High on Adventure...

135By Bonnie Countmein

(From misadventureracing.com)

Tilting my head back deeper into the snow, I looked over the top of my forehead and surveyed my surroundings. The snow covered ground now hung like an angry sky, an impostor ready to burst. Barren and blackened trees jutted down out of the mock ceiling with outstretched arms, cutting towards the cloudy ground. Glancing towards my feet, I tried again to push the bike off my body but the severe downward angle I was laying at made it seem impossible to heave the seventy pound behemoth off my legs. I began digging in the snow around me, hoping to drop just a little lower than the wedged frame and pull myself out from under the bike. No change. I found myself laughing as I called out to my race partner, Focused Dave, who had continued riding on, unaware of my sudden crash. Silence....

The AOY Debate...

drewWhen it was announced last week that Dan Hedgecock DID NOT win the USAT Athlete of the Year award, MTN heard from lotsa folks--four actually, three guys and a girl--who were upset. "How could he not win? He was clearly the best amateur triathlete in the country last season," said one of the guys.

As a member of the USAT Selection Committee, one of the MTN Guys is quick to point out that the award does not necessarily go to the BEST athlete. It goes to the one that is perceived to have had the superior resume. He believes that even if

2013 Minnesota Junior Elite Team...

bikerCoach Kris at OptumHealth Performance sent us some stuff about the 2013 Minnesota Junior Elite Team, and we're pleased as punch to share it with MTN's readers. Here's the cut-and-pasted info he sent us about the Team, it's philosophy and its mission:

Team Mission

Spring Dus: Steve's 2 Cents....

SteveSteve's Photo - Steve is the guy in the colorful bike pants)

By Steve Stenzel (St. Paul Triathlon Examiner)

It's late January in Minnesota, so it's time to start thinking about early season duathlons.

Below is a list of 5 great local duathlons either in the Twin Cities Metro area or just a short drive away. I've raced all of them numerous times (16 total races among these 5 races), so here are my 2 cents on these upcoming duathlons.

- Falls Duathlon, Cannon Falls, MN. Saturday April 27, 9 a.m. 2 mile run, 14 mile bike, 3 mile run. $45 through 2/28/13.

The Falls Duathlon is put on by Final Stretch, and they host professional yet low-key races. They tend to be great for beginners if you don't want to be intimidated and overwhelmed. That being said, they're good races for all abilities. ...

Green Pans & Phytochemicals...

soupFall into a Healthier Diet: Five Easy Steps

By Jess Kolko (AthleticFoodie.com)

With each new season I always think about small changes that I want to make in my life and diet. I feel that too often people want, and try, to make large, sweeping changes. Big changes tend to work only in the short term. Making small easy changes is the way to affect diet in the long term. Here are my top five tips for making little changes that add up to a big difference in the long term.

1. Make plants the focus. Whether you adopt Meatless Monday or just begin to increase your portion of plants every day, you are going to make a positive impact on your diet and overall health. Generally our portion size of...

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