But What Kind of Bike Does He Ride?

dnaBy Bonnie Chromosome

"Hi Mom! I went on a date last night!" my daughter gleefully informed me on the phone.

I hung up on her.

Some people think of pronation as foot or wrist rotation. Not true. Pronation is a Greek funk word which actually refers to a hereditary issue that determines what you may be apt to do, i.e. 'prone to'. In our fine line of super genetics we are prone to disaster. Thanks, mom and dad. I will kindly pass that along to your grandchildren.

I grabbed my coffee and called my daughter back. "Tell me what happened...." I said, easing into my This-is-going-to-be-a-long-winded-story position in my chair. After she got...

Not Just a Workout & a T-Shirt...

noBy Matthew Payne

Race Report - Being that this was my first race since Best of the US last October, I didn

Crime Fighting Home Improvement Guy...

burglarBy David Thompson (from thompsontri.com)

This is the short version of a long but interesting story. While working on the in-floor heat for the mudroom during the later stages of the remodeling project. I forgot to lock the recently installed rear door to the house. I realize my mistake halfway through applying the scratch coat of thin-set mortar over the heating cables. I told my wife about this too. Neither of us thought it would be a big deal since our house had been with out a rear door for 2 months. The risk of not having a secure door for one more night seemed small....

Having Fun & Learning...

bikeThis is the third and final installment in MTN's "Mighty Sophs" series. Today we chat with Claire Bootsma, aka "Boots" or "Bootsie," who is very, very cool. She's also very tall and pretty and funny, a super cook, and has a huge smile and awesome red hair.

And she appears destined to become one of the premier triathletes in our region.

MTN - Tell us about your off season. Are you optimistic about your sophomore year in the sport?

Boots - The 2010 season was so exciting for me! All the people I met at races were very cool and so gosh darn friendly. The success I had was unexpected and so now that I've gotten my feet wet I'm looking forward to a full season which I've had time to plan and prepare for. I cannot wait to meet more of the Midwest's multisport community and to actually get racing again (the FUN part after a winter of training). My off season training pretty much rotates with the seasons: whatever I can do...

Super Sophs - Part II...

samYesterday we posted the 2011 goals and self-expectations of Super Soph Dan Hedgecock. Today we posed similar questions to fellow 2nd-year stud Sam Janicki, who totally likes to party. He's shown here with a scary Mushroom Afro, a deadly snake, a screwdriver and pretty girl named Alyssa.

MTN - Tell us about your off season, Sam. Are you optimistic going into your sophomore year in the sport?

SJ - This has been a very interesting off season for me. Non Triathlon related I am finishing up my last semester of school at the UMN with a...

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