Race Coverage

A Lot on the Line...

usat-nationals-nate.gifFall Classic Duathlon - Last weekend's races promised to have a profound effect on the MMA nomination process, and they did just that. At the 9th annual FCD on Saturday at Lake Elmo Park Reserve, a locale that seems to have been designed with run-bike-run in mind, at least five athletes were in a position to strengthen their chances to receive award nominations. Nate Hoffman (photo), Joe Johnson, Jenn Scudiero and Jas Carlson were already receiving DOY consideration, and it appeared that one of them would be selected to join the three other nominees that had been selected earlier. (Offical DOY nominees will be announced on MTN later this week.) Additionally, Hank Larsen, 73, needed an effort that approximated the divisional CR he set at the Oakdale Du in May to, perhaps, garner his third career Grand Master of the Year nomination.

So, who would nail down the final DOY nomination?

For Nate to be the one, he had to win the men's race in an impressive time. For Johnson, he had to win and his margin over Nate had to be convincing. Jenn needed a victory and her time needed to be in the 1:10-1:11 range, AND the men's winning time had to be slower than the race record. Jas needed to CRUSH Scudiero AND for someone other than Hoffman or Johnson to win the men's race....

Drama & Kickstands...

gaby-kris-finger.gif(Photo - Dessert enthusiasts, Gaby Bunten and Kris Spoth, both of whom totally rocked at OLT, and a guy's finger.)

9th Annual ONE LAST TRI - Sunday's OLT was more competitive than in any of its previous eighth editions, and it was arguably more thrilling than ever.

Race morning was gorgeous, crisp and sunny, and the transition area was filled with approximately 300 athletes. The mood was celebratory, albeit with a hint of sadness. OLT is, after, the final tri on the '14 Minnesota calendar and many were doubtlessly reflecting on the great season that would end when they crossed the finish line.

Some of the athletes sported $10,000 worth of gear, others brought stuff that totalled less than 100 bucks, including bike and shoes. If the event had featured a "Kickstand" division, at least a dozen participants would have vied for awards. To us, everyone was a rockstar, but the kickstanders were the rockiest and the starriest of all....

Tears & Pera-Smiles...

Suzie-bike.gifNOTE:  Voting for Triathletes Choice Race of the Year will start tomorrow (Tuesday, September 16) on MTN.

By Suzie Fox (suz--news.blogspot.com)

Ironman Wisconsin Race Report - Ironman Wisconsin you do not disappoint! I love this city! I love this race! I love my family! No other triathlon has ever made me emotional, I cried 3 times in 2012 and 7 times yesterday, I am a total sap at this venue, this race moves me! I can't begin to thank everyone who cheered for me out there and supported me from afar! The amazing MN tri community that was out racing, volunteering, and spectating at IMOO made it once again feel like way more of a hometown race then any race back home, thanks for making Madison such special place for me! Wisconsin is the only IM that has ever given me an Ironman high & a 3 day post race pera-smile. I know now that it has nothing to do with my finish time, setting a PR or reaching my goals, this was actually my 2nd slowest Ironman ever and I was 0 - 2 on my goals but still it was my most favorite Ironman of the 4 I've done. The high comes from all the...

"I am an Ironman"....

collage.gifED. Great weather and great racing at Lake Elmo Park Reserve this morning. Words and photos on Monday. RESULTS

By Nicole Heininger

Ironman Wisconsin Race Report - Not sure where to even start...I'm an Ironman. I worked hard this past year to accomplish something I knew would bring me a new challenge in life. "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you." I made sacrifices to work towards this goal and I thank all my friends who have understood and stuck with me. I thank my family for being supportive and believing in me when sometimes I questioned myself and my abilities.

I also am beyond appreciative to all of my triathlete friends, far more experienced than myself for the continuous advice and guidance (there are too many to name but you know who you all are)!  The volunteers and crowd support was truly amazing and like none I've ever experienced before. I could honestly write a novel about this experience but the end has yet to come.

I am so so grateful I completed my first IM and I couldn't have felt better throughout. In no way am I disappointed in my own performance as I ran across that finish line, crushing my goal time. (Yes those pics are lipstick on my mirror). I included them to show what my goal finish time and splits were when I started training. Swim 1:10:00, T1 5:00, bike 5:45:00, T2 5:00, run 4:30=11:35:00....actual=11:10:16. Most would think this is great, I do too, but I'm also ready for my next challenge...break 11:00:00....

"...Letting My Body Do What It knows How To Do"...

row-h.gifBy Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

EDMONTON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS RACE REPORT - After USAT Nationals last year I paid the required $50 to reserve my spot for racing at the World Championships in Edmonton, 2014. My training this season was focused around my Olympic distance races leading up to Worlds with each race being a dress rehearsal, giving me the opportunity to fine-tune my race execution and make tweaks to the training and rest regimen.

At the beginning of the season I was nervous for my big races but as the season moved on I learned to manage those pre-race nerves. As Edmonton approached I knew I had done all the work I could and I just had to let my body do what it knows how to do.

Patrick and I flew into Edmonton on Friday. With the Olympic Distance race being Monday, I figured it would be plenty of time to get settled in. Unfortunately our...

Getting Chapped & IMOO Notes...

kristinas-dog.gif14th SQUARE LAKE HALF - Red Wing's CHAP ACHEN and Onalaska, Wisconsin's MAGGIE FOURNIER went off the front on Sunday at Square Lake XIV. Chap did his off-the-front going during the bike segment; Maggie waited until the run to do so. The result was a 12:03 margin of victory for Achen, and a 9:21 win for Fournier.

Chap's time was 4:15:43 and his win was his third in five starts this season. Yes, he is receiving serious Master of the Year consideration.

The men's runner-up was 2013 Rookie of the Year nominee LARRY HOSCH, who was making his long course debut. We suspect that he was pleased with his 4:27:48, a great rookie effort.

The final men's podium spot went to ANDREW GISLASON (4:36:49), whose performance avenged his mechanical DNF at Superior Man.

The other two women's podium spots went to LISA CAMPBELL (5:01:49) of Suamico, Wisconsin, and Maple Grove's KRISTINA HEDBERG (5:13:03). Kristina...

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