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Emotional Gamut...

Baby-trophy.gifHow (not) to podium on your first IM distance race
By Dr. Ryan Wippler
HITS-Naples Full Race Report - It's 6 PM the night before my first IM distance race. I've been up since 3 AM-spent an exhaustive day traveling with wife and infant. My back is killing me from lugging my bike, tri-, and baby gear around the MSP and Fort Myers airports. Oscar, the profusely-sweating over-taxed local bike mechanic is telling me he is unable to put my bike back together due to a very specialized finger nail sized piece of carbon fiber (seat post clamp) has gone missing, either during the bike teardown or rebuild, with no replacement to be found at any bike shop with 100 miles and the local Quintana Roo rep isn't answering his phone. My dream of becoming an ironman is quickly turning into a nightmare.  I'm pulling my hair out, losing my mind.  I'm not going to race tomorrow!?  Was the last five months of training for not?  ...

Podium Debut...

Wippler_cropped.gifLast Sunday, which will live in infamy for Vikings fans, MTN received an email from Wade Cruser alerting us to the fact that Ryan Wippler (photo) had done HITS-Naples Full on Saturday. Like Cruser, Wippler was among those discussed in the Most Improved category last season.

Here's the scoop: Ryan placed 3rd overall in his full IM debut in Naples, Florida on January 9. His time was 10:36. Congrats Ryan from the guys at MTN. RESULTS

FYI - Wippler and Cruser were among Minnesota's most improved multisport athletes because they had breakout seasons. Here are their 2015 highlights:


DR. RYAN WIPPLER, 37, Rogers

- 1st @ Lakes to Pines

- 1st @ Paul Bunyan Long Course

- 1st @ Minnewaska...

Firefighters & Cool Tats...

erin-lahti.gifThe 2016 indoor tri season has begun. On January 3, Life Time Fitness staged 1-hour pool-trainer-treadmil events at thirteen of their metro locations. These are super fun, very social experiences and we recommend them highly.

As in seasons past, we will post capsule coverage of these races. Today we present stuff about two of those January 3 events.


CHANHASSEN - Thirty people finished and Jake Hausauer and Erin Lahti led the way for their respective genders. A SCSU grad, Jake did some impressive outdoor racing last season. Highlights include a 3rd place finishes at Buffalo Sprint and Graniteman Big Lake, and a 6th at Life Time - Minneapolis Sprint. Jake, 24, is tall and an awsome swimmer. We think he was recently married, but we're not sure....

"Okay, here we go!"

photo-35.gifED. Recently we stumbled upon this cool 2013 interview of Duluth triathlete and awesome person Jessica Rossing. It's reposted here with permission of the author and subject.

By Dina Clabaugh (dinaclabaugh.wordpress.com)

Duluthian Jessica Rossing is en route to San Diego this weekend for her second triathlon this year. A couple weeks ago she rocked it in Miami at the Nautica South Beach Triathlon; ranking first in her age category and eleventh overall for women. Go Rossing! That is awesome and Duluth is proud.

Jessica runs the Evolve Duluth studio I mention so often. I am addicted to her spin classes and especially love hitting the two-hour class on Sunday mornings....

Surreal, Joyful, Eager...

peloton-chicago.gif(Great Paul Phillips / Competitive Image photo)

What does it feel like to win a World Championship title on home soil in an undefeated season?


By Gwen Jorgensen (gwenjorgensen.com)


SURREAL. I would never have ever imagined I would go undefeated this year and it is strange to sit here and find words to describe it. I don’t think it is something I will be able to grasp until my career in triathlon is over. Often Patrick and I will say to each other, “Can you believe this?” and the response is always a laugh…and a “no!”

PROMISING. Last year I debated quitting the sport after my race in Auckland. I thought I didn’t belong. At the time, Jamie and Patrick told me to take a week and just think about it and...

Tight Pants & Pith...

PITHY-STUFF.gifBy Michelle Andres (teamandresjourney.blogspot.com)

Ironman Wisconsin Race Report - I believe we all have time for what we want to have time for.  With that being said….it’s been a long time between part two and now part three.  The race feels so long ago and maybe part of the reason it feels so long ago is how tight my jeans are.  Race shape leaves quickly when eating too much pizza with 5 teenage boys and baking cookies.  I thought I better post the rest of my blog dealing with Ironman Wisconsin since my head has already moved on to ideas of a new blog post and adventures for Team Andres.  I’m getting the blog post done Thanksgiving afternoon while everyone is napping or hunting.  

Part three… The RACE
If I would have listened to my bike numbers or run paces at IM Wisconsin I’m pretty sure I would not have been the first female to cross the finishing tape. I did what I could in the swim with my fitness and swim ability.  However, on the bike I rode harder than I probably should have – given my ...

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