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Hercules & Schwartzenegger...

herculesarnoldNorth Mankato XV - We're not making this up. Hercules and Arnold Schwartzenegger placed first and second overall last Sunday at the 15th annual North Mankato Triathlon.

"Hercules" is the long-time nickname of Dave Lyon, who appropriately has very big muscles and an embarrassingly small waist. If you squint, he sorta looks like actor Steve Reeves, the guy who played Hercules in the movies back in the late 50s and early 60s. Only old farts remember Reeves. Too bad. The climactic scene in "Hercules Unchained," where he makes a stone building, maybe The Parthenon, fall down, is totally epic.

You had to be there....

Chicking the Field...

guys(Photo - Trijuice.com's Nick Morales and 89-year-old Bob Powers.)

V3 Minneman IX - Whether it was scheduling thing, or insufficient promotion (the event's website is a work-in-progress), or something else, it was sad to see Minneman's numbers drop. Only 300ish athletes signed up for this year's event.

MM is a great race, great enough to have earned three Race of the Year awards, and folks need to remember that. Those folks who did register enjoyed the same benefits that this event has always offered. MTN encourages the multisport community to make plans to race at Minneman in 2014 and return this event to its former glory.

Those who weren't at beautiful Lake George last Saturday missed a great athletic and social experience. And they didn't get to see 89-year-old Bob Powers cross the finish line. That is always an inspiring treat....

Payne & Fox Are Minnesota's Best...

girldPhotos by Linda Schnobrich

By Trudy Marshall (bestoftheustriseries.com)

Suzie Fox (left in photo) is having a good month. She turns 30 in a few days. She is recovered from a nasty torn-something in her hip, she just recorded her 14th career win, at Lake Waconia Triathlon, earning herself the top qualifying slot for Best of the U.S. and a fabulous bottle of Finisher Wine with which to celebrate.

She is also racing fast, fast, fast...her dominating win today (1:34:24) is 2nd-fastest of all time. At right in the pic with Suzie is young Stephanie Solfelt, a rising star in Minnesota's ultra-competitive tri world and 3rd place today. Stephanie was 2nd here last year, but unable to race at the Best of the U.S. Championship. If you don't recognize the woman in the middle, don't be too hard on..


pp(Awesome Nick Morales Photo taken at Lake Waconia this morning.)

Sunday's Results Links:

24th LAKE WACONIA TRIATHLON - Awesome day. Awesome race. Ever heard of Nicole Heininger? We'll tell you more about her in our race coverage that will post on Tuesday. LWT is Minnesota's Best of the US qualifier. Tomorrow's post highlights the thrilling BOUS competition. LWT RESULTS

NORTH MANKATO TRIATHLON - Fifty-somethings claim top two spots in the men's race. Story on Wednesday. RESULTS

Friday & Saturday Results Links:...

Saturday Tri Results...

minnemanMINNEMAN SPRINT & OLYMPIC - Great racing at Lake George this morning! Story on Monday. RESULTS

CROIXATHLON - Holden and Barker repeat at Camp St. Croix. Story on Tuesday. RESULTS

AVERAGE JO TRIATHLON - Out-of-Staters claim top spots in Perham. RESULTS

TRI FOR HEALTH - Worthington's Ryan Deyounge picks up his 2nd tri win of 2013 in Jackson on Friday. RESULTS

ST. LOUIS 5150 - Minnesotan's David Thompson and Dan Hedgecock placed 3rd and 7th respectively in the pro race.

Road Trippin' With Matt & Sean...

marcus(Photo by Thomas Quinn.)

By Marcus Stromberg (marcusstromberg.com)


The Best of the US Amateur Championships was held in conjunction with the Leon

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