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"I Want to do This Again!"


By Jason Goepfert

This is Morcelli (with his mom, Eddah, and Lisa Goepfert.)

When he was a child, he couldn't pedal a tricycle. He couldn't hold

a crayon like other kids and he couldn't walk in a straight line.

There were a lot of things he couldn't do like the others.

Best Buds Rock in Baxter....

brett & mike(Photo - BFFs Brett Lovaas and Mike Waataja go 1-2 at Lakes Co. XII)

By Shelly Summer

Sports Writer / Brainerd Dispatch


Best Swim Course Ever! And Other Good Stuff...


NOTE: Results link for yesterday's Lakes Country Triathlon is at the bottom of this post. Words & pics tomorrow.

SUPERIOR MAN I - Best swim course ever!

The Superior Man Half IM was highlighted by a plethora a unique and cool features. Attractive iron awards that required two hands to lift. The indoor transition (on UMD's hockey rink). North Shore bike route. Panoramic views of the bay, the lift bridge and the city. And an amazing finish location, adorned by a totally cool wingless airplane. 350 registered athletes; 250+ volunteers. Great ratio, huh!

And the best damn swim course ever. Very spectator friendly, the athletes were close enough to read the numbers on the participants' swim caps. Viewers could cheer for, and take photos of, their competing friends and family members....

Maple Grove Stuff...

leslieMaple Grove Dare to Tri III - Today's Olympic race was won by Iowa college guy Kris Spoth, who is into House MD reruns and Daft Punk, and 2010 MGO champ Cathy Yndestad, who is a fan of curling. The Sprint champs were Trevor Bunkers, a North Dakota guy who lives in the other Dakota, and Leslie Englert (photo L), who has blond hair, lives in Maple Grove, which is the 22nd most livable small city in America according to a CNN deal, and because she is 46, probably has at least one Prince album. More words and great photos on Tuesday.

St. Paul Triathlon Stuff....

jane & julia(Photo - Jane & Julia. Minnesota's fastest Mother/Daughter team?)

St. Paul Triathlons - We knew nothing about Bridget McCoy before she won the St. Paul Sprint Tri. Now we know something about her: We know that she won the St. Paul Sprint Triathlon.

Determined to find out more about her, we consulted Facebook, where we found a whole bunch of Bridget McCoys, all of whom either didn't share their info or live outside of Minnesota.

After a second glance at the race results, we discovered that our Bridget McCoy is 26 and resides in St. Paul.

So, it looks like we now know three things about her. She's a race winner, is under 30 and lives in The Cities....

#1 on the Sides. #2 on Top....

paul(Photo - Triathlete / turkey killer Paul Serreyn bagged this bird on his front lawn in Lakeville.)

LAKE MARION V - Over the last two seasons, we

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