Race Coverage

Muscle Memory, Sibling Rivalry & Other Stuff...

samOne Last Tri Coverage - Several things made the 6th annual One Last Tri more memorable than usual. Firstly, it was BIG. This year

Fall Classic Stuff...

dressjenniferStream of Consciousness Race Coverage - Jennifer Strange is a very pretty girl. And she's totally skilled at applying eye make-up (photo), not that she needs that stuff to be pretty.

When she got married, she wore a very, very long, very white dress. In the photo here she's walking up a flight of concrete steps in her very, very long, very white dress. It, the dress, must have gotten really, really dirty, which is kinda sad because it's such a beautiful dress that must have cost more than $100 and is intended to only be worn only two or three times.

We digress.

Jennifer is a pretty goshdarn good duathlete. And it's about time MTN wrote some stuff about her....

Mop Basted & Avoiding O'Doyle...

mike payneBy Matthew Payne (The Most Interesting Man in Columbia Heights! - http://www.matthew-payne.blogspot.com/)

Mop Basted... No Rubs!

Alright, first things first. Here's an obligatory cute baby pic, taken at his very first big league ball game:


I can't stress enough how great he's been letting us sleep through the night and how awesome my wife is in allowing me to disappear for an entire weekend to prance around in Lycra on the other side of the country. With the important stuff out of the way, here's a long-winded recap of some race I just did....

Record Attendance. Record Times....

logoBREAKING NEWS - Thunder Bay's Jon Balabuck and Eden Prairie's Becky Youngberg nuked the course records at the 6th annual One Last Tri at cool, soggy Big Marine Park Reserve this morning. Story and photos on Tuesday. RESULTS

Words about Saturday's Fall Classic Du at Lake Elmo Park Reserve will post on Tuesday, too. RESULTS

Jamie's Words...

jamieED. Jamie Heying won the Burrito Union 10-Hr last weekend. She's the one in the middle of the phot. Sh had just finished the Boston Marathon. Here's her cool BU report.

By Jamie Heying

my race report: This was my third attempt at the Burrito and by

far the funniest. We started the roadtrip at 2:30 am from Buffalo. We

picked up the other two members of "Team Tiger Blood" and I drove us up to

the race. We got there for packet pick-up, unloaded and had 10 minutes...

Another "Prodium" For DKT...

grampaRev 3 Full

By David Thompson (thompsontri.com)

This is illustrates how I feel today.

I'm calling the Rev 3 Full a success. I didn't beat last year's time or win the race. However, I went 8:38:32 without training for the distance at all. My longest run was at Pigman Half, which was also my longest bike ride. In the end, I finished third, but didn't get the run I was hoping for.

My splits for the day were 50:17 for 1.2 mi swim, 4:43:01 for 112-113 mi bike, and 3:02:28 for 26.1 mi run. The bike course was slightly different this year because of construction. Some people told me their bike computers measured the course to be 113 miles in distance. Hopefully, no body complains because the construction was supposed to be done, but it wasn't. Rev 3 had to come up with a new course 3 days before the race....

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