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A Manitou Does Not Have Antlers...

manitouDo you know what "Manitou" means? Neither did we, though we incorrectly assumed it had antlers, until we googled the word. The scary image displayed here IS NOT the Manitou for which the popular triathlon was named. But it does make us want to rent the movie. The un-frightening definition comes from Algonquin culture. A totally cool old Native American deal referring to the interconnection of spirits and balances in nature. That kind of mystical/philosophical stuff.

Here's the Wikipedia LINK

Observations about the 21st Manitou Triathlon, a totally spirited event:

* The event hosted Youth Elite, Junior Elite and Elite Development athletes from all over the U.S. The youngsters put on

SUNDAY HEADLINES...Serious Racing..

manitou* Devon & Cathy Do It Again at Manitou! Winning Ways Continue for Parish. Rookies Rock! MANITOU XXI WAS A SERIOUSLY COOL RACE! (Way to Go Nicole P & Dr. Josh!) Stories and Photos on Monday...RESULTS


libertyTwas a moody day at Lake Independence, intermittently chilly, breezy and rainy, though never harsh enough to make for miserable racing no nameconditions. A sullen, not angry day. The conditions didn't slow down the men's podium finishers in the half, as each turned in satisfying efforts. Josh Riff's 4:16:13 led the way. He was followed by Steve Sander (4:24:40) and an elated Todd Landgraff, whose 4:25:31 was a nine minute improvement on his previous PR. For Sander, it was his 3rd consecutive runner-up effort of the season; he also placed 2nd at COLT and Buffalo Olympic. The win broke Riff's string of 4ths--Gear West and Apple.

The absence of pre-race faves Marlo McGaver and Karen Rosehart, each of whom have won this race twice, allowed Illinois' MJ Slikas to bask in the winner's spotlight. Slikas, who was the top master and 15th woman overall (10:46:46) at Ironman Louisville last year, posted a 4:54:47, a masters record..

Buff Stuff...

buff logoIn vague, but enthusiastic terms, the 7th edition of the Buffalo Triathon was totally cool. During clean-up, SWIMRace Director Brett Oden said, in effect, that the event was everything he had hoped it would be. With cooperative weather and the diligence of the 400+ volunteers, the event plan was executed as close to flawlessly as could be hoped for.

For women


devon turtle

(Photo: Incognito MJETs. Devon shaved his Hitler 'stache before the race. Lauren did not.)

St. Paul's Devon Palmer (photo) collected his 7th career multisport win on Sunday at the 18th annual Pigman Sprint mustachesTriathlon. The bright and amiable first-year pro who has cool hair, the bushy kind that never needs to be combed, was the first of six Minnesota men to crack the overall Top 8. The others were 6 or 7 time Pigman Sprint winner Kevin O'Connor (2nd), eight-time PS champ Brian Bich (4th), 20-year old Kyle Serreyn (6th), John Heinlein III (7th) and three-time Minnesota Junior of the Year Michael Williams (8th).

A great swim followed by his signature supersonic bike split--1:19 faster than O'Connor's 2nd fastest split--delivered Palmer to T2 with a nearly insurmountable lead. Kevin was able to make up 54 seconds on the run (and a faster transition). Still Devon won by a thick margin of 56 seconds....

Jody's "Jihad Chant".......

jenny5th Annual NEW BRI TRI....June 5..S-800m-ish, B-14ish miles, R - 3ish miles

1. Karl Shultz, 40 - 1:06:12........1. Jenny Wilcox - 1:11:02

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