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kristina_pauline.pngBy Kristina Swenson (kristinaswenson.wixsite.com)

HITS-Naples Race Report - On Monday, January 2nd, 10 of my teammates from Iowa State and I packed a 15 passenger van to the brim, loaded our bikes in a trailer, and drove 23.5 hours down to Naples, Florida. This trip has become an annual event, and it's meant to be a week of laying on the beach, training, and fun. At the end of the week, on Sunday, everybody competes in the HITS Triathlon on Vanderbilt Beach. This is a pretty small local race. We are definitely among the youngest competitors, but it's fun to get a little warm weather training in and get excited for Collegiate Nationals which occurs in April every year. 

The race began something like this... 38 degrees. 30 degree windchill. 8-10 foot swells on the beach. A rip tide and small craft warning. You'd think being from Minnesota that I'd be prepared for every race condition under the sun. Let me tell you, this wasn't one of them. I've been racing competitively for 7 years, and never have I been so unmotivated to start a race as much as this one....

More Indoor Tri Capsules...


LIFE TIME FITNESS INDOOR TRIS - Here's a few more capsules from January 8:


MAPLE GROVE - Forty-eight finishers, 31 of whom were women. Elizabeth Zimmer broke the women's race open during the pedestrian phase, turning a very close competition into a runaway. Her closest challenger was Diane Kieckhefer. Diane is a Cubs fan who has a black lab and two handsome sons. We don't know anything about Elizabeth Zimmer, but wonder if she is related to the Vikings' head coach.

The fastest guy at Maple Grove was Michael Lahm. He's a graduate of North Carolina State. He likes Mumford & Sons (Who doesn't?) and The Walking Dead. Sometimes he pretends to play guitar (photo).  RESULTS  ...

A Spate of Indoor Tris...


LIFE TIME FITNESS INDOOR TRIATHLONS - Do nine things constitute a "plethora?" Probably not.

Perhaps "spate" is a better word. The term refers to things that a substantial, though not necessarily plethoric.

We digress.

On January 8 there was a spate of indoor tris, which were staged at various Life Time Fitness clubs around the Twin Cities. They all consisted of a 10-minute pool swim, followed by 30-minutes on a spin bike and 20-minutes on a treadmill. The events were social and basically low key. Part of what makes them so cool is that you could ride alongside slower bikers, but not pass them. Or run next to faster runners, and not be passed by them.

Here are a few race capsules:  ...

Smog, Smoke & Strange Porta Pottys...

Hefei.pngBy Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

Hefei 70.3 Race Report - With the purchase of Ironman by the Wanda group based in China, a few pro races were added in China. After a little research on China I decided it could be a worthwhile trip to take.  There were a few hoops to jump through to get a Chinese Visa, including a letter from the entity that invited you to China, receipts for your flight and hotel stay and a new passport photo, so plan in advance if you ever want to go!

I didn’t have a ton of time off left at work so it would be a short trip, I left early Wednesday morning flying Minneapolis to LA to Shanghai to Hefei. I splurged and used all my sky...

Zipper Moves & Koalas...

HL_mooloolaba.pngBy Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

Ironman 70.3 World Championships Race Report - When I started racing 70.3 I never thought I would be in the mix for qualifying to race at the World Championships. A few really good races at the end of 2015 and early 2016 set me up well and I was ranked 20th going in.  My main season goal was to race well at Worlds.  With a few sub-par races heading into September I made a few tweaks to my training in hopes to give my body and mind the boost they needed heading into the big race.  Knowing I didn’t make the time adjustment well when I raced in Europe, I planned to leave for Australia as early as possible.  I arrived Tuesday morning, with the race on Sunday I had five days to adjust.  Overall the adjustment went well, I was tired early evening and up around 4 am, which lined up well with my race night sleep pattern....

Looking Back...Conquering Couples...

HG_and_SC.pngYEAR OF THE COUPLE - 2015 was the year of the Woman in Minnesota. Never was the female tri and du talent pool so deep, until 2016 that is. The additions of Hanna Grinaker, Dani Vsetecka and Erin Hyndman-Farrens strengthened Team Minnesota significantly, and the women age-40 and over were abundant and faster than ever.

Then we juxtapose what was going on among Minnesota's elite amateur men. Four 2015 Team Minnesota members--Bennett Isabella, Nick Nygaard, Brian Sames and Devon Palmer--didn't race in '16. And Mike Ward (#11, who did race once), and Larry Hosch (#12, injured) were not in a position to fill two of the spots.

So, 2016 was also the Year of the Woman, right?

Sure, but it was likewise the year of the Couple. Three boyfriend/girlfriend teams rocked Team MInnesota last year. This is unprecedented. Check them out: ...

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