Zero Flat Turtles & Ruthless Canucks...

bearsED. Matt Payne is a HOOT! We love the guy, and we love his entertaining race reports. His Liberty report is a "must read."

By Matt Payne (matthew-payne.blogspot.com)

Liberty Race Report - So I was back in action last weekend at the Liberty Half Iron. Since Liberty is a Saturday race and BOUS was a Sunday, that left me with only 6 days to recover. Normally that wouldn't be an issue as I'm typically feeling fully recovered from a hard Olympic distance effort within 2-3 days, but for some reason when I woke up the day after BOUS both of my calves cramped up and never really loosened up at all. Hopefully this has something to do with the fact that it was so cold at BOUS and it's not just the new normal as I get older. If that's the case my days of racing on back to back weekends may be over.

Weekend Results...


"This is Gonna Hurt You More Than Me"....

itbBy Bonnie Friction

It wasn

Shared Craziness....

gang(Photo - The LAMS Gang

House Money, Clown Cars & Riding Miss Happy Feet...

freddieBy Matt Payne (matthew-payne.blogspot.com)

A couple weeks ago I road tripped it down to scenic (as an engineer, oil refineries and steel mills do count as scenic) Hammond, IN to attempt to defend my title at the Best of the US amateur triathlon championship. I managed to put together a fairly decent race, but still only came away with 2nd place.

After races like this I have to sort of step back and remind myself that I'm basically playing with house money at this point. What I mean is that when I toed the line at my first race six years ago I was overjoyed to simply finish (I took 82nd that day in case you're curious). Even qualifying for a race like this seemed like an impossible pipe dream. Competing for the win seemed downright ludicrous. Fast forward to 2013 and I can throw down a 1:53 at an Olympic distance race, finish second against a nationally competitive field and actually be somewhat....

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