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A Long Day Filled With Discomfort....

devonBy Devon Palmer (from Palmertri.com)

After two weekends of bad luck in September I was eager to race well. I picked Ironman Florida over Arizona as it is 2 weeks earlier so there was less chance of having to train in cold weather. Plus

Brilliant End to a Brilliant Season...

runED. Here is some of the cool local coverage that Rochester triathlete, Ruth Brennan Morrey, received after she won the ITU Long Distance World Championship on November 5. Brennan Morrey took home the 2011 Minnesota Rookie of the Year award last Saturday.

By Paul Christian (for PostBulletin.com - 11/18)

Ruth Brennan Morrey was a very good soccer player at Rochester Mayo, so good, in fact, that she earned a scholarship to play at the University of Wisconsin.

She played four years with the Badgers and as a senior, was named captain.

Upon graduation, she shifted gears and decided to focus on running

Encouraging Insanity...


By Bonnie Tirenubbles

The tent was frozen solid, the door flap actually crackling as I pushed it open and crawled hunched over out onto the frozen ground. I tried to straighten my knotted-up back as music suddenly blared out over a loud speaker from beyond the trees, shattering the morning air. Earlier, at 2:30am to be exact, my fellow Zombie Rider and husband and I had been talking about the race from within our tent-igloo.

Rochester's World Champions...

tema roch(Photo - Talent-richTeam Rochester - L - R - Joe Moyer, Alex Hooke, Diana Koepp & Ruth Brennan Morrey.)

By Warren Peece

ITU Long Distance World Championships - The MTN Guys sent me out to Henderson, NV, a sprawling bedroom suburb south of Las Vegas, for Saturday's ITU Long Distance Worlds.

Being a sheltered Midwesterner, I was unprepared for some of the stuff I encountered there. Like "Pricasso," and the "Lingerie Football League." And roving bands of methed-up Elvis impersonators.

In case you don't know, Pricasso is an artist from Australia who paints portraits with, and I'm not making this up, his weenie. No, I didn't buy a ticket to his "exhibition," which was at one of The Strip's more garish hotel/casinos. Wait! All the hotel/casinos on The Strip are garish....

Eloquent Images...

konaED. MTN does not post a lot of pro news. We let all the other tri-websites, most of which ignore the fact that AGers are the engine of The Lifestyle, do that. We're making an exception today, though. Lee Gruenfeld is a good friend and supremely eloquent with both words and images. Check out his Kona recap. If these images don't move you, well, you need a new soul.

By Lee Gruenfeld (for Ironman.com)

We've heard it a thousand times: "It's all about the run." And like most tired clich


bikeBy Kortney Haag (from kortneyhaag.blogspot.com)

Austin 70.3 - What a fun way to end my season in warm and sunny Austin!

Derek and I left for our trip on Friday and I had already shipped my bike to the hotel so it was there waiting for us to put together. This is what it looked like before so I was a little nervous about making sure my fit was perfect, but I knew Derek would be more anal about putting it together than I would!

Friday night we walked around 6th street and could hear the music outside of the bars desperately wanting to go in and party but I knew I would have my chance come Sunday night....

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