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Rhapsodic Waxing...

lodge.gif(Pam Garrettson photo - Sugar Lake Lodge)

30th TIMBERMAN - Few places that host triathlons are so compelling that visitors actually consider relocating there. (Yes, it's an awkward and poorly written sentence, but the sentiment is what's important here.)

Bend, Oregon comes to mind as such a place, as does Lake Winnepesaukee, New Hampshire.

The list of these halcyon locales is not a long one, and it includes a very special place in northern Minnesota.

Most of those who make the annual pilgrimage to Ruttger's Resort on Sugar Lake for the Timberman Triathlon leave grudgingly. They wish that they could stay forever, but their lives dictate otherwise....

In a League of Her Own...

heather-stride.gifMPLS TRIATHLON - AMATEUR WOMEN - St. Paul's Heather Lendway (awesome YndeCam photo L) came into the Elite Amateur race at the 13th annual Life Time Tri - Minneapolis Triathlon as the favorite. No surprise there. She goes into every race as the women's fave.

Heather's supporting cast at last Saturday's mega-race was formidable, arguably the deepest women's amateur assemblage that we'll see before Nationals in August.

On paper, Wisconsin's Dani Fischer, who ran roughshod ...

Heather is Special...Updated...

hl-mpls.gif(YndeCam Photo - Heather Lendway en route to a course record time that would have placed her 3rd in the women's professional race.)


Saturday Tri Results. Lots of words and photos on Tuesday.

30th TIMBERMAN TRIATHLON - Perfect weather, rewritten records and repeat champions. - Results

13th MPLS TRIATHLON - The strongest Elite Amateur women's field of the year thus far. - Results

10th GRANITEMAN (Clearwater) - Casey and Nicole win for the second week in a row. - Results

30th ELYSIAN TRIATHLON - 98 finishers. Won by a guy who likes to play cribbage (Zane Grabau) and eat Mondae's Homemade Ice Cream, and Katie Buhr, who may or may not own an awesome Great Dane. - Results

"A Blast!"

bettina.gifZ-TRI COVERAGE - Brendon O'Flanagan of St. Paul, and Tara Makinen of Grand Rapids, won this Independence Day race for the second time last Friday at majestic Pokegema Lake south of Grand Rapids, and both did so in record time. For BO, who also was victorious here in 2012, his 1:02:07 lowered his own men's course record by more than two minutes. For TM, her time was just less than three minutes faster than her 2013 clocking.

Alone in second place for the guys was 2013 Rookie of the Year nominee, Larry Hosch, who posted an impressive 1:04:37. It was Larry's ninth podium finish in 13 starts. The St. Joseph resident is still looking for his first win, which we predict will happen this season. In fact, it could occur as early as next Saturday at Graniteman-Clearwater.

Also cracking the Top 3 for the men was Alan Dettmer, who is from Fergus Falls, we think. Maybe Alexandria....

An Amazing Day...

chris-finishing.gifED. One of America's best 40+ female triathletes, Indiana's Chris Wickard blogged about her BOUS experience:

By Chris Wickard (http://chriswickard.wix.com/triathlete/apps/blog)

BOUS Race Report - This was my 6th appearance at the Best of the US (BOUS).  I think of BOUS like a mini USAT National Championship, as it brings out some very talented athletes.  Unlike Nats where you are competing against others in your age group, at BOUS you are competing against all the other female or all the other male athletes.

The hosts/organizers at BOUS .....are extremely passionate about the sport of triathlons.  So if you ever have the opportunity to participate in a race that they are involved in, you know it will be spectacular. 

The morning began with the inaugural Capital City Sprint Triathlon.....

Once a majority of the sprint athletes finished, it was time for the BOUS to begin.  Our race was an Olympic distance.  One of the many great things about this race was that is was very spectator friendly.  The swim was 2 loops, the bike was 3 loops, and the run was 2 loops.  This is definitely nice for those out there cheering us on as well as the athletes since we would get lots of cheers and encouragement throughout the course.

Our race was a relatively small field of competitors but it was packed with talent.  The males and females started the swim together.  It was surprising a not very physical swim.  You never can tell when the males and females start together if it will involved swimming on top of each other.  Since we all had the same swim caps, I couldn't tell how many females were...

Holy Balls, Batman!

gaby-and-coach.gif"I need more cowbell, baby!"

By Gaby Bunten

BOUS Race Report- When I received the e-mail for an invitation to compete at Best of the US for Iowa, I was overcome by a phrase that my dear old dad has coined, “Holy Balls Batman.” I knew that the competition at the race would be stacked with a field of talented ladies and gents.  My initial anxiety for the race happened with that e-mail. It became a battle of am I worthy of competing with such a field and what would I bring to the table at this race? Well, of course I immediately consulted the best coach ever, Miss CY. She gave me one of the most positive vibes I have ever received from a coach, and for that thank you CY! But I was able to go into the race with a new frame of mind, the only thing I needed to accomplish that day was to push myself harder than I have ever before and when all else fails, just smile.

The night before the race, my dad had texted me, “Rock on tomorrow. Mom and I are bringing Hells Bells (our two springer spaniel puppies) and our cowbell, gotta have more cowbell, baby!” Leave it ...

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