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Rockin' With His "Tri Mates"...

Brad-Nats.gifBy Brad Mitchell

Water was much colder than last year! I lined up on the pier with the other 112 dudes in my age group wave (the nasty 40-44 boys, largest wave at nationals) and 109 of them jumped in with their wetsuits and did the usual power swimming/posturing (us 3 idiots without wetsuits did various arm flapping, push ups and chicken dance maneuvers--thank you Patrick Parish and Dani Fischer...) and felt quite pleased with ourselves. The countdown began, and we were told to get in.
Kevin O'Connor, who got 2nd in age group and 18th overall, (he is a legend, and yes, I am a fan boy!) happened to be two swimmers away and gave me a supportive wave. I wished at that moment I could bet a months wages that he would be top 3.
So, off we went and it felt good... as soon as I could feel my arms. Apart from some bloke doing backstroke and slapping me, it was a good swim, 69/113 out of water smile emoticon Had a really fast run to...

Performance Highlights...

suzie-and-diane.gifGreat Photo - Diane Hankee and Suzie Fox at Sprint Nationals.

Here are the Minnesotans who earned medals and cracked the overall Top 100 at Nationals, the most competitive amateur triathlons in the world:


- Tony Schiller - 1st 55-59 (1st/ 126 finishers) (Tony's 12th National Champion title - His margin of victory was 5:34!)

- Lisa Lendway - 2nd 30-34 (2nd / 150 finishers) - Lisa placed 19th overall

- Matthew Payne - 2nd 35-39 (2nd / 167 finishers) - Matt placed 12th overall.

- Kevin O'Connor - 2nd 40-44 (2nd / 180 finishers)

- Neil King - 2nd 65-69 (2nd / 47 finishers)

- Gaby Bunten - 2nd 20-24 (2nd / 61 finishers)

- Cheryl Zitur - 3rd 50-54 (3rd / 120 finishers) ...

Beautiful Moments...

lisa-and-kid.gifBeautiful Photo - Lisa Lendway with her daughter Hadley. Or is it Adeline?

By Norm Deplume

AGE GROUP NATIONALS - I got excited when I first saw last Saturday's Wave Start List. The 30-34 men would launch in the first wave and the 30-34 women would go next. Because the wave intervals were wide and the fact that the 60+ men were slated for wave #3, I knew that some of our most decorated Minnesota triathletes would enjoy the luxury of being among the first to cross the finish line. We were anxious to see how BENNETT ISABELLA, 32, would fare, as well as LISA LENDWAY, 34, and JESS ROSSING, 30, and several others.

As predicted, former US Athlete of the Year Adam Webber led the 30-34 men out of the lagoon and carried his lead all the way to the finish line, for which he received a champion's welcome. Though he would ultimately place 5th overall, he was, as they say in the golf world, the leader in the clubhouse for almost 80 minutes.

The cheering din had not subsided when the BENNETT ISABELLA sped triumphantly to the finish line. He was the 5th man across. His time was 1:59:43. I couldn't have been happier.

Or could I? ...

New Kid on the Block...

Kato-swim.gif17th NORTH MANKATO TRIATHLON - Former collegiate Div. I runner TOBY HENKELS could well become Minnesota's next big multisport star. In what we believe was his first tri, he managed to nip decorated elite triathlete DAVID HOLDEN at Fairmont Olympic. Holden had won that race multiple times. Henkels time there was 1:57:47. Insanely fast for a rookie.

At North Mankato yesterday, Toby won again, this time by a sizeable margin (5:42). His bike and run splits were the best in the field. And he had the 3rd fastest swim, to boot. His time over the .25-12-3 route was 54:32. Only Matt Payne (52:35 in 2015) has gone faster here.

Henkels needs only one more impressive tri effort this year to earn a Rookie of the Year nomination. Hear that, Toby?

Weekend Awesomeness!

lisa-podium.gifJess Rossing Phone Photo - Lisa Lendway - 30-34 Silver Medalist.

USAT AGE GROUP NATIONALS - Minnesotans totally rocked in Milwaukee this weekend. The list of Team USA invitees from our beloved state is a long one. In the most competitive AG triathlon in the world--Saturday's Olympic Distance Nationals--seven Minnesotans collected medals (1 gold, 5 silvers and a bronze). In the Sprint National Championships on Sunday, six of our own climbed the podium (2 gold, 3 silvers, 1 bronze).

More words and some pics on Tuesday. RESULTS

NORTHWOODS TRIATHLON - This 13-year-old sprint was won for the 11th time by BROOKS GROSSINGER. His co-champion was 2014 Junior of the Year runner-up LAUREN STEINKE, who placed 2nd here in 2014. Lauren, 15, was 2:13 faster this year than last, and managed to place 4th overall. RESULTS


Three Reports in One...

club-guys.gifDuTri Men Sweep Minnewaska Podium: A Tri-Perspective:

An intertwining tale of caffeinated tweenage bribey, bike mechanicals, and running scared;

aka a perfect day of racing.

By Ryan Wippler (and Andy Zabel, Jesse Shaw

Jesse Shaw (photo on L):  The morning of the 2015 Minnewaska Triathlon started like any other race morning... early!  After a short 45 minute drive I peaked the edge of the hillside into Glenwood and could see wispy fog blanketing the fields around town.  It was going to be a fast race: the sky was clear and there was zero wind.  The last time I raced Minnewaska was in 2012 and the waves were so bad during the swim it felt like an ocean swim; on the bike, we coasted uphill but had to pedal down it!  Ok, maybe it wasn't that bad, but it appeared the weather was going to cooperate this year.  As I parked and unloaded my gear, I found myself wondering who would be showing up to the race this year....

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