Pooling Their Resources....

jimArticle by: DON JACOBSON, Special to the Star Tribune

A renovated 1980s building will get a new roof over an eight-lane pool devoted solely to competitive swimmers.

Richard Tsong-Taataril Photo L - Jim Wise, a state champion swimmer and former captain of the University of Minnesota swim team, is the owner of Elsmore Aquatic Swim Shop. He

Megan Has Four Cats & Eats Pizza...

megan(All photos displayed herein are by Matt Fulton / MinnefotaMoments.com. Matt is a totally good guy. He's Randy's brother, you know.)

By Alan Rench

Race Coverage - You may have heard that Megan Rocker was the women's champion at last Saturday's 4th annual Du at the Dam. Even if you didn't, most of you know that she's a pretty darn good multisporter. She placed 7th at Oakdale, in case you weren't aware.

But what do we REALLY know about Megan (photo L)?

If you really want to get to know someone, you need to visit their Facebook page, where you can find out what rock bands and TV shows they prefer or if they agree with us that "Bridesmaids" was a total hoot and that Kristin Wiig is kinda hot in addition to being a brilliant comic actress and writer.

We digress....

"I Wasn't Even Drunk Yet".....

applesApple Duathlon Report (Blogged on June 23)

By Matthew Payne (matthew-payne.blogspot.com)

I'm behind schedule again. Weird, I know. I've actually raced twice since my last update: Apple Duathlon and Trinona Triathlon. This one will cover Apple. I'll write up Trinona at some unspecified later date. It may be out of order since the annual Lake Waconia throwdown is tomorrow and I'll probably write about that one while it's still fresh.

The Pre-Race Jams

Stabbing the Drama by Soilwork. This is like the Chipotle steak burrito of metal records. Sure, you could go to some little hole in the wall mom and pop Mexican joint on ....

Cheap Burgers & High Wattage....

RUNTrinona and Minneman Recaps

By Dan Hedgecock (danhedgecock.blogspot.com)

Three weeks ago I raced at Trinona for the first time. It was a great time. Their race slogan is

Fast Times & Forestation....

dktRace Coverage - Guys! NEVER try the "flying mount," okay?

Sure, David Thompson (GREAT photo L) can do 'em, but he's a professional and has spent many mandatory weeks taking special classes, during which he had to wear an industrial-strength jockstrap. These classes were always supervised by highly-skilled doctors with specialized degrees in Sports Groinocology.

Besides, guys, your jewels, which you need if you want to continue to be dudes, are already compromised by years of bike pants constriction. Don't add unnecessary injury to your current state of inguinal insult....

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