Weekend Stuff...

mallorcaRUTHER NEWS - It's quiz time. Here's your question: What is a Mallorca?

A. A Mediterranean fish

B. The silly pants worn by bull fighters.

C. A cool island that is part of Spain.

D. The Spanish version of the Latvian term, "Kavorka," meaning male irresistability. (Kramer had "The Kavorka.")

The answer is C. Mallorca, or "Majorca," is pronounced "My-Yorka," and is a popular tourist destination. It is a large Mediterranean island off the eastern coast of Spain. It is the site of a popular 70.3 race, appropriately named Ironman 70.3 Mallorca. This year's event was staged last Saturday and Rochester's Ruth Brennan Morrey, Minnesota's Female Triathlete of the Year in 2012, was...

Booger Winter....

tom(Photo - Tom Couillard and a totally cool bike.)

Oakdale Duathlon - The winter of 2013 is hanging on like a tenacious booger. You know, the kind that won't let go of your finger no matter how fast you shake it or how many times you try to flick it off. Finally, you're forced to wipe it on something. So if you get tenacious boogs we suggest that you carry Kleenex. That way you won't have to wipe them on clothing or furniture or under your car seat.

We digress.

The morning of May 11 was pretty to look at, but thanks to the extended "Booger Winter,"it didn't feel so good. Temps were in the low 40s, but the 20+ mph winds made it feel much colder.

The Dirt In Front of Him...

tortoiseBy Bonnie Fortitude

I sipped my coffee in smooth satisfaction as the sweet smell of roasted, chocolate covered hazelnuts billowed up against my nostrils. Life was good. Like a gentle hammer, I set my cup down on my cubicle desk and picked up the list I had just finished compiling. In my hand, I held 2013 like a prized ribbon. I paused for one last satisfied glance at my race schedule then rose from my chair to pin it to the fabricated wall. Pain flooded over my knee cap, reminding me that not everything is in my control.

Last fall I celebrated a great training and racing season with a solid bike ride. It was one of those days where the wind threatened to snatch the roof tops right off the houses. Being slightly demented, I was enjoying the agony as I cranked down hard on the pedals, pushing my way home. But I made one mistake. I locked my knees while in a standing position, riding as hard as I could into the...

Cool New Race Series...

seriesDuluth Running Co. Announces Launch of the Aquathon Series

New Swim-Run Race Series to Launch this July at Park Point Beach

Duluth, MN, May 6, 2013

Hideous But Not Cancerous...

uglyBy Ben Ewers (benewers.blogspot.com)

It turned over 100 degrees in Phoenix a few days ago, and the sun and heat reminded me that just a month ago I had this ugly non-cancerous growth removed from the back of my leg. I've had numerous such items removed and biopsied for cancer in the last ten years. So this short blog is my version of a public service announcement.

These skin conditions are mainly the result of too much unprotected sun in my youth. I've had a few squamous cell carcinomas removed and hundreds of keratosis (pre-cancerous) frozen off or carved out. As a result I've become very conscious of odd appearing skin conditions, which is why I had this growth removed. The sun block I lavish on today will help me when I'm 100. The sun block I didn't use when I was 20 is causing what I routinely deal with today...

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