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Salads, Ricky Bobbyisms & Lineless Porta-Potties....

trophy hoistCrosby Tri-For-A-Cause Race Report, written by Jennifer Imsande for Eric Carder (who volunteered the report with no intentions of writing it)

How does an event begin that is devoted to charity, team fellowship, and the spirit and memory of all those who have lost or continue the battle with cancer? With a flurry of messages between Lakes Area Multisport (LAMS) team members:

Michele Andres (East Gull Lake) 5:41am:

"Buffalo Tri group is already here claiming their transition spots!"

Eric Carder (Breezy Point) 5:41am:

"Sh#t birds"

Growing A Sequoia-Like Legend...

dkt(YndeCam Photo - Trust us. David did not feel as good as he looks here.)

CHISAGO LAKES HALF VII - 4 / 15 / 78. No, we're not talking about the release date for Debby Boone's "You Light Up My Life," one of the most insipid tunes to come out of the unfortunate disco era. Okay, some people of a certain age still like that song and may have even seen Debby open for Englebert Humperdinck at Grand Casino - Hinckley. Our intent here is to satirize, not offend.

We digress.

4 / 15 / 78.

Devon's Giant Stones....

suzie(YndeCam Photo - Two days. Two races. Two wins for Suzie Fox.)

Race Coverage - Devon Palmer is a great triathlete. As a polka-er, well, not so much. But the dude had the heavy stones necessary to give it a try after the 7th annual Chisago Lakes Sprint Triathlon, a race he won in course record time. Told ya he's a great triathlete.

At the post race polka fest, a prize money event that several had registered for, only Devon came forward and agreed to dance with Race Director Gloria West, who totally has her polka do-do together. (She's done this before.) No one else had larger-than-average stones, though Ross Weinzierl was almost talked into it.

Was Devon really that bad, you ask? Well... Yeah. But that's what made it sooooooooooo cool. Way to rock, Dev, on the course and afterward.....

Weekend Racing Stuff...

GUYS(Photo - Long-time Tri Buds, Nick Madrinich and Kyle Serreyn after totally rockin' in rainy Chaska on Saturday.)

TRI FOR A CAUSE - Brian Sames and repeat champ, Michelle Andres, who crushed her 2011 CR,

Marisa Drinks....

wharvey(Really, really dark FB photo that Trudles lightened in Photoshop - W.Harvey looking dapper and unashamed on the Top Step, clad in his "banana hammock." David and Tim are modestly holding their posters. W. Harvey, however...well, not so much.)

HOLT Coverage - W. Harvey, i.e. "Harvey" to most, "W" to some, "W. Harvey" to us, is not the only member of the Skees family who is a total HOOT! Have you ever met his wife W. Marisa? Less flamboyant than her husband, who was clad in what he calls a "Banana Hammock" which is slang for "Speedo," at HOLT XXVII last Sunday, Marisa's humor is understated by comparison...

CY, Ruther, Boots, Kort & HKM....

crowd(Great YndeCam Image)

LTF Tri - Mpls Notes - As one of America's most prestigious multis, Life Time Fitness Tri - Minneapolis has always been a magnet for out-of-state and foreign talent. This is true on both the pro and amateur levels.

In the first decade of this iconic race, Minnesota women had never swept the amateur podium, a feat that our state's guys had managed to accomplish on three occasions (2012, 2011 and 2003)....

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