Podium Sweepage...

logoRace Preview - Life Time Fitness - Minneapolis has always been highlighted by a world class pro field AND a National Championship-level amateur competition. It is truly one of America's premier swim-bike-runs.

Not since 2003 have Minnesota men swept the Elite Amateur podium at LTF-Mpls. That year, twins Chuck and Phil Smith went one-two, and Michael Stoick landed on the final step. We still remember those guys. Do you?

With every fiber of our being, we believe that a triumvirate of our state's best tri-studs will hog the podium on Saturday, when the event celebrates it's 10th anniversary. And we expect #10 to be nothing short of epic. Yes, we think Adam Webber's course record--the Pennsylvanian turned in a 1:57:07 in 2008--will go down. Maybe go down hard!...

Good Karmic Stuff...

kids(Cool Nick Morales Photo - Alex Barrette, 15, who is already pretty tall, paces Enoch Elliott, 13, who has grown like two feet in the last six months, and two other triathletes out of transition.)

Race Coverage - Jennifer Neuman hoped to go 1:09 at Minneman VII last Saturday. A 1:09:59 would have been just as satisfying as a 1:09-flat.

When Jennifer crossed the final timing mat in 1:10:08, she did what she always does when she finishes a race. She smiled.

Jen has a beautiful smile.

Achieving a time goal was not the only standard of victory for the pretty 40-year-old from Ramsey. For her, victory was already built into the equation. She trains and she races with joy and enthusiasm, and understands that doing so is a victorious way to live....

Sometimes Reality Is Overrated...

visualizationBy Bonnie Psychodelic

The air was muggy and hot, just as expected. From up on the podium, my eyes scanned over the energized crowd. Cameras flashed and sounds of cheering rose like helium filled balloons. I took a deep breath, drawing in the scent of the Hawaiian lei that was draped around my neck, sweat dripping off me as I listened to the announcer proclaim that I had broken the Ironman course record for my age group. Not just broke it, flat out destroyed it. Life was good. Until the bumble bee. The little torpedo came flying at me out of nowhere. Smack! Right in the eye. I swerved sharply on my bike, trying not to go down and eventually was able to gingerly touch my stinging face to assess the damage. Only thirty seven more miles to go until I finished the bike course.

My husband couldn't visualize a chocolate chip cookie if it was right in front of him. I don't know how he survives our long training sessions. I asked him what he thought about and he said, "I think about sitting on the couch and watching Sponge Bob." "Seriously?!" I asked. "Yep." That explains the 'I'm ready! I'm ready!' I hear him utter from under his breath as we clip in on our bikes. Mostly, he zones...

A Lifetime in a Day...

scott & todd(Rapid City Journal / by Aaron Rosenblatt - Elite triathletes / ultra runner studs, Todd Firebaugh and Scott Penticoff embracing at the conclusion of their inspiring 100 mile odyssey.)

By Scott Penticoff

Race Coverage / Special Feature - Everyone - What an adventure we all had in the Black Hills! Don't know where to begin really as the memories are plentiful and will likely forget to mention or thank someone, if I do I apologize. So while fresh and before the race report I need to thank some specific people who got me to the finish line literally! First and foremost my rock is my wife Renee who has supported me on this journey for the past 9 months. She also had the smile and cheer at the aid stations that I looked for, and who has always believed in me...even when I didn't, love you baby! My girls Jenna (12) and Olivia (8) are my little shining lights, who think I am a little crazy...I agree. My crew and mojo brothers (Novak, Sterg and Olson) who did things other men probably shouldn't do for each other, except for in an Ultra. They not only shared...

Minneman Results...and Stuff...

logoMinneman VII was a spectacular event. Perfect weather. 74-degree lake! Hot racing. A great social experience. Lots of words and photos to come...RESULTS

ALSO: Read Jeremy's awesome Ironman Coeur story, if you haven't already. It's the next post down and it's a total hoot! And stay tuned for Scott Penticoff's inspiring account of the grueling 100+ mile odyssey he and some close friends just finished. Seriously, this is an amazing story that will post on Sunday morning.

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