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gang(Photo - The LAMS Gang

House Money, Clown Cars & Riding Miss Happy Feet...

freddieBy Matt Payne (matthew-payne.blogspot.com)

A couple weeks ago I road tripped it down to scenic (as an engineer, oil refineries and steel mills do count as scenic) Hammond, IN to attempt to defend my title at the Best of the US amateur triathlon championship. I managed to put together a fairly decent race, but still only came away with 2nd place.

After races like this I have to sort of step back and remind myself that I'm basically playing with house money at this point. What I mean is that when I toed the line at my first race six years ago I was overjoyed to simply finish (I took 82nd that day in case you're curious). Even qualifying for a race like this seemed like an impossible pipe dream. Competing for the win seemed downright ludicrous. Fast forward to 2013 and I can throw down a 1:53 at an Olympic distance race, finish second against a nationally competitive field and actually be somewhat....

False Pregnancies, Cops on Horseback...& More...

fairmontED. - Mario Minnelli placed 2nd at Fairmont Olympic last weekend. This is one of the coolest, and certainly the tersest, race report we've ever received:

By Mario Minnelli

Getting Their Swag On...

swag(Photo -A guy and the Lendway girls, Heather and Lisa, getting their swag on.)

Lake Minnetonka X - David Thompson's son Anders, pronounced "Onders," just turned one and is already a fast runner. No kidding. He talks, too, but not a lot. He doesn't understand money yet, so he didn't buy his dad a Father's Day present. David's wife, Hannah Sullivan, doubtlessly bought him something, home improvement stuff probably, and probably told her husband that Anders "helped me pick it out."

The stuff that Hannah and her fast running, occasionally talking, but not too much, son got David was not given to him until last Sunday. On Saturday, though, which was "Father's Day Eve," he received a lot of cool stuff courtesy of the Lake Minnetonka Triathlon. It was like opening all but one of your gifts on Christmas eve, saving ...

Sara's Words...& Weekend Results Links...

sara(Photos courtesy of Matthew Dickinson.)

Liberty Half Ironman Race Report

By Sara Carlson


Epic Living....

michelleED. Here is the next installment of "Michelle's Road to Kona." It includes her Ironman Hawaii 70.3 race report. Enjoy. Oh yeah, that is 2012 Ironman World Champion Pete Jacobs hanging out with Michelle in the photo. There's a shot of her hanging with Jordan Rapp on page 2.

By Michelle Andres (teamandreskona.blogspot.com)


It was truly an amazing experience

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