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Booger Winter....

tom(Photo - Tom Couillard and a totally cool bike.)

Oakdale Duathlon - The winter of 2013 is hanging on like a tenacious booger. You know, the kind that won't let go of your finger no matter how fast you shake it or how many times you try to flick it off. Finally, you're forced to wipe it on something. So if you get tenacious boogs we suggest that you carry Kleenex. That way you won't have to wipe them on clothing or furniture or under your car seat.

We digress.

The morning of May 11 was pretty to look at, but thanks to the extended "Booger Winter,"it didn't feel so good. Temps were in the low 40s, but the 20+ mph winds made it feel much colder.

Frozen Stumps & Lukewarm Beer...

feetbeerBy Dan Chies

Take the Hill Race Report - 88 masochistic idiots raced in Saint Peter last weekend...

A frozen time was had by all at the Gustavus-TTHTri on Saturday. Low 30's, 15-20mph wind, and a spatter of rain. T1 took 5 minutes so we could dry off and put our snowpants on. First sip of water on the bike cracked the ice in the water bottle. At T2, hopped off the bike so I...

Rattlesnakes & Waiting For Brownies...

dianeBy Diane Hankee

I chose to do the upcoming IM Texas because we have family right near the Woodland

Weekend Racing Stuff...UPDATED...

logoCOLT Pre-Coverage - In a landmark study at Morningwood Academy, it was proven that yucky weather can have an adverse effect on performance. This may or may not have been proven true yesterday in Alexandria at the 12th annual Chain of Lakes Triathlon. On Tuesday, we hope, former Alex-ian Angie Hop, who may or may not have won yesterday, will file a race report that could suggest that the race-day weather in her ancestral hometown totally sucked. It should be noted here that it is possible to have fun at races that are contested in crummy weather. Ang will probably comment on that. She may mention that a guy whose name rhymes with Strarcus Momberg may or may not have also repeated as champion and whether she did or did not "Shoot the Minnow" on race eve. COLT RESULTS

Cinco Du Mayo Duathlon - It didn't snow and temps maxed out at a balmy 37 degrees. The 180ish of the 250ish pre-registered athletes that made the trek out to Square Lake learned that a race doesn't have to be poopy just because the weather is. It was a day for dressing in layers,...

No Tree Fiddy!

bite the pillowNew Orleans 70.3 - Race Report

By Matthew Payne (mathew-payne.blogspot.com)

Holy crap, tri season really sneaked up on me this year. Since my DNF disaster at Vegas last September my head really hasn't been in the game. Training-wise I managed to string together a few 25,000+ yard weeks of swimming back in November/December, but then my shoulder blew up, taking me out of the pool altogether for a couple weeks and sharply limiting my volume thereafter. And then I got the flu in mid-January, which took me completely out of action for about a week and a half and felt like it took a solid month to really recover from. Our ass-tastic neverending Minnesota winter didn't exactly help things either.

Luckily everything started to come around by about mid-March and I started to feel more like my old self again. Next thing you know it's last Friday and I'm pulling the old Ordu down off of the hooks in the garage ceiling for literally the first time since September, only to immediately disassemble it and stuff it in a bag for a Saturday...

Fun in the Sunshine State...

claire(Photo - This great shot of chronic smiler, Claire Bootsma, was taken by either Paul Phillips or Nick Morales. Check out their cool St. Anthony's Triathlon slide slow at triathlon.competitor.com.)

Race Coverage - It's fun to

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