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Exciting Sunday Stuff...

jenny* DKT 2nd at Philly Behind Two-time Olympic Medalist Bevan Docherty of NZL...RESULTS

* Sam & Brooke Go Off the Front in North Mankato...RESULTS

* Triathlon at its Best: Youth Rock Lake Waconia...Marvin Has Great Hair Day! RESULTS

* Arlandson is Kona Bound...RESULTS

* Laughter & Orange Poop...Croixathlon is Too Cool!

(Photo: Lake Waconia's women's winner, Jenny Shaughnessy. A tri rookie, she raced like a national champion today.)

Saturday Headlines...

dan* Dan (muscular guy in photo) & Cathy Set New Standards at Croixathlon V...RESULTS

* Chad & Marlo Du'd the Dam Faster Than Everyone Else...RESULTS

* David Jensen & ND's Kierann Smith Prevail in Perham...RESULTS

Stories & Photos coming....

It's Pronounced Suh-Rah...

The 3rd annual RochesterFest Triathlon was a great event. The races were contested under a dense ceiling of greysawra clouds,

Brothers Rock in Fairmont......


Chris Leiferman and Suzie Olsen were victorious at the Fairmont Olympic Triathlon for the second consecutive year. And both were significantly faster than in 2009. Chris's 2:03:26 was a 5:25 improvement; Suzie's 2:29:35 was 8:27 quicker than a year ago. Lynette Bacon defended her Sprint title, doing so in a time that was 3:42 better last year's. The men's Sprint was won by Kevin Leiferman, Chris' little brother....RESULTS

Big Wins for Sander & Mercer....

sarahThe same three guys who made the podium at last year's Lake Minnetonka Triathlon did likewise at today's version--the colonel sanders7th--of this revered event. But they didn't finish in the same order. Four-time LMT champ Brett Lovass, winner in '09, took 2nd this time around and last season's runner-up, Josh Blankenheim took 3rd. Reaching the top step was Steve Sander, who is probably not related to the very late Colonel Sanders (image). Stevie (he hates when people call him Stevie!) turned in arguably the finest performance of his young career. (Today's field was far stronger than the one he faced in his last win, which was at Lakes Country last August.) His margin of victory was a brawny 49 seconds. Lovaas's 2nd place time would have been 10-15 seconds-or-so faster had he not botched two "flying mount" attempts, wrestled with a uncooperative pedal and had...

deeked at the first buoy...

alexBy Alex Hooke

I was very torn between racing the Liberty 1/2 and Trinona this year.
I loved the Liberty Tri last year even though I had a bit of a meltdown.
Part of me wanted to go back because I felt like I had unfinished
business there. That said, I heard from many folks that Trinona was a
great new race and the opportunity to be a part of it, help it grow, and
stay closer to home in Rochester proved too tempting.

It was my first race of the year so my main goal was just to race hard ...
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