Tinman Turns 31...

david-self-stick.gifRACE PREVIEW - The 31st edition of the MORRIS TINMAN, our state's first outdoor tri (pool swim) of the season, will take place on Saturday, April 25. We thought it would be cool to share some of that race's podium history here. We hope that some of you who have never raced at the Tinman before, will give it a go this year.

2014 Morris International - 1100 yd swim - 19 mile bike - 10K run - 39 participants


1. Matt Scmidgall - 2:02:45, 2. Paul Wymer - 2:02:48, 3. Steven Scott (SD) - 2:07:28


1. Bett Rowley - 2:13:52, 2. Sarah Dens - 2:40:54, 3. Andelee Qyast - 2:40:52


2014 Tinman Sprint (Inaugural) - 450 yd swim - 12 mile bike - 5K run - 35 Participants


1. Craig Harrison, 54 (SD) - 1:04:33, 2. Thomas Pahl - 1:08:59, Tom Schwartz - 1:17:40...

Reality Reconfigured...



By Ruth Brennan Morrey (ruthbrennanmorrey.com)

Trial #2:

Monterrey 70.3 Race Report

Since racing Ironman Chattanooga in September, Monterrey 70.3 would be my first race of the 2015 season on March 15th. For most professional triathletes, each race serves a particular purpose/s— a) prize money, b) Kona or 70.3 World champ qualifying points, c) test of fitness, d) sponsor obligations, e) springboard for a future race, and/or f) the pure joy of competing and utilizing athletic gifts. For me, the purpose of this race was b, c, e and f.  Put prize money in your mind as a priority, and you are doomed before the race begins...

Life's Demands...

strom.-logo.gifED. Two-time Minnesota Triathlete of the Year nominee, Marcus Stromberg, who was ranked #2 on Team Minnesota in 2014, is at a crossroads in his life. Here he talks about a very important, and very difficult, decision he made recently.


By Marcus Stromberg (from Facebook)

Everyday we make decisions. Some are easy, some are hard, some are good, and some are bad. But each and everyone has consequences. On Nov. 9th, 2014 I made the decision to follow my dream of becoming a Residential General Contractor and started Stromberg Built, LLC. I knew it would be a life changing decision but wasn't sure what sacrafices I'd have to make to chase that dream....

Trials & Triumphs...

plans.gifBy Ruth Brennan Morrey (ruthbrennanmorrey.com)

My last training update was in January. Its now April. Much has happened since then, so its time for an update! This post includes two parts: two trials and a triumph. Trial #1 is posted today, while trial #2 (Monterrey 70.3) and THE Brazil 70.3 podium triumph will be posted on Tuesday.  I’ve been fired, I’ve been sick, and I have performed.  This post highlights a sudden change in coaching leadership, the concept of resiliency, and how adversity has challenged my process.

Real Resilience

As many know, I have a PhD in Counseling Psychology, with a minor in Health Psychology. The concept of resilience has always been exceptionally intriguing to me. In fact, resilience and hope was the precise topic of my dissertation. During my academic training, I worked in a rehabilitation unit and helped patients cope with life threatening illnesses, spinal cord injuries, amputations, strokes, and other...

Sophomore Success Stories...

emy-pets.gifIn 2010, first-year triathletes Dan Hedgecock and Claire Bootsma were outshined by fellow ROY nominees Jenny Shaughnessy and Sam Janicki. The MTN Guys did not predict that Hedge and Claire would achieve stardom in their sophomore seasons. In 2011, they were their respective gender's Triathletes of the Year. Hedge even earned a USAT AOY HM. Boots was considered for the same honor as well, but did not make the final cut. Claire did however end Cathy Yndestad's four-year reign atop Team Minnesota.

In 2003, CY was nominated for ROY. We did not foresee her winning the Most Improved award the next year, but she did.

Similarly, we did not predict Heather Lendway's mercurial ascension from MN Rookie of the Year in 2012 to arguably the the best female amateur triathlete that America has ever produced in just a year's time. In her first three seasons, ...

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