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Sunday Results & Stuff...UPDATED..

joshLAKES COUNTRY TRIATHLON - The final race of the 2011 Tri Minnesota Series was highlighted by another win--his 2nd in a week and 4th of his career--for Duluth's Josh Blankenheim, who ran down rising star Marcus Stromberg of Buffalo, and the 7th victory of the season for Michelle Andres, who is the fastest mother-of-five in East Gull Lake. Michelle's time was a course record 1:21:47, which lowered Becky Youngberg's previous CR set in 2008 by 2:27. *

Blankenheim (photo L), who is a totally decent fellow who loves his dog very much, turned in a brisk 1:15:03. Only Steve Sander (1:14:21 in 2009) has covered this route (.5 - 17.3 - 3.9) in a faster time. RESULTS

MINNEAPOLIS DU - This morning run-bike-run was won by 47-year-old Michael Danielson and Meghan Mason. Fifteen hundred-ish folks finished the event, which bills itself as the "World's Largest Duathlon," which it might be if you don't count...

Maple Grove / TriStar Stuff...

mattclaire(Archive Photos - TriStar 111 male amateur champion Matt Payne. Maple Grove Olympic female winner Claire Bootsma)

Stuff from today's Maple Grove Triathlon - Lots more to come....

1st annual TriStar 111 - Minnesota - Pro Men -

Kingswood Off Road Tri Stuff...

bikeBy Sean Pease

Race Coverage - It was a beautiful and crisp Saturday morning. Light rain clouds shimmered in the distance out and beyond the horizon. Sun glowing behind the clouds. As I exited the hotel that morning I knew, despite anything else, it would be an ideal day to race.

Kingswood Off-Road Triathlon is one of the state's only true off road triathlons. I was stoked that this was my first try at such a thing, and more importantly, my first triathlon of the season (being a race director assistant keeps me from racing as much as I'd like). I loaded up the car and headed west toward Minnetrista...where ironically my wife grew up, and a city which holds a little slice of heaven on Little Long Lake, Kingswood Camp....

Fast Times in Pig Country....


Random Race News Stuff...


COSTLY BOO-BOO - North Mankato's Todd Landgraff had a breakout season in 2010, and was enjoying even greater break-out-iness in 2011. He came into Saturday's Young Life Olympic with two wins and two 2nds on his '11 resume. According to a guy we talked to after the race, Todd probably should have won the race. He didn't because he and a few others missed a buoy on the swim leg and was later Deeked.

Nobody misses buoys on purpose. Just ask Thad. That's something that you simply can't get away with.

Well, it does appear that Todd would have won the men's race, had the mishap not occurred. His pre-Deek time was 1:58:37. Sean Cooley's official winning time was 2:07:48. It is unlikely, according to the guy we spoke to, that Todd's boo-boo cut 9:11 off the time he would have recorded had he swam (swum?) the entire route....

Nationals Stuff...

medalFrom: Usatriathlon.org


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