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More Milestones For Matt...

HOLT-podium.gif30th HEART OF THE LAKES - THE MEN - Riding at least a mile-per-hour faster than anybody else means that you will catch those that outswam you and power into T2 all by your lonesome. You probably won't have to bust your hump too much on the run, but that's no reason not to. Especially when you want to win the National Championships three weeks hence.

That's how Matt Payne picked up his second consecutive win at Heart of the Lakes last Sunday, which was his 7th victory in as many starts this year. More impressively, it was the 40th W of his career. So you know, his first win was at the original Graniteman in Rockville back in 2008. The dude's come a long way in a relatively short period of time.

Though unsurprising, Matt's win was exciting to watch. Similarly unsurprising, yet concommitantly thrilling, were the performances turned in by Matt's podiummates, Josh Blankenheim and Kevin O'Connor. For Blank, it was his 3rd 2nd-place effort of the season and his time on the HOLT...

Deb Pumped Her Fist...

CRoberts.gifBy Warren Peece

30th HEART OF THE LAKES - THE WOMEN - As Deb Roberts approached the finish line at HOLT on Sunday, she pumped her fist in celebration. She did so not because she had raced well, though she had (placing 2nd in her AG behind that pesky six-o-genarian, Pammy Stevens), but because the announcer guy told her and everyone within earshot, that her daughter Christina, had won the overall women's title.

Christina Roberts raced brilliantly at Annandale. She followed her signature strong swim (2nd fastest of the day for the women) with her best bike performance to date. The MTN Guys had contended in recent posts that a little more bike speed was all that was keeping Christina out of more Winners Circles. Well, she more than held her own in the saddle on Sunday. Only top tri cyclists Suzie Fox, Kortney Haag and Lisa Lendway, had faster splits. When Roberts came into T2 with those women, she looked energized. She was smiling. She knew something that the rest of us would know soon enough....

Breakthroughs, PRs & Successful Debuts...

dani-and-heiney.gifHEART OF THE LAKES - BRIDGET MCCOY had a breakout victory at Life Time - Minneapolis two Saturday's ago. Yesterday, at the perennially awesome HOLT, it was CHRISTINA ROBERTS' turn to have the performance of her life. More words and photos tomorrow. RESULTS

RACINE 70.3 - Several Minnesotans rocked socks at Racine yesterday. BRIAN SAMES lowered his 70.3 PR from 4:16 to 4:12 and was the 4th amateur to cross the line. And GABY BUNTEN's long course debut produced a 4:52:15, which topped her AG and placed her 6th among female amateurs. Finishing just ahead of Gaby in 5th place was NICOLE "HEINEY" HEININGER (photo L with 7th place pro / honorary Minnesotan DANI FISCHER), who turned in a sweet 4:48:01. Her time was only 1:27 off the 70.3 PR she set last year at Chisago. FYI, KRIS SPOTH popped an impressive 4:13:53, which placed him 7th among amateur men.


LIFE TIME - NEW YOUR CITY TRIATHLON - Despite an uncharacteristically lackluster swim split, St. Paul pro HEATHER LENDWAY managed to crack the Top 5 in the Big Apple. Duluth's JESS ROSSING finished 8th among amateur women. RESULTS  ....

Thompson & McCoy Repeat in SD...

PACKET-PICKUP.gifALSO: Here are some results links: PAUL BUNYAN, HEART OF THE LAKES and BUZZ RYAN. Lots of great racing news to share, both here in Minnesota and elswhere. Visit MTN tomorrow for coverage.

(Photo - Best Packet Pickup facility ever.)

OUTLAND CHALLENGE SPRINT - As they did in 2014, St. Paul residents David Thompson and Bridget McCoy dominated their respective genders at the Outland Challenge Sprint, South Dakota's oldest triathlon, yesterday. For DKT, who is undefeated in four starts this season despite dealing with an annoying injury or two, it was his 97th career win. Though he was a tad slower (24 seconds) than in 2014, his margin of victory was greater--10:16 to 9:12.

David plans to defend his title at Heart of the Lakes Sprint this morning, and perhaps even dip under the magical 40-minute mark. His course record is 40:04...

"Du Rock" Philly...

HL-du-rock.gifBy Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

TriRock Philly Race Report - The past month has been tough physically and even more so mentally. It’s still hard for me to comprehend that a sickness could wear my body down so much. The week leading into Philly I finally had a couple decent rides and swims, my running on the other hand still seemed a little behind. I was excited to race to test my fitness but nervous about performing at the level that I expect of myself.

Friday I arrived in Philly early afternoon, followed shortly by my parents who made the long drive out to watch me race. After a long, exhausting overnight trip I was glad they were able to sleep through my loud trainer workout. That evening we picked up my packet and checked out the bike course, two laps of a highly technical course with four climbs each loop. I wasn’t too worried about the climbs but it had rained all week and rain was still in the forecast so I wasn’t looking forward to the fast technical downhills....

In a League of Its Own..

BOB-TIMBERMAN.gifPhoto - On a weekend full of racing highlights, our pick for "Most Awesome Performance" goes to Bob Powers, 91, who became the oldest athlete to cross a finish line at a Minnesota multisport event.


31st TIMBERMAN - T'were highlights aplenty on Minnesota's tri scene last Saturday. Bridget McCoy and Sheena Dauer collected the biggest wins of their young tri careers, Bridge at Minneapolis, Sheena at Clearwater. And Bennett Isabella's win at Graniteman further demonstrated that he is the current frontrunner for the men's Most Improved award.

Bennett needs to keep winning and placing highly, though, if he hoes to secure the award. There's a couple of guys from Duluth, Mike Ward and 2014 Rookie of the Year Nick Nygaard, who also have a shot at the trophy.

Like Dauer and McCoy, Nygaard rocked socks last Saturday, winning the venerable Timberman Triathlon. It was his 2nd career victory and his biggest yet. Throughout the race, he appeared calm and meticulous, and though pre-race fave Brooks Grossinger had close to a three minute lead entering T2, when Nick dismounted and started running, he looked so smooth and strong that many of the spectators thought that he might have a chance to reel ....

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