free coffee to help you wake up as your set-up in the dark.  Finally, with the bike segment being my strongest  leg, this sprint course was ripe for me with a 1/4 mile swim, 22 mile bike, and 5K run. The race venue also hosts a half Ironman and attracted approximately 500 to each event.

The race venue is typical for these "home town" type of races. A bit of seaweed in the primarily sandy lake, a grassy area for the transition (in this case a knoll overlooking the lake), a bit of biking over grass and through a bike tunnel under a major road, and a lot of relatively flat, smooth, and wide roads for biking.....

Brewhouse & Minnewaska Results Links...

suzie-and-jess.gifPhoto - Suzie Fox and Jess Rossing went 1-2 at BH Sprint at Island Lake. Both obliterated the previous CR.

BREWHOUSE XXVIII - Overall male and female records fell in both the Olympic and sprint races, as did serveral AG marks.

Bich rocked his 12th career BH victory.

Words and photos on Monday or Tuesday. RESULTS

MINNEWASKA TRIATHLON - Angie Hop won her sixth career triathlon this morning in Glenwood at the Minnewaska Triathlon. She also won this race in 2011 after which she went to a bar and downed a shot of vodka (Tequila?) with a small live fish in it. We sure hope that she kept that tradition alive....

CY Breaks Three...

waseca-guys.gif5th Annual WASECA TRIATHLONS - Cathy Yndestad became the first woman in the five-year history of the Waseca 1/3 (1 mile - 34 miles - 8.8 miles) to break the three hour mark. Nicole Heininger (3:02:25 in 2013) and Diane Hankee (3:04:29 in 2012) came kinda close in the past, but CY dipped under the magic mark with almost four minutes to spare. Her time was 2:56:16, placing her 4th overall and only 4:38 behind men's winner, Travis Miller of Nisswa.

The win was the 69th of Cathy's stellar multisport career, which includes four US Athlete of the Year nominations (she won the award in 2009), two AG nationals titles and podium finishes and nine MMAs.

Filling out the women's Top 3 in the 1/3 were Sarah Berger (3:20:06) and Hilary Patzer (3:20:40).

Travis Miller finished 1:40 in front of runner-up Ryan Deyounge and 3 :38 ahead of Luke Nelson....

Arlandson Returning to Kona...

lake-placid.gifIRONMAN LAKE PLACID - MTN congratulates the man who is arguably our state's "ironest" amateur Ironman, Dan Arlandson. (He's won four 140.6 races in his career.)

At Lake Placid last weekend he placed 4th overall among amateurs and earned his 5th career Kona slot. Posted times are untrustworthy do to the cancellation of one of the swim loops that affected most AGers, but not Dan. His posted time is 8:52:58, but his actual time is 9:25:14.


Fun Size Snickers & Pink Ninjas...


By Mike McConkey

WALKER TRI RACE REPORT - Most of us love to go fast but realize if we speed excessively you will be chased down by one of the many law enforcement officials that patrol our roads to keep us safe.....

An Awesome Event...

Jake-cooley.gifCHISAGO LAKES HALF IX - Mild weather and deep, fit fields fueled a barrage of personal bests and even a few divisional course records on Sunday at scenic Paradise Park in Chisago City. Here are some stats that support this observation:

1. David Thompson (P - MN) - 4:03:11 - 6th Chisago win - 18th career Half IM victory.

2. Tom Gerlach (P - WI) - 4:04:08

3. Tim Hola (CO) - 4:04:27 - Amateur Course Record - Old Mark - 4:05:48 - Jon Balabuck - 2006.

4. Sean Cooley (ND) - 4:09:05 - Personal Best - Old PR - 4:14:36 - Kansas 70.3 in 2013.

5. Eric Engel (MN) - 4:11:28 - Personal Best - Old PR - 4:16:55 - Liberty '14.

6. Alex Hooke (MN) - 4:21:19

7. Paul Rockwood (WI) - 4:23:34 - Personal Best - Old PR - 4:29:55 - Duluth Tri '14.

8. Jake Cooley (ND - photo L) - 4:23:44 - Personal Best - Old PR - 4:34:29 - Superiorman '12....

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