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Totally Qualified...

rodMTN congratulates hard-bodied Duluthians Rod "Collage Boy" Raymond, Tiffany Carlson--Tiff and

Hooke'd On The Experience...


Hooke Survives UFC Tryout in Kona

(Photo: Alex, a pretty girl, an ocean and oatmeal. Life is good.)

By Darin Wieneke

Who is tougher: Ironman Alex Hooke or UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar? After watching the Ironman World Championship this past weekend and reviewing Alex Hooke

"It's Like Going to the Bar..."

julia & MattBOUS Race Coverage - Diane Hankee is a hoot. She's an outspoken Canadian--she's originally from Sasquatchuwan--who adores her prematurely gray husband but thinks that David Thompson is totally cute. When asked to comment on her Best of the US experience--she placed 19th against the toughest head-to-head women's (short course) field of the year--she became momentarily pensive then e-mailed us these uncharacteristically terse, and definitely pithy, words:

"BOUS is a great competition to keep you wanting more. It's kind of like going to the bar or a party in college. You show up and everyone is eyeing each other up wondering how good that person is. Then you party (race) and get your butt kicked by some OC hills and end up with a painful hangover..... I can't wait to do it again."...

Fait Accompli...

Fastest Kaukau-ee in Kona

And Speaking of Morons...

dktBy Al Terego

Congratulations aplenty go out to non-morons David Thompson and Patrick Parish. DKT excelled in the 2010 Life Time Fitness Race to the Toyota Cup Series, finishing an awesome 2nd at Philadelphia and New York, a fine 4th at Chicago, a solid 7th at LTF-Minneapolis and finally, I suspect, a fatigued 9th--he did that ironman thing a few weeks back--at the Dallas US Open. In the process, he amassed $19,800 in prize money. Totally cool, you must agree? DKT's pleased. The photo (L) lucidly illustrates what David looks like when he's happy.

FYI, David does NOT lend money, so don't even think about asking.

Buzzed cranium and clad in signature compression calf guards and a Breath-Right Strip, Patrick Parish capped his 10-win 2010 season....

Teej's Words..."No Asterisk Allowed...."

Triathlete Magazine's Editorial Big Cheese T.J. Murphy is a great guy, has a wonderful sense of humor, an easy smile, a cool brother who is a kick-ass photog, and is a terrific writer. Even when it's only a blurblette for his magazine's website. In case you haven't read his cursory coverage of the Ironman World Championships, here it is:

Today started off with a bang within the hour before the start of the race: We knew for certain that Chrissie Wellington

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