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Fall Classic Du Stuff...

smile girlFALL CLASSIC DUATHLON VI - In our flawed opinion, there isn't a better duathlon venue in our region than the one used for the Oakdale and Fall Classic Dus, events that sorta bookend Minnesota's multisport season. Oakdale pulls bigger numbers, of course. In May, athletes are itching to get their season's started. Coming after a significant percentage of our state's racing community have paid their last entry fee for the year, Fall Classic traditionally lures 150-200 entrants, a third of Oakdale's usual sign-up.

We've glanced at Saturday's start list and are ready to make some inane predictions.

- At 6'5", Gregg Garretson will be the 2nd tallest finisher.

- Mike Colaizy will be the fastest over-60 guy.

- Jim McDonnell will win the 55-59 AG....

Uncluttered By Facts...

legs(Photo - Angie Schmidt's legs. Ang loves her designer M-Dot flip flops.)

By Al Bumin

Square Lake Halfish IM - We told a guy that we would post a story about the Square Lake Long Course race on Tuesday. Today, to you. But it's Monday afternoon, yesterday to you, and results have not been posted.

We don't know what happened on Sunday, but we promised the guy we would write something. Besides, when has not having correct information ever stopped us before? This will not be a lengthy post. It

25% More Than 50% Right....

ddheather(Cool Photos -Square Lake Short Course champs Dennis Dane and Heather Lendway. Pics courtesy of Drewey Frakes and Kerry Yndedstad.)

Square Lake Short Course - The sagely Yogi Berra said that 50% of baseball is 90% mental. Gee, who can argue with that? We predicted that Jeff Grebner and luminous-futured rookie Heather Lendway would win yesterday, and using Berra-ian logic, it turns out that we were 25% more than half right.


The Race of Her Life!

michelleSHE DID IT! East Gull Lake's Michelle Andres just set an amateur course record at Ironman Wisconsin! Her time was 10:05:30, an eight minute improvement, we believe (we'll check ASAP!), on the prior CR and a whopping 58-minute bettering of her former PR, set on this course in 2008. We could not be happier for you, Michelle! More words and photos to come!

Suzie Fox lost her IM virginity in a magnificently impressive way. Her time was brilliant, a 10:38:43, which placed her 1st in the 25-29W AG, 14th woman overall / 6th amateur. Kona 2013! How cool is that!

Kortney Haag's intro to IMing produced a 10:49:46, which landed her in 6th place in the 30-34W division. Way to rock, Kort!


* Heidi Keller-Miler - 11:03:42 (1st IM!) - 3rd 45-49W

* Leah Prudhomme - 11:06:25 - PR - 8th 30-34W...

Links & Stuff...MAJOR UPDATE! More IMOO Stuff...

jenaSquare Lake Short Course - Dennis Dane and rookie star Heather Lendway won the 13th edition of this event yesterday. Words and photos on Monday. RESULTS

Burrito Union 5 & 10 Hour Triathlons - Tim Jacobson, Tiffany Caltreaux, Rhett Bonner and Jena Ogston (photo) were individual winners on Saturday. Lots of teams with totally cool names, some of them kinda naughty, rocked, too. Story and, hopefully, photos on Tuesday. 5-HOUR RESULTS - 10HR. RESULTS ...

Hammering in Hawkeye Country...

marcus(Photo - Marcus and Kyle on the Hy Vee podium.)

By Marcus Stromberg

Overall: 1/959 (ED. The biggest win of his tri career, Marcus has won four races this season. His margin of victory in Des Moines was an elephantine 3:46!)

Division: 1/15

Swim: T1: Bike: T2: Run: Total:

20:05 (1:14) 1:46 1:00:22 (24.6) 1:13 36:57 (5:58) 2:00:21

Hy Vee AG Triathlon Race Report - First off this race was quite an experience for me with all of the pre-race logistics of packet pick-up, mandatory pre-race athlete meeting, bike check-in and the like. It really took me out of my comfort zone of pre-race prep and...

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